1. John Konop says:

    This is a very good ad that hits on the problems the GOP will face in a general. In a down economy running on criminalizing stem cell research, IVF……we not be a smart move. This election will be about jobs, education and ethics bottom line.

    The only candidate who has a chance against Barnes is Karen Handel.

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        If she does get the nomination, I wonder what her excuse will be for not debating Barnes?

        McBerry was the best thing that could have happened to Handel. She’s the first candidate for any office that I’ve ever seen use flash cards at a debate.

        • Ambernappe says:

          Karen Handel was aware of the possibility before she entered the race and has no fear of her ability to trounce her presumed opponent. Point by point Karen will be able to speak convincingly to the voters of Georgia. The most important factor in the campaign is that a Democrat in the Governor’s chair is still a Democrat, and their plan for the country is socialism.

          It is my hope that Karen Handel will win with more than 50% +1 and avoid an expensive run-off.

          • bowersville says:

            Winning the primary without a runoff is not in the cards for the GOP.

            The runoff will be even more brutal than the primary. ie, a scorched earth policy.

            Meanwhile Barnes keeps on his message for the general. Oh well, I hope everyone enjoys their right to keep and eat road kill and frustrate the tin foil hats with that micro-chip in your hoo-hah.

          • Ambernappe says:

            By the way, just how many candidates, or elected officials, have you seen use teleprompters. It is an accepted practice for any speaker to use notes inconspicuously. It is a practice which I endorse when coaching public speakers. Of course, there are people who neither use, or need, them.

            • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

              Your reading comprehension sucks. I clearly stated at debates. She uses (used) flash cards at debates. Who does that?

                • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

                  Lady Thinker, please tell me at which school or college that you teach, so that I know which one not to allow my children to attend.

                    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

                      Be careful LT, in this state being open-minded is the same as being a moderate. 🙂

                    • Lady Thinker says:

                      But a closed mind leads to bigotry and persecution. I think adult students should be taught different viewpoints and then decide for themselves what to believe.

                      As an adult, aren’t you glad you have that choice?

  2. GOPwits says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous to outlaw stem cell research. Anyone know what the bill on that was so we can see how our members voted?

    • kyleinatl says:

      SB 169 was the bill introduced in the 2009 session that the Senate passed despite the very loud objections of Senator Adelman. It never got to the house, one of the few good things that our former speaker can be credited for.

      • ECSnob says:

        Hudgens sponsored the bill and I say sponsored because that idiot has no idea what it says or means. It took huge time out of the ’09 session- I remember a fair amount of GOP Senators pretty much throwing their hands up numerous times like ‘come on guys, there are more important things to take care of’. The bill as passed the Senate only really made cross-species cloning/invitro illegal, we all know thats a HUGE problem in GA… Kudos to those who stood up to this bs and had it changed… I recall Adelman and Harp tag-teaming this one

        • kyleinatl says:

          The bill also would have made Embryonic Stem Cell research illegal, effectively shooting the foot of Biotech in the state. Adelman and Harp tried their damndest to get it tabled but Smith, Hudgens and the like wouldn’t let it go.

          I was there the whole time fighting this thing (which originally was an Anti-Octo mom bill), it was quite the black eye on this state.

        • Bucky Plyler says:

          There was no & has been no effort to outlaw stem cell research or IVF in Georgia. Anyone repeating that mess does not know OR want to talk about the difference between embryonic & adult stem cell research.

          SB169’s original focus was to deal with embryos and protecting their lives. The research & IVF lobby came up with the talking points that are being repeated here.

            • John Konop says:

              Bucky Plyler,

              The Right to Life of Georgia did not endorse Karen Handel over this issue. And they did endorse the other GOP candidates for banning it while calling it murder.

              • Bucky Plyler says:

                Oh, and I’ve read Handel’s spill repeating the same mess , too….glad you linked the two…

                • B Balz says:

                  Mr. Plyler,

                  As I have mentioned in the past, there is no hope to changing the minds of folks that believe using embryonic stem cells is like killing children. Those that share that viewpoint are not open to any discussion on the matter of embryonic stem cell research.

                  Fortunately, lawmakers are getting their information from scientists, bioethicists, medical professionals, as well as those in the pulpit.

