Brian Kemp(i) [SOS-R]

Since first running for office, I have followed a consistent style of leadership – I outline a series of promised goals, and after being elected, I deliver on those promises. It’s a simple path of leadership that is not always easy, but it is the right thing to do.  

In 2002, I challenged a radical liberal State Senator in Athens in a race few thought could be won, because Roy Barnes and his grossly partisan redistricting had to be stopped.

The voters trusted me with their vote, and I became part of the new Republican majority in the Senate.  I immediately got to work and in my first term passed more legislation than any other Republican Senator, including leadership, delivering on the promises I made.

This is the same kind of effective, honest leadership I have brought to the Secretary of State’s office.  At the start of this campaign I outlined a plan to cut wasteful spending, stop voter fraud, encourage voter participation, and cut red tape that holds back Georgia’s businesses.

After being sworn in as Georgia’s second Republican Secretary of State, I got to work and delivered on these plans.  In this legislative session alone, I accomplished the following:

ü Cut $2.9 million from the agency’s budget by streamlining operations.
ü Voluntarily took extra furlough days and cut my own pay.
ü Made it easier for Georgia’s 200,000 overseas and military personnel to vote.
ü Revamped the Corporations Division website to allow Corporate renewals and formations online.
ü Supported legislation to review regularly the effectiveness of all regulatory boards.
ü Launched the official Cut The Red Tape website to solicit ideas on reducing bureaucratic obstacles to small businesses.
ü Fighting the Obama Justice Department in federal court to ensure all new registered voters are US citizens.
ü Launched a new Stop Voter Fraud website to allow Georgians to report questionable election activity.
ü Launched our new MVP website to help better inform voters before election day.

Throughout this campaign, I have talked about these issues while my opponent’s campaign has slowly spiraled out of control with false and hypocritical attacks.  In large part I have ignored them, but the time has come to set the record straight.

I am proud to have accepted the Governor’s appointment because it offered a head start to implement the policy goals that I have advocated since starting this campaign.  Doug MacGinnitie would have done the same.

Anyone running for an office who says he would not accept an appointment to that office is lying to you and proving he will literally say or do anything to win.

Doug hypocritically attacks me for receiving contributions from lobbyists when he has done the same and even had lobbyists as consultants running his campaign.

The AJC Political Fact Check denounced his ‘career politician’ attack as outright false.

Doug crossed the line of honorable conduct with false stories about wounded soldiers to make points about Georgia that simply are not true.  A decorated Vietnam veteran who earned a Purple Heart called it “disgraceful and insulting, an embarrassment to all Republicans”.

The adage that past actions are often the best indicator of future behavior is very appropriate in this election.

My opponent has absolutely no track record of delivering on the principles he now says he supports.  He has a disturbingly poor record of voting.  He did not bother to vote in the referendum that created Sandy Springs.  Nor has he bothered to vote in Republican primaries for state offices in almost 20 years leading up to 2008.

Georgia deserves better than Doug’s hypocrisy, false attacks and ridiculous grandstanding.

I recognize that many on this blog are open supporters of my opponent and do not care for Governor Perdue; however, I submitted this post to urge you to look to the future.

The page of Georgia’s history is about to turn, and conservatives must look to how we will govern as we move forward. If we allow the disagreements of the past to become blind hatred, it only undermines our shared cause of liberty.

The cause of liberty is not an argument about the past.  It is a relentless struggle to build a better, freer future.  That future needs conservative leaders who are tested and trusted.

That is what I represent and that is the proven leadership I will continue to provide as Secretary of State.

For all who read this, I ask for and hope to earn your vote.  I appreciate your consideration.


Brian P. Kemp
Secretary of State of Georgia


  1. Doctor Death says:

    Overwhelmingly the right and best candidate for Secretary Of State.
    His integrity and professionalism are sorely needed at the Capital!

    He presents facts while his opponent continues to distort the truth.

    You have my vote Mr. Secretary of State!

  2. Doug Deal says:

    He’ll make a fine Agriculture Commissioner, Senator, Secretary of State.

    My opponent has absolutely no track record of delivering on the principles he now says he supports. He has a disturbingly poor record of voting. He did not bother to vote in the referendum that created Sandy Springs. Nor has he bothered to vote in Republican primaries for state offices in almost 20 years leading up to 2008.

    If you noticed how carefully parsed this sentence is. Kemp is trying to mislead you into thinking MacGinnittie did not vote in Republican primaries. He has. What Kemp means is that MacGinnittie did not vote in Republican primaries in the years 2006, 2002 and 1998, but did in the years 2008, 2000 and 1996, and this is assuming the SOS records are correct. In other words, his intent is to lie to you, to create an intentional false impression, but have the ability to deny it if anyone calls him on it.

