Peach Pundit Straw Poll: State School Superintendent & Commissioner Of Agriculture.

Read the statements from the candidates (Schools, Agriculture) and listen to the podcasts then vote in the Straw Polls below.

GOP School Superintendent

Dem. School Superintendent

GOP Commissioner Of Agriculture

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  1. Ron Daniels says:

    Buzz didn’t mention it, but in the interest of fairness I will, two candidates who sent in entries for our “Free 750 words” series are not in these straw polls. That would be Brad Bryant who is collecting signatures to get on the ballot in November and Kira Willis who is the Libertarian candidate. As such, neither are involved in a primary.

  2. ZazaPachulia says:

    Do you think Darwin stands a chance in the Republican primary with the first name ‘Darwin’ and a last name ‘Carter’?

    I’m willing to bet my entire life savings (well into the hundreds of dollars, mind you) that the numbers in the agricultural straw polls would remain the same if the two candidates resumes/bios were flipped but their names stayed the same.

  3. forthepeople says:

    ZaZa People are not that stupid any more. Politicians don’t get the dumbed down voter like they want.

  4. fed-up says:

    I think the “un-informed voter” would be more fitting. Just look at the straw poll numbers. I would be willing to bet that most of the people voting for Gary Black fall into one of the categories below?

    a) Haven’t researched Gary Black…just seen his name everywhere.
    b) Don’t know anything about Ag related issues or how Gary Black’s stance on the issues will negatively impact our farmers.
    c) Have never set foot on a farm.

    Can we do a straw poll on this?

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