• ACCmoderate says:

      I don’t know Ellis. That accent is nearly impossible to understand if you live in the northern suburbs.

      I’ve spent enough time on farms in south Georgia to decipher it, but he sounds a whole lot folksier than he did six months ago.

      • Booray says:

        “Accent is nearly impossible to understand if you live in the northern suburbs.” “Decipher it.”

        Please. This is Georgia, and some of us were actually tough enough to live here before air conditioning. We kept things going until ACC moderates could move here and start insulting us.

        If you are really bothered by his accent that much, well, as my man Lewis was wont to say, “Delta’s ready when you are…”

        • ACCmoderate says:

          Booray, I was born and raised here. My family has been here for over eight generations. I spent my childhood summers down in Tifton. I know precisely what Austin Scott is saying when he opens his mouth.

          Re-read my comment. Austin’s ad will work down in his district. I’m also alleging that he’s playing up the accent a bit to appear more “down home” to the voters.

          The ad wouldn’t work statewide. There are a lot of people who haven’t been exposed enough to Austin’s South Georgia accent to understand it. That’s why his accent was much less pronounced when he was trying to run for governor.

          You may have been tough enough to live here before AC, but you sure weren’t tough enough to learn how to read.

            • polisavvy says:

              You are so correct. He sounds like a good many Georgians, myself included. I have spoken with him on numerous occasions in person as well as on the phone, he sounds like he always does. He did not change his accent or manner of speaking for this ad. Some people stretch to find fault and when they can’t find anything factual, they just make up stuff.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          I miss Lewis Grizzard. “My Pa Was a Pistol and I am a Son of a Gun!”

          I think Austin will make a great congressman. I wish he was representing my district so I could vote for him instead of the ones representing the seventh! I don’t even live in Buzz Brockway’s district, darn it.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      Austin stopped “walking the extra mile for Georgians” and shifted his focus directly on his own political future when he dropped out of the Governor’s race and forced us to choose between Handel, Ox, Johnson and Deal.

      Austin is in the race for the exact same reasons why LeBron is in Miami — he’s looking out for his own self interest at the advice of his powerful friends.

      • polisavvy says:

        Perhaps you should go and find the debate from two weeks ago and listen to his reasoning for changing races. He clearly says why he did it. He also says that the reason was so he could help Georgians in some capacity. Further, if you knew Austin as well as you have claimed to have known him for months now, you would know that Austin makes Austin’s decisions. As I said last week, perhaps you should just move on and give it up. Your constant whining is getting a tad old and tired. If you like none of the candidates remaining for Governor, then do like I did on Lt. Governor — just skip it.

      • HowardRoark says:

        He wasn’t going to make a difference for any Georgians in the Gov’s race. I like Mr. Scott, but that is just the fact of it. He may (and I still think this is a tough race. Tougher than some at PP think) make a difference for folks as a Congressman.

        ZP, I appreciate your independent streak, but your constant state of malcontent is a little tiring.

        • polisavvy says:

          It’s definitely going to be a battle; but, like you, I think he’ll definitely try to make a difference for us all. Thanks for your comment to ZP about the malcontent — it has become very tiring.

  1. Tyler says:

    Great ad! I like how Austin has incorporated the “Walk” motif throughout his campaign. It shows that he is ready to sacrifice his time and make every effort to work for Georgia and the 8th District. I hope this ad resonates with the 8th District. I know that Austin Scott is a workhorse and a tireless campaigner. We’ll see if he can take out Marshall after the Primary. I believe he’s got a shot.

  2. foray says:

    Austin doesn’t have a shot- Marshall is well liked by Republicans throughout the district

    Austin is dumb- his daddies money can’t buy him a congressional seat

    • Doug Grammer says:


      You are entitled to your opinion. I don’t think you will see that the majority of money raised was loans from his daddy. And I am entitled to suggest that you take a long walk….off a short pier..

      • I’ve taken long walks off short piers. And let me tell you… you’ve got to start at the end hanging out over the ocean and walk towards land or else you get really wet. 😛

    • polisavvy says:

      Foray, perhaps you should familiarize yourself with McCain-Feingold. Daddy can’t contribute any more money than I could. There is a max. Who the heck can run a campaign on $4,800? That’s all Daddy can contribute. In case you don’t know, there are a whole lot of people who are giving monthly contributions to Austin’s campaign $5, $10, $20, etc. at a time — including my husband and me.

      Just so you also are aware, a good many of the Republicans in the 8th are aware of the fact that Marshall voted “no” on health care with the permission of Pelosi. He did not vote “no” because that’s what he wanted to do, he voted “no” to save face in the district. He knew it and so did Pelosi. She allowed the “no” vote so he would not be so vulnerable. Guess what? It didn’t work. This message is being spread far and wide that this occurred. Doesn’t make Marshall look so appealing to Republicans once they hear this.

    • polisavvy says:

      As an aside, Austin only has one Daddy. Perhaps you should proof your posts — it’s pretty impossible for him to have more than one father.

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        We’re not writing manifestos here. Most of us type something quick, a thought or rant, then hit send.

        That said, an edit feature would be nice.

        • polisavvy says:

          Come on now, Loyalty. I have seen you post rather lengthy posts yourself. LOL!! As for the edit feature, it’s not the first time that “foray” has made the daddies comments. I guess it’s too difficult to type “daddy’s.” BTW, have you checked out Charlie Elliott yet for target shooting?

            • polisavvy says:

              Oh Lord. Let me know when that is and I’ll be sure to tell my husband and son to stay away that day. LOL!!

          • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

            Oh, as far as an outdoor range. I haven’t had a chance to check it out beyond what I read on its website. But I’m thankful that it’s not too far from the Atlanta metro area.

