Handel Ethics Probe

No, it’s not a probe that Karen uses to find ethical problems. Here’s the gist:

The state Ethics Commission is investigating three complaints filed against former secretary of state Karen Handel alleging she repeatedly accepted campaign contributions exceeding the $6,100 limit for a single election.

To their credit, the Handel team indicates the questioned funds were refunded prior to the complaint being filed and cite an accounting error. Some are trying to assert that this lumps Mrs. Handel in with Oxendine in terms of funding – but this astute intern posits that it is more akin to Eric Johnson’s unreported earnings. That too was cited as an accounting error.

That being said – this story will have negligible impact on the primary election. Handel’s “momentum” has a greater mass and will not be stopped simply because a probe has been launched into her campaign. The probe would have to find intentional malfeasance for this story to have any traction. Accounting errors do happen, and in a campaign cycle where fund raising is hurt by economic downturns a mad dash for cash exists. I’m not saying anyone is playing “fast and loose” with the rules, but the reality of the situation is that these type of errors are common and often get corrected by the campaigns themselves. Just earlier this month, Ralph Hudgens had to return over 100K of funds – but he was not sanctioned because he was relying on false information.

Handel will still be able to hammer Oxendine and Deal over ethics. She’s been hammering Oxendine on a number of ethics issues for months now. Nor does this lessen the allegations against Deal, which have included using campaign funds to pay attorney fees in a federal ethics probe and arm twisting to get and maintain a sweetheart deal for his salvage company. They’ll respond with their usual rebuttals and maybe cite this probe, but the accusations of Karen being a liar levied by these campaigns have yet to cause her to lose any ground. On the contrary, she has been gaining ground in most polls and seems to be in a solid position to make the runoff.

This probe does help Johnson and gives him some more wiggle room. Handel may want to back off on citing Johnson’s “iffy ethics” in the next seven days. Beyond July 20th, I am not sure how this probe will affect Handel. Unless it shows clear and convincing evidence of wrongdoing, then it is nothing more than an accusation.


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    Doesn’t matter, with the glacial pace of the State Ethics Commission, it won’t have a hearing until 2030. I think that’s when they’ve got Oxendine’s hearing scheduled, if I recall correctly…

    • ~M~ says:

      The ethics committee really should meet and dole out punishments so we have an idea of just how corrupt these candidates are. Who cares if it is right before the primary I would prefer to have it out now than have them do it in October just before the General.

      Say NO! to corruption.
      Deal – made millions off the state on a no-bid state contract – CORRUPT
      Johnson – failed to report nearly $300,000 out of $1 million in contracts he received from the state – CORRUPT
      Handel – illegally allocated $6000 as primary money on her campaign disclosure rather than list is as for the general election – CORRUPT
      Oxendine – laundered $120,000 through out of state PACs to get campaign cash, shakes down insurance executives for contributions, stars as a paid advertiser for a private company while serving as a public official, (and on, and on, and on) – CORRUPT
      Chapman – NOT CORRUPT

  2. galiberal says:


    Handel got an endorsement from Sarah Palin. So, I have a few questions.
    Can Handel see Russia from her House?
    Does she have to read notes off her hand?
    Can she name a Supreme Court Case other than Roe v. Wade?
    What newspapers and magazines does she read?
    Is Atlanta/Athens/Savannah part of “Real Georgia?”

    Are you really surprised that she is in an ethics probe? She was endorsed by Sarah Palin, who had her own ethics complaints.

    Endorsee see, Endorsee do… Like endorser, like endorsee… The endorsee doesn’t fall far from the endors-tree… Well, those were bad, but you get the point.

    • Chris says:

      While Fulton seems like it’s above the artic circle when you’re on 400N on a friday afternoon it isn’t.
      Karen shakes too many hands to keep notes on them.
      I’m pretty sure Karen has a few appellate cases where she is the plantiff, so yes.
      I’m told she reads Peach Pundit daily to give us our talking points so newspapers and magazines are irrelevant.

  3. Mayonnaise says:

    “As Fulton Commission chair, Handel voted to give taxpayer dollars to “Youth Pride” which did outreach to gay and “questioning” kids as young as 13 and funded seminars such as “Unsung Heroes of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community” – this was during a budget crisis.”

    I’m sure we’ll hear how this is all a lie, until three days from now when Mr. Simon provides the documents to back it up.

    • Ron Daniels says:

      Thank you for this tangentially related post. I really think you’d be better off going at Deal and Ox rather than Handel.

      If all that you posit is true about Handel, what could be better for EJ than a runoff with Handel?

    • Icarus says:

      Ron is being kind. This is what we call a threadjack.

      We understand you’re bitter Tom. Get over it and yourself. You’re only hurting Eric at this point with your spam.

  4. kolt473 says:

    DNC real aggressive the same tact’s used against Mary Norwood are being used against Karen Handel. Why doesn’t someone file ethics charges against the liberals? I’m sure King Roy has some undocumented baggage, the ox-bow incident has plenty, wouldn’t put it past Roy or the Ox to get down and dirty, after the public has been royally screwed by the left, they all need to head for the hills, like the Atlanta Falcon fans used to wear a brown paper bag in shame.

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