                  Intellectually honesty coupled with a true Christian desire to help thousands of Georgians diagnosed with chronic, debilitating disease are at stake.

                  Not trying to bait or goad you in any way, Sir, but this matter is too important for the viewpoints of a relative few to carry for many.

                  It will split the GOP nationally, and here in Georgia, and I see no compromise. Passing ‘smaller laws’ to limit the number of fertilized eggs that may be frozen will be seen for what they are – An attempt to stifle research.

                  • Clone Of B. Plyler says:

                    BBalz, regarding paragraph # 1, I think the same thing about folks who think like you.

                    Paragraph 2: Fortunately lawmakers in other states are getting the same advice from the same set of people.. but coming up with Human Life Admendments & laws to protect embryos. What’s the difference ? money talks…ethics & principles get pushed aside. On this issue, R’s & D’s think & act alike.

                    Paragraph 3: Anyone with the (straw man) traits you set up in this paragraph to help these diseases will tell you that the cures have been & are in adult stem cell research. The facts are opposite of what you are espousing.

                    Past Paragraphs: Barnes seems to think the issue should not be debated because it makes us look like a laughing stock. Carter says similar things. Jobs are more important.
                    The last time you talked with me about this issue, you posted a research chart from the Chinese. They are very ethical on the subject! They have been experimenting with human & animal eggs along with both DNA for years, trying to come up with super soldiers. Much of their research rivals the Nazi regime. We could safely say that they don’t value human life.

                    Stifling research is not the issue. That is certainly a straw man arguement. Valuing human life should be the issue.

                    I wish you would study the subject more for yourself & come to whatever conclusion suits you. However, my advice is to come down on the side of protecting human life.

                    • B Balz says:

                      “…The last time you talked with me about this issue, you posted a research chart from the Chinese. They are very ethical on the subject! They have been experimenting with human & animal eggs along with both DNA for years, trying to come up with super soldiers. Much of their research rivals the Nazi regime. We could safely say that they don’t value human life….”

                      You have mistaken me for someone else.

                      “…However, my advice is to come down on the side of protecting human life….” We are agreed on this.

                      I believe in protecting the living person, who is born. Your point is that new laws, based on religious beliefs are needed protect the unborn.

                      If these embryos were not being destroyed currently, I would understand your point better.

          • kyleinatl says:

            As I’ve repeated many times before, any and all advances used in the promotion of ASC would not have occurred without the furthered research of ESC…it has simply proven more effective to the research community and provided greater dividends (for example Geron’s upcoming spinal injury therapy or the ALS therapy being given a trial run at the University of Michigan), additionally…any and all embryos used in ESC are derived from what is effectively the IVF trash pile.

          • GOPwits says:

            I’m fairly certain that the Georgia Right to Life has, as part of its mission in Georgia, to outlaw both stem cell research and IVF and Oxendine, Deal, Johnson, and Chapman have all signed on to that agenda.

            That’s a very scary future for Georgia’s families dealing with fertility treatment and the possibility of Georgia becoming a home of bio-tech research.

            Guess it’s time to pack up and move to Charlotte if any of those jokers win…

            • Clone Of B. Plyler says:

              GOPwits, I’m certain that you are wrong in your assertions. There are GRTL member Catholics that oppose IVF as well as birth control. They believe that out of conviction not becasue they are GRTL card toters. That does not make their beliefs the official mission of GRTL.

              However, don’t take my word for it. Go to their website & look at their frequently asked questions, call them & ask for yourself…

        • ZazaPachulia says:

          Harp is a good vote in the I.C. race, by the way.

          While I’m still waffling between Chapman and the Otis protest vote in the governor’s race, I will be voting for Harp to clean up the wreckage the Ox has left behind.

          • GOPwits says:

            I’m not sure Harp is all there… I agree the Insurance Commissioner’s office needs someone who will go in there and clean up the mess and ensure prosecution of any laws that have been broken, but not sure Harp is the right guy…

            Gerry Purcell would be the best bet.

        • GOPwits says:

          Wow… I’m stunned… of all the issues to waste time on these morons wasted time on cross species cloning? What’s that like problem number 3,675,406 facing Georgians?

