• ZazaPachulia says:

      I don’t think the 90’s rapper ‘Juvenile’ did the voiceover. That wasn’t even a good guess, Mayo.

      If we want to go with a musician, I think it sounded more like Tracy Chapman or Melissa Ethridge. Could they have found a woman with a deeper voice? I honestly don’t know.

    • SFrazier says:

      Handel is the one with Ethics problems. You can never trust a habitual liar…

      Karen Handel says, even as a Republican, she doesn’t agree with all of the things Republicans stand for. If that is so, Ms. Handel, conservative voters in Georgia are curious about where your views diverge from mainstream Republican thinking.

      • Karen Handel told a gay rights group in 2003 not to worry about donations from conservative Republicans who support traditional family values. She said, “What I would hope is that people would look at Karen Handel for who Karen Handel is. If those folks had influence over me, wouldn’t my positions be different than they are?”
      • Handel also stated during that campaign, “I don’t think, perhaps as a party, [Republicans] have been as open-minded about things as we should have. Even though I’m a Republican, I don’t agree with 100 percent with the things in the platform.”
      -So, if she supported gay adoption and taxpayer-subsidized domestic partner benefits, both of which contrast with the views held by the majority of conservative Republican voters in Georgia, what other positions are there where Ms. Handel disagrees with the Republican platform?
      -It would seem that Karen Handel has a proven record of saying anything to get elected. As the electorate changes, so do her viewpoints.


      • Biased says:

        True that, and she’s about to have her own ethical issues from the campaign she’s run… might be on the news soon

          • ReaganRepublican says:

            Press Release July 8, 2010

            Voting Rights Watchdogs Cite Ethics Issues, Call on Handel to Withdraw

            ATLANTA, GA – Leaders from two of Georgia’s largest voting rights watchdog groups personally appealed today for former Secretary of State (SOS) Karen Handel to withdraw her gubernatorial bid on grounds of unethical conduct during her tenure as Secretary of State. The leaders, John Fortuin, co-founder of Defenders of Democracy, and Garland Favorito, founder of VoterGA, presented evidence that Mrs. Handel: took $25,000 in campaign contributions from individuals directly connected to the voting machine vendor lobbying firm, Massey and Bowers reversed her position and supported Georgia’s unverifiable voting machines while accepting the contributions appointed a former lobbyist partner, Rob Simms, as her deputy, thus allowing the lobbying firm to have undue influence and control over the SOS office conducted politically motivated investigations as cited in many of 63 impeachment articles filed at the General Assembly against her Inspector General, Shawn LaGrua

            Watchdog leaders also challenged state and local news media to investigate ethics questions evenly for all candidates. Mr. Fortuin elaborated: “These are some of the most serious ethics charges that have been raised against any public official. They illustrate in part, how the Secretary of State’s office has been an epicenter of political corruption for eight years. Former secretaries have historically gotten a free pass from state and local media on ethics questions even when unethical conduct shows them to be unfit for public office.”

            The leaders contend that impeachment articles and supporting documents cited in a Lowndes County State Election Board (SEB) case clearly indicate how a voting machine technician was framed to cover-up violations committed by an elections supervisor who was an acquaintance of Karen Handel. They also cited a December 2009 SEB petitioning case where as chairwoman Handel referred a former county commissioner for a felony forgery investigation even when there was no probable cause and no evidence that he ever forged any petition signature. The commissioner was petitioning for another commissioner to run against a personal acquaintance of Karen Handel. Both victims in these cases have offered to be available to the press.

            Media Contact: Garland Favorito (404) 664-4044

            • Ambernappe says:

              “..the Secretary of State’s office has been the epicenter of corruption for the last eight years………….?”

              How interesting – Karen Handel was Secretary of State for THREE of those years. Are former SoS Kathy Cox and current SoS being pursued for investigation also ? I was unable to locate information on Ethics Commision website, which is the PROPER destination for any evidence of unethical, illegal, or questionable activity. I deem that your supposed information is inflamatory, unethical,
              and probably – defamation of character.

              I have no personal knowledge of these organizations, but they obviously do not operate according to the stated procedures in Georgia. Should have also checked the registration as non-profits.

