Campaign Disclosure Mania

I’m in the process of updating the campaign disclosure report spreadsheets I created. Since it’s only 3:41 pm as I type, there are not a lot of people who have filed yet. Check back throughout the day as I’ll be updating as I have time.

Statewide Candidates
State Senate Candidates
State House Candidates

9:30 PM. OK I’m back home from a meet and greet.

10:45 PM. Anyone want to help do some editing? Email me at We could use some help on the State House spreadsheet.

Many thanks to Jason Pye for updating the Statewide candidate spreadsheet.


  1. chefdavid says:

    Is this where we add when we see something interesting? IE
    Maglev Mullis (a little background ) giving the Northwest Georgia Joint Development Office (Which he is Over) $186.65 for phones & printing. Since when do we allow campaigning out of Government Offices?
    And why is Post Apartments or Properties what every they put down, so active in giving? ( this one takes a little while to load. site is slow) Isn’t that where a lot of the legislators stay?

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Have you asked Sen. Mullis? My guess would be the NW Georgia JDO sold some old equipment that he bought and took to his house to use for his campaign.

      • chefdavid says:

        OK I will buy your surplus property theory. I hope that is the case. I will let Rex and others know that he fixed his phones now and can start expecting to get call backs.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          If I were him, returning calls to those who bash me in letters to the editor or try to embarrass me with childish nicknames would be a low priority. By the way, I am fairly certain you can use government buildings for political purposes as long as you pay rent or reimburse them for what you use.

          I have rented the Walker County Civic Center, (same building, different portion,) for the Walker County GOP many times.

          • chefdavid says:

            I am guessing you theory for rental is better as the campaign disclosure has now been admended. It is now $186.65 for Senate Office Rental.
            But now I don’t see any expense for Telephones/printers wait…ah I am two confused with it all now to much to keep up with it.

  2. Jeff says:

    Couple of interesting names on Preston Smith’s report:

    Mitch Seabaugh, who was punished for basically the same thing Preston was re: hospital tax vote.

    Delos Yancey – Ox’s moneybags.

    There were several other State Senators on his list, mostly around the $1K level. Tommie Williams was among them.

    The standout in the Senate crowd was John Bulloch at $5K.

    • Provocateur says:

      Or, Delos Yancey, Rome, Georgia…Preston Smith, Rome, Georgia.

      Hey, but I’m not going to stop you from running full tilt into a brick wall of nonsense. Please…do continue.

      • Jeff says:

        Never denied both were from Rome. But Yancey is more well known not for his location, but for his involvement in the Ox scandal.

  3. racinwithrex says:

    Mr. Mullis has “Earned” ever childish nickname he has been given. That’s more than I can say he has done for a paycheck on Both his given job and elected job… But not everone drinks the Kool-Aid and trys to further their so called position by sucking up to the Incumbent. At least we know we are low priority but we don’t need his cheerleader to tell us that….lol…lol… At least us Lowly folks can read and see for ourselves how he has voted in the past two years…..

    • Doug Grammer says:

      We will count the votes in 11 days and see how many people agree with whom. I like both Mr. Pope and Mr. Jones as individual people, but I predict it won’t go to a run off in the race or even be close.

      Cash raised in the last period: Sen. Mullis, $83,134, $66,768, cash on hand; Mr. Pope, $9,723.83, all loans from candidate, no cash on hand, Mr. Jones, no report filed yet, but I’ll bet his numbers are closer to Mr. Popes than Sen. Mullis.

      I’m not drinking kool aid, I’m looking at the numbers. Your drinking kool aid if you think there will even be a run off.

        • racinwithrex says:

          I have have no doubt that we will “hear” for another 2 years about how much he “works” for the people he serves. I just happen to “SEE” how much work gets done. As far as the money, the whole post about money taken from “Out of District” was pretty much the story of what people really think of Mullis. How much was raised in his District? So that to me tells the whole story. That and the fact that more and more people (including those who work for him) are finding out the truth of “If not a crook when going in then a crook going out”. I see you like cheering for the winning team no matter who it hurts but that’s o.k. because he really likes and needs his Cheerleaders… Because on Serving the people and doing his job, he is just a “LOSER” to me and the other folks that will vote against him……But then again, I see and not just listen to him… That’s the difference…….