          Unfortunately, stupid bills like this do limit the debate on the benefits of stem cell research and scare people from being more outspoken in their support of the research.

          Through stem cell research we can find better treatment if not cures for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so forth…

  3. bwjohnson83 says:

    Barnes is gearing up for the general right now. Setting the stage for a huge gun fight directed to expose GOP corruption.

    I promise you this……………He has a plan for the big four in the GOP race. Barnes will have Ox by the horns on ethics, Deal on his support of NAFTA and the congress ethics, Johnson on his reynolds connections and money gaffe, Handel on her log cabin connection and not being endorsed by GRTL. He’ll attach her to Perdue.

    Chapman is the only candidate that would be free of any real persecution. Why? He has no dirt, everything the republicans and conservatives say the want. Great track record of open government, independent endorsed, and then money to get the word out.

    Barnes is licking his chops at the big GOP candidates. It’s going to be like shooting fish in a barrell. Although, He still might not win……..it’ll be colser than it should be.

    Wake up Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote for Jeff Chapman.

      • Goldwater Conservative says:

        John, you bring up a good point. A relatively unknown fact is that Atlanta has one of the highest gay populations in the US. That being said, only handful of that community sides with the GOP given the blatant discrimination against the gay community endorsed by the GOP.

        The trad-off on this dyad is between courting the gay community and the evangelical reaction. Furthermore, I am willing to bet the GRTL would change its mind if Handel were the GOP nominee.

        • John Konop says:


          I think the big commercial will be a couple using IVF to help create life and showing them on trial for murder and or people in an unemployment line after banning stem cell research.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      Even though I’m voting for him, I have no illusions that Chapman will be nominated. That said, I agree with you that he is the best GOP candidate to face Barnes. Perhaps he’s setting himself up for a 2014 run?

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      Bwjohnson83: You’re spot on. I’ve been shouting this for months (except for the vote Chapman part).

      Remember, Chapman is the de facto second option. This should have been Austin Scott we were rallying around.

    • GOPwits says:

      I think the Chapman folks need to find something to do with themselves besides dreaming about a Barnes v Chapman race because it just ain’t going to happen…

  4. Jason Heyward for President says:

    I think this is a really good ad. At a time when poll after poll shows jobs and the economy as the top issue by a wide margin, Roy Barnes is consistently talking about jobs. The republicans are racing to see who can be the toughest on illegal aliens. Regardless of how you feel about that issue, it is not the top concern for average Georgia voters.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      Jason Heyward, you’re right. We Atlanta pro sports fans (with athlete tags) think alike.

  5. Progressive Dem says:

    Roy’s just giving you a taste of what’s coming in the general election.

    The GOP focus on immigration, gays and guns will blow a hole through the party. Add the do-nothing record of Sonny. And mix in the ethics of a host of holier-than-thou GOP leaders. This is a lethal cocktail that the party seems more than willing to partake.

    • Goldwater Conservative says:

      I think it is likely that both the GOP and the Democratic party will make immigration a cornerstone issue leading into the Midterm Elections. The difference will be in attitude and approach to the situation.

      The frontier line has been drawn…this issue is about the exploitation of xenophobic and nationalistic attitudes for the GOP (aka obstruction and rhetoric) whereas the Democratic proposal is the intelligent well-thought out proposal they need to assure the population that they can still do the right thing.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        “the Democratic proposal is the intelligent well-thought out proposal they need to assure the population that they can still do the right thing.” = amnesty?

        • Goldwater Conservative says:

          Reagan supported amnesty!

          Besides, I do not want to pay more for produce at the grocery store. The costs of cheap labor has been built into the pricing structures for a long time. I am curious to see how many farm owners will be forced to sell out to big agribusiness if you racists had your way.

          • John Konop says:


            Caesar Chavez testified to congress that immigration cannot be a tool to drive wages down. Was he a racist?

            I do not disagree that some people involved in the illegal immigration reform movement are racist. Yet that does not discount that having people work here illegally driving down wages and sucking up infrastructure cost like schools, hospitals……is not a viable long term solution.

          • Doug Grammer says:

            If you don’t want to pay higher costs at the grocery store, rob it! You are in favor of some laws being broken, but not others? If you could get your groceries cheaper by using slave labor, would you be in favor of that? BTW, not a racist, just a fan of upholding and enforcing the law.