      • GOPwits says:

        Oh poor Frazier… you really must live in the world of Nathan Deal… Where everyone gets a fair shot at a special arrangement with the state to get wealthy and there are no ghetto grandmothers to ruin your day…

        When it came time to vote on the issues that you so falsely are accusing Karen of, she voted her conservative position against domestic partner benefits. Period.

        As for opening up and speaking to groups that don’t always agree 100% with Republicans, that’s called smart politics and it’s how you win elections. Karen is a breath of fresh air in a field of corrupt career politicians (albeit except for Chapman).

        • “When it came time to vote on the issues that you so falsely are accusing Karen of, she voted her conservative position against domestic partner benefits. Period.”

          Yep, and that’s a strike against her for me. If we’re not going to let homosexual couples marry then at least give them domestic partner benefits. Start giving them the benefits that some of you claim a “Civil Union” would give them or whatever other title you want to call it.

        • Ambernappe says:

          Read the websites of Defenders of Democracy and VoterGA and decide for yourself……..

          Neither is listed as any kind of educational non-profit in Georgia.

          Wonder if either has letterhead with the Board of Directors listed, on which to file their ostensible charges with the State.

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        I’m a constant Handel critic and I’m not voting for her. But I don’t fault her for her previous positions, I only fault her for pandering and being so evasive about it. And IMHO, it’s ok to disagree with some aspects of the party. After all, this isn’t Nazi Germany….yet.

      • Lady Thinker says:


        Those lies of yours hurt your candidate (Deal) and help Karen. Maybe you need more time with your Rosary beads and more confessional time with your priest.

  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    Better hitch that ol’ wagon to the Sarah Palin train, you betcha!

    (not impressed)

  2. ZazaPachulia says:

    I will admit that this is slightly better than Nathan Deal’s “Get off my Lawn!” ad that showed up earlier this week.

    The best ads I’ve seen so far are the Chapman future junk pile spot (which will be seen by about 250 total on youtube) and King Roy’s latest about the GOP nonsense.

  3. Ron Daniels says:

    I really think ads where the candidate speaks are generally more effective. But I think this ad does a good job of going after the female vote, but a quick jab at three of the candidates about ethics without any substantive information isn’t going to resound well. Unless people stop and pause the video, they’ll never be able to read the printed stuff about Deal, Ox, and EJ.

    That being said, this is a pretty good ad.

    • GaConservative23 says:

      I agree on the effectiveness of ads where the candidate speaks. Except for the Ox, of course. That guy’s voice makes me want to punch somebody.

      • Ron Daniels says:

        I concur fully. Handel is a very effective speaker, I think she should have had at least a line in this ad.

        Conversely, Oxendine isn’t as strong of a speaker due to his voice – and he should speak less in his commercials.

  4. GaConservative23 says:

    You think the “Intelligence” line was in response to criticisms over her lack of a college degree?

  5. John Konop says:

    It would be interesting to poll woman and men who see the ad. I would guess the ad polls strong among woman and independent leaning republicans. I do think hard core white males over 50 this ad would not do well. But I do not think she will get that vote anyways in a GOP primary.

      • John Konop says:

        FYI I just saw this on the AJC/PI.

        Karen Handel’s first TV ad: Ethics, lipstick, and a mystery voiceover

        by Jim Galloway

        In her first TV ad of the GOP primary for governor, former secretary of state Karen Handel goes after all three of her major rivals – using ethics and lipstick.

        Marilyn Quayle, wife of former vice president Dan Quayle, serves as narrator. Handel served Marilyn Quayle as deputy chief of staff.

        The script:

        Narrator:Three with iffy ethics. One wears lipstick. Three who look after themselves. One who looks after you. Karen Handel: Moved out of an abusive home at 17. Worked herself all the way to the White House. Karen’s tougher than an ox, but with a heart that comes from a life of beating the odds. Intelligence. Reform. Leadership. Handel.

        Though the back end of the ad is laden with biography, this is the first attack ad of the GOP race for governor – though Handel would surely say that it’s only comparative.

        And with a female voiceover, there’s no doubt that Handel is aiming at GOP women to give here a berth in a runoff.
        Production quality is high – the ad is the handiwork of …


    • Biased says:

      That’s the same bargain that Hillary made, but a lot of women are turned away the obvious solidarity ploy when the candidate is underwhelming. Still, time will tell.

