Ralph Hudgens [IS-R]





I feel that I am qualified for this administrative position because of my experience.

In the first Bush Administration, I was the State Executive Director of ASCS, the agency that administered the federal farm program.  This agency had 143 county offices and 1400 employees, thus giving me the experience to manage a large agency.

I own or co-own four small businesses and understand the importance of insurance to consumers.  I have built businesses and met payrolls.

I have a relationship with the General Assembly due to my fourteen years in both the House and Senate, the last six as Chairman of the Senate Insurance Committee.  That relationship is important because of the fact that we may need to pass legislation to protect us from “Obama care”.  In 2010, we passed and the Governor signed my bill, SB 411, which states “no law, rule, or regulation can force any Georgia citizen to purchase health insurance against their will”, but we may need more emergency action and I have the relationship to get that done.

I have national insurance relationships with my memberships in the following organizations: Life Insurance Committee Chair of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators, Legislative Committee member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and Vice-Chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact.

The primary focus of this position is to protect the consumers of Georgia from insurance companies, insurance agents, small loan abuses, fire hazards, and other dangers.  He is the Fire Safety, Industrial Loan, and Insurance Commissioner.  It takes experience to do this job.

I have been endorsed by the Medical Association of Georgia, the PAC Board of the Georgia Association of Realtors, 25 past presidents and current board members of the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia, and the leadership of the Professional Insurance Agents.  Two of my six campaign co-chairs are former US Senator Mack Mattingly and former GOP gubernatorial nominee, Guy Millner.  Many Mayors, County Commissioners, and Sheriffs have also endorsed my candidacy.  I look forward to the opportunity of serving the citizens of this great state.

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