Sam Olens [AG-R]

Sam Olens, Republican candidate for Attorney General, announced his candidacy 15 months ago. Since, many statewide conservative leaders have endorsed him to be the Republican nominee to take back this critical seat in November.
This week, Sam received the endorsement of the 2006 Republican nominee for Georgia Attorney General, Perry McGuire. “Given my experience in running for Georgia Attorney General and my knowledge of the office itself, I have given a great deal of thoughtful consideration to who I believe has the credentials, experience and temperament to be the Republican elected to this important office. I believe that person is Sam Olens. He is conservative, tested and is intellectually ready to take on the critical issues facing our state,” said McGuire.
Sam also recently received the endorsement of The 9.12 Project Action Network of Georgia. In the press release, Tricia Pridemore, Chair of the 9.12 Project Action Network in Georgia said, “With a proven track record of Constitutional conservative credibility and fiscal sanity, Sam Olens is our choice in the Republican primary in July.”

In addition, he has been endorsed by Governor Mitt Romney, former U.S. Senator Mack Mattingly and most of the House and Senate leadership, including Senate President Pro Tem Tommie Williams, Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones, House Majority Leader and former State Chair of the Christian Coalition Jerry Keen and Majority Whip Ed Lindsey.
According to Tommie Williams, “Sam Olens is courageous and not afraid of tough issues. With Georgia’s redistricting in 2011 – we want Sam as our Attorney General.”
Jerry Keen added, “Sam Olens is a conservative leader whose experience will serve Georgians well as our next Attorney General.”

Two of our U.S. Congressmen said the following about Sam: “Sam Olens has made Cobb County the envy of local governments nationwide. It is one of the most fiscally conservative and best managed counties in the U.S.,” said Congressman Tom Price.
Congressman Phil Gingrey said, “Under Sam’s leadership, Cobb County has the lowest property taxes and the lowest crime rates in the metropolitan Atlanta area.”
To date, Sam Olens has amassed 165 statewide endorsements from current and former elected officials including two former U.S. Attorneys, 30 current state legislators, 34 current county commissioners, 32 current mayors and 14 current sheriffs from every corner of the state.

Sam vows to take tough stances against federal issues as AG – just as he did as Chairman in Cobb. Sam set a precedent when Cobb County became the first local government in the state to adopt the 287(g) program and he worked with his sheriff to enforce federal immigration. In Cobb, illegals are detained until they can be transferred to federal custody.

On December 24, 2009, Sam was the first AG candidate to send a letter to our current state AG and demand he join the other states in suing the federal government to challenge the constitutionality of the sweeping and unfunded federal health care bill.
Sam balanced Cobb’s $800 million plus budget every year during his eight years as Chair and because of his fiscal conservatism, Cobb has been the only metropolitan county to have no layoffs or furloughs of county employees during the recession.
As Attorney General Sam will:
Pursue all legal avenues to fight ObamaCare

Strengthen current ethics laws and prosecute elected officials who violate their oaths of office

Create statewide grand juries to strengthen and expedite the current criminal justice system

Prepare the legal defense for the 2011 redistricting efforts to ensure our proper representation in the U.S. Congress

Take the lead in the fight for Georgia’s water rights

“I have 27 years of experience in civil litigation – which is 90 percent of the duties constitutionally required of the AG’s office. I plan to use my legal experience, combined with my executive management experience of the state’s third largest county government, to stand tough and protect the rights of Georgia’s citizens,” said Olens.

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  1. Doug Deal says:

    Who wrote this? It would have been much better to be written in first person.

    Anyway, I find it interesting that Olens mentions that 912 endorsement. The chairperson, Tricia Pridemore is a complete shill for Olens and has seemingly used her position of Chair of the Project 912 to endorse candidates she works for. This is fine if it is disclosed, but it was not. Much like how Bill Simon would speak in favor of candidates who bought his trinkets.

    Here is a link to women for MacGinnittee

    And here is a link to a picture of her wearing an Olens sticker at an Olens booth 9 months before the endorsement which she claims was perfectly innocent.[email protected]/3975003990/

    Hard to believe Olens would waste so much of his pitch on a bogus endorsement.