      • ACCmoderate says:

        Hilary proved that women won’t vote for another woman solely because of her gender.

        Unless Karen can come up with some substantive stances on issues, she’s not going to sway that many votes.

    • Lady Thinker says:


      Karen’s ad goes strong with me along with the mailings I have been getting from her. Have you seen her financials? I am impressed and what she has done with her money shows she will go a better job with the budget!

  6. ACCmoderate says:

    Why is she giving us a bio ad with 10 days until the primary?

    At this point, voters should know who Karen Handel is. Ads this close to a vote should have to do with issues and substance.

  7. Mayonnaise says:

    Why anyone would run an ad like this and leave themselves wide-open to the “you can put lipstick on a pig” joke is beyond me.

    • John Konop says:


      Your attitude toward women at the Johnson camp is why he will never win a general election. All you guys do is gay bash and insult women.

      • Mayonnaise says:

        Where have I bashed women? I’m just saying, after the Palin-Obama lipstick think, why would they even go there? By the way, you’re not one to be giving advice on winning elections. 🙂

        • TheSituation says:

          Come on, Mayo. All you have done is bash candidates (especially Karen) and pushed away potential voters for Eric. A friend of mine lives on the other side of Atlanta in Paulding County, and tells stories of a guy out there who is the laughing stock among the GOP party. In politics, there is a time for being negative. Unfortunately for Eric, that time has passed, and his campaign workers seemed to have missed the memo. I hope you still get your Johnson campaign check on the 15th.

          • GOPwits says:

            Bashing goes with the territory, but unfortunately, the Eric acolytes follow their leader and typically step over the line and go very personal and mean spirited with their bashing…

            It’s a shame. It’s people like Eric Johnson, who put their own wealth and greed first, that need to spend some time out from elected office to think about their behavior toward others and then maybe they can have another shot at playing in the sand box again…

            • sofnbc says:

              I have been thinking about this comment all afternoon and had first decided to let it go, but the more I think about it the more I need to say something.

              My name is Jim Banaski, I am a federal civil servant, member of my county Board of Health, and active in my community and church.

              The name SOFNBC comes from when I did Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical warfare for the US Army and spend a few years in the 5th Special Forces Group.

              I met Eric in 2008 when he was thinking about running for LT Gov. I supported him then and I support him now. I voted for him today.

              When I first got involved in the campaign the idea of negative ads and bashing was discussed. He told me, “Jim, there is no place for negativity, the other cadidates will do that to themselves”. Since then, I have been asked many times why people should not vote for other people, like Oxendine, Deal, McBerry, etc. Everytime I tell them to look at Eric, study his positions and then make a decision. I do NOT say anything bad about the other candidate.

              I may not be the typical campaign volunteer, but I hold true to the idea that a candidate should talk about their positions/platform, not the other candidate.


              • TheSituation says:

                I think Mayo must have gotten a different message from Mr. Johnson. He’s been nothing but negative. Same is true with several people I know who have met Johnson volunteers in different parts of Georgia. I’ve heard little about how good Johnson would be as Gov, and how awful the rest of the candidates are. Just sayin…

                • It’s sad, really. I wish my fellow Johnson supporters would talk about how he will address the jobs crisis, our education system, and beating Roy Barnes and not about non-issues (or issues that shouldn’t be issues) such as Karen Handel’s alleged Log Cabin Republican membership and the pitch of John Oxendine’s voice. It nearly depresses me to think about your generation bicker while my generation does it what it can to fight for a better future for us and the generation after us.

                  • ReaganRepublican says:

                    They know he endorsed Romney care which is no better than Obama care two years ago. Johnson is a fraud and a phoney. When he had am opportunity to fight illegal immigration with 287g, he failed Georgia and did nothing,

                    • Evidence to the RomneyCare endorsement. A link, perhaps? I think that Eric has done a spectacular job for this state, and even though he has made some mistakes, overall, he has done quite a bit to make this state better.