            • polisavvy says:

              Not a racist either. I totally agree that if we are going to have laws either enforce them or do away with them. After all, if they aren’t going to be enforced why have them in the first place?

              • Lady Thinker says:


                I am not trying to be a smart a– but it is so cops can have jobs along with prosecutors, judges, probation/parole, etc.

                Some people don’t realize that many prosecutors only prosecute cases that they think they can win. Would you keep voting in a prosecutor who has a low percentage of winning cases or would you prefer a prosecutor who can show a high win of cases?

                Unfortunately, sometimes it is about the numbers more than it is about justice.

  6. Gonzo ATL Guy says:

    This ad is a fake as Roy himself. The fake meeting with the fake people who were picked to make Roy seem like he’s a diversity kind of guy. Are people really buying into this pandering?

    Attracting businesses may have worked back in Roy’s day, but let’s be serious. Nowadays, businesses aren’t looking to spend money on frivolous moves and other states are working hard to keep their businesses. Getting Fortune 500 companies to move to GA is not a realistic, modern strategy. GA needs to focus on growing the businesses that are already here and fostering new business.

    This man failed once. We rejected him after experiencing his previous four years of failure. The Dems have a chance to win this election, but it looks like they will shoot themselves in the foot again by nominating someone who already failed once.

    The Dems need to wake up and realize the primary isn’t about choosing the person they like best, it’s about choosing someone who can appeal to enough voters to win in the general election. That just isn’t Roy.

    End of rant.

    • ACCmoderate says:

      Looking at the current budget situation we find ourselves in, I’d argue that Sonny and the Republicans failed harder.

      • GOPwits says:

        Ugh… If I weren’t a Republican or a conservative and I didn’t pay attention and research the issues, I would probably vote Democrat in the coming General Election. The State GOP needs to “disinfect” itself from corruption and corruptible individuals… So far, it isn’t exactly doing the best job of that…

        It seems to circle the wagons on the status quo and cover up for each other up and down the gauntlet of elected positions to ensure power, money, and greed for well connected special interests and things of the like…

        I wish the GOP would be for good solid government without the corruption and insider dealing, but alas, I am a tad bit idealistic…

      • Gonzo ATL Guy says:

        So let me get this straight…given the choice between riding on the Titanic or Valujet Flight 592, we should choose the Titanic because the Valujet flight crashed? Seems silly. The fact the jet crashed doesn’t change the fact that the boat sunk.

        Barnes failed. Whether Sonny failed, too, is not relevant to the fact that Barnes failed. We don’t revisit one failure because we had another. We look for a better alternative. Barnes did not become a better governor after he was fired because Sonny did or did not do something.

        I know that Barnes’ supporters have no real reason to convince anyone to vote for him, but trying this slight of hand only makes that more obvious.

        The Dems should nominate someone who doesn’t need to explain, apologize and recraft his previous failure in office.

        • ACCmoderate says:

          Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?

          To the teachers that have been laid off or seen their pay slashed: “Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?”

          To the people standing at the unemployment office wishing that the Republicans in Atlanta would do something: “Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?”

          To the university students that can’t graduate because course offerings are being cut: “Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?”

          To the parents trying to afford an increased tuition: “Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?”

          To the small farmers being pushed around by BigAg: “Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?”

          To the millions of Georgians wanting jobs, better schools, and a chance at a better life for themselves and their families: “Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?”

          Forget explaining past “failures.” Roy needs to ask that question to every citizen in this great state. He won’t get the votes of Sonny’s cronies, the ones that struck it rich on the backs of hard working Georgians. He won’t sway the vote of the corrupt and crooked members of the Republican caucus, the ones more concerned with some floozie than their own people.

          He won’t sway the people that have benefited most form this Republican regime, but he will get the votes of the millions of Georgians that have been bent over and broken by this massive failure that is Georgia’s “Republican Revolution.”

          Roy may have failed… but not as badly as the dolts he’ll be running against.

          • Doug Grammer says:


            The “are you better off” line works nationally. What happens nationally will impact Georgia. We don’t live in a vacuum.

