For Your Friday Afternoon Reading: New 11Alive Poll

And it say’s largely what others have been saying: Oxendine with a lead, Handel catching up to the Ox. However you should notice an interesting trend with the third place position.

While John Oxendine continues to hold a comfortable lead over other GOP candidates with 32 percent of respondents saying they would vote for him, Karen Handel is challenging him for the female vote. Also, there is a trend of seniors moving toward Handel as well as Eric Johnson. All three candidates have increased visibility with television ads airing across the state. At this point, Oxendine does not appear to have enough momentum to prevent him getting into a runoff. Handel’s overall tally of 23 percent looks like it may catapult her into a potential runoff with Oxendine.

Johnson (12 percent) and Nathan Deal (12 percent) are also making overall inroads among Republican voters. Ray McBerry (5 percent), Jeff Chapman (4 percent) and Otis Putnam (1 percent) round out the Republican field, with a significant 10 percent still saying they are undecided.

Johnson’s moving up and eating away from Deal’s support. And Undecided is losing votes like a sinking ship loses sailors.


    • Technocrat says:

      It was ordained by the ALMIGHTY from the beginning. Deal was tricked into running by promises that the Boys and Purdue never intended to keep. All smoke and mirrors to cover Handel’s backside until the MATCH.

      • MDokes says:

        My Kiwanis club has many political grass roots activists. Although we disagree on which candidate to back, we all agree that we will vote against Handel. There is no way she could win a run off.

    • Ambernappe says:

      Perhaps you mean “gouge”, but I hope that you do not intend to do so. You will be pleased with the way Karen discharges her gubernatorial duties.

      • Red Phillips says:

        Dang! I even used spell check as I always do. I guess the original spelling was so far off it prompted the wrong word.

        But I am sure I would be pleased with the way Mrs. Handel would discharge her gubernatorial duties IF I WAS A MODERATE. But I’m not. I’m a conservative. So I am sure I will be displeased.

    • ReaganRepublican says:

      Press Release July 8, 2010

      Voting Rights Watchdogs Cite Ethics Issues, Call on Handel to Withdraw

      ATLANTA, GA – Leaders from two of Georgia’s largest voting rights watchdog groups personally appealed today for former Secretary of State (SOS) Karen Handel to withdraw her gubernatorial bid on grounds of unethical conduct during her tenure as Secretary of State. The leaders, John Fortuin, co-founder of Defenders of Democracy, and Garland Favorito, founder of VoterGA, presented evidence that Mrs. Handel:

      took $25,000 in campaign contributions from individuals directly connected to the voting machine vendor lobbying firm, Massey and Bowers

      reversed her position and supported Georgia’s unverifiable voting machines while accepting the contributions

      appointed a former lobbyist partner, Rob Simms, as her deputy, thus allowing the lobbying firm to have undue influence and control over the SOS office

      conducted politically motivated investigations as cited in many of 63 impeachment articles filed at the General Assembly against her Inspector General, Shawn LaGrua

      Watchdog leaders also challenged state and local news media to investigate ethics questions evenly for all candidates. Mr. Fortuin elaborated: “These are some of the most serious ethics charges that have been raised against any public official. They illustrate in part, how the Secretary of State’s office has been an epicenter of political corruption for eight years. Former secretaries have historically gotten a free pass from state and local media on ethics questions even when unethical conduct shows them to be unfit for public office.”

      The leaders contend that impeachment articles and supporting documents cited in a Lowndes County State Election Board (SEB) case clearly indicate how a voting machine technician was framed to cover-up violations committed by an elections supervisor who was an acquaintance of Karen Handel. They also cited a December 2009 SEB petitioning case where as chairwoman Handel referred a former county commissioner for a felony forgery investigation even when there was no probable cause and no evidence that he ever forged any petition signature. The commissioner was petitioning for another commissioner to run against a personal acquaintance of Karen Handel. Both victims in these cases have offered to be available to the press.

      Media Contact: Garland Favorito (404) 664-4044

      • Lady Thinker says:


        1) IF you are a Republican AS YOU CLAIM, why are you reading Democratic propaganda?

