North Georgia 9-12 Straw Poll

There was a straw poll held yesterday at the North Georgia 912 Rapid Fire BBQ & Candidate Forum held at Bogan Park in Buford. Below are the winners. The complete data can be found here.


Governor: Eric Johnson
Secretary of State: Doug MacGinnitie
Attorney General: Preston Smith
State School Superintendent: John Barge
Agriculture Commissioner: Gary Black
Insurance Commissioner: Gerry Purcell
Labor Commissioner: Melvin Everson
Public Service Commission: Jeff May
US Congress District 7: Jody Hice
US Congress District 9: Tom Graves

Sadly Ray McBerry finished second in the Governor’s straw poll.



    • macho says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. You’ve got a borderline child molester who can pull in a bunch of votes with some “I hate government rhetoric.”

      I’m a conservative, and dislike the growth of government, but McBerry? There are some government actions I like, and prosecuting child pervs is really high on my list. I wonder if any of the people voting for McBerry had daughters?

      • analogkid says:

        I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Given that the group is called the 9/12 Project, maybe the question was worded like this:

        “Which candidate, if elected, would elicit the same fear, rage, and hopelessness you felt on 9/11?”

      • apacheangel says:

        Yes, quite a few of them do. I’m the daughter of a McBerry supporter. Having been around the McBerry supporters for over a year now, I can tell you that if they believed the lies being propagated they wouldn’t be working for him, nor would their daughters, and Ray would probably be in much worse health than he currently is.

    • What it really shows is that fringe wackos like the McBerrians can bring 74 people to a straw poll. If 1000 people had voted, McBerry would have still received only 74 votes.

    • DriveByDawg says:

      McB was the only Gov candidate to attend. The majority of people there, who were not candidate flunkies or volunteers, were wearing Jody Hice shirts. Since Jody Hice and Ray McB have the same general message (no that does not include the girlfriend thing), it is not surprising that McB got that many votes.

        • Gwinnett is Great says:

          Jody Hice’s supporters seem to be backing McBerry. Says a lot about their awareness of the political issues that face Georgia. They’re just handed a sheet of paper in their local church that says “show up at this address and vote for Jody your hero in the straw poll”. Can anyone say “cult following”?

          • Lady Thinker says:


            I live in Gwinnett and the thought of Hice and McBerry in any kind of office is downright scary.

            • Gwinnett is Great says:


              I wanted to make an informed decision on the way I voted for this Congressional seat because of the shear number of candidates running. After talking to Barrow and Walker county residents, I’ve heard nothing but awful things about Jody Hice. He’s no longer allowed to set foot in his old church, nor is any member of his family member because of the fallout of leaving the church to “concentrate on his radio show”. 2 weeks later he’s running for Congress and his campaign is handing out bumper stickers at the welcome desk and the ushers are handing out sheets of paper saying, “please go to and vote for Jody Hice in the 7th CD straw poll”. Now that the staff has been asked to leave the church as well, “volunteers” are parking their trucks in the church parking lot with 4X4 signs cemented to their truck beds. They’ve since been told that if they don’t remove their cars and if they don’t stop campaigning in the church that the local authorities will be called. All of his followers are afraid of him. So much so that they might have a Jody Hice sign in their yard, but they’re not even voting for him. To me, this guy is more dangerous to Georgia than McBerry. I can’t believe I can even say that and sincerely believe it to be true.

              • Lady Thinker says:


                A group of us went to the Gwinnett Civic center to hear the debate among a number of candidates. Several of us ladies approached him to ask questions and he gave us a cold look and walked away to talk to a guy wanting to ask him a question.

                I emailed him and asked if he had an attitude toward women and never got a response, therefore, I think he may not support women and the political questions we have.

                We work and pay taxes and I am not going to vote for anyone who snubs my friends or me. We are not second class citizens.

                Thanks for your post, as I see my gut feeling about him is probably correct. I think it is a scary that Hice scored as high as he did at the North Georgia 9-12 Straw Poll.