          • Doug Grammer says:

            Well, I am sure that he has raised twice as much money from within the District that his two challengers combined, but I doubt that means anything to you. All of Mr. Popes money came from himself, so he has raised $0, and we have yet to see a disclosure from Mr. Jones. I counted about 14K, but feel free to do your own research.

            As a former elected official do you really buy into “If not a crook when going in, then a crook going out?” Hogwash. According to that philosophy, everyone ever elected is a crook, including yourself.

            As far as being a cheerleader goes, I made an objective assessment based on money raised, and also stated that I personally like the other candidates. You can claim something or someone hurts as much as you like, (I really have no idea on what you are referring to, btw) but we will count the votes soon enough and see if more people in the 53rd were hurt or helped by Sen. Mullis.

              • racinwithrex says:

                I am just a Citizen of Dade County. Nothing more, nothing less… But you know what is really sad is the amount of voters who will even turn out to vote. Most will claim “why even bother” because they know it’s no use. Most live the mushroom life and don’t even know how Mullis has VOTED that has HURT the folks of this county. (Then there are those who cheerlead who don’t want to HEAR IT). Those Fee Increases is nothing more than just another way for the taxpayers to pay for the “Fun Time’ he has while in Atlanta. You want to talk about money that Mullis has been given as if it’s a good thing. Let’s look at where the majority of it comes from… Look at the money he has raised from Dade County… No one here really believes he has done a Good Job for this county although some just think he is COOL!

                • racinwithrex says:

                  Here is the link to Muliis’s numbers…

         … ion%20Year

                  Now pay close attention to the construction companys who hope to get some of that D.O.T. money and the other Atlanta Companies. Now look at his District numbers and you tell me…. HHHMMM and How much do we want to fund him another two years here in Dade County?

                  • racinwithrex says:

                    Here are the donors from Dade:
                    Donny Williams Agency
                    P.O. Box 1795
                    Trenton, GA 30752 $101.00

                    Lionel or Jane Austin $101.00
                    P.O. Box 1446
                    Trenton, GA 30752I forgot they live in Alabama

                    Charles Browning $101.00
                    8761 Scenic Hwy.
                    Lookout Mountain, GA 30750
                    Thats all folks

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      Are you saying you are not Ben Brandon, Chairman of the Dade County Tea party, GOP state committee member, and former Dade County Commission Chairman? I don’t take that as just a citizen of Dade County.

                      As I said before, Sen. Mullis has raised 14K within his district, one of his opponents has raised ZERO inside or outside of the District and we can’t tell what the other has raised because he hasn’t filed yet. I’m not looking at how much he has raised just in Dade county because he represents more than just Dade.

                      Other than the hospital bed tax, what votes do you think he has taken that has hurt people? What exactly did you want him to do that he hasn’t done? Bring home some pork to Dade County?

                      Ben, why didn’t you run?

              • Ramblinwreck says:

                “Other than the hospital bed tax, what votes do you think he has taken that has hurt people?”

                What has he done to hurt people? You must not have been reading my column in the paper.

                He voted for SB31 that raised electric rates years in advance of the power plants being built. Georgia Power’s own comptroller admits most of the money will go to shareholders. Funny though, in Jeff’s district I think Dade is the only county served by Georgia Power. Who delivers your electricity in Walker?

                He has voted for every expansion of the nanny state where he’s had an opportunity. He voted to ban video poker. He’s not against gambling or he’d propose repealing the lottery so he must just not like it when people gamble and the state doesn’t get its cut.

