Teilhet Dons Superman Cape

Does anyone remember that Slam Dunk contest from a few years back when Dwight Howard put on a Superman cape and scored a perfect 10 dunk on a 12 foot goal?

The Teilhet campaign’s new ad does their best impression of that, politically speaking.

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer has the scoop.  This video hasn’t hit YouTube yet, so you need to go to the link to watch it.

Trust me.


  1. Melb says:

    Teilhet exploiting the death of a young black man is not a “slam dunk”. Teilhet didn’t care about this family before he was running for AG and he won’t care about them afterwards.

  2. Melb says:

    Hodges prosecuted the case and the grand jury did not indict. Teilhet is exploiting this family’s death of their son. Opening up old wounds so that he can say Hodges messed up the prosecution. Teilhet is an even dirtier politician than I thought.

    • Doug Deal says:

      This is ridiculous, and you know it. This is why the AG’s office needs to be involved in cases like this directly and not just pass it off to the neighboring good ol’ boy prosecutor.

      It is one reason I like Max Wood’s idea of having the AG actually act in it’s Constitutional role of handling more prosecutions instead of being the states leading bureaucrat like Olens suggests. This is the failed system we’ve had under Baker, and it has got to stop.

      The old saying “a DA can indict a ham sandwich” is still true. If the DA presents the case to the grand jury with the intent of getting a true bill, he will get one. If he wants to let his buddies off with a slap on the wrist, he can do that. Hodges intentially threw this case because of the pressures that local DA’s face from police, the sherrif, and others. Oaths are given on every witness, no one “forgets” to give an oath any more than people forget to breathe or swallow. An active AG could have prevented this travesty. Sadly we had Baker. Hopefully we won’t have Olens.

  3. ZazaPachulia says:

    The reasons to not elect Ken Hodges are staggering. Between Phoebe Putney and this mess, he’s the Democratic equivalent of the Ox.

      • Jack Smith says:

        It IS a great post, but Ken Hodges is worse than the Ox. That’s the sad part about this race: it’s got so little attention (compared to, say Ray McBerry or the Ox) that a truly vile individual such as Ken Hodges has basically gotten a free ride with a U-Haul truck full of baggage and many of the good and decent people here (who are politically aware) won’t even be voting in the Democratic primary against this scum.

        I consider it a moral imperative to vote against Ken Hodges. That’s why I will be voting in the Democratic primary on July 20th. Should Georgia have Mike Nifong (the infamous Duke LaCrosse prosecutor) as it’s attorney general? That’s what you’re looking at with the Hodges filth.

  4. shark3-1 says:

    Bless his little heart, Teilhet just can’t say no to Bobby “Good for the Party” Kahn.

  5. Melb says:

    Hodges was in a bs suit that was dismissed against him and this is Teilhet being a sick politician who doesn’t have the qualifications to win so he has to go negative to the point that he is willing to exploit a family’s tragic death for a bump in the polls.

    • Jack Smith says:

      From the Melba sockpuppet: “Hodges was in a bs suit that was dismissed against him….”

      Deal with the Phoebe Putney case on the merits, not like the coward Hodges filth is, hiding behind “immunity.”

      The facts recited by Pete Randall earlier this year in his extremely well-written, three-part expose on this issue haven’t been seriously challenged by anyone. The Hodges filth has sockpuppets who will say that he gets away with his actions due to “immunity”, but given that this disgusting individual is running for the highest law enforcement position in this state, one should ask what those actions say about the judgement and character of the degenerate Ken Hodges.

      • Melb says:

        Jack Smith/Charles Rehberg – go back to your hole – trying to get lawsuits against hospitals.

            • Charles Rehberg says:

              I can’t speak for “JS” Melb, but I still work with other attorneys on other matters that I feel are important to the public. As a cartoon in the WSJ recently stated, “If I had my life to live over again, I would do it all the same–only with better attorneys.” As a CPA and Certified Forensic Accountant, I will expose public fraud when and where I find it. Your problem with that is, well, your problem.

              • Jack Smith says:

                Doesn’t it fascinate everyone that the Melba/Ken Hodges sockpuppet keeps hiding behind the concept of “immunity” for corrupt actions by Ken Hodges rather than addressing the question of whether those actions are consistent with elected office?

                Just because a corrupt individual like Hodges may get away with corrupt acts doesn’t mean they aren’t corrupt.

                • Melb says:

                  I think it only fascinates you because you are obsessed with Ken Hodges.

                  It is very creepy to me.

                  • Jack Smith says:

                    Kne Hodges should be very creepy to all of us . . .excluding you sockpuppets, of course.

        • Charles Rehberg says:

          Melb, I warned you before that I DO NOT post under the name Jack Smith, nor do I know who does. I am posting under my REAL name, why don’t you do the same KEN HODGES.

    • polisavvy says:

      I have to agree that this does not bode very well for Hodges. It’s sad when someone gets away with murder because someone else failed to do their job. Can we afford a person in the position of Attorney General to be so derelict?

