Darwin Carter [AG-R]

My Mission
I am Darwin Carter, Republican candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture. You
may not realize it, but the Commissioner of Agriculture’s office is vital to the
safety and well-being of all of our citizens.  Georgia’s farmers produce the
safest, most economical, and highest quality food in the world and agriculture
is the largest industry in our state. Our mission will be to make sure the
agricultural products of Georgia farmers is produced and marketed so that our
farmers make a profit and the food that reaches our tables is fresh and safe.

My Background
For those of you whom I have not had the opportunity to meet, let me begin with
a brief introduction. I am a native of Alma, GA. I grew up on a farm and was
educated at Bacon County High School and The University of Georgia. My ethics
and values are shaped by my early work experience on the farm. The highlight of
my career, thus far, has ben the opportunity to work in various leadership
positions during the administration of President Ronald Reagan from 1981 to
1989. During that time, my responsibilities included a broad range of service
throughout the state and nation and within the field of agriculture, including
production, sales, marketing, and conservation. My specific experience includes
work as the Executive Director of the Georgia Agricultural Stabilization and
Conservation Service, confidential assistant to the administrator of ASCS,
Assistant to the Undersecretary for International Affairs and Commodities and
Programs, and the Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of
Agriculture. Please note that all of my work has been in service to the needs
and concerns of fellow citizens and farmers. I also had the good fortune to
manage some of the largest and most successful export projects in the world. The
conservative principles that served our country during this time period made a
lasting impression upon me and I am a life-long Republican.

My Vision
The election of a new Commissioner of Agriculture provides an unprecedented
opportunity for Georgians to refocus and revitalize our Department of
Agriculture. When I am elected, food safety will be our top priority. We must
begin by upgrading our employees to move Georgia agriculture into the 21st
century to ensure the safety of every Georgia, and every world-wide, consumer.
As well, we will work to upgrade and modernize the state’s farmers markets and
make them more user-friendly for farmers and consumers. I will build upon my
experiences gained during the Reagan administration to open new markets in our
state, nation, ad around the world for Georgia’s farmers. Nothing is more
critical to rural development and revitalization than the succss of the small
family farmer in the rural areas of our state. I understand that when Georgia’s
farmers are allowed to make a reasonable profit for their labor, it helps every
other small business in the community. We will work to make agriculture
profitable and to create new jobs and industries directly related to
agriculture. Residents in the urban areas of our state will benefit from the
availabilitay of new jobs and safe, fresh, economical foods grown right here in
ours state.

My Ethics
I need your help to make this vision become a reality. My opponent in the
primary has worked for the past 20 years as a registered lobbyist for big
agribusiness. He officially announced his candidacy and began his campaign for
the Georgia’s Commissioner of Agriculture in May 2009. The ethical thing to have
done would have been to resign his position as President of the Georgia
Agribusiness Council at that time since the Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture
has the responsibility of regulating many of the member agribusinesses who pay
the GAC President’s salary and benefits. Instead, he chose to remain on their
payroll as President of the GAC. For the next 12 months, he accepted their
full-time salary, utilized their office space, drove their car, and burned their
gas while campaigning full-time across the state.

My Promise
Elect me and I will work to make sure that you have an ethical and efficient
department and that safety and the well-being our state’s citizens will never be
compromised by questionable obligations and relationships. I will work hard
every day on your behalf and I will always be accessible. I will continue to
listen to the concerns of the farmers and consumers in our state. When I am
elected, the agriculture building in Atlanta will be the headquarters for the
farmers and consumers in our state, not a lounge for the lobbyist and special
interest groups trying to influence state government for their own financial


  1. Doug Deal says:

    As a candidate, if a key point of your message is that your opponent is a rotten scoundrel, you pretty much failed in a piece like this. Notice that the section was entitles “My Ethics”. You then go on into “My Promise” and lay out more references to your perception of your opponents ethics.

    I have seen your comments about your opponent, and they have been sickening with your innuendo of him intentionally harming children with various chemicals.

    If your supporter(s) wants to do this stuff, that’s fine, but when it comes from a candidate it is one of the reason this process is so disgusting.

    GRADE: F

  2. The General says:

    It reads much better than his “ethic complaint” letter. He must have fired his original speech writer.