                • Gwinnett is Great says:

                  I was told that the word was spread amongst his church community (which I repeat, he, his family, and his staff are no longer allowed to step foot in) by his “volunteers”, who just happen to be staff at the church, to come out and vote for Jody in yet another straw poll. They apparently came out in droves and voted for Hice leading to the obvious hike in McBerry votes. Are these the type of people we want representing us? I think not. I’m kind of glad he’s pulled this little billboard stunt so I could investigate and realize that this man is clearly not fit to represent anyone and is in this race completely for himself. Quite frankly, the fact that so many people follow him so blindly just scares me. Cult. Following.

    • Whrlwnd13 says:

      We would like to thank everyone that attended the event. We had approx 4oo people in attendance, about 300 of which participated in the straw poll.

      We invited all candidates qualified by the state of Georgia to attend and speak.

      Preset at the event were: Ray McBerry, Doug MacGinnitie, Preston Smith, Max Wood, Sam Olens, John Barge, Richard Woods, Gary Black, Darwin Carter, Gerry Purcell, Seth Harp, Tom Knox, Melvin Everson, Will Costa, Jeff May, John Douglas, Tim Echols, Joey Brush, Jody Hice, Clay Cox, Chuck Efstration, Rob Woodall, Tom Kirby, Jef Fincher, Tom Parrott, Ronnie Grist, Tom Graves, Steve Tarvin & Lee Hawkins


  1. Tiberius says:

    McBerry’s 2nd kinda gives the same feeling after Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll. Too bad…

  2. Lady Thinker says:

    I can’t believe that Johnson and especially McBerry came in so high but Karen still beat Deal, Oxendine, and Chapman in this poll as expected.

    • apacheangel says:

      No, I actually looked into the whole thing pretty thoroughly before deciding he was innocent. It has nothing to do with his political rhetoric.

  3. sethweathers says:

    I think its pretty interesting that Steve Tarvin moved up to the number 2 spot and had more than double the votes of Hawkins. This race is looking more and more like a Graves / Tarvin runoff.

    Steve gained a lot of Graves supporters tonight at an event in Big Canoe – I’m not just assuming this, I have their names and emails addresses 🙂

    • GOPGrassroots says:

      I think it’s pretty interesting that Tom Graves crushed Steve Tarvin in May by 20 points…then Team Tarvin/Weathers decide to go negative and Tom crushes him on Saturday by 34%…which is significant if you think Saturday’s vote is an indication of what is likely to happen on Tuesday.

      I guess watching how the negative/personal attack strategy worked out for Lee Hawkins wasn’t lesson enough.

    • steelfist says:

      Seth – you can’t be serious. Graves received 58% of the vote from a Tea Party group that Tarvin claims to be his base. That doesn’t appear to be heading to a runoff.

      • sethweathers says:

        Tarvin claimed was his base? My understanding was that the Tea Party was Graves’ base?

        Tarvin advanced past Hawkins who typically comes in 2nd place in these things. So that would be could be an indication of Steve gaining ground.

        So the “negative” ad on PP was what caused Steve to get “crushed” on Saturday?

        btw, what is your name, GOPGrassroots? I believe we’ve met 🙂

        • steelfist says:

          Seth you may be new to this race but Hawkins has never come in second place in a straw poll. No momentum.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      The 9-12 event was not held in the 9th District, and McBerry took 2nd. No further discussion necessary.

  4. apacheangel says:

    “Sadly?!?!” (Side note: what bat-crazy moron came up with the grammatical rule that punctuation must be enclosed in the quotation marks even if it’s not part of the quote?) Wow, no show of bias there. Heads up: Have you not been paying attention to the grassroots groups’ polls? He usually wins.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    Everytime I hear this song, I think of Ray

    Have you not paid attention to the real polls or the many straw polls Ray does not win? He will lose big time next Tuesday. Georgia is not ready for a secession advocating Governor, nor one that prefers teenage girls..

    • Glen Ross says:

      There aren’t a lot of politcal blogs you can get a Gary Puckett link. Well done, debbie0040

      • Gwinnett is Great says:

        You like that link you’ll love Chuck Efstration’s answers on the role of Religion in Government. Is this guy serious?????? Even the moderator is railing on him.

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