Fox 5 gubernatorial debates on Sunday

On Sunday, July 11th, Fox 5 will host debates for the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor. The debates will kick off at 4pm with the Democrats, and Republicans will debate at 5pm. Fox 5 is soliciting questions for the debates, so drop them a line if you have something you’d like the candidates to be asked.

Here are the invited candidates.


  • Thurbert Baker
  • Roy Barnes
  • DuBose Porter
  • David Poythress


  • Nathan Deal
  • Eric Johnson
  • Karen Handel
  • John Oxendine

Anyone up for a live-blog?


  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    Ouch… No invite to Chapman or Putnam.

    It’s really not fair to put those two gentlemen from Brunswick in the same ‘undesirable’ category as Ray McBerry.

    How does Chapman not get an invite when ‘Hairpiece’ Towery’s latest poll shows him within the margin of error of ‘School Voucher’ Johnson?

  2. gopgal says:

    Fox 5 promos say “top 4 candidates” participating in debates. Who or what determines the top 4?

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    No Chapman. Why would anyone tune in to watch Deal/Ox/Handel/Johnson when you could just stick a mannequin up repeating the same old tired talking points. I hope Handel remembers to bring her flash cards.

  4. janna says:

    Same poop, different day. It makes me glad I can’t get ATL stations down here. Otherwise, I’d be masochistically compelled to watch . Until these debates/forums are open to all candidates, they are pointless.

  5. analogkid says:

    Count me in. In fact, I’ve already bought my Sunday beer for the occasion. I’m going to take a drink anytime someone says “smaller government” or “lower taxes.”

  6. kolt473 says:

    King Roy or the Ox-Bow incident, prefer neither Roy will screw the people second time still like he did first time teachers and the flag, when he did a bill clinton in that church warning bells went off like to see GA in GOP hands don’t like gov’t tell you when you can do anything. Democrats have turned into communists, allegiance no freedom of speech, no guns, no rights of any kind. Dear GA voters, say no to king Roy and the ox-bow incident, but be warned put king roy back in you’ll really get screwed, worse than OBAMA doing.

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