                      “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor.” – Ronald Reagan

  8. GOPwits says:

    Great ad! Karen’s fundraising shows that she has momentum on her side… People wanting a Governor with solid ethics with a conservative agenda who isn’t afraid to talk to Georgians about the issues facing our state are all turning to Karen Handel as their choice…

    Looking forward to the run-off…

    • Biased says:

      *ahem*… Handel raised the least amount of cash of the top 4 candidates…
      Handel has repeatedly lied to voters about her stance on a few issues and background matters (lying counts as ethics too)
      Handel’s issues appear to be that she left home at 17
      But July 20th is all that matters, and she has a good shot. Can’t let petty bickering get between defeating Barnes again

      • GOPwits says:

        BS – Karen has more money on hand than EJ… She actually outraised him this quarter too… Momentum in terms of money and polls are on Karen’s side…

        • Provocateur says:

          EJ already has his $1.0 Million media buys included in his June 30 expenditures…Karen does not.

  9. jppaa says:

    If i hear the “now…when I was 17” part again, I’ll go crazy. We all have problems in our lives Karen, your’s is just politically convenient. The sympathy bit about you being a woman, unprivileged growing up, lack of an education, and lack of real skills is getting old. We want people that can govern and know how to get things done, not people that go around throwing every legislature under the bus so they can get elected. (and guess what Karen…when the campaign rhetoric is done, and its time to get things done, do you think people will actually want to work with you?) Karen Handel is willing to say anything to anyone to get elected, and is not what this state needs.

    • Ambernappe says:

      Have you ever engaged in a face-to-face conversation with Karen Handel? My guess is NO.

      • jppaa says:

        In fact I have, and I know a lot of people that worked with her in the governor’s office and they have told me what an entitled, power-hungry personality she has. So lay off the self-righteous attitude, I really don’t care about hearing the stories. I’m a conservative-republican, not a bleeding-heart liberal. Can’t say the same about her

        • Ambernappe says:

          A conversation with me would not reveal self-rightousness.

          You did listen to stories from others about Karen, so you said. Many individuals do not react positively to self-confident people, unfortunately. Many confident, competent people do not become the “new best friend” instantly with every new acquaintance. It’s THEIR problem.

      • Provocateur says:

        Well, yes, I have. She has a problem with halitosis that I prefer not have to experience again.

  10. John Konop says:

    America is all about the land of opportunity. You may disagree with Karen but her story is very inspirational in time that many Americans are facing tough times. And I do think Karen had demonstrated she is the right person to make tough calls in tough times.

    • redrock says:

      How has she “demonstrated she is the right person to make tough calls in tough times”?

      Where is any evidence to back up that statement?

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      It’s somewhat inspirational. Like the poster said before we all have problems. Imagine going into a job interview, and the first thing that you tell your future employer is “Well I left my parents at a young age because my home life wasn’t great.” If I was the one giving the interview I would think “So what? What are you going to do for my company.” I look at all these candidates as if they were applying for a job in my company.

      What would Karen say after she told me her story? “I first started managing this company (Fulton County Board of Commissioners), but I quit before anyone could see a finished product. After that I started another job (SOS), but yet again I quit before I fullfilled my promise to the company.” Yeah that doesn’t look to good in the eyes of an employer.

      • The General says:

        Lest we forget Casey was raised by a single mom…that worked 3 jobs…or something like that.

      • John Konop says:

        You guys are really tone death to most people especially women. If you had a real issue with Karen you would stop with the personal attacks. As I said agree or not with Karen any rational person could not argue that she is a living example of the land of opportunity. If you have a real issue with policy make your point, but spewing hate at Karen from what she accomplished is anti-American!

        • Provocateur says:

          According to the Press Release I saw yesterday from Voter Ga, her policy is to promise one thing during an election, then after getting elected and receiving $25,000 in lobbyist money, flipping 180-degrees on her promise to look into a voting process flaw, and dismiss her promises as never existing and sticking with being bought-off by lobbyists.

          • John Konop says:


            Which candidate for Governor is for spending money on a full investigation and change of the current voting system when we are facing a fiscal crisis? Do you think it is liberal or conservative to spend that money now with what we are facing?

            • Provocateur says:

              John Konop,

              So, you are saying that an election system (something that we use to determine who leads us) is not worth pulling out all stops to ensure that it provides accurate accounting of all votes is NOT an important enough issue to devote resources to it? Really?

              The “fiscal crisis” was caused by the people who got elected before…maybe if we had reliable voting systems those people might not have been elected to start with. Ever consider that possibility?

