Will Costa [LC-L]

Will Costa Libertarian for Georgia Labor Commissioner

For some time the economy of Georgia has been affected by the behavior of our elected officials, a practice that has left Georgians feeling neglected.  These officials have ignored State and Federal Constitutional mandates to govern as actual representatives of their constituency. Their current economic practices have caused inefficiency and waste at both the National and the State levels.  This onslaught of financial waste must stop.  We as citizens of Georgia, such as myself, can accept hard work needed to sustain the economy, but we do not want our efforts thwarted by the greed of a corrupt or lazy Government. We need to make Georgia self  sustaining. The old way of asking for a Federal Grant or letting a Federal agency become de facto management is not effective leadership. I have chosen to run for Labor Commissioner because I know I can bring a positive influence because I understand the mechanics of the economy. Since 1983 I have been a principle operator in a small food manufacturing business and understand what it takes to make a company work., as well how to attract more to Georgia. Manufacturing agriculture will be key to creating a self-sustaining Georgia.

In terms of education, teaching the reality of basic economics is important. This can be achieved through promotion of courses in economics and monetary policies for middle and high school students. Teaching economic principles are also important in promoting technical and service job training for high schools and universities.  It is a matter of understanding how the monetary system works, the actual effects of how money flows and what the realities of the Free Market system truly means. Financially educated citizens can go a long way toward bringing a positive economic growth and independence. This will instill an individual sense of responsibility, and eliminate dependency on Federal financial aid. The philosophy of Austrian Economics should become the basis for business education, being aware of the need for honesty, not crony capitalism. Austrian Economics is the study of the principals of a true  free market economy, unlike or current “artificial” market economy that is strongly influenced by the “invisible hand of government”.

I believe it is necessary to work with the Office of the Secretary of State to simplify the process of starting new businesses.  This would include a review process on Federal and State regulations as well as making sure that non-legislative constraints would have meaningful value to the people. I am well aware that the Labor Commissioner will not have the authority to change any regulations, but there is no reason why the Labor Commissioner cannot work with the State Legislators to petition for better regulations that have real value.  I would also make it a requirement that work place safety is covered so that either the employees or the employers would have an unfair advantage. Streamlining of rules and regulations must be instituted.  As a business owner I understand the overwhelming redundancy of regulations that do nothing more than add to ones paper work, and provides no service to the consumer.  Naturally safety regulation must be in place, but excessive regulations of production add to costs with no appreciable benefits.  Government entities must be held to the same standards as private individuals and corporations.

It has been proven, repeatedly, that reducing or eliminating corporate taxes can stimulate a business environment. Lower taxes have the effect of stimulating greater production development. Greater production leads to higher employment and higher employment provides for greater financial security to the community, The primary objective is to promote a better economic environment for companies and individuals as they begin and grow their business.  The best thing the State of Georgia can do is to eliminate the state corporate income tax, something the consumer pays for as part of the cost of the goods or services anyway. In essence, higher taxes on corporate earnings discourages job creating capital investment.

With your help we can bring real value back to Georgia.

Thank You!

Will Costa Willcosta.org [email protected]


  1. Rick Day says:


    I can just see the two of them (SOS and LC) sitting in a room 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 4 months, pouring over ream after ream of Federal and State regulations. Fun reading! Never mind the total lack of comprehension at what the gobbelty goop says. So who is going to be doing your job, while you are off doing something you admit up front is NOT your job?

    Can the labor commissioner eliminate the corporate tax?

    Wow, pointing out a general problem that your office has little, (if any) control over, is like pointing out a scratch on the fender to the mechanic as the cause of the motor’s sputter and knock.

    *golf clap*

  2. willcosta says:

    Rick you must like the how our elected officials operate.

    Yes the Labor Commissioner is restricted as to what they can change, ie taxes and regulations but to ignore the real obstructions to achieving economic independence for Georgians is short sided. I might not the official authority to change these things but as an elected official I can assure you it will take little the rank and file (just happy to have a title) representatives to address these issues. Unlike either the Dem or Rep I both understand what a real Free Market is and have the willingness to demand it. For the record I did run for this office in 2002 and I have been very consistent with my message about Free Markets. Unlike some of the other “climbers” who are throwing around the term “Free Market” when they have little understand of the meaning much less care to know any more about it other than it is popular with their base.

    Yes I will ensure that the Labor Department will operate and serve the people of Georgia in a more efficient way then it is now. The biggest advantage I have lowering the operating cost of the Labor Department is, unlike the major party candidates, I will not own any political favors to anyone! Both major party candidates are relining heavily on the money and support from other elected officials in GA. (it is public record who gives them the money) . The net results will be that the winning team will give better service to the districts that voted for them or donated cash and lip service to the rest of the state.

    Look if you are happy with how things are and could care less about real economic independence for all in Georgia just pick blue or red. It is the other candidates who will spend the time addressing the scratches and dents for the masses and pass out new cars to their friends. I am the only one who understands how this “car” runs and I am the only candidate for Labor Commissioner who has any intention of supper charging the motor.

    I am the only candidate who even brought up the fact that we need to teach the skills of economics to grade school children. Working with local school systems to create and enact a basic economics program for middle and High school students is not only realistic but it will have a positive effect grater then the millions of grant dollars the other candidates will sell your labor for.

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