Chuck Efstration goes after Clay Cox

If I were voting in the 7th, Chuck would have my vote. Woodall is the same inside-the-beltway type that is destroying this country, and Cox’s record in the General Assembly belongs in the Nathan Deal School of how to enrich myself.


  1. I Am Jacks Post says:

    The close looks like a “I’m Ronnie Deutch and I’ll settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar” late night cable TV spot.

  2. ga775 says:

    So Chris, John Linder’s (and by extension Rob Woodall) brand of conservatism is what’s been destroying this country? Voting against every bailout and employment benefit extension, and fighting for the FairTax is the problem? I think you need to check your facts and stop basing your vote on commercials with magic tricks.

    • Chris says:

      No Child Left Behind. Medicare Part-D.

      Linder only started acting conservative when he found himself in the minority after he and the rest of the GOP jackasses in DC handed the speaker’s gavel to Pelosi.

  3. Doctor Death says:

    What a JOKE! It speaks volumes that one would vote for someone with NO legislative experience whatsoever. Some kid who has no clue! We are really scraping the bottom of the barrel!

    • The only barrel being scraped his Clay’s clawing at a big fat pork-barrel.

      “Where is the legislative record? Where is the legislative record?”

      Those are the first words out of Clay’s mouth at every debate and on every one of his imp’s flyers attacking Chuck. Clay is the only candidate with a legislative record in this race. And that’s an entirely negative, horrible black eye for Clay! HR1631– $87 million in pork barrel spending he demanded from the federal govt. The 2010-11 GA budget, which was “balanced” with 35% with federal funding. HB 619 and HB 622. Hospital bed tax hike. Telephone tax hike…

      I am THANKFUL that only ONE candidate in this race has a legislative record, because there’s an actual CHANCE we won’t have another congressman whose swine-lined pockets are the only thing that matters. Its just pathetic, however, that you decry no legislative record as if the legislative record of Cox is something positive. The man is a case study in hypocrisy.

      Some “kid who has no clue?” Chuck has been prosecuting the bad guys in his district since he got out of law school. While Clay has been profitting off GA’s private probation scheme and monitoring people who can’t pay off their speeding tickets, Chuck has been standing up for victims of domestic violence, serious assault, drug traffickers, murderers. Doesn’t have a clue? You’re telling me someone with a degree from the ivory tower that is Western Carolina of Culowee, NC , some probation officer with a track record for legislating for his own benefit, “has a clue,” but not a public servant felony prosecutor with a law school degree? You do understand that someone doesn’t get probation without the prosecutor getting the conviction, right? You do understand that Clay’s day job is essence being the warden of a private jail full of traffic ticket criminals? I don’t care if he’s 50, 60, 70, or as old as Methuselah. Clay Cox is not the brightest candidate in the race, and his credentials prove it.

      Do the GOP voters who elected Chuck the youngest GOP chair in Gwinnett history also “not have a clue?” Or were they just duped by this young huckleberry?

      • GaConservative23 says:

        Are you just gonna keep recycling Chuck’s lies for him? The “$87 million in pork barrel spending he ‘demanded’ from the federal government” was a bill asking federal money ALREADY EARMARKEd to Georgia to actually be spent on what it was earmarked for. Oh, the horror! As for the hospital bed tax, Clay voted against it twice. The only form of the tax he voted for was when it was in the final BALANCED budget that the majority of the General Assembly voted for. These issues are the basis of Chuck’s campaign. No substance. Just distort Cox’s record.

        And as for Chuck’s actual campaign promises? “I will never vote for a bill that features and earmark.” So what will he ever vote on? Funding for the troops? Guess what, there are earmarks in there. He did a great job of dodging a question on that issue at a recent debate.

        • 1) Cox sought out the earmark money, correct? That’s public record, correct? This shows he is on the record for approving of and aspiring for earmarks.

          2) Cox voted for the hospital tax, correct? That’s on record, correct?

          3) The budget Cox claims he balanced was funded by roughly 1/3 in federal funds, correct? $13 billion, correct? The AJC ran an article on Cox calling his statements “Barely True,” correct?

          4) Clay Cox sponsored two bills, HB 619 and HB 622, correct? Those are public record, correct? Clay hasn’t ever disputed his quotes to reporters when called out about this legislation in March 2009, correct?

          Clay’s campaign entirely relies on his “proven record.” Its not just Efstration spin. The AJC, the Athens Banner-Herald, the Macon Telegraph, heck Creative Loafing—they’ve called out Cox, too. “Barely True.” “Perfectly legal but ethically wrong.” These are mainstream publications, not campaign rhetoric, written one year ago, written today.

