Gary Horlacher [SOS-D]

Since this message is presented to the Peach Pundit audience (at least initially before the rest of the blogosphere highjacks it), let me begin with a core message that should resonate extraordinarily well with this crowd: Georgia, I am asking you to elect one of the most RADICAL POLITICIANS OF ALL TIME!

Now, before Erick has a stroke, let me define the word radical (as opposed to the traditional talk-radio definition which basically means “Any Democrat that opens their mouth). Radical according to online source means: “adjective: (used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm”.

Well, if just about all Georgians can agree on one point, getting beyond the norm of the current regime ruling our Gold Dome is a deeply desired and urgent demand. So, how is this fella not just another politician yapping on about change.

My three core messages, 1)Honest Politician. 2) Willing to listen to ALL Georgians. 3) Very well Qualified for this office.

I hit the pause button for a moment so you can stop chuckling. Yea right Gary, those three are really beyond the norm of what every politician says.

OK. Proof!

1) Honest: When I kicked off my campaign 15 months ago, I sat down with a 26 year retired FBI agent, who used to run the Atlanta Polygraph Office for the FBI and answered the questions that all our pols love to duck and dodge. He had me answer them, sign the affidavit and strapped me up to the polygraph machine. Upon grilling me to the nanolevel, he determined I was telling the truth by twice the required threshold to pass. I posted the affidavit and report online immediately. I also put together a very comprehensive set of proposals on restoring our Ethics Law that has been stealthly gutted over the last 5 years. AND, I also pledged to take a polygraph exam at the end of each calendar year and answer the core question: “Have you conducted any illegal or unethical activity in administering this office?”

2) Listen: Throughout this campaign, I am the only candidate that has travelled to all 159 counties of Georgia. Not only do you get to make your case and let the folks look into this guys eyes and see if he is just another pandering pol., but then, you zip-the-lip and listen to the people that so much of our GoldDome cabal has consciously chosen to tune out. Well, about the time this is posted, I will be rolling out an interesting list of ideas that resulted from my Listening and Learning Tour.
3) Qualified: I won’t give the full bio., but, with over thirty years of political experience, including managing statewide campaigns for Lt. Gov., Labor Commissioner, Gov. Barnes’ Press Secretary in ’98, policy and media advisor to Shirley Franklin in’01, and many more, combined with 32 Sessions down at the Dome as Legal Aide to House Judiciary, Assistant Labor Comm., Manager of Govt. Rel. for Oglethorpe Power and GEMC, Executive Director of GAHHA, Barnes Press Secretary, and for the last 10 years practicing law at two of our nation’s leading law firms, I have both the political and governmental hands-on experience for this office. BUT, what really qualifies me more than any of my opponents, is that during my last 10 years of legal practice, it has been in the direct areas of responsibility of the SOS office. I have specifically handled Election Law compliance matters, interacted with a number of the 36 Licensing Boards, handled Corporate Registration issues, and security matters. Gary knows the nuts and bolts of this office.
My goals if elected: Continue relentlessly banging that drum on Ethics in Government. Look what happened after the Richardson tsunami hit the Dome. The media kept ratcheting up the heat, the blogosphere dug in, the citizens expressed their anger and….. the Pols got scared to death, introduced six serious Ethics Reform bills and by day 39……cricket……cricket. Then, upon being bludgeoned by the media, they finally shove through a minimal tweak. Purging the culture of corruption that has infected the Dome is step one to getting this State out of it’s comatose condition and back in gear to solving the serious issues that have been put on hold (so that they don’t distract the resources away from their contributing buddies). Priority of equal importance is answering the desperate SOS signal of emergency help from this office. It is seriously broken in each division and in dire need of technology and personal service upgrade. The automated phone service gets thrown in the trash, calls will be returned and answers provided.


  1. hannah says:

    Who’s spouting this drivel? Is it Ron Daniels doing an imitation of Horlacher or Horlacher himself? If the latter, then a run-on paragraph is not indicative of competence and referring to himself in the third person does not leave one with the impression that he knows who he is.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      He’s one of about 5 Democrats living in Peachtree City. Of course he’s a little odd.

      By I could vote for Gary. Especially if he’s up against MacGinnitie in the general.

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