        2) IF there was any truth to your allegations, the GBI and the FBI would have been all over it like white on rice. Law enforcement agents, especially the federal ones, love arresting corrupt political officials. The fact they have never focus on Karen proves your allegations are lies.

        3) Why are you Deal campers so scared of Karen? You can’t find anything to attack in her plan for Georgia so you throw out non-issues and continously post out-and-out lies to sully her good name.

        4) I know many candidates can’t sue people for things that are said about them because candidates purposely put themselves in the public eye, but I do believe your post puts you very close to the line if not over it in this case of being sued. A judge signed suponea can give Karen your IP address as well as your name and address if needed.

        5) If you would take off your narrow minded blinders, you would see that many posters, besides me, are beginning to blast Deal and stating they will not vote for him.

        6) As someone else pointed out, you are not saying anything about the ethics violations of the Ox or Johnson or McBerry. Are you giving those men a pass so you can trash Karen? Or is it you and Deal feel they are not the threat to him that Karen is at this point?

        7) You should really be ashamed of spreading these lies but the fact that you keep posting this dribble tells me you have low ethical morals.

    • NorthGAGOP says:

      Ox, Deal, and Johnson have all been on TV. Ox and Johnson the longest and with the biggest presence. Handel has not been on TV at all.

      Losers – Ox and Deal.

      Winner – Johnson

      Biggest Winner – Handel

    • MDokes says:

      In the end the only thing that counts is votes cast. Results of this poll:
      Oxendine -29%
      Deal. – 24%
      Handel. -16%
      Chapman -11%
      Johnson. -9%
      This race is still very fluid for those that have not voted. Chappie should be in tommorows debate, no one is showing up for Johnson. This will be Deal and Chappie in the run off. We r only 3 points behind Handel where it counts.

      • Lady Thinker says:


        Your reading comprehension skills are off. Here are the numbers quoted above by Ron Daniels.

        1) John Oxendine continues to hold a comfortable lead over other GOP candidates with 32 percent…

        2) Handel’s overall tally of 23 percent looks like it may catapult her into a potential runoff with Oxendine…

        3) Johnson (12 percent)…

        4) Nathan Deal (12 percent)…

        5) Ray McBerry (5 percent)…

        6) Jeff Chapman (4 percent)…

        7) Otis Putnam (1 percent)…

        8) a significant 10 percent still saying they are undecided.

        The kid toucher is rating higher than your candidate.

    • GG says:

      Again has everyone forgotten that EJ shelled out more than $10K to liberal democrats in 2008. Most notably $4,600 to Alisha Thomas Morgan. $1000 to J. Craig Gordon – Democrat Savannah; $1000 to Margaret D. Kaiser – Democrat Atlanta; $1000 to Robert Bryant, Jr. – Democrat Garden City; $1000 to Pam Stephenson – Democrat Atlanta and $2300 to Lester Jackson Democrat Savannah. I have a feeling that a lot of his supporters are completely unaware that money donated to his Republican campaign ended up in the hands of so many liberal democrats and professed Obama supporters.

  1. Chris says:

    and I had high hopes for Undecided. But I guess he, like Fred Thompson, couldn’t keep up the momentum.

  2. AthensRepublican says:

    How is McBerry moving up to 5% from 3%? Are undecided perverts just now moving to his camp?

    • GOPwits says:

      I guess we underestimated the power of an accused molester and pervert out there on the campaign stump? Or he actually has that many former wives… Not sure…

      • Or it’s just plain name recognition. There were quite a few McBerry signs at the bottoms of entrance ramps on the highways when I went to Florida last weekend. Atlanta to Savannah on the way down and then back up through Valdosta to Atlanta… they’ve apparently got all the major routes covered.

      • Or it’s just plain name recognition. There were quite a few McBerry signs at the bottoms of entrance ramps on the highways when I went to Florida last weekend. Atlanta to Savannah on the way down and then back up through Valdosta to Atlanta… they’ve apparently got all the major routes covered. I would bet that all some people know about him is that his signs are blue and white.

