1. The General says:

    A friend of mine once called him Ralph “Huggy Bear” Hudgens. To me, the best nickname of this election year so far.

  2. redrock says:

    I had thought Windows Movie Maker dropped that font – good to see its still in use.

  3. ACCmoderate says:

    As someone who lives in Hudgens’ Senate District, I’m glad to see he’s out the door.

    Maybe a loss in the Republican primary will squash this cockroach out once and for all.

  4. Kilkenny Kid says:

    Wow – is that bad!!! Pretty much makes sure he won’t make the runoff. Lesson that Hudgens and Oxendine should heed – stay out of your own commercials unless you have a at least a shred of charisma.

  5. truth says:

    Ralph Hudgens–our next insurance commissioner? OMG, I hope not–not that corrupt slimebag or his House counterpart, Tom Knox. Georgia doesn’t need any more of those two. Glad they will be out of the House and Senate, though.

  6. Bill Knowles says:

    Hudgens and Deal will be staring in “Grumpiest Old Men”, the third in the series of movies.

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