    • Melb says:

      I disagree. There are some negative attacks that people can accept, but blaming a prosecutor for the death of a young man is not one of them.

      • polisavvy says:

        I didn’t interpret it that way at all. I don’t believe anyone is blaming the prosecutor for the death of the young man. I believe people are pointing out that because he (the prosecutor) failed to do his job properly a person was able to get away with the murder of the young man. That’s the issue that we all should consider. Can we afford someone who was derelict?

    • Doug Deal says:

      The Feds have a different set of laws. They were not looking into murder, or another violent criminal act that was committed here, they were looking to see if there was a civil rights violation. If the Feds could charge voluntary manslaughter or something else under Federal Law, I am sure they would have.

      The state dropped the ball and the Feds could not do much about it.

    • Sarawara says:

      It’s a press release, not a report. And it does not mention Hodges or his behavior at all.

      It’s very telling that you keep running to other sites to spread the same misinformation after it has been pointed out repeatedly elsewhere that it’s wrong.

      • Jack Smith says:

        Have you noticed that the same Hodges people keep spamming multiple sites with disinformation.

        Money can’t buy character for Ken Hodges, but it appears it can buy spammers and sockpuppets.

  6. Skyler Akins says:

    FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2007
    (202) 514-2007
    TDD (202) 514-1888

    Federal Officials Close the Investigation into
    the Fatal Shooting of Kenneth Walker

    WASHINGTON � The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney�s Office for the Middle District of Georgia, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced today that there is insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against a Muscogee County Sheriff�s Deputy who shot and killed Kenneth Walker on December 10, 2003.

    An independent investigation, which carefully considered all of the evidence into the shooting incident, was conducted by the Civil Rights Division, the U.S. Attorney�s Office and the FBI. During the investigation, federal officials reviewed a Georgia Bureau of Investigation investigative report; a Muscogee County Sheriff�s Office investigative report; forensic evidence reports; a videotape of the incident; and the autopsy report for Kenneth Walker. FBI agents also interviewed a number of witnesses and medical personnel who had not been interviewed by local investigators. The Walker family and local civil rights groups were also afforded the opportunity to provide information to investigators. After carefully reviewing all of the evidence, the Civil Rights Division, the U.S. Attorney�s Office and the FBI determined that the tragic incident did not constitute a prosecutable violation of the federal criminal civil rights statutes.

    In order to prove a violation of the applicable federal criminal civil rights laws, prosecutors must establish, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a law enforcement officer willfully deprived an individual of a Constitutional right. To act �willfully,� for purposes of the federal statute, means to act with a bad purpose to disobey or disregard the law. An accident, mistake, fear or bad judgment is not sufficient to establish such a criminal violation.

    Experienced civil rights prosecutors reviewed the voluminous reports generated during the investigation. Based on that review, federal officials determined that the evidence was insufficient to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the deputy who fatally shot Kenneth Walker acted willfully, that is with the specific intent to do something the law forbids. Accordingly, the Department has closed this investigation without prosecution.

    The Civil Rights Division, the U.S. Attorney�s Office and the FBI devoted many hours and significant resources to a complete and careful review of the events surrounding Kenneth Walker�s tragic death. The decision not to pursue criminal charges is based on painstaking analysis of the facts developed during a lengthy and thorough investigation. The Department of Justice remains committed to investigations of this kind and stands ready to devote the resources required to ensure that all allegations of serious civil rights violations are fully and completely investigated. The Department of Justice aggressively prosecutes criminal civil rights violations whenever the evidence developed in these investigations warrants doing so.

  7. oompaloompa says:

    Say what you will about Teilhet’s motivation……any mama watching that commercial will not lean favorably toward Hodges. I’m just saying…..I have my opinion about candidate’s that choose to go negative, but WOW….that was powerful.

  8. georgiaguy1 says:

    Wow, that is just a gross way to write about this sad death – calling it a “Slam dunk”?!?!? If anything, this whole thing is just pushing me farther away from you Teilhet nuts. I don’t think people are going to vote for Teilhet based on that. I think they’re going to see him as even more of a dirty politician.

    • Doug Deal says:

      I don’t like Teilhet. He does not come off as a good AG, but this commercial was very powerful. Hodges looks like a good candidate, as I had mentioned on another thread, but he is isn’t in reality. Unless people do hard hitting commercials like this, he will be hard to beat in July or November.

  9. Melb says:

    Here is a statement from Greg Edwards, co-counsel to the Walker case and DA of Dougherty Co., addressing the LIES in this video:

    I am Greg Edwards, District Attorney of Dougherty County.

    I’ve known Ken Hodges for 17 years, and I can tell you he is a man of integrity and a committed prosecutor.

    I served as co-counsel with Ken Hodges on the Kenneth Walker case.

    Ken Hodges was totally committed to investigating and bringing to justice any person or persons that may have violated the law in relation to the tragic death of Kenneth Walker.

    My heart goes out to Ms. Walker and her family. The loss of that young man’s life was inexcuseable and a tragedy.