            Roy failed Georgia. He was fired. Regardless of who we hire next, it doesn’t need to be someone that we have already fired.

            • ACCmoderate says:


              It works statewide too. The Governor and the General Assembly have a lot more of an impact on our lives than you care acknowledge.

              The Governor and the Assembly knew that the economic situation was trending downward and knew that their revenues would be unable to match expenses.

              It didn’t stop them from spending. We got more of it. It didn’t get them to consider ways of raising future revenues. We got more tax cuts for Sonny’s buddies.

              Only when the reality of this economy hit home did anyone move to do something. By that point it was too late and the Governor and his buddies in the state house decided to take a hatchet to the budget.

              How exactly did Roy fail? I don’t remember things in this state ever being this crappy.

              “Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?”

              • Doug Grammer says:

                I am not convinced that it will work statewide. We will find out in November. Georgia is one of the few states not massively increasing taxes. If things were great nationally, but horrible in Georgia, you’d have a better argument.

            • Jace Walden says:

              Roy Barnes was “fired” because a bunch of rednecks got mad about him changing the flag.

              He was more fiscally responsible than Governor Perdue and the Republican Legislature (who, BTW, raised taxes their first ever legislative session together) and he doesn’t want to intrude in anyone’s personal lives.

              Looking at the current GOP field, there is not one candidate, save Jeff Chapman, that would be more fiscally responsible than Roy Barnes. And I hope my little “5%” party does everything it can to win, or keep the state out of the GOP’s tax-raising, free-spending hands.

              • Gonzo ATL Guy says:

                I went to the polls eight years ago and helped fire Roy. The flag had nothing to do with that. I did vote for Roy the time before that.

                I’m not a “redneck” by any definition of the word. I grew up in the Northeast, moved down here to go to law school and stayed. It’s been 20+ years. I’m gay, Jewish and live in an intown Atlanta neighborhood. I don’t own a pickup, a gun or can of chew. I travel outside the country three or four times a year and throughout the country weekly. “Redneck” would be the last word one would use to describe me.

                On top of that, what’s wrong with “rednecks?” Really? Do you think that someone’s opinion doesn’t matter if you can make yourself think you are better than those people? The people who voted Roy out of office each thought through that decision and your condescending attitude towards those people – elitism – gets us nowhere. Did it ever occur to you that listening to others with whom you don’t agree can be enlightening? Or do you just discount opinions because of your perception of the source?

                Roy’s own campaign makes unfunded financial promise after unfunded financial promise. Promising not to furlough teachers is not a financial plan to solve a budget crisis. It’s the opposite. Spending money on updating buildings may be a good idea, but the immediate scale Roy suggests shows he has all the responsibility of a drunken 21 year old with a credit card. Perhaps if Roy laid out a solid taxation plan with all his promises to rain money on GA, he might appear financially responsible. As it is, he appears to be pandering and trying to hide what we all know – our taxes will have to be raised significantly to pay for all his “ideas.”

                BTW – I voted against Roy yesterday, so hopefully that helps ensure he won’t be on the ballot in Nov.

                • Jace Walden says:

                  Gee Gonzo ATL Guy, I’m sorry you feel that way. I didn’t mean to insinuate that there was anything wrong with rednecks. I grew up in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and most people would probably consider me to be a redneck. I was just stating a fact. Roy lost because of the flag issue. Whether or not you and your buddies voted against him for other reasons does not change the fact that Roy owes his defeat to the “Flaggers.”

                  As far as your completely false statements about Roy’s fiscal record, allow me to provide you with some educational material:

                  Here are Roy Barnes’s fiscal policy report cards:


                  As compared to Sonny Perdue’s:


                  What these show is that, based on historical fact, Roy Barnes will actually be a fiscal improvement over what we have in office now.

                  His first two years in office, he was ranked 23/50 Governors. That’s actually ranked higher fiscally than 11 Republican Governors during the same period.

                  His second two years in office, he was ranked 3/50. That’s right, of all the Governor’s in the nation, Roy Barnes that the 3rd most fiscally conservative policies.

                  Now let’s take a look at Perdue:

                  His first two years as Governor, he ranked 33/50. Even Rod Blagojevich was more fiscally conservative than Perdue during those same years.