    • Buzzfan says:

      Article mentions that handel and Johnson are both seeing gains among seniors.

      Maybe McBerry is trending up with juniors and sophomores?

      • Janet Reno says:

        The sixteen year olds are just the newlyweds. From the looks of his FB page, there are quite a few that he’s already put out to pasture but they’re still enamored by his boyish David Dukes good looks and his man sized Confederate flag!

        I saw one putting out signs on an exit wearing a NAMGLA Dixie Chapter T-shirt.

  3. Technocrat says:

    Have you seen Fred’s new commercial hawking slimey reverse mortgages, how the once mighty have fallen!

  4. Bucky Plyler says:

    One poll say 34% undediced..another says 17%…that gap makes me wonder about the polls..

    • GaConservative23 says:

      Yeah there are huge discrepancies in the most recent polls. It’s really hard to imagine voters are changing their minds that much day to day.

  5. ACCmoderate says:

    One of these days I’m going to legally change my name to Undecided.

    I’ll be an unstoppable political force

  6. MSBassSinger says:

    There is something that seems odd to me. “Karen Handel is challenging him for the female vote…”

    A conservative doesn’t choose a candidate by race or gender, but by character, track record, and positions on the issues.

    Since I am not female, I consulted with the conservative women I know best. Not a one said being female had anything to do with their choices. In fact, a couple of them were suspicious that Arizona Gov. Brewer backed Handel in a way that seemed, to them, sexist.

    I cringe every time I hear a Republican saying it is about time we have a woman for Governor, as if that is some kind of milestone. Since when, at least for conservatives, does gender or race make any difference?

    I have a lot of deciding to do before I settle on who I will vote for on 7/20, but I guarantee you any candidate’s appeal to “elect me because I am male/female/white/black/latino/chicano” puts that candidate off my list. And from the conservative women I know, apparently my view matches theirs.

    • Provocateur says:

      Thus the problem with Karen Handel: She really isn’t a “conservative” and neither are the women who support her who say “it’s time for a woman.”

      • John Konop says:


        Define a conservative based on policy?

        Is a conservative a person that thinks couples using IVF to help create life are committing murder?

        Karen Handel cut her budget by 20% at SOS department is that conservative or liberal?

        Karen Handel is for promoting multiple tracks for education ie against the one size fit all failed teach to the test approach ie No Child Left Behind is that liberal or conservative?

        Karen Handel is for zero based budgeting is that liberal or conservative?

        Karen Handel has been clear about breaking down walls between state agencies and cutting people to make it more efiicient is that liberal or conservative?

        • Provocateur says:

          Reading numbers written by her people who claim she was responsible for cutting “20%” from her department does not make for a truthful and accurate statement. I’ve seen a different analysis that disputes that 20%.

            • Provocateur says:

              I’ll leave it up to the individual who shared it with me to publicize it. He’s much better at the numbers analysis than I am.

              • John Konop says:


                In other words you have nothing. It is shameless of you to spew out baseless attacks with nothing to back it up especially not under your real name. NO CLASS!!!

        • Ambernappe says:

          JK, you have expressed many of the very reasons that I decided to support Karen Handel after attending debates, reading available interviews, and asking a lot of questions. As a conservative woman, I would never base such an important selection on the basis of any one characteristic, especially gender. Also,if the 20% SoS personnel reduction included attrition, then the total impact would not be immediate.

          • John Konop says:


            …..if the 20% SoS personnel reduction included attrition, then the total impact would not be immediate…..

            That is a very good point and in business reduction like that are reported as the % taking off budget, because once the reduction is made on a go forward basis that is the actual budget.

    • Lady Thinker says:


      I have heard several intelligent women say they won’t vote for Karen because of the “PMS” issue. That statement is just plain stupid, but no matter how intelligent some people are or how educated, some stereotypes take a long time to die.

      I already voted for Karen not because she is a woman, but because with the intense research I have done on all the candidates, she is the best one, to me anyways. Since I started on the grassroots bandwagon last October, many college professors that I work with along with a dozen doctors I have discussed Karen with, have all said they are voting for her.