    I am also sad and disgusted that Rob Teilhet has resorted to exploiting a grieving mother for his own selfish political gain.

    After seeing his ad featuring Ms. Walker, I must address the many factual errors in the ad.

    1. It was stated that Ken tried to hide the video.

    Here are the facts. The video was shown repeatedly to every member of the grand jury. This is a blatant falsehood. I personally presented the videotape to the civil lawyer and grand jury.

    2. It was stated that Ken refused to retry the case.

    Here are the facts. Ken Hodges has said, and it has been documented numerous times, that if any new evidence came to light that he would bring the case back before the grand jury. No such evidence ever came to light. I personally sat with Ken in Ms. Walker’s home to explain these facts to her.

    3. It was stated that the reason the grand jury did not indict was because the officer was not sworn in.

    Here are the facts: The officer gave the exact same testimony several times to law enforcement officials. His statement before the grand jury was consistent. Not swearing him had no bearing on the grand jury’s decision.

    This “win at all cost” strategy from the Teilhet campaign is, frankly, unacceptable. It’s negative campaigning at its worst. It is most disappointing that persons have used a mother’s loss and grief and outright misinformation for political purposes via a particular negative campaign ad.

    Your next Attorney General should be an experienced litigator and an experienced prosecutor. Ken Hodges has personally prosecuted hundreds of cases and supervised thousands more.

    I support Ken Hodges for Attorney General and I hope you will too.

    Thank you.

    • Doug Deal says:

      This is hogwash.

      So, you are saying that you could not have charged him with involuntary manslaughter instead of murder? The act is clearly in the best light involuntary manslaughter.

      Today, Ken Hodges is the most popular man around Columbia County Government, because his refusal to do his job meant that the shooter was not even charged with a misdemeanor, meaning the county was covered by immunity. A criminal act breaks sovereign immunity, and the county would have been on the hook for its recklessness.

      P.S. a misdemeanor doesn’t require an idictment.

      • polisavvy says:

        Amen and well said. I don’t think that the State needs a person who didn’t take his job serious enough that he enabled a man to get away with murder (literally).

        • Jack Smith says:

          Wasn’t Greg Edwards the Hodges crony that nearly got killed when Hodges was driving too fast in the rain, hydroplaned and plowed into oncoming traffic in the opposite lanes on Interstate 75?


          Of course, Hodges never got charged even though he was driving too fast for conditions, wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and endangered dozens of innocent motorists.

          • Jack Smith says:

            The silver spoon has its privileges.

            Can you imagine what would happen to any of us peasants if we were driving in the same manner?

            • Melb says:

              Oh, how many times to I have to tell you Charles. Your obsession with Ken Hodges is a little sick. I think you need to go see a therapist of something. Really. I know if I went to your house there would be photos everywhere and lipstick written on your mirror about revenge. You creep me out and I only have to deal with you on a blog.

        • Doug Deal says:

          That is not what I have heard, if so, then it is good they tried to make it right, but what would they have had to pay without knowing they could invoke immunity? They should not fund such ridiculous raids in the first place.

          The fact is, Hodges botched this, and would be better served by manning up and admit it, instead of trying to blame his opponent for his own failure.

  10. Melb says:

    I am not saying the shooting was justified, but you can’t blame the shooting on Hodges – that is absurd.

    I am saying the Grand Jury saw the video and heard all the evidence and did not indict. It is not up to Ken Hodges to decide who the GJ indicts and who it does not.

    No one is blaming Teilhet for the GJ not indicting, but Teilhet is exploiting this victims family for political gain – and that is sick.

  11. georgiaguy1 says:

    First 2 local news channels did segments on the lies in the Teilhet “Last Minute” ad regarding the Walker case:



    Now the AJC is confirming that the ad is FALSE. Not True. Not Mostly True. Not Half True. Not Barely True. Just plain FALSE!!!!!:


    Shame on you Rob Teilhet. Shame on you for using a grieving mother to try to further your career. Shame on you for blatantly lying to try to destroy the reputation of your fellow Democrat. Shame on you for allowing your campaign staff to gloat in this very article that this man’s death was a “slam dunk” for your campaign. (Author Chris Huttman works for the Teilhet campaign).

    The lies in this ad have demonstrated not only Teilhet’s sleazy win at any cost strategies but his vast lack of understanding of this case and the law in general. Maybe if he had tried a single criminal case in his entire career he would have been able to understand enough to realize that with some simple research news sources would be able to find out the truth on this case for themselves. Now the question becomes – When this race is over, will the voters of Georgia forgive Rob Teilhet for trying to deceive and manipulate them, or is his future in Georgia politics over forever?

    • MouthoftheSouth says:

      Did you read the politifact? they aren’t reviewing the ad, they are reviewing some other statement by Teilhet.

      • georgiaguy1 says:

        Oh wow!! My bad!!! I just reread – you are totally right!! Politifact isn’t saying the ad is a lie, they are saying that Rob Teilhet is a blatant liar and that the words coming out of his mouth are completely FALSE!! I stand corrected.

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