                He voted to deny private property rights by voting for a smoking ban in privately owned restaurants. When I challenged him on this his comment was that it was going to pass anyway and he needed Senator Thomas to help him on some of his votes so he voted AYE even though he didn’t think it was a good idea. So much for taking a stand on principle.

                He voted to have the state tell me I’m not smart enough to know that I should wear a seatbelt.

                Although his big claim is that he’s never voted for a tax increase he voted to “update” all the fees and permits for Georgia and copies of transcripts, for example, went from $1.50 a page to $10 a page.

                Now he’s saying he’ll sponsor a bill like Arizona’s on immigration to crack down on illegal immigration in Georgia. Problem is that on March 9th he voted DO PASS in committee for Senator Orock’s bill that would essentially provide “comprehensive immigration reform”, amnesty, in Georgia. What a hypocrite!

                And here in the county he has involved himself almost every Republican primary we’ve had since he took office and endorsed one candidate which the rest of us in leadership can’t do. The last TWO elections he has endorsed a candidate who until just before qualifying had been a Democrat instead of endorsing a lifelong Republican.

                What has he done? This is good for a start. Let me know if you need more.

            • Ramblinwreck says:

              Hey Doug, I’m right here. I’m not hiding anywhere as you can tell by the articles I’m writing in the papers in Jeff’s district. Believe it or not there is more than one person in the 53rd who thinks Maglev shouldn’t be reelected.

              I’m not racinwithrex. I’ll take that apology now please.

              • Doug Grammer says:

                The apology is given. I just thought you had changed your screen name. The tone sounded almost the same except with an occasional capitalization. I’d still like to know why you didn’t run.

                You can endorse whom you like in a primary, you just can’t use your title while doing so. And saying “not in my capacity as” or other type of clever disclaimer is still using your title.

                I am fine with about half of the laws you listed. I am not familiar with Senator Orock’s bill, so I’ll have to look at that one. Updating user fees keeps my tax money in the general fund from having to pay for things that have nothing to do with me, such as inspections on a modular home. The transcripts charge was a big stretch, but that’s been fixed. The smoking ban is fine with me as well, but I think I prefer the way TN did it. You have a choice and it’s posted.

                Video poker….. wasn’t that done in Sen. Mullis’ first term?

                I don’t know if he will carry Dade county or not, but it’s the overall vote that matters. It’s sort of like debating if he will carry a specific precinct or not. I have no problem with an opinion that we can do better with some of our elected officials, I’d just like to hear valid reasons why those candidates are as bad as some say they are. I’m not convinced that the others running are better for the district than what we have. If they were elected, you could find fault with them too. No person in office is perfect. “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor.” RR

                • Ramblinwreck says:

                  “I am fine with about half of the laws you listed.”

                  Then you too sir are an enabler of the nanny state.

                  I forgot to mention that Jeff has never once voted against a Republican budget no matter how outrageous the spending. Including the “Go Fish” program which was to be build in Sonny’s back yard near Bonaire in the middle of the worst drought in Georgia in 100 years.

                  I also don’t know if he will carry Dade but he could given how little attention people really pay to the voting records of the people representing them in Atlanta. I’m trying to fix that.

                  I had my reasons for not running this time. Next time may be different. In the meantime I’m going to help everyone understand how they’re really getting represented by their state senator over the next two years.

                  • Jeff says:

                    “I had my reasons for not running this time”

                    Like claiming to be a Constitutionalist and Patriot and yet supporting a Traitor for Governor?

                • Doug Grammer says:

                  I have stated repeatedly that I am not a fan of “go fish.”

                  Just because I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing things that have nothing to do with me or other Georgians that get no benefit from them, doesn’t make me an “enabler of the nanny state.” The fee to inspect an airport used to be ridiculously low. The inspectors were still paid competitive wages and the difference between the fee and the wages were paid out of the general funds. If I don’t fly on an airplane four out of five years, why were my tax dollars going to that? Why don’t we let just the people who fly on the plane pay for the inspections?