  3. AthensRepublican says:

    I have quite a few family members in that district and the Republicans I know don’t like Pelosi, Frank & company who are running the show in D.C. A vote for Austin Scott is a vote to get that crowd out of power and a vote for Marshall is to keep them. I know many who have voted for Marshall in the past but will be voting for Austin Scott in November.

  4. foray says:

    Dr. Scott’s reputation and cash got him elected to the General Assembly

    While in the House he didn’t distinguish himself at all- can’t think of a piece of legislation he passed

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      “can’t think of a piece of legislation he passed”– That right there shows your intelligence.

      To those who have control of Peach Pundit, PLEASE put an ignore button on here. So many other blogs have them, and it would really reduce the amount of headaches that I receive everytime I come on here.

    • polisavvy says:

      Do you just post to “hear yourself talk?” You are so totally uninformed or misinformed that it’s almost laughable. Just so you know, when Austin received the endorsement from the medical community it was because of all his work he did for the medical field while a legislator. Do yourself a favor. Why don’t you just cease posting this type of nonsense? You lose any semblance of credibility. Maybe you should look up the definition of semblance.

  5. ChiefofStaff65 says:


    Dr. Scott’s cash? Can you please furnish the disclosure forms from Austin Scott’s first race, in 1996 for me via the Peach Pundit tipline (so they can be linked on Peach Pundit) so I can see exactly how much of “daddy’s money” got him elected.

    Secondly, I would venture to guess, out of 180 members in the HOR, there are around 25 Chairmen, Austin being one of them. That means he did something that 75% of House members did not.

    Thirdly, he chaired a committee that dealt with local issues and as we all know, most people do not follow local legislation as much. I suggest you check with the Georgia Chamber or ACCG and inquire as to how much got done while he was a chairman.

    Fourthly, you cannot think of one piece of legislation he passed? I am surprised. I guess you missed trauma funding…..among other things.

    But, I appreciate and applaud your thoughtful insight about “daddy’s money.” Nothing refreshes me more than to be able to read ignorant posting’s and methodically tear them down while enjoying a cup of coffee.

    So please, indulge me with a link to the 1996 disclosure forms and links to how he won with all of his father’s money.

    Carry on.

    • polisavvy says:

      Excellent post. I think that perhaps we would all be better off if: (a) “foray” disappeared; (b) “foray” actually knew what the heck he was talking about; (c) “foray” was henceforth ignored; or (d) all of the above. P.S. — don’t hold your breath waiting on an intelligent return post from “foray” — it’s impossible. He been doing unintelligent rants on every topic on Pundit here lately.

      • Lady Thinker says:


        Take it slow now. You know what happened the last time you tore into one of these ignorant types. There are still pieces missing and it wasn’t a pretty site! 8

        • polisavvy says:

          I mean really! Some of these people who think they know so doggone much about a person really show their lack of knowledge with the incredibly stupid comments that they make. My feeling on “foray” is that perhaps this is a former opponent of Austin Scott in a House race or one of a former opponent’s rabid supporters.

  6. slyram says:

    I have a feeling that the House will come down to a few seats so money and energy should be spent wisely. Scott just said “Republican” in his ad while I still can’t believe the ads Marshall ran during the Mac Collins election that barely mentioned the Dem Team …”I vote with President Bush….my party stinks out loud.” Okay, the ads weren’t that strong but that was the essence.

    In Georgia, we should remember when the state House changed parties with post election switchers. Of course, the Congress has had switchers also. The Democrats can’t lose this seat because it is already gone. Rep. Marshall is functionally an independent who caucuses with the Democrats because Democrat Macon likes their former mayor. If the House comes down to a few seats, Marshall’s no votes on major Democrat issues positions him to be Lebron James with the Democrats being Cleveland and the GOP being Miami.

    What has Marshall done for or with the Democrats lately and why is Rev. Jesse Jackson injecting himself into the Lebron James drama when a more pressing issue would be sweating Blue Dogs to serve their base.

    If Austin holds 90% of the GOP, he wins. If Marshall holds the Dem base and continues to pull conservatives who like his military/vet knowledge, he wins. If young moderates like what they see from Scott rather than sometimes cranky Marshall, it’s a toss up. Mario Rubio and Austin Scott have that Barrack Obama/Scott Brown method going: be smart, smile and positive. That method adds range to the GOP Team and makes the DNC have nightmares. On the other hand, the 8th District race is important because without Marshall the congressional Democrats are really the moderates and liberals.

    I wonder if losing the House might rescue the Obama White House from the big spenders in congress and put the president toward the center—-where most Americans are. In the race against Gen. Goddard, Marshall ran a zillion ads that covered south Georgia, north Florida and east Alabama. Personally, I rather hear Republicans criticizing this White House that one of our own.

  7. ChiefofStaff65 says:

    Can we have a front page posting Tyler that addresses the issue of ZAZA not being able to handle that Austin switched races, where you make it an open thread for people to explain to ZaZa why she needs to shift her focus of comments.


    • polisavvy says:

      Hysterically funny! I thought Doug Deal’s comment about the sandwich choice was absolutely priceless last week. This person is totally obsessed with Austin Scott, in my opinion. I think I have actually figured out who she is, by the way.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Oh puleeze do it!!! Maybe there is a self-help group that ALL the negative posters can join.

      • polisavvy says:

        I can think of a few posters on here who need to be in a self-help group. Since they become so worked up over this candidate and many of the others, I think that it would be a great gesture on Pundit’s part to provide some sort of help for them. I have a feeling that a good many of the crazed, negative posters are going to completely implode before November 2nd.

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