              • John Konop says:


                What I am saying is life is not so simple when dealing with a budget with limited resources ie money. And no different than running businesses, dealing with your family….sometimes we make tough choices based on limited cash.

                And it seems to me you have a liberal heart with tax payer’s money. And the reason I like Karen is she is willing to make the tough fiscal choices over playing politics, like you support.

        • redrock says:

          Hey John – I’m not “spewing hate”.

          I asked to back up your statement that she“demonstrated she is the right person to make tough calls in tough times”?

          Again, where is any evidence to back up that statement? I just don’t see these apparently obvious leadership skills that you tout on her behalf.

          • John Konop says:


            I was not referring to you and sorry if you took my comment that way. As far as your question, on a macro level Karen at young age had to make some tough smart choices to achieve what should has done. She definitely beat the odds via her accomplishments. Also she made some tough cuts that at the SOS which upset some people. Finally Karen Handel is a very business like and her tough no non-sense management style verse being warm and fuzzy is what most people are critical of her. It is strange that in one breath the same people swipe at her for being to business like yet question if she would make tough calls.

        • AnyoneElse2010 says:

          Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You’re talking to the man all wrong. Karen’s not a bad person, and I certainly would support her if she were to win the GOP nomination. There is only one who I would have to switch teams for, and he goes by the name The Ox. All I am saying is that I look at these elections like I look at potential job applicants, and Karen’s stump speech and record would not put her through to my next round in a field of many applicants.

          You’re strong words, Mr. Konop, do nothing to further Karen’s cause. Just because someone doesn’t believe the same thing that you believe doesn’t make them un-American. I know you believe that you are the enlightened one, but many people can have differing of opinions. I think it shows your intelligence by throwing around the heated rhetoric. You make good points on this blog, but boy if you get in an argument or if someone disagrees with you, you start acting like a 7 year old out on the playgroud.

            • John Konop says:


              As far as real issues go I have tolerance for many views. BUT to attack any person at age 17 that left a problem home and is as successful as Karen for her accomplishments is un-American. If you have a particular issue with her political views that is open game, but agree or not with someone we should all tip our hats to anyone who did what Karen did.

              I have made the same point about President Obama. I have disagreements with many of his policies but I am proud to live in a country than man named Obama who is black can be elected in America. Disagreeing on policy does not mean you have demonize the person or spit on their accomplishments.

              • AnyoneElse2010 says:

                If you show me where I “attacked” her I will defer. My strongest statement against her was that her story was “somewhat inspirational”. If that is an attack to you then I am sorry. To me it was just an indifferent opinion.

                • John Konop says:


                  I was refereeing to the consistent personal bashing from paid campaign bloggers like RR, Mayo…….. They have constantly attacked Karen on a personal level via her accomplishments. And I was not referring to your particular comment and I apologize if you took the comment that way.

                  They never bring up any real issues that any rational person is concerned about like, jobs, education……. As I said I have no issue with disagreement on issues but attacking a person on a very nasty personal level for money and or sport is wrong.

  11. bwjohnson83 says:

    Come on GOP voters!! LETS PROVE A POINT ON THE 20TH.

    That point being……..you can’t buy elections, just because you say the right things doesn’t mean you’ll do them, we’re smart enough to look at voter records and track records.

    Make the right choice!!!!!!!!!! Vote Jeff Chapman

    “There is no right way to do the wrong thing.” Jeff Chapman

  12. Three Jack says:

    not very impressive. if you’re going to run an attack ad, then attack. if you’re going to run a bio ad, then do so. mixing the two puts forth a disjointed message with no real benefit achieved.

    let the two crooks (deal and ox) destroy themselves. handel does not have the money to spend on useless ads like this one. she should have come out first with a strong bio story using her own voice followed shortly by a satirical piece on deal’s ethics violations. love ya karen, but this was a mistake.

    • ACCmoderate says:

      Oh goodness! Karen is hanging out with homosexual Republicans.

      Quick! Stone her before she gets any ideas.

      Homosexuals are people too LVB.

      • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

        That isn’t the point of the article Mod Squad. The point is > She lied. She tossed your people under the bus. Denied any relationship when one was there.

        As a homosexual you should be disturbed by her dishonest behavior. Is this what you want in your Governor?