  2. JDW says:

    I guess Sam likes to refer to himself in third person. This is another wasted opportunity by Olens to share his attorney experience with Georgia voters. Voters want to know what experience qualifies one for the office of Attorney General. We are tired of hearing what you will do once in office. We elected our President based on his promises of what he will do once in office and ignored his lack of experience. We learned our lesson after that disaster. Consider one’s relevant experience for the office rather than listening to the pandering promises.

    If only endorsements could make up for a lack of experience. As a Republican, I would not boast about an endorsement from Mitt Romney who is for universal healthcare. Mitt signed it into law in Massachusetts. Dove-tailing that thought, if Sam is so proud of that endorsement how can we be sure he’ll fight Obamacare? Sam only talks about what he will do and not about what he has done as an attorney, because 1. there isn’t much to say in that respect (Sam hasn’t practiced law in about ten years) and 2. he knows he doesn’t have the experience to be Attorney General. Also an endorsement from Perry McGuire isn’t anything to be excited about. He got smoked when he ran for Attorney General. Olens can only talk about endorsements which in all honesty don’t mean much. What does Mitt know about being a lawyer, much less an Attorney General?

    Olens, humor the voters and talk about your attorney experience that qualifies you over the other candidates to be Attorney General. I won’t vote for someone based on what they plan to do in office, I want to know what they have done as an attorney so I can evaluate their record.

      • JDW says:

        This document was an exercise in ersausive writing for the purpose of sharing why he/she should be elected for the office he/she is running for. First, I seriously doubt Sam wrote this and second, first person comes off more sincere under these circumstances. This is not business language, it is persuasive writing.

        No where in your link is the term “business writing.” Just another example of an Olens supporter spouting off on issues he/she doesn’t know anything about.

        • Provocateur says:

          Third person is always better at persuading than the use of “I”…”I”…”I”…

          I suspect your occupation is lawyer. Am I right? (Not that I’m sure you would admit it).

  3. Mike says:

    Doug, the “Olens booth” you’re referring to is actually the Cobb County Republican Party Booth at the Cobb County Fair. Every night of the fair a different candidate sponsored the booth and every night the Cobb GOP volunteers at the booth wore the sponsoring candidate’s gear. Look at the whole photo stream you posted and you’ll see what I mean.

    Also, the 912 Project Action Network endorsement is done by an 11 person board. Are you publicly attacking the other 10 members too or do you just have some special interest in Tricia Pridemore?

    • Doug Deal says:

      Sure, name the members and their “organizations”. Pridemore has used her position in this bogus group to force through “endorsements” as fodder for various media outlets.

      For Cobb GOP, I have looked at the photo stream, and I did not see one picture of Tricia with another candidate. You do know no county party organization is supposed to endorse a candidate in a primary? Who is in control of the website? The press releases from Cobb GOP say Tricia. If this is not true, please enlighten me.

      I realize Cobb thinks they have special rules, but this is clearly endorsing, whether you did multiple candidates or not. I could over 100 pictures of Sam Olens (many with titles suggestive of endorsement) in your photo stream, and not a single one for either of his two opponents who have both been to Cobb Republican events.

      It is a disgrace what you guys have down up there and you really need to have your charter revoked, or your Chair booted. I do not care if any of them support a candidate and put their own credibility behind them, but to use their official positions to influence races is wrong.

      • Provocateur says:

        Maybe she herself happened to be able to volunteer just that one night. Maybe these were the only pictures she took. Maybe she enjoyed her time being in that booth that particular night with those individuals (who, in addition to being supporters of Sam Olens, do have separate lives and personalities away from that support of Olens),and she wanted to upload her pictures to show her happiness.

        There is nothing “clear” in the pictures except that Pridemore is in them. If we could convict people of crimes based on them merely appearing in pictures with certain people, that would be one hell of a depressing world. However, I’m sure you and your type would revel in such a world.

  4. Doug Deal says:

    Here is a brief examination of some of the highest donors on Sam Olens recent disclosure. The trend of people who give lots of money to Dems has continued. Granted, many are just people looking to buy influence above any kind of ideaology, and I guess they think Olens is just such a candidate.

    Below are two elected Democratics
    Ashley Paulk Lowndes County Commission (D)
    Jim Ham Monroe County Commission (D)

    Below are just a few of his top donors showing their donations to Democrats, with their voting history in Democratic primaries if found. Some have also voted in GOP primaries and some have donated to other GOP candidates.