                  His second two years, he improved drastically (by his standards), but still only managed a “C” rating, earning the same “56” score as Tom Vilsack (D) of Iowa.

                  His third two years, by FAR his most fiscally responsible two years, he managed to get Georgia back up to 9/50 in terms of fiscal policy.

                  His best two years barely even compete with Barnes’s entire term. And His worst two years, wouldn’t even make the chart. There is no argument about who was the more fiscally responsible Governor. Barnes wins it hands down.

                  So if Roy Barnes’s fiscal responsibility (on your scale) likens to “a drunken 21 year old with a credit card,” I’d really like to see all of the wonderful things you have to say about the guy that you voted for to replace him.

                  • Gonzo ATL Guy says:

                    Very confused…Is Purdue running? Are the only choices between Purdue and Roy?

                    Anyone can be fiscally responsible when money is flowing like water. Barnes doesn’t want us to stop and think about the differences between when he failed as a governor during economic prosperity and the even tougher times we face now.

                    I am not defending Perdue. I don’t want to vote Rep for Gov. If the Dems nominate Barnes, though, I don’t think I’ll have much choice. Even if the Rep nom is Ox. The Dems need to realize the majority of Nov voters feel this way and nominate someone who has a chance to win a general election.

                    • Jace Walden says:


                      Have you ever heard of “context”. I know Perdue is not running. But Barnes is, and I wanted to contrast his time in office with his predecessor (whom you claim you voted for).

                      BTW, I’m not voting for Barnes either. Just trying to make a valid point.

                    • Lady Thinker says:

                      And he doesn’t mind if someone calls him a redneck as long as they buy his “You could be a redneck if” CD’s.

              • Doug Grammer says:

                Yes, there were flaggers who helped defeat King Roy. There were also teachers, and small business owners, and a host of other different types of voters. You can’t dismiss their votes as nothing unless you think they were all flaggers.

                Nationally, many complained about President Bush, and I will state that I didn’t agree with him on everything. You can call the GOP tax-raising and free-spending all you like, but President Obama is showing us all how that is really done. Hopefully, the GOP candidates will stick a little closer to their platform.

                Just so we are all clear, voting for Gov. Purdue is not an option. Whomever the GOP nominee may be, it will still be better than King Roy.

  7. Bill Knowles says:

    I was hoping when he was in the airport he was leaving for good. He’s got crazy eyes….

  8. CobbGOPer says:

    Barnes is hitting the GOP now because he’s virtually guaranteed the Dem nomination, he won’t face a runoff. Might as well start getting his general election message out early. Republicans, on the other hand, have no clear nominee yet, so our ads tend to be about the same old GOP issues. I tend to hate primaries: just an opportunity for us all to tear each other down and eat our young.

    When Karen becomes the nominee, you all better get on the train. Four more years of Barnes is not what this state needs.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      What about when Karen does not become the nominee and we all have to get on the Ox train? Or the Deal train?

      You better hope Karen gets the nomination, or a new brand of Republican PUMAs are going to start springing up like crazy out of the Georgia red clay.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Sour Grapes already? She has a chance to win, but vote for my candidate or I’ll work/vote for the other party nominee isn’t good policy.

        • GOPwits says:

          Well Grammer not every Republican has to go down with the ship like you seem ready to do… Ox or Deal are two corrupt politicians and wouldn’t be good for Georgia.

          • Doug Grammer says:

            They would be better than Barns. Don’t want either of them to get the nomination? Go door to door for, or give money to the candidate of your choice.

            Voting for a Democrat that’s not better than a Republican isn’t smart in my book.

            • Lady Thinker says:

              Are there Dems supporting Hillary on PP? I think Hillary may try to run for the presidental slot in the future but I am sure Hillary isn’t running for anything at this moment. Or has Hillary become a Republican in the last few days? IF Hillary has become a Republican of late, I may support her presidential bid if Palin doesn’t run first, as I would prefer Palin to Hillary for president.

  9. Bill Knowles says:

    No matter who the nominee is, sans McBerry, like that’s gonna happen, we all better get on the train.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      Honestly, if the nom is anyone other than Karen, I think we’re done for. At which point I’m moving back to Virginia.