      Initially, they didn’t like the lack of a college degree but in watching the caniddates interact, they have told me they cannot vote for the others. ALL of the doctors said no way would they vote for the OX. Some of them say Ox needs serious counseling.

  7. ieee says:

    Eric Johnson is a criminal who will work hard to put your children in prison.

    Recall that he was very zealous in his efforts to help ensure that a 17 year old male (Genarlow Wilson) serve a 10 year prison sentence for receiving oral sex from a 15 year old classmate. He thought that was great. He was so intent on convincing himself that he was right that he just had to view the illegal child porn video of the incident. In reaction to Johnson and others doing that, U.S. Attorney David Nahmias had to publicly remind them that child porn is illegal and charges could be brought if the activity continued.

    Johnson also authored yet another of Georgia’s unbelievably poorly constructed SEX OFFENDER laws and got it passed. He created yet another new crime for Georgia. He made it illegal for anyone listed on a SEX OFFENDER Registry to photograph, videotape, etc. anyone (except their own children, etc.) under the age of 18 anywhere. Just another ex post facto, stupid, worse-than-worthless SEX OFFENDER law that is counterproductive and offensive to any decent American.

    Clearly Johnson believes in very big government (he’s a Republican) and he thinks the government should control your children’s sexual behavior instead of you. If you child does something marginally “wrong”, it won’t be up to you to discipline him/her. The government will do it for you.

    Georgia’s SEX OFFENDER laws never won any of those idiotic politicians any votes like they thought they would. But they have certainly cost them. In this primary I won’t be voting for anyone I would like to win, I will be voting however is necessary to most likely harm Johnson.

    • Mayonnaise says:

      Sounds like Karen Handel would be a better choice for you. So how long have you been on the SEX OFFENDER list?

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        So you’re ok with your candidate possessing and viewing child pornography?

        • ieee says:

          Yes, I have been on the government’s list for well over a decade. And I KNOW that it has not benefited anyone in any way.

          So while it has done nothing positive for society, I do retaliate on a near daily basis. I no longer have to worry about being a decent citizen. That burden has been lifted. I have ensured that the laws are worthless and counterproductive. I spend time around children all the time JUST and only because of the laws. But hey, the ignorant people ought to just stay ignorant and listen to the lying government propaganda about how they are protecting children.

    • Ambernappe says:

      Hate to tell you that measures which were unsuccessful last session will be re-introduced, and probably signed. As long as pedophiles abuse children, parents and the legal system will make every attempt to protect them. Find a legal, moral, and productive hobby!

      • ieee says:

        I hate to tell you that the measures that WERE passed last session basically undid a ton of immoral, illegal crap that Georgia’s criminal legislators had put in place. Of course, the measures weren’t passed because the legislators finally got some sense and morality. No, they were passed because they had been beaten even more senseless in every court around. The laws had to be fixed.

        Also, it doesn’t matter to me much what they pass. I have proven to myself and anyone else who has a clue that I can live a great life despite anything the criminal legislators do. They have done a pathetic job of harassing me and I guarantee and promise you they will do no better.

        Experts don’t support their laws. All the laws do is harass and punish the vast majority of people who are listed on their Registry who are doing nothing more than living normal, law-abiding lives like anyone else. And for the rest of the people? They do absolutely nothing to even slightly hinder them from doing whatever they like. If you believe the laws do anything useful, you are an uninformed fool.

        The Criminal State of Georgia wasn’t happy with the legal punishment and sentence that I was originally given so they just keep trying to give me more. It is unacceptable. They fabricated a problem and blatantly lied about the risks and benefits, often just for their own benefit. They said I was a problem, now that problem is actually real.

        Lastly, I wasn’t speaking of “pedophiles” or people who abuse children. I was speaking of the people who are listed on Georgia’s SEX OFFENDER Registry.

          • ieee says:

            Definitely not. I wouldn’t dare risk losing any bit of the anger that has served me so well. No, instead I will foster that anger and direct it at the people who deserve it. It is a wonderful motivator that has made me independent and wealthy beyond anything I ever dreamed of when I was young.