  3. The General says:

    This mention about ethics got me thinking…and put me on the search trail. It must be pretty hard to bring up supposed “ethical violations” of his opponent when, according to the Georgia Ethics Commission (wonder what they are in charge of? hmmm…), every single campaign finance report of his has been turned in late. And I’m pretty sure he was running at the May 09 Repub Convention, but yet he doesn’t report any expense before December 2009. Oh well…If he can pull this off without anyone bringing this up, I might just vote for him.


    ps- Apparently there’s a convenience store in Alma that one can pay for “campaign vehicle fuel and expenses, campaign postage, campaign meals and refreshments”…and “cash to Satilla REMC for campaign office utilities.” A one stop shop for all your campaign needs. Wow…we need places like these in Atlanta.

  4. Georgia Voter says:

    Ethics are very important and we must hold our elected officials to the highest standards. Just because he files late, means he has something to hide? That doesnt hold a lot of weight in my opinion. But.. back to the matter of Gary Black.

    From what i have read and seen, he worked for a company and as a full-time employee campaigned for this post. This organization, GAC, also is basically a political organization that spends a great deal at the capitol, lobbying. It wasnt until the open letters went to press, thta Gary Black Resigned, seemingly around May sometime, but GAC refuses to confirm this, just that he did resign. It seems a conflict to me to be employed by the same organization that the post would interact with- its hard to tell friends know.

    Darwin on the other hand…. he did work for the federal government, that experience is inline with his claims of what his plans for Georgia are. Ive met him a few times and he may not be a polished politician like Gary Black (guess because he hasnt spent time rubbing shoulders with the politicians), but he has a successful farming business, export business, and experience on a federal level. Besides a lot of talking, I do not see the same experience with Gary Black.

  5. Georgia Voter says:

    Thanks for the link. Compare the contributions by donors of Gary Black and Darwin Carter. The latest filing looks like most contributors are individuals and small businesses…

  6. foray says:

    Georgia Voter- do you have any idea what the GAC does? do you have any idea what the Dept. of Agriculture does?

    The GAC doesn’t donate to candidates, they don’t spend money wining and dining law makers, they are a Chamber of Commerce for Agriculture and a very effective one at that

    The staff at the GAC work hard and are all professional

    Gary resigned from the GAC when he qualified for office just as he did in 2006. I have never met a man with more honor and character than Gary Black and look forward to see him get sworn in next January

    Darwin on the other hand was appointed to serve in USDA as a favor to Mack Mattingly after he won his race for the US Senate and Darwin lost his congressional race- he sat in a cubicle and had no effect on policy

    Today- no one can find out what he really does- he claims to be a beef exporter but that claim has no paper trail- he’s running because he needs a job- plain and simple

  7. Georgia Voter says:

    Foray: Interesting, thanks for the informing me. So the GAC is supposed to build the industry, yet it has been failing in Georgia. Gary has also spent a lot of time at the capitol, I guess looking for and helping business leaders there? I am confused, so under his leadership, the industry as a whole has declined. In the past couple of years we have had plants shut-down due to safety violations which led to deaths…

    the people i have talked to, including Gary Black fans, have told me about far greater things Darwin has done, than “sit in a cubicle”. I would love to see your proof of him being just a beaurocrat. In my experience, Darwin Carter has an open door policy, I guess if you cant find a paper trail, how about calling his campaign office and learn more about his export business? If there is no proof, than I would support you in saying that he doesnt have a business and is running because he needs a job…

    Gary began campaigning in 2009, yet in the spring after stammering from the question, he exclaimed “I resigned two days ago!”. This seems fishy to me, especially since GAC will not confirm the actual date, just I guess sometime in May.

  8. fed-up says:

    This is re-post of my comments from another thread:

    If you think Gary Black has the best resume for this job, then his resume must be the only one you have looked at. I am a salesman and a large portion of my sales are to the agriculture market. What kind of salesman would I be if came into your place of business and said, “Here is the product I am trying to sell. It is not a very good product and it is unsafe, but I would really appreciate it if you purchased it”? Correct answer: Not a very good one. One of the jobs the Commissioner of Agriculture has is being a salesman for GA commodities. One of GA’s largest commodities is peanuts. GA produces almost half of the nation’s peanuts. At a meeting in Union County, Gary Black was wearing a tie with peanuts on it. When questioned by an attendee about the tie, Gary Black commented “these are the only safe peanuts in GA”. How can he sell one of our largest commidities if he thinks they are unsafe and makes comments to that fact? Ethics aside, he is not qualified to hold the position. When I went in for my job interview, do you think I would have been hired if I had said, “I would love to have this job. Oh and by the way, I think your products are junk and unsafe.” Nope.
    As Georgia Voter said, “I am tired of politics”. Well so am I am but more than that, I am tired of GREY politics. I am not a lawyer, so I don’t know whether the ethics complaint has an legal ramifications. I do know however that it is a grey area at best. It is time for a candidate, not just in this election, that stands for black and white…not grey. Right or Wrong with NO in between. What do you think Gary Black will do or say when one of his large campaign contributors asks for a favor? Exactly!!! He will do whatever they ask. Gary Black may have the political resume, but it takes more than that.
    This comment is gone from his website now, but at one time Gary Black had a comment that said something to the effect of ” agriculture helps to combat global warming”. Am I mistaken, or is global warming not a liberal myth? I don’t believe I am. So either Gary Black has liberal principles or he is pandering to the liberals to get their vote. If he does believe in global warming then he has a big problem. Isn’t the methane gas from cow flatulants supposed to be a leading contributor of global warming? What is Gary Black? I meant to say, “Other than a lobbyist what is Gary Black”? A cattle farmer. So once again, either he is pandering for the liberal vote or he is a hypocrite. I am sure someone a lot more computer savy than myself could find a trace of that comment somewhere in cyberspace. At any rate, some true conservative must have told him that we conservatives don’t believe in global warming and convinced him to take it down.
    Gary Black as of today on his website said that GA farmers use flow meters on their irrigation to “ensure efficiency”. Where has he been? Oh, that’s right…he’s been lobbying in Atlanta. I bet, since Darwin Carter is farmer, he knows what’s wrong with this statement. Ga farmers use flow meters on their irrigation systems because “Big Brother” wants to know how much water they are using. This area is my specialty, so trust me I know what I am talking about. Our state government decided they wanted to know how much water our farmers were using. It was so “important” to them that they put out a bid for flow meters and accepted the “lowest” bidder. They then needed someone to install them. This job also went to the “lowest” bidders. What was the result? Flow meters that are NOT accurate and shoddy installations that cost the farmers time and money. The guys hired by our officials would come out and install the things wrong or worse, they would cut out a 3-4″ slug of pipe to insert the meters. They would often times let the 3-4″ pipe slug drop into the pipeline and stop up the system or best conctrict it so much that the farmer couldn’t irrigate without spending countless hours and dollars getting it out.
    Sorry to be so long winded, but I am tired of Gary Black’s name and “so called credentials” being pushed down our throats. While these arguments may seem small, they just go to prove that Gary Black knows little about what our great farmers in this great state have to put up with.
    By the way, I could go on and on. If anyone is interested, I will share all I have learned from My research…not what I have been fed by some candidate or some ad.

  9. The General says:

    Ah…Georgia Voter. You really are for Darwin, aren’t you? Can’t blame you for supporting the man even though you’ve only “met him a few times.” Must have been an amazing few times. I guess an amazing few times can get you pretty well-versed in the anti-Gary talking points.

    Now, according to what I’ve read, I’m pretty sure Darwin moved to Mass to run against Mitt Romney for the ’94 GOP nod in the Mass Senate race, but then he came back and started some businesses. Unfortunately in 2002, the SoS “administratively dissolved” his companies. I wonder why. Maybe Darwin is hiding something. Who knows?


    • Lady Thinker says:

      I didn’t know that General! Thanks for posting as I am going to vote early tomorrow (Wednesday).

  10. fed-up says:

    Thanks for the link General. It was interesting to see the comparison of the two candidates contributors. Darwin Carter had mostly farmers and small businesses. Let’s look at Gary Black’s. These are listed in no specific order:
    Pennington, GA Petroleum Council, Perdue Farms, Monsanto, Cocal Cola, GA Power, Cagles, Griffin Industries, Tyson, First United Ethanol, numerous fertilizer companies, numerous exterminating companies and even several out of state companies. All of these companies are regulated, inspected or somehow impacted by the Commissioner of Agriculture and his office. Looks kind of strange to me. Why would a food processor such as Tyson, Cagles, Perdue, Coca Cola, etc help elect someone who promises to be more stringent in his inspections of their facilities and processes? Just asking…

    • voter4 says:

      Why? do you expect an answer????? From Gary Black? He did not answer ours either. They don’t like real issues like: jobs, small farms, horseracing etc.
      Good note

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