      • B Balz says:

        I’d make some plans, Ms. Handel is gonna have a tough time carrying N GA, and anything below the gnat line.

        • CobbGOPer says:

          How do you figure that? She’s polled in 2nd or better since last year. At the very least she makes a runoff, against either a crook (Ox), or a crook (Deal). I like her chances in either scenario.

    • Progressive Dem says:

      Gettin’ on the Ox train won’t be easy.

      Barnes would be a better governor than any of the GOP candidates. The GOP can check him in the legislature.

      • Ambernappe says:

        Your name says it all – I have just completed reading a textbook on Woodrow Wilson. No state needs a Democrat governor to continue the path to socialism.

        • Progressive Dem says:

          The “path to socialism”. LOL.

          Wilson is one of the best presidents. Women earned the right to vote while he was president. He helped found the system of agricultural colleges and started the Co-Op Extension programs. He started the Federal Trade Commission to ensure competition, and passed the Clayton Anti-trust Act, which are the foundation for fair business practices. He organized the Federal Reserve System which has led America to have the dominant currency in the world. He was the first president to submit himself to press conferences in which reporters directly asked him questions. He was the first president to visit the Pope and the first president to appoint a Jew to the Supreme Court. While he took steps to allow blacks to be hired by the federal government at equal pay, he was in favor of segregation. The 16th Amendment was passed while Republicans held the White House, and Wilson led the passage of the legislation implementing the progressive income tax. His foreign policy called for the US to become more internationally active in order to promote democracy. The League of Nations was his idea for which he won a Nobel Peace prize. He wasn’t perfect, but he was damn good.

  10. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Someone needs to submit this ad to PolitiFact. The bill in question wasn’t about microchips in the brain, it was about microchips in the vaginal-rectum area.

    Geez, Barnes needs to do his homework 🙂

    • bowersville says:

      Submit this to PolitiFact….it’s bad enough that he’s given cannon fodder over a government forced micro-chip implant bill…do you realy want to call attention to the fact that the GOP was interviewing tin foil hats that said they had a government forced chip inserted in their anus/vaginal area?

    • GOPwits says:

      OMG even worse… but I do believe microchips in the brain came up during the legislature…

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        Oh, I was referring to the woman who testified before a House Committee in support of the bill. She claimed she had a chip implanted in her taint area. The video testimony should still be on the House’s website.

    • I don’t know that I’d say that’s a fact. That might be your opinion. My opinion is that I bet he probably figured that one out in his infant years.

  11. James Fannin says:

    Georgia is one of the faster growing states in the country with a great quality of life. It’s a great place to live, work and raise a family. Certainly we have some corrupt career politicians and a few of them are even running for Governor but Roy needs to get out more and talk to a few people who aren’t sanctimonious liberal Democrats (I know that sanctimonious Democrat is redundant). Karen Handel is out there saying this is a great state that gave her great opportunities and Barnes is out there saying Georgia is a national laughing stock. I’m going with Karen on this one and I suspect so will most people in Georgia who take a great pride in calling Georgia home.

  12. kolt473 says:

    Have to admit, King Roy good liar in ads, repents of his sins out of state church, promising union members work, hey Roy non-union need jobs too. Barnes ads like everyone else, lying to get the votes. Had enough of the spam, ads lying to the voters are turn offs. Still get a good laugh, though.

  13. birdfan says:

    First, if you look at the bill that Barnes is talking about, then I guess Roy Barnes is FOR cloning, mixing human and animal cells, and for wasting taxpayer dollars on the unproven results of unethical embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic Stem cell research CAN be done in the private sector, but the private sector invests ALOT more money on ethical Stem cell Research (which this bill protects) because there are proven results. I don’t want a Governor, who will waste tax payer dollars on an unethical form of stem cells, which the private sector has already rejected by not wasting their money!

    Read the language of the bill for yourself…don’t believe King Roy’s lies:

    Second, King Roy is for forcing people to be micro-chiped against their wills. It seems like a simple protection of individual’s freedoms to me. Maybe individual’s freedoms are not a concern to Mr. Barnes.