    Earle Taylor in Olens’s 48 hour report. $1,000:
    Stacy Abrams (D) -$1000
    Doug Stoner (D) – $500
    Lee Thompson (D) – $1000
    Napolean Jenkins (D) – $150
    Ken Hodges (D) – $1000
    2008 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC
    2006 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC

    Charlie Yates gave Olens $6,100 in total
    Doug Stoner (D) – 3000
    Kathy Ashe (D) – $450
    2008 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC
    1998 General Primary DEMOCRATIC

    Mark Pirrung gave Olens $1,500
    Ken Hodges (D) – $1,000
    Thurbert Baker (D) – $2,000
    2008 General Primary DEMOCRATIC
    2002 General Primary DEMOCRATIC

    Malon Mimms $4,500 to Olens
    Roy Barnes(D) – $3,000

    Gerald Horowitz $3,400 to Olens
    Roy Barnes(D) – $3,000
    2008 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC
    2004 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC
    2004 General Primary DEMOCRATIC
    1998 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC

    Barry Teague – $4,000 to Olens
    Terry Johnson(D) – $500.00
    Roy Barnes (D) – $6,100

    Fred Hanna – $4,000 to Olens
    Roy Barnes(D) – $6,000.00
    2002 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC
    2002 General Primary DEMOCRATIC
    1998 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC
    1998 General Primary DEMOCRATIC

    Bradley Currey, JR – $2,500 to Olens
    Jason Carter(D) – $200.00
    Roy Barnes(D) – $2,300
    William Randolphe Claiborne(D) – $1,000.00
    2008 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC
    2008 General Primary DEMOCRATIC
    2004 Presidential Primary DEMOCRATIC
    2002 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC
    2002 General Primary DEMOCRATIC
    2000 Presidential Primary DEMOCRATIC
    1998 General Primary Runoff DEMOCRATIC
    1998 General Primary DEMOCRATIC

    That’s $27,000 from big time Democratic donors out of just a few on Olens’s report. I only got through the top 15 or so donors, as it is a very slow process. The other reports are the same. Why do so many people who give so much to Democrats want to give so much to Sam Olens in a Republican primary?

    If it was a general election, I would say more power to him, but these are Democratic donors giving big donations to influence the GOP primary. One wonders if the ones who also donated to his potential Democratic challengers will continue their support if he secures the nomination.

    No wonder he raised so much money, when he can tap multiple parties for support.

          • HowardRoark says:

            Me too. Don’t trust Olens and Preston is a little johnny-come-lately. Although, I would not hesitate to vote for Preston in a runoff to keep Sam “I’m just doing this to be governor one day” Olens out of that office.

    • Provocateur says:

      Do any lawyers support Max Wood? I mean, besides entertainment lawyers like Erick Erickson?

      • JDW says:

        Max Wood is supported by a number of attorneys and law students because of his experience and competencey to do the job. Max already has eight years of experience doing essentially the same job as Georgia’s Attorney General.

  5. Doug Grammer says:

    I would think that Com. Olens’ ability to fund raise across party lines would also translate into an ability to get vote across party lines. I’m sure that he has plenty of people that are supporting him with dollars who have also supported other GOP candidates.

    Irregardless, perhaps once these donors have supported Olens, they might start supporting more GOP candidates. I’m just saying don’t look at it only as from “a glass is half empty” perspective.

    • JDW says:

      This happened with John McCain. Liberals contributed to John McCain’s campaign because they knew he was a weak candidate which would make it all the easier to defeat him in the general election. He was broke before the press boosted his campaign with coverage and Democrats gave money to McCain because he was beatable. Max is not beatable and the Democrats know that. Democrats are setting up Sam Olens for the same fate as McCain. Who do you think Jim Galloway will support in the general election? Hint: not a Republican, even though he gushes over every move Olens makes.

      Also, irregardless is a poor choice of language, use regardless or irrespective.

      • analogkid says:

        “Max is not beatable and the Democrats know that. Democrats are setting up Sam Olens for the same fate as McCain.”

        I’m trying to follow your logic here. If he’s not beatable, then why would they try to set him up for the same fate?

        I also don’t think that Dems routinely give money to Republicans that they think they can beat either, but that’s a different issue.

        • analogkid says:

          The second sentence in the second paragraph should have been: “If the Dems know he’s not beatable, then why would they try to set him up for the same fate?”

        • Doug Deal says:

          I also don’t think that Dems routinely give money to Republicans that they think they can beat either, but that’s a different issue.