        • B Balz says:

          Most will agree there are more Dem lesbian/gay voters than the same demographic on the GOP.

          DISCLAIMER: I offer the following opinion acknowledging the absolute value of anyone’s point of view.

          IMHO, from a ‘numbers’ perspective sheer GOP political expedience requires limited public sympathy, and perhaps even less open loyalty to lesbian/gay voters. Astute GOP voters concerned with with such matters probably have already realized this unpleasant calculus relative to their Party choice. Yet they remain Conservatives, and for that I am happy.

          In other words Mr. Beachbum, who is the target audience?
          The few actively voting members of the LGTV community in the GOP?

          Clearly, logic dictates the issue cannot be about Ms. Handel in as much as it is about raw political expediency.

          • Provocateur says:

            B Balz,

            Betcha $100 that if she were to take a witness stand and lie about that issue, it would’t matter to the judge what the “target audience” would be…what would matter is that she lied. And, not swearing on an oath to not lie does not mean you can lie at all other times, regardless of the situation.

            Remember…it wasn’t that Clinton lied about having a sexual affair…it was that he lied, period, regardless of the situation. If you are a “conservative” who thinks it’s okay to lie for political expediency, then, please, stop the charade of “acting” like a conservative because it’s clear you are not if you believe lying is “okay.”

            • B Balz says:

              I defend neither political expediency or a lie, and Ms. Handel has never been my first choice. My decision has ZERO to do with this non-issue.

        • Jimbo says:

          The point is NOT that she lied. Nathan Deal and John Oxendine are liars AND unethical, but I never see Mayonnaise or Von Beachbum criticize them. What they have done is 10x worse than what Handel did. Depending on your interpretation, she either 1) lied to the homosexuals for their votes, or 2) changed her position on the issue to get conservative votes. Either way, she was wrong.
          HOWEVER, many of the people I know who won’t drop this Handel thing voted for Mitt Romney for president, who changed his position on abortion, GAY RIGHTS, stem cell research, health care, guns, taxes, and practically every other issue there is and then LIED about his previous stances. “Conservatives” who voted for Mitt Romney DO NOT have the moral authority to even THINK about criticizing or not voting for Handel because she changed and lied about her position on ONE issue.
          You guys who keep pounding away at this gay thing are eventually going to destroy the Republican Party.

          • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:


            I am here to slap who ever needs slapping on any given day. Handel continuously makes herself an easy target. Champion of ethics only after others stumble, wont debate with the other candidates because hillbilly McBerry is there. Seriously, are these qualities you want in an Governor in trying times?
            Other than that I get a kick out of the girly men that get all bent out of shape and try to stamp anyone in opposition to her as “having a problem with women”

            Geezz these fake republicans sound like Obama democrats.

            As far as the other candidates, I have gone down the list before expressing how I feel about all of them. You must been out having your hair done that day.

            And yes, the point IS she lied or has a memory we don’t need in the Governors mansion. We don’t need Oxy the liar either. Hell, most of them have and will lie. To the people that want access to them and free candy, that can be overlooked. That is what politics has boiled down to anyway. What the politician can do for them.

            And really, should you be telling others what their “moral authority ” is?

            • B Balz says:

              PP has needed someone to do this for a long time:

              “I am here to slap who ever needs slapping on any given day.”

              It is a tough and thankless task, yet we have a volunteer.

  13. Jimbo says:

    Definitely trying to reach women with the whole lipstick thing, which I actually think was a waste of air space. I’ve never seen a candidate advertise their intelligence in a campaign ad, either.
    Overall, I was not impressed.

    • gaconservative2010 says:

      not so much. Karen is nice, but not (as many have pointed out), known for her intelligence. She was also a lousy SOS. Really lousy. People that work there deplored her and were glad when she left – early. She wasn’t engaged at all, and definitely wasn’t a quality leader.

        • Provocateur says:

          Let’s see: Name the un-named sources and watch their lives get torn-up by the Handel people and anyone else just for the “bloodsport” of the game.

          • NonPartisanGA says:

            In other words bad characterizations of her by her former staff are baseless…the logic being that to name sources of actually back up the claim would mean the former SOS would still have the clout and authority to impact employees of the current SOS Brian Kemp????

            gaconservative2010’s post is pretty lame, no doubt he’ll create a newer sock puppet handle (pardon the pun) like GAConservative–7-10-2010 to post a rebuttal.