            I was appropriately and legally punished for what I did to get me on the Registry. The SEX OFFENDER laws are immoral for many reasons but primarily because they are not based on facts and if they were moral, they clearly should be applied to so many other people.

            It is not acceptable that a decade after the fact, a criminal government comes to my home that I own and informs me that I must move my family from it because it is suddenly “too close” to something. That is acceptable in some countries but not in the United States.

            It is not acceptable that I could not live near a school all the while someone who drove drunk and murdered someone by running over them at a school could. Or someone who got very angry, went to a school, and stabbed someone.

            It is not acceptable that some criminal government tells me that they will now begin to monitor my communications just in case I might do something illegal. Especially in light of the fact that the means by which they supposedly will do so are ineffective and idiotic. When that is the case, it is clearly not for “public safety”, it is for harassment.

            It is not acceptable for a criminal government to tell me that I may not enter a park or public recreation area for any reason while at the same time any criminal who wants to may enter the park and do whatever they like. BTW, Georgia has not yet sunk to that level.

            It is not acceptable that some morons in a criminal government tell me that I may not leave my home on Halloween evenings like that is going to do anything useful at all. Again, since even idiots recognize that is stupid, it falls under the category of harassment.

            That is just a small, small sample of what is not acceptable. And as all that occurs, tens of millions of supposed Americans stand around with their pitchforks and torches and cheer. So no, I will no risk losing any anger. I will direct it at the people who deserve it.

  8. MSBassSinger says:

    Is there a Republican candidate whose track record and issue positions indicate he or she is 1) against social big government and 2) against fiscal big government?

  9. John Konop says:

    I do want to make something perfectly clear I am not part of the Karen Handel campaign. The opinions I express are my own. I have also openly talked to multiple candidates on all sides and different races about education and economic issues

    I just happen to think that Karen is the best candidate in dealing education and economic issues. I am very concerned that the other candidates in the Governors race want to ban usage of stem-cell research like IVF which would further hurt our economy in Georgia.

    If Karen does not win it will push many like me in the business community to support Barnes. Jobs is the life blood of the economy and any rational person knows with the CDC in Georgia combined with great institution like Georgia Tech, Emory, Georgia State, Southern Poly Tech, Kennesaw State….. in the metro area it would be nuts to let one of our best job growth potential products end up in North Carolina via playing politics.

  10. Progressive Dem says:

    I think Johhnson is going to finish strong, and he may knock out Handel. Deal is going to sink like a stone in the last two weeks. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him below 10%. Johnson can take the Ox down in the second round. Handel can too, but she’ll have to go negative and when women politicians go negative, it creates a bad taste and a bad first impression for the general election. If she has to go negative for a second time in the general, she’ll have a big image problem. The undecided voters in the general, won’t want to be associated with her.

    • Janet Reno says:

      The question everyone should be asking is can Johnson Beat Barnes? His war chest looks a little weak to me…

  11. I’m still predicting the Ox in a runoff, but Handel might have an outside chance against him. She and her supporters need to be careful about running on the basis of her gender, though… that can easily backfire.

    I don’t believe that Deal would win if he makes the runoff… there’s not much difference between he and Ox (other than their poll numbers being apart by 2-to-1).

    And for all the ad buys and the sockpuppets that he brings to Peach Pundit, I really don’t see Eric Johnson getting out of single-digits. Move from the sticks to civilization, man.

  12. chefdavid says:

    I got my GOP GOB Newspaper in the mail today. It told me who to vote for. The Name of the paper? georgia conservatives. The website listed on it? Where does it take you? Who is part of the good ole boy network in this paper?

    Nathan Deal

    Brian Kemp

    Sam Olens

    Chip Rogers

    John Douglas

    Dr. John Barge

    Tom Knox

    Judson Hill

    Jeff Mullis

    Bill Cowsert

    Michael Harden

    John Albers

    Jim Butterworth

    Bill Heath

    So now you have it folks. You can now stop thinking and analyzing. Your mind has now been made up thanks to this paper. What is surprising to me  is the absence of Casey Cagle from this newspaper. Any thoughts on that one.

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