    I have a database of voter records and have used the SoS records extensively and sometimes counties do not report their data correctly, particularly in primaries. Some counties report partisan primaries as non partisan special elections and others report nothing at all. Gwinnett was missing nearly all February 2008 Presidential primary data when I did a data pull in May 2008. How do we even know these records are accurate.

    One thing we do know is that Kemp voted in Democrat primaries for state offices. That practice “coincidentally” ended when the Republican party took control of the state.

    If you like connected politicians who use their political friends to get favors like being appointed to office to give him a leg up in a contested race, Kemp is your man.

  3. SouthernGent says:

    Also, its really a shame that Kemp had about 750 words to discuss why he is the best candidate for this office and he used almost 300 words to bash Doug MacGinnitie. Right before the bashing begins he talks about how he only wants to discuss the issues yet we see youtube videos ranting for 7 min about Doug MacGinnitie.
    I’m proud to support Doug and I’m proud that I support a candidate that that doesn’t use this forum to bash his opponent. He is a bigger man (which Kemp probably doesn’t realize considering that he continuously questions Doug’s manhood).

  4. BuckheadConservative says:

    Brian is pathetic. He can’t go 750 words without running down his opponent. Doug is a great guy and extremely capable executive. We need more folks with his sort of business backgroud in government and less of Brian Kemp’s good-ole-boy, go along to get along, bought and paid for by lobbyist background.

    • GaConservative23 says:

      I’m pretty sure MacGinnitie’s entire campaign has been about running down his opponent. Kemp needed to speak out and set the record straight. MacGinnitie’s campaign has been an embarrassment for all Republicans. Kemp has my vote any day.

      • BuckheadConservative says:

        So you think if you just keep saying that over and over (maybe with some other screen names also) that will make it true?

        • GaConservative23 says:

          Actually this is my only screen name. But I’m glad so many others agree with me.

          But really, do you honestly believe Kemp went negative first?

              • ACCmoderate says:

                Doug, don’t you have a campaign to get to? Spending a lot of time at PP today aren’t we?

              • EllisArnall says:

                Actually, Mac did the same day Kemp did. At the Christian Alliance in Feb. Kemp brought up Mac’s lack of voting and Mac’s staff wore shirts that said something along the lines of: “These colors don’t run… for every office in the state.” Simply tacky.

                Brian Kemp is a proven conservative. Doug has not proven that he is. (Being a Regan intern making coffee doesn’t do that by the way.)Doug does have private experience, but Brian does too. Attacking this on either side seems pointless. They are both seeking public office.

                Let’s look at their public record. Brian – proven conservative who really has implemented much of what he has campaigned for (mentioned in his statement) and has a respectable senate record. Doug – city councilman whose own colleagues endorsed Brian (I am trying, I really am). Let’s see, Doug says a lot of conservative things… he’s a republican… (Ah, I give up). Doug did well in private business, and after July 20th, he will continue to do so.

                Brian is the better man for the position. Brian wins the election hands down.

                • HowardRoark says:

                  So Brian started some websites, picked his nose in the Senate for 4 years, and built crappy houses in a good economy. Sure doesn’t sound like a better man.

                  MacGinnite’s built a small business to a large one, and pissed a lot of folks off on the Sandy Springs council by being too fiscally conservative. I’ll go with that guy.

                  Where can I get one of those shirts, btw?

                  • EllisArnall says:

                    Yeah, I am sure you know exactly what type of houses he builds.

                    Brian picking his nose in the Senate accomplished a lot more than a weak city councilman from a made up city.

                    Oh, and ask Brandon about those shirts. I am sure he wears it everyday.

  5. PaulRevere says:

    Mr. Kemp…when are you going to fix the problem with the corporations division website!?!?! Sending out e-mail’s when a criminal has changed my info is NOT A FIX. Please be a leader and address this issue instead of sweeping it under a rug!

  6. KingWulfgar says:

    Kemp, do yourself a favor and drop the “false stories” crap. It was an parable, nothing more. The only people who even care were those that were already settled on voting for Kemp.

    • HowardRoark says:

      But trumped up, phony outrage is sooooo much fun. And it’s conductive to fixing a problem.

    • Doctor Death says:

      A Parable?? What is this the Gospel of Doug???

      It was a complete mis-representation at best. It was a completely bogus madeup story, much like your post.

  7. Glen Ross says:

    Decent post (sans negatives) but the accomplishments seem a little bit of a stretch. Starting websites? And the corporations division website has been a boondoggle. Have we made any progress on the lawsuits?

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