                  If your self-appointed job is to point out every flaw in Sen. Mullis over the next two years, let’s call you head cheerleader of the complaining state. If it get too bad for you, Delta is ready when you are.

                  On a side note, I’ll bet you a steak dinner at any restaurant of the winners choice within 100 miles of Chickamauga that Sen. Mullis will win without a run off.

              • racinwithrex says:

                How Funny that Doug thought I was Ben. If he only knew “our” past… No Doug I am just a person who cares about his friends, neighbors, and County and only want the “Quality” we deserve to represent us. We are tired of being the laughing stock and hearing Mullis TELL us how great he is doing. He comes to visit a few times a year, makes sure a camera is near tells a few how wonderful they are and then goes back across the mountain. I really like the fact he uses the same ole lines about the girl he married being from Dade, and his famous phone number he never seems to have time to answer or call people back (not just the ones he knows either). He wants to take credit for being the D.O.T Chairman and that is a Joke, even to those who work there. He is the laughing stock of the State and wants to Brag about being in a magazine that nobody here in Dade cares about… Just alot of “Hot Air” and “Fluff” comes from the Senate Seat of the 53rd. It might not change this year but I can assure you that when the people start really looking at his voting and seeing what he isn’t getting done… Well you will have to find another “team” to pull for….

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    Read the link you left and you will 9/10ths of the page is opinion. My gut reaction is that more people working in Georgia, even for a temporary time, equals more money spent in Georgia and more taxes collected in Georgia. That’s my opinion and I think it’s just as valid as the opinion cited with your link.

                    I think your idea of taxing an industry into doing more business in Georgia doesn’t work. If you want movies made here just tax them five times more than other states and see where they decide to do business.

  4. AthensRepublican says:

    Thank you Buzz. This makes viewing these much easier than going to the ethics commission’s website. Good luck in your race. Look forward to your posts as Rep. Brockway.

  5. Pine Knot says:

    1. Ox, 2. Deal, 3. Handel, 4. Johnson as far as the (R) Gov canidates go with cash on hand. Johnson has spent all kinds of money and his numbers haven’t gone up much. I’m surprised Ox has spent so little money as much as I see him on TV ect. Barnes has all beat. He is rolling in money.

  6. GOPwits says:

    There are a lot of inaccuracies on the list of candidates for State House and Senate… Several candidates aren’t on the list at all…

    Additionally, I think there is something fishy with Mark Butler’s disclosures as a State Representative. He paid his consultant Simons and Associates, who happen to employ his former girlfriend, out of his State Representative account for work associated with his Labor Commissioner account. Something seems really questionable about the ethics of that.

  7. GOPwits says:

    Other observations:

    I guess we’re going to find out whether or not Deal’s family can buy him the Governor’s mansion… It appears a good number of Deal’s contributions all come from his family. I wonder if he gave them the money to in turn contribute to his campaign?

    Additionally, I guess we will also find out whether or not the State of Chatham County can buy the Governor’s mansion for Eric Johnson. Given the high tide of gangster style politics in Chatham County, I think that would be very bad for the future of Georgia politics. And you thought that Oxendine was the only person who shook people down…

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Judging from your posts, that I have read for nearly a year, you can’t be related to Nathan Deal. Your posts are too intelligent for you to be part of the other Deal tree.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am sure there are many who would state the opposite.

          I gave Deal a chance and he was my second place for a while. But he never seemed to do anything but have his people brag abount his fundraising and bash others for theirs. The first three times I interacted with the Deal campaign, all they had to say was “karen can’t raise money”.

          Then came Ghetto Grandmas, the ethics thing, and the other stuff covered in depth here at PP and he is actually down there below Ox for me. A year ago, I could not even see that as a possibility for anyone except McBerry.

          I would be happy with Handel, Johnson or Chapman as governor, but I think Handel is going to be first in the primary, and win the nomination in the runoff.

          • Lady Thinker says:

            I agree with all your comments. Deal was the first candidate I researched and his people were bashing Karen a year ago. That’s when I knew she was a threat and then I researched her. After looking at the others, the obvious choice for me was Karen, so I got involved in her grassroots campaign.