            • Provocateur says:

              No, NPG…it means that the minions who work for Handel on the campaign (McLagan, Butler, Simms, and others) will put names down on lists and categorize said people as “enemies” of Handel, and seek to screw-up their lives in other ways down the road. Anyone as mean and vindictive as Karen can only spawn similar-minded people to follow and stick with her.

              • Lady Thinker says:

                Do you know Karen personally? Have you witnessed the behaviors you are accusing her and her staff of doing? What does this have to do with her running for governor? How is this revelant to her vision for Georgia?

                • Provocateur says:

                  People can promote a “vision” all they wish. Visions can very easily be scripted by other people who are not the candidate.

                  What matters is the character and integrity of the person behind said vision. All Handel does is spend 95% of her campaign time by accusing her opponents of wrong doing here, there, and everywhere.

                  The people who spend all their time criticizing others are rarely respected in this world…and, more often than not, prove themselves to have serious character flaws themselves.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        So you think Karen is not known for her intelligence. How do you think someone so “lacking in intelligence” has gotten so far?

        What examples can you give to show she was a “lousy SoS” so we can decided for ourselves?

        You say people “deplored her” and that she wasn’t a “quality leader.” What are some examples so we can judge for ourselves?

        These things are really non-issues. Many people don’t like their bosses for a variety of reasons and they will say negative things about them. Opinions can and should be stated, but they are subjective at best and not necessarily factual.

        What does anything about your post have to do with Karen’s plan for Georgia?

  14. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Reality Check

    You don’t reach women with lipstick. You reach them with diamonds and dead presidents. You can dress a pig up and put lipstick on it but it is a fact that they are going to vote for the good looking guy if they vote, the brainless among them are not going to vote at all and the more liberal ones that can not cook or get laid with half estrogen and half testosterone are going to vote for the democrat.

    The women that are going to vote for Handel because she is a woman are no more intelligent than the blacks that voted for Obama because he was Black. Look where that got us.

    But you can turn that around and say much of the the same thing about men.

    Women are not a solid voting block and men are not either. As many women hate Sara Palin as love here. They buy cars because their pretty and they like the color. The same way they do furniture. They care little about functionality or they wouldn’t put on shoes with 6 inch heels.

    Politics is arguing, debating and strategy and they don’t like games they can’t control. Strategy only matters with relationships and shopping . See how many women you see leaving the store having bought themselves a chess game.

    What will get them to the polls is if they felt their security is threatened so if Margret Thatcher Handel can convince the women that North Korea is about to attack Georgia she has a lock.

    If you analyze from experience women, they get pissed off. It is like you need to get a license from a feminist organization to do it.
    If you analyze a mans female candidate, that is a lot worse. It’s like being taken to the town square and hung by a bunch of hair dressers and florist.

    • Progressive Dem says:

      Congratulations Ludwig Von Beachbum!

      Among the thousands of posts I’ve read on Peach Pundit, your statement above may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read at this site. A true honor. Now that we have your opinion about women, maybe you’ll enlighten us with more vast generalizations and prejudices regarding other groups. I’m sure it will be just as informative and useful. To improve your clarity, I recommend you start another six-pack. And don’t forget the sunscreen, your red neck is on fire.

      • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

        LOL People like you are the reason I wrote it, Proggy .

        You all just hate reality tied to humor. 🙂

        Come closer………GET A LIFE!

    • Lady Thinker says:


      Have you had therapy for your misogynistic statements? Your harsh statements about women suggests you may not be popular with them and based on your attitude, I can see why you have problems with the fair sex.

      Say what you will about women, it is your opinion, but try to make some statements that aren’t so negative about women in general and maybe you can get some dates.

      By the way, Karen has more courage and intellegence than you give her credit for in her campaign.

  15. Doug Deal says:

    The ad was very good for a 30 second spot. It was quirky enough to be different, so people may watch it, and it focussed on Handel very own rags to riches tail which plays well almost everywhere in red-state America.

  16. John Konop says:

    Both side promise services we cannot afford. One side wants to pay for it with taxes and the other side wants to cut taxes to pay for it. Especially In a down economy I am not sure which idea is worse.

