Cory Ruth Keeps It Interesting In GA-4

Cory Ruth has issued a press release announcing the endorsement of Former State Representative Betty Jo Williams. This comes on the heels of last month’s endorsement by retiring Dunwoody Senator Dan Weber. With 2 weeks to go until election day, it seems that Ruth is building some momentum that may keep the Republican Primary for Congressional District 4 interesting these last two weeks.

Full press release below the jump.

“Proud to pass the conservative mantle to Cory Ruth”

Dunwoody, GA—Former State Representative Betty Jo Williams, who represented DeKalb County in the State House for two decades, today announced her enthusiastic endorsement for Cory Ruth in the Republican primary for Georgia’s 4th Congressional District. Rep. Williams noted Ruth’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and genuine Republican values.

“I know Cory Ruth will protect our freedoms and support conservative values in Congress,” said Williams. “Republicans need his youth and energy to save our country from the coming financial disaster.”
Rep. Williams added: “I believe he has the character we need from every member of the House of Representatives in Washington today. I am proud to pass the conservative mantle to Cory Ruth, and ask every Republican to help support him.”

Ruth, who is one of 32 African-Americans running for Congress as Republicans this year, said he was humbled by Williams’ support.
“Betty Jo Williams stands for everything I want to be as a member of Congress,” said Ruth. “I’m honored and humbled by her endorsement and hope that I can help grow the ranks of Republicans and bring responsible, conservative leadership to the 4th District.”

Ruth, who manages information security standards for a Fortune 500 banking services company, decided to run because of the current economic crisis in our nation and its effects on the people of Georgia’s 4th district.

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  1. conserve says:

    Really? You are right, he’s keeping it interesting. This is his 2nd real endorsement. Two weeks before the primary he’s in DC meeting with special interest groups (from his FB page)
    And I thought this was a conservative blog site… Cory is not a conservative, well he says he’s a social conservative, but he’s not a fiscal conservative. He believes in Keynesian Economics (from his website blogs) and we all KNOW how that worked out aka Cash for Clunkers.
    Plus have any of you read his stance on bringing the people from Haiti to the US? On who’s dime, YOURS and MINE. Really guys?
    I especially enjoyed this article –

    I also like the conversation on Twitter from one Libsrhino, who is obviously his ex-wife. That’s another thing, who in their right mind runs for Congress in the middle of a divorce? LOL, he’s interesting alright.

    Lastly, who in their right mind want a self professed minister who from his own FB page says we need more “Faith based legislation” – I’m still trying to figure out what religion he’s going to attempt to put in front of the Constitution.

  2. In The Arena says:

    Two weeks away from the primary and this is all you can come up with Icarus? I think you are trying to distract everyone from the significant issues that have developed in statewide races . You accuse people of thread jacking, but this would not even be necessary if you did not “blog jack”.

  3. Mike P. says:

    “Cory Ruth Keeps It Interesting”??? “Ruth is building some momentum..”??? I sure don’t see what you see…. What I see is Liz Carter, who started out in front, pulling away, far ahead of her three competitors. I see someone who is being embraced by the diverse constituency of the 4th District, unlike Mr. Ruth who is playing entirely to his base. I see some one who is getting Endorsements on an almost daily basis… including: the DeKalb Fraternal Order of Police, the Republicans at Morehouse College, RedState, Mayor Bucky Johnson of Norcross, Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway, Rep. Mike Jacobs – Georgia House of Representatives, Rep. Bob Smith – Georgia House of Representatives, Leaders of Atlanta Tea Party Patriots, Conservative Congress “Finding the Right”, Steve McGranahan the Worlds Strongest Redneck, Give Us Liberty, Michael James Kolter, Brad Essex, Log Cabin Republicans, and Moira Block, Business Owner. That’s fifteen by my count, to Cory’s two. As far as “the conservative mantle”, I didn’t even know that there was such a thing, let it alone that it belongs to Ms. Williams to give away! A turtle going downhill is probably “building some momentum” too. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself ! –, Facebook: Liz Carter For Congress.

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