          Cox espouses his track record and tries to distinguish himself with it, but the instant Efstration calls him out on it, says to the consituency, “OK, let’s look at this record” its “Lies, Lies, Lies!” But Efstration isn’t alone. The media has been calling him out for over a year! Chuck’s the only one who has had the nerve to get in this race and put an end to more of the same-old same-old.

          Don’t just listen to the Efstration campaign on this. Read the newspapers. Read the blackline bills he’s sponsored:

          It’s there. It’s all public record. HB 619 and 622 aren’t 2000 pages long. They’re quite clear. You don’t need a law degree to see what he was cutting out, what PPS was gaining.

          A liar is not someone who is looking at the record, and calling out another out of control spender and manipulator like Clay Cox. A liar doesn’t base his claims in the public record Cox has tried to so firmly stand on.

  4. GOPwits says:

    Clay Cox, Nathan Deal, John Oxendine, Eric Johnson…

    They all have enriched themselves while supposedly in public service… Folks deserve better, but the “insiders” are desperate to protect their schemes and that’s why they circled the wagons and endorsed Clay Cox…

    The status quo can’t risk an outsider getting a foothold anywhere and it’s why they are so desperate.

    Vote for a real conservative – vote for Chuck!

  5. Doug Deal says:

    I volunteered for Cox when I lived in Gwinnett, I still take long hot showers after that experience. Like Chris, even though I think the Fair Tax is a bad idea, I would still go for Chuck.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Strong conservatives that also voted for the budget. When you attack Cox, you are also attacking them because they voted the same. Or are you just singling out Cox for political reasons and think it acceptible others voted for it but not Cox?
    David Casas, Steve Davis, Ed Setzler, Charlice Byrd, Melvin Everson and others.

    • Yes, absolutely. I am calling out all those people if they run a campaign claiming they balanced a budget when that claim is only “barely true” and relied on over $13 billion in federal dollars. I am calling out all those people if they run a campaign saying “I’m the only one with a record” and then when I go look at that record, I see its full of unethical decision making.

      I didn’t see any of those listed sponsoring HB 619 or HB 622, or sitting on the board of Private Probation Services. I didn’t see any of those listed sponsoring bills which directly enriched their day jobs. I haven’t seen of those listed treating their elected positions in a way that boosts their bottom line.

      Clay Cox belongs in the private industry, not public office. If he wants to make more money, I wish him the best. But not through public office.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    You are skirting the issue in typical politician style. You blast Clay for voting for the budget, yet others voted for it as well. Are you saying their vote on the budget also means they voted for the bed tax as you claim for Clay? Are you saying that by voting for the budget, they all voted to rasie taxes as you do for Clay?

    • Scarlett O'Hara says:

      Four Republicans had the guts to vote NO on the budget bill including at least one who sat on the Appropriations Committee. These four were not afraid to stand up and say that the budget is bad and that the bed tax is against everything they stand for.

      Scott of the 153rd (who should STILL be running for Governor but that’s for another thread)
      Scott of the 2nd
      Stout of the 19th
      Franklin of the 43rd

  8. To paraphrase Clay Cox:

    1) Everyone else voted for the bed tax, so it follows that its OK that I did too!

    2) HB 619 and HB 622 never passed, so where’s the harm???

    That’s scary, misguided logic from Cox and his campaign.

  9. Smile, Chuck! That was a pretty decent ad until Chuck appeared at the end, looking kind of irritated and uncomfortable with the camera in his face. There’s a difference between going negative and looking negative.

  10. Chris says:

    Clay Cox just spammed me with an invite to a fundraiser with Sonny & Cagle. If these are the kinds of “Conservatives” supporting Cox, we don’t need him with in 500 miles of Washington DC.

  11. EverythingZenX21 says:

    This is without question a second-rate video from a sixth-place candidate who is desperate for attention. This type of thing is exactly what Reagan warned us about – we shouldn’t be beating up on other Republicans by using smoke and mirrors which is exactly what Chuck and Fortes are doing. Clay Cox is going to be our nominee. All this mud-slinging from Chuck and Fortes is 100% misleading. They give the false perception that Clay’s strong Conservative record is actually weak when in fact he is one of only 13 representatives to receive an A rating from the Georgia Chapter of Americans for Prosperity for his legislative record in the 2009-2010 session. In the long run, Chuck and Fortes’ antics only help Heckman and the democrats.

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