Cobb County GOP Straw Poll

So I can quit having people sending me messages about it, here’s this weekend’s straw poll. I’m now going back to ignoring all of you.

Karen Handel – 199
Eric Johnson – 199
Nathan Deal – 140
John Oxendine – 130
Jeff Chapman – 31
Ray McBerry – 3

Attorney General
Sam Olens – 341
Max