1. EllisArnall says:

    The best ad to this day! It will really resonate with voters.

    Kemp cut the SOS office by almost 3 million in his first couple of months in office. Talk about a fiscal conservative!

    • PaulRevere says:

      I hope the incompetent politico left something in the budget for securing the CORPORATIONS DEPARTMENT WEBSITE. I cannot believe he’s been given a pass on this. Not so much for it happening, but for NOT FIXING IT.

  2. HowardRoark says:

    “I’m Brian Kemp, and I need your vote because my candidacy would be toast right now without Sonny Perdue giving me the hookup. Not b/c Im most qualified, but b/c I have the most friends at the capitol”

    • Doctor Death says:

      Howard, get a life!!

      There is really something to be said for a man’s colleagues and those he has worked closely with to support and endorse him.
      Beacuse they has respect and trust for Kemp the man. Unlike your candidate. All his colleagues and coworkers in Sandy Springs want nothing to do with McGinnitie, They are ALL supporting Kemp. They have had the opportunity to see your man in leadership, and they all said, “No Thanks!”

      This is an endosement of Kemp’s character and his ability to work well with other people, not a “good ole boys network” as you constantly imply. Those who get appointments and promotions are those that excell in what they do. The only thing McGinnitie excells at is twisting and distorting his record and the TRUTH!

      • HowardRoark says:

        MacGinnitie’s constituents think he’s great. The jokers on the council have issues b/c MacGinnitie stood up for conservative principles and it exposed them for the RINOs they are. They’re petty people looking to settle a score.

        Yeah, they trust Kemp. They trust him to “play along” Kemp didn’t excel at a thing in the Senate. The “good ole boy network” just plugs for their guy no matter what. It’s sad really.

      • gopgal says:

        Hey Dr. Death, They don’t “ALL” support Kemp. Get your facts straight. And, only one has given any money to Kemp’s campaign which is the same number of Sandy Springs city council members who have given money to MacGinnitie.

  3. Glen Ross says:

    Hey! Some communication from the Kemp camp that does not discuss Doug MacGinnitie ad infinium! Finally!

  4. lynx says:

    Kemp sent political ads to UGA students and faculty in his last election campaign for Statehouse. I know because I was on the receiving end. When I complained to the UGA administration, I was told that Kemp is “our representative” (being from the Athens area that he land-raped enthusiastically – check out his “pipe farm” development on WhiteHall Road) and it would not be wise to try to prevent him from garnering support this way. Meaning, “if we say anything to him or report him for misusing state communications this way, we are gonna get hurt in the budget.” Very ethical, Brian.

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