  8. GOPwits says:

    And by God, how could I forget, can all the insurance companies really put Ox into office? They really must want Roy Barnes back in office…

  9. Lady Thinker says:

    Looks like Karen is using her money wisely, as she will do with the state budget when she is elected.

  10. Doug Deal says:

    Having seen the numbers, I thought it would be interesting to point out Max Wood’s numbers and commend them on an outstanding campaign. Even though he is being outraised 10-1 in the primaries by his opponents who take $1,000 check after $1,000 check, (Sam Olens is even taking money from at least one elected Democratic politicians now) he still has the most support of the three in the last two polls.

    Imagine that, a campaign of a real person, Max, being managed by his wife, with no outside political consultants is leading the darling of those insider RINOs in Atlanta.

    Olens has been running for a year and has spent $464K versus $54K for Max, and he is down in the polls. He has a paid staff, insiders who game the system for him, and the backing of people who not only can write him huge checks, do the other intangable things that come with being connected. Max has a devoted wife acting as manager, a cadre of motivated volunteers (of which I am one), a shoe-string budget and the immediate respect of nearly everyone he meets.

    Olens may buy his way to a big victory with a big time TV buy-in (on a bankroll provided to him by a hefty number of Democrats in a Republican primary), but I think Wood has an excellent chance. (My dream result, baring an outright Wood win, would be a Max Wood – Preston Smith runoff.) The job should go to the guy who wants the job, not the guy who just wants credibility on his resume for a run at Governor.

  11. macho says:

    Thanks Buzz, appreciate the work.

    I thought there were more candidate loans outstanding then show up on the spreadsheet. For instance, I know Deal gave himself a loan to puff up his disclosure report. Maybe the candidates paid themselves back.

    It’s also amazing that Karen has the most on hand other than the Ox. She was pegged as being underfunded, but at this point she has more than Johnson and Deal and is ahead of them in the polls.

    • Loans only show up in the period they are reported. After that they get lumped into the “previously raised” category. Lots of candidates have loaned themselves money and it’s hard to track as you move forward – especially on a summary spreadsheet.

  12. EllisArnall says:

    I am very surprised Handel raised more than Johnson… Did not see that coming.

    Another front:

    $475,602.05 = total expenditures this period by Doug MacGinnitie.

    $183,734.00 = total expenditures this period by Brian Kemp.

    Other interesting fact:

    Doug is getting an awful lot of contributions from out of state folks. I believe Kemp had one or two from Pensacola.

    • New Blood Please says:

      These facts are hardly surprising. As for $s, Mac is on TV, Kemp is not. As for out of state, he founded and ran a company with offices across the country. He got his undergraduate degree at school with top students from around the world. No shocker here.

      Was more taken with the fact that many (most?) of Kemp’s major dollars was either lobbying money or from other career politicians. The ultimate insider. Business as usual.

  13. Ramblinwreck says:

    I got an email recently that was just a forwarded Nathan Deal campaign piece. The sender was encouraging me to vote for Deal and telling me why he was the best choice. I replied that he was not and his voting record proved it. He voted for NCLB, Medicare Part D, every farm bill that came down the pike, the Patriot Act, etc., etc., I asked her if we should just overlook these things when considering him. She responded that we shouldn’t nit pick our best candidates. Pointing out that someone who has been a part of creating the monster we now face should not be Governor is “nit picking” according to the GOP faithful.

    • Progressive Dem says:

      I expect Deal to lose badly. Partly because of the sentiment above: he’s running with Washington expereince when most in the GOP see Washington as the problem. I also think his support outside his district is rapidly evaporating as his poll numbers have showed no improvement, and have in fact have declined. The people in his district may display some loyalty and regional pride, but folks outside his district are going to gravitate to a winner. He is the weakest candidate among the top 4. A lot of folks will jump ship in these last 10 days.

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