Max Wood [AG-R]

I have the most relevant experience of any candidate running for Attorney General. I was selected by the Bush administration to be the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, the largest geographic district among Georgia’s three United States Attorney offices. We served the seventy (70) county area for almost eight years supervising a large office of attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries and other professionals handling criminal prosecutions and civil litigation on behalf of the United States government. These duties are remarkably similar to the duties of the Attorney General of the State of Georgia.

I am the only Republican candidate with any prosecutorial experience whatsoever having served as a military, state and federal prosecutor at various times in my career. I am the only military veteran running for Attorney General and served in Iraq on two occasions. I served as the Justice Department’s Attache` in the US Embassy in Baghdad from 2005-2006.  While in Iraq in 2005-2006 we worked to modernize the Iraqi courts, prisons and police systems.  I also served on active military duty in Iraq in September and October of 2007 as part of a Department of Defense Inspector General’s team deployed to Iraq. I continue to serve part-time in the military as a Colonel in the Air National Guard assigned to the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency.

I have 20 years of prosecution experience. I fully intend to methodically add the prosecution of internet based crimes to the Department of Law’s prosecution efforts which are presently limited to capital felony cases and healthcare fraud cases. This will be done over time within the budget constraints of the state budget. I believe political forces have influenced the Georgia Department of Law’s movement away from criminal prosecution due in part to the political influence gained for the Attorney General’s benefit by focusing on civil litigation and employing private firms with taxpayer’s money. Article 5, Section 3, paragraph 4 of Georgia’s Constitution enumerates the duties of Georgia’s Attorney General. It is clear from a reading of this section of the Georgia Constitution and of other Georgia statutes that the office is to be fully engaged in criminal issues. I have the expertise and experience to bring the office back into a balance of criminal and civil work that reflects the intent of the Georgia Constitution.

I am the only candidate for Attorney General who has proposed two new ideas that have the potential to save Georgia taxpayers money in the long run as well as improve the effectiveness of the office.

I am the only Attorney General candidate who has proposed that Georgia join the majority of states and form an Appellate Division and designate a Solicitor General to head up that Appellate Division.  An Appellate Division will allow the Georgia Department of Law to develop in-house constitutional law expertise and will improve our appellate advocacy both in the written advocacy and in the oral advocacy before the appellate courts of Georgia and the United States federal courts.  This will also make Georgia better prepared to stand up to an ever intrusive federal government and its actions such as the Obamacare legislation that need to be challenged in court.

I am the only candidate that has pledged to explore the financial benefits of opening satellite offices if they prove to be more cost effective than the present Special Assistant Attorney General program that spends millions of Georgia taxpayer’s money while politically benefitting a sitting Attorney General through the financial benefit to Georgia law firms across the state. This willingness to consider this cost saving measure has cost me tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from practicing attorneys across the state of Georgia but it is the right thing to consider because of the possible financial benefits to the taxpayers. If a thorough analysis of this idea does not indicate tax saving to the people of Georgia we will not pursue it.

These two innovative proposals will be implemented methodically over time within the limited financial resources available in the present barebones Georgia state budget.

I graduated from LaGrange College with a degree in History. I am a graduate of the University of Georgia Law School.

I am a social conservative who supports the Second and Tenth Amendments to the US Constitution.  I am pro life and have been endorsed by Georgia Right to Life. Our website is


  1. stella lohmann says:

    Max Wood is not a politican looking for his next best career move or race. He hasn’t had a ‘great speech’ then decided to run for office, particularly GA Attorney General. He’s a Colonel serving now in the Air National Guard after serving GA as a US Attorney General under the Bush Administration. He knows what it means to defend our country and Constitution on the battlefield of Iraqi Freedom and in the courtrooms in Iraq and here at home. There’s a child molestor who won’t see the light of day for a very long time after Max prosecuted and won the case against him–the largest in GA history! Speaking up for Max is such a small thank you for all he and his family have endured to keep his oath to defend our country against foreign and domestic enemies. It will take his kind of selflessness, courage and experience to not winch against attempts to remake, redefine, or shred our Constitution.

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