          You must have never read DailyKOS or some of the other left leaning blogs. They encourage it all the time.

          • analogkid says:

            No, I’ve been to that site maybe twice. Do they support giving to R’s they can *beat* or R’s they can *live with*? The latter I can believe. If it’s the former, could you provide some links? I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m just curious.

            • Doug Deal says:

              I remember it was posted a great deal when Ron Paul was running for President on various liberal blogs. I will try to dig some up later if I can.

              I am sure you are right that there would be a number that support the “live with” Republicans.

                • analogkid says:

                  That post contains the following:

                  “I don’t want to see another Republican President any more than the next Democrat. But I do want to see a Republican nominee who stands up for civil rights, who speaks sensibly about America’s place in the world, who insists on the rule of law and rejects the exceptionalism and emergency powers advocated by every other GOP candidate. I want to see the Republican party rally around a voice that is not encouraging them to tear apart the Constitution in fear of terrorism. I want to see a Republican nominee who will enable the American people to experience a campaign of hope and ideas, not of fear and McCarthyism.”

                  That sounds like arguing for supporting an R they can live with to me.

      • Doug Grammer says:


        Let’s make a deal. I won’t tell you how to live your life, whom to vote for, or what words to use and you can do the same for me. It aint none of your business what colloquial words I wanna use, so just deal with it.

        McCain lost for several reasons. The economy started taking a nose dive and McCain represented the party in the white house. McCain’s ground game was bad. They asked too much, from too few, too late. People beloved that President Obama was a new kind of candidate who was going to do things a new way. He promised transparency, healthcare and debates would be on CNN, no taxes on those under 250K, and much more that didn’t/hasn’t happen the way he promised. He was/is a great speaker.

        I don’t think McCain lost because he was given too much money from Democrats. I think he won the nomination because he had ran before, was ex-military and a hero for being a POW, and had a few good moves at the right times. If Charlie Crist had not endorsed him a few days before the Florida primary, who knows what might have happened.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Of course Doug, you are a party insider. Olens is the party insiders’ candidate.

      Have you ever complained about RINO’s like that woman in NY-23 or Crist or a number of candidates? Do you really want Republicans who are popular with Democrats? Or maybe it is that you only accept Republicans who are popular with Democrats that are darlings of the political insiders in Georgia?

      It is not just his fundraising that troubles me, it is his view that people like him know what’s best for the rest of us in how we live, particularly with his views on public transportation as demonstrated by his involvement with the ARC.

      I guess I was brought up on Reagan who believed in small government, not large government that is rebranded as “conservative” that somehow still adopts the same liberal ideals.

      • Provocateur says:

        “Believing in smaller government” is nice. But, under Reagan, while tax rates were cut, and revenue went up, government GREW!

        So much for being an ideologue.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Well DD,

        I can’t deny that I am a party insider. However, Com. Olens may or may not be my candidate of choice. In the interest of fairness, have you gone through all of Mr. Wood’s and Sen. Smith’s contributors just as well as you have with Com. Olens? I’m willing to bet there are folks out there who give to both parties. Oh, the shock! This is not the first candidate with cross party support, nor will he be the last.

        I just am a little bored with people pulling out pins for their voo doo dolls of any one who is not their candidate. (It will be fine when I do that in the general. lol) Now just so I have it straight, are Dems giving to Olens because they think he’s beatable or because he’s not conservative? I realize you aren’t advocating both, but you aren’t the only one posting.

        Yes, I did complain about Rep. Dede Scozzafava and am still complaining about Gov. Charlie Crist. I like Republicans who can win. I think we have several who can win, but it may depend on things beyond our control. I’m not campaigning hard and openly for any candidate. I don’t want people saying that the party insiders picked the nominee.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Preston and Max have not bragged about their money raising prowess like Olens had. That is what prompted me to investigate in the first place. I was then called a liar by Sam and a producer of “sleazy” videos. So, I defended myself by doing more research.

          Olens has outspent Wood 10-1. There’s got to be a very serious problem if he trails in all the polls.

          • Doug Grammer says:

            I am still confused, which came first, the video or the research? It would seem like they go hand in hand, unless you have another video that I am not aware of. I don’t care enough about it to go through the contribution records, but Bill Simon has. He found five people that gave to both Mr. Woods and Dems, but I’m not sure how hard he was looking.

            As long as you are honest that you didn’t look as hard at anyone else but Com. Olens, we can take that in context.

            • Doug Deal says:

              If by “Dems” you mean the singlular “Dem”, as in Jim Marshall, you are correct. Please let me know how Marshall equates to Obama, Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent or others.

              Also, you are talking about a total amount less than the maximum contribution by an individual (the list looks to be a complete one), which is more than matched by number by a review of the top 10 donors from 1 report (there are 4) and more than matched in amount by just a single donor for Olens.

              In case you haven’t heard, Olens has outraised Wood nine or ten to one. The support from Obama, Roy Barnes and Hillary Clinton supportes will do that for you. Further, at least one of those donations that Bill Simon (paid shill of the Olens campaign, look up Id Builders in Olens’s reports) was from 2002. All of my data was from 2008-2010. Hardly time for a change of heart.

              And again. I looked at Olens because he was bragging about his money and how he was the frontrunner on his website. I hate that campaign strategy as it usually means the person is bankrupt of ideas. So, I looked into it and found so much I made a video.

              • Doug Grammer says:

                Marshal equates with the Dem leadership because his first vote cast in session is for Speaker. Like I said, I haven’t looked it up, and you haven’t done the same type of research on Mr. Wood or Sen. Smith. When you do that, I’ll take you as more objective. To me, it looks like you are anti- Com. Olens and only doing the research that proves your image of him and nothing else. The research is biased. I would think that you, of all people, would understand that.

                • Doug Deal says:

                  When Preston or Max brags about their fundraising making them the frontrunner, you’re on.

                  Until then, I am sure Olens and his hired hands have already gone through every detail.

                • Doug Deal says:

                  And by the way, how many times do I have to reveal myself as a supporter of Max before it registers? I make no claim to current objectivity, although I started from that state.

                  The only thing Ive asked was for Olens supporters to do the same, when they make endorsements in the name of others.

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    I know you are a supporter of Mr. Wood and I have no problem with that. I am not supporting anyone and could live with any of these candidates as our nominee. We are just being honest that you are not objective in your criticism or research.

  6. Mike says:

    Trying to argue facts with DD (and his fellow Woodies) is just going to end in frustration. Notice how he took your post and expanded it into “Olens people don’t like Reagan?” That’s how they work. Sensationalization, skewing “facts” to suit their argument, personal attacks and stereotyping. And then the other guys says you must be a Democrat. These are actually the tactics of the left. Kind of makes you wonder about them doesn’t it?

    I did find Doug’s earlier post imploring either Preston or Max to beat Olens interesting. Either he doesn’t believe Max can win or he simply doesn’t care who beats Olens as long as someone does. Kind of reminds me of the “anybody but Bush” crowd. Interesting.

    Ultimately, Olens has done a very good job in his previous government roles. And I mean “good” as in according to my conservative principles. He ran the county in the black, eliminating spending consistently and lowering taxes. He fought the ACLU to continue to allow meetings to be opened with prayer. Enforced our immigration laws, etc.

    All the other stuff is just an attempt by Wood supported to get his name out there. Simple politics.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Mike, I care about our country, the state and the party. People like Olens are the main reason everything is falling apart. They want to get intoo government because they think they can live your life better than you can, but make sure they have exceptions in place so they do not have to play by the same rules.

      Just watch some of the videos ARC has published about itself on youtube. Virtually no one has the stomach to watch such boring policy discussions (as evidenced by the viewer counts in the low teens), but they are pretty much about social engineering. I guess I am too much of an advocate of liberty and consumer choice to think a small group of bureaucrats have all the answers to life’s problems. You apparently disagree.

      Finally, you wouldn’t be the guy pictured in the far left of the following photo would you?[email protected]/3975003990/

  7. Mike says:

    And as Reagan said, “there you go again” Doug. Since I think Olens is the better candidate I must therefore “think a small group of bureaucrats have all the answers to life’s problems.” You are a true gem Doug. /sarc

    You do realize there is a difference between a fact and your opinion, right? You seem to confuse them a lot.

  8. JDW says:

    Sam Olens got shellacked tonight by Preston Smith. Preston looked good tonight. Preston made Sam look like an idiot. Sam was dumb-founded when confronted with his past. It was awkward. Sam does not do well when he’s not in control of the situtation… sounds like someone else I’ve heard of… Obama.

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