    At the end we need some tough cuts and we need to pay for most services via fees based on usage. Without the cost associated with the service we will never get this under control. We can only lower taxes and pay for the services and higher taxes during down-turn only crowds out investment and consumer spending which drives jobs, and if the services are really in demand than you will see the spending to support the service.

    The reality is Georgia like other states are playing a shell game to balance the budget. And if we do not take a real-world approach instead of playing kick the can with heath-care cost, state worker retirements, education and federal subsides balancing the budget it will blow-up.

    I realize police, schools, roads…..are core services needed. But the extras associated with services can be fee based on tax payers and or employees of the state ie extra activities at schools, proper fees for licenses, toll roads, employee paid retirements……..

    I do think Karen Handel would take the most realistic tough love approach. As I have said in the past I am not part of the Karen Handel campaign nor do I coordinate and have very limited contact. Also I have given same opinions to many running for offices from all parties and many different offices.

  17. Provocateur says:

    True, John. But, what we could do is ensure that all of the tax revenue due is collected. Case in point, Karen Handel for Governor buys her campaign signs from Kentucky, thus doing the following:

    1) Cheating Fulton County and the State of Georgia from collecting their part of a 7% sales tax. Total amount of sale from Patriot Signs is $30,024.

    Being located in a non-contiguous state to Georgia means there is no reciprocity agreement between the Georgia State Revenue Department and the Kentucky Revenue Department. Thus, no sales taxes collected for these signs…and no money put toward Georgia’s revenue department to help.

    2) There are many sign vendors based in the State of Georgia. By her buying signs outside Georgia means she doesn’t really support this state’s businesses. That money could have likely helped a company survive another month here in a very slow economy.

    Karen Handel: #FAIL in being “pro-Georgia business.”

      • Provocateur says:

        Ummm..may I suggest that you click the hyperlink I provided? It is to the Georgia State Ethics Commission Website. You know…the place where the disclosures are required to be submitted.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          Didn’t recognize it as a link. Are you saying she shouldn’t go after the best deal for her dollars?

          • Provocateur says:

            So, you are approving of her avoiding the payment of Georgia sales tax? Because if Georgia companies are based here, they collect sales tax from Georgia consumers, business owners, and political committees in order to help fund those roads you like to drive on, and the law enforcement that you and Karen so enjoy the full use and protection of.

            Gosh, what if everyone evaded sales taxes and purchased their goods from states outside of Georgia? Would Karen just close roads because we can no longer afford the upkeep of them because of the shrinking sales tax revenue for the counties and state?

            • Lady Thinker says:

              When you are buying something, do you go for the best deal or the highest price? Do you drive American or foreign? Are your electronics American or foreign? What about your clothing?

              When I buy something, especially in this economy, I go for the best deal, not the highest tax rate I can find.

              • Provocateur says:

                Other candidates see fit to buy in Georgia in this economy because they believe in jobs in this state… while Handel believes she should ship jobs to Kentucky. Not a good qualification to be a governor of this state.

    • Provocateur says:

      Have you produced a copy of Handel’s diploma or GED certificate yet, Socky? Surely PP would be willing to offer us an online copy of it…if it exists.

        • Provocateur says:

          I believe she’s lying. A simple production of a document would easily settle it and make me eat crow. Otherwise, we will all believe she does not have one.

            • Provocateur says:

              Ready, if you go apply for a (real) job, you are required to provide proof of your education, or to give the potential employer access to the records. Have you ever worked for anyone other than a politician?

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Karen has stated numerous time that she had a diploma but you refuse to believe her. IF she provided a copy, you would find a reason not to accept it.

        Chapman has a diploma but you aren’t asking him to produce his. Why is that?

        What is interesting is why you feel a desperate need to keep his non-issue alive. You never attack her plan for Georgia, you just attack her personally, like several in the Deal – Johnson camps.

        When you can debate the issues instead of the non-issues, let me know.

        • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

          Chapman served in the AirForce Georgia ANG. You had show them a diploma in the 80’s to join . Probably more to get a security clearance in a comm unit. And he served his term.

  18. Provocateur says:

    Does she “plan” on completing her term if she is elected? She has that history of job-hopping….kinda like school-hopping if one hasn’t completed high school or college.

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