    BTW – Only 2 out of 22 Senate Democrats voted against this bill.
    See for yourself: http://www.legis.ga.gov/legis/2009_10/votes/sv0486.htm

    Barnes – just another intrusive liberal like the ones in Washington DC.

  14. Bill Knowles says:

    This is a FANTASTIC letter that was in the Baxley News earlier. It’s an open letter to Barnes:

    By Mary Ann Ellis

    Dear Mr. Barnes;

    When your emails starting arriving in my school email, I was taken aback. Are you bombarding all teachers, soliciting votes from the very population that worked so hard to defeat you in 2002? And via the schools’ communication system?

    Shocked, I listened to you talk of having changed your approach and your promise to run a very different campaign than the one you ran in 2002. You say you intend to listen to people more.

    “Listening is something I didn’t do enough of when I was governor,” you said. “I tried to do too much, too fast. My heart was in the right place, but I was impatient and didn’t consult enough different people outside the Capitol.”

    As you speak, humility cakes your face like too much makeup on a strumpet. Your audacity astounds me and leaves my mouth hanging open. A mere eight years after your defeat, you apparently think we’ve forgotten your behavior in the governor’s office. Not so, I assure you. We remember quite well.

    For example, I remember the exuberance in our school that morning after the election. The official announcement had been made during the wee hours of the morning as we slept. I listened to the news as I drove to school.

    “Georgia’s teachers apparently stuck together to oust Roy Barnes,” the radio announcer said. “They showed him their displeasure with his stance on accountability and tenure. An awful lot of people opposed him too because of the flag.”

    At my school teachers were celebrating in the halls as we waited for the morning bell to signal the start of classes.

    Like most of the politicians I know, you did what you chose in spite of what the people thought about it. We spoke to you about the flag. You had it your way. We spoke to you of accountability and tenure. You plowed ahead, ignoring us, and again you had it your way. What indications do we have that you’ve changed?

    Let me clarify my position on those two issues. I agree that teachers must be accountable for our students’ education. When our students fail, we teachers fail. The tenure situation is a bit different though. Consider the economic crisis we’re in right now. Everyone knows school boards can hire young inexperienced teachers cheaper than they can keep us older experienced ones around. Experience is worth the money. I realize that tenure sometimes keeps teachers in classrooms when they shouldn’t be there, but if our system of accountability worked efficiently, those people would never have gotten tenure in the first place.

    I read in the papers that you are surrounding yourself with many of the same people who served you as governor and who worked for you in your last campaign. Are you expecting the same outcome from the same behavior?

    Years ago I’d visit my father to find him watching Shane, his favorite western.

    “Daddy, haven’t you seen this before,” I’d ask.

    “Yes,” he’d laugh, “but every time I watch it I hope that it’ll turn out different.”

    It never did, Mr. Barnes. It never did.

    You found out that teachers in Georgia are a key Democratic constituency. In spite of your brave efforts at reconciliation and your pacifying tone, we haven’t forgotten.

    Back in the 30’s, my grandmother was sitting on the ground weeding her flower bed when a local politician drove up to solicit her vote.

    Looking him square in the eye, she said emphatically, “Why, no, Mr. Jones. I couldn’t vote for you. I certainly will not.”

    So in the words of Grandma Eunice, “Why, no, Mr. Barnes, I won’t vote for you. Not now, not ever!”

    Please stop jamming my email with your entreaties. I’m wearing out my delete button on school property. That computer is for educational purposes, not futile campaigns.

    • TalmadgeGhost says:

      “Who didn’t do anything to hold any teacher accountable or strengthen tenure? Who just fired many of them and also provided unpaid vacations for those fortunate enough to still have a job. Who also changed the flag again to something that had no trace of the Confederate Battle Emblem. Who cancelled classes during the gas shortage to make certain that his business friends had ample fuel for their interests in South Georgia?

      Sonny Did.”

      I hope Mary Ann liked her unpaid furlough.

  15. kolt473 says:

    Is there something wrong about the truth? apparently exposing it gets you tarred and feathered. These anarchists born in 1992 during Clinton era still wish to lie and be lied to. King Roy will be another disaster, like the previous twits Jimmy Carter, George Busbee, Joe Frank Harris before this current generations time research King Roy’s previous record, if you wish to be lied to, that’s your privilege.

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