Gerry Purcell [IS-R]

Statement from Gerry Purcell, “The Solutions Candidate”

Georgia’s Next Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner

President Ronald Reagan said:

“We need new leaders unfettered by old ties and old relationships.”

After decades of failed progressive ideology and a failure to lead by both parties, Reagan’s statement is truer than ever.

I have learned a similar lesson in the marketplace:

Those who have led us into the mess are not the ones who will lead us out of the mess.

And, we are in a mess. Failed progressive ideology and a failure to lead and exercise fiscal discipline by both parties are causes. And “good old boy” cronyism has suffocated our state, holding us back from our full potential. Some career politicians have enriched themselves on power.

As a new leader for Georgia, unfettered by old ties and old relationships, I have developed a reputation for taking on tough, complex challenges. I bring:

Tested military leadership, exemplified by receiving the George Marshall Leadership Award
Marketplace results, having turned around five failing business units with Mobil Oil
17 years of recognized free market health care leadership that will help lead the battle against Washington

My Priorities

1. Rebuilding Trust

We begin restoring trust with a “No wiggle room” ethics policy. I pledge to accept no gifts, no meals, no entertainment, no trips to bowl games, or hunting trips, and such from special interest groups hoping to gain favor from this Office. I will pay my on way. Yes, it will mean meetings at affordable coffee shops, rather than expensive restaurants with vintage wine and cigars.

Both consumer and corporate interests will have access to the Office to provide information, but information is all we will accept.

2. My “Fight & Fix” Strategy Against ObamaCare

The newly passed health care law frequently references insurance commissioners as integral to its implementation. We are in a street fight that will consume significant time for the next four years.

Georgia needs an expert who is experienced in working on complex health issues at the state and national level. I am that expert.

I support vigorous litigation against the individual mandate and the unprecedented distortion and abuse of Article I, Section 8 of our Constitution. I will work with the new AG to identify other litigation issues such as the unprecedented invasion of our privacy.

I will oppose non-sustainable mandates like the high-risk pool. This pool is severely flawed and economically unsustainable. Georgia is set to receive $177 million for this pool. If only 200,000 of our citizens join, of the 1.8 million uninsured, the pool would be severely underfunded at $885 per person.

The central question is, does the federal government have the right to bankrupt the State of Georgia? Absolutely not!

Here are a few of the solutions I have proposed to fix our health care markets. I will work in partnership with the legislature to adopt:

a. More market competition, while keeping the feds out of our business. Most state insurance markets operate more like oligopolies than free markets. I am a leading advocate of interstate sales.

b. Fewer mandates and eliminate the insurance tax. Georgia has 45 insurance mandates compared with Alabama’s 21. We have the second highest insurance tax in the U.S. Minimally, we must expose the premium tax on every consumer/business policy statement.

c. Pooling for small businesses, allowing them to buy with scale like bigger companies buy.

d. Vigilant insurance fraud program.

e. Meaningful, effective tort reform, more arbitration and simplified insurance contracts written in layman’s language.

f. More transparency, in order for payers/consumers to know what their costs are up front.

g. Shift power back to individuals, through greater use of Health Savings Accounts. Indiana did this in 2009 with great success.

3. Other Priorities:

a. Audit Title 33 – White Paper to legislature on outdated regulations

b. Institute zero based budgeting

c. Privatize some Department functions

d. Work with AG and legislature to develop a strategy to reduce uninsured motorists

e. Increase rewards for arson information

f. Institute a “FedEx/UPS” type tracking process for consumer complaints and business/agent inquiries and applications

g. Move to two year licensing of agents to save the State money

h. Work with economic development to formulate a strategy to attract insurance companies to Georgia

i. Develop a strategy to assist local law enforcement to aggressively pursue metal theft

I would be honored to win your support. I am ready to go to work for Georgia, with vision, solutions and conviction.


  1. hannah says:

    The desire to be led creates an insurmountable contradiction for Republicans and guarantees failure. But then, failure has proved a boon for public officials. It’s the key to longevity in office to “try and try again.”

  2. The General says:

    He can call him “priorities” all he wants, but at least he has a plan. Some of the others don’t have a clue.

    Thank goodness he didn’t state how many straw polls he has won. It’s starting to get annoying.

    • ECSnob says:

      A plan for a regulatory office… Plans he cannot ever complete but sound really good on the trail and to people who don’t know any better…

      but at least he has a plan

  3. Romegaguy says:

    Anyone know if he still lobbies for insurance companies in states other than Georgia?

    • godspeed says:

      Good luck on finding anything out from his campaign on this. I am in the industry and I have been paying close attention to his race. Upon asking some questions about his background, they retreated into their holes like the groundhog.

      If he does, I am sure that he calls it “consulting” for insurance companies. Or “working with states to lower health care.” I have decided that he is BS.

      • girlygrrll says:

        Americans are blessed to have a system that explicitly allows the people to have a voice about issues that are important to them, i.e. the First Amendment.
        I do not need every bullet point on Gerry Purcell’s resume to conclude he has a solid plan for the Commissioner’s office and that he is the only candidate to pledge not to accept gifts or any other “perks.” A search of the AJC archives confirms he has not been part of any scandals that plague the General Assembly.

        • Romegaguy says:

          so it doesnt bother you that someone that does the bidding of insurance companies in other states will give the same insurance companies whatever they want if he is elected as Insurance Commissioner, no matter what he promises to do while campaigning for the job?

          • MariettaLegal says:


            He does not work or lobby for insurance companies, not now or anytime in the last decade. His clients are payers; those who purchase insurance like you and me, employers and taxpayer plans; and providers, those who provide the services. No insurance companies – you have the wrong candidate. In fact, he has a history of fighting for more transparency of costs from those insurance companies you claim he works for. Check the financial disclosures sir and you will see who does work for the insurance companies.

    • MariettaLegal says:


      “Just Gas stations”

      This is wonderful, ECSnob. You just insulted thousands of gasoline retailers in GA, most of whom are small businessmen and franchise owners.

      My one gasoline retailer client had a multi-million dollar investment, well over a million in annual sales and around 10 employees. What about that does not qualify as a real business?

      Mr. Purcell had profit & loss responsiblity for over $7 million with Mobil; 7 company owned units worth multi-millions and around 60 employees. And, oh yes, I guess you are aware of all the fire safety responsibility that comes with that, too?

      I am going now to research just how many of these “just gas stations” there are in GA. Should be interesting…

      • ECSnob says:

        To the thousands of gas retailer peach pundit readers of Georgia, my humblest of apologies….

        Thank you, come again

      • Provocateur says:

        I’d like to see more proof of his working with Mobil Oil than a mere statement from him saying he did. This post is the first time I’ve ever encountered it.

  4. Thenosi says:

    I have known Gerry Purcell for more than 4 years. In this time he has proven to be a man of absolute character and integrity. He is the only candidate with any real solutions and in addition the only candidate with the experience and know how to implement them. The rest of the candidates don’t even come close. Unless you want the same good ole boy politics vote Gerry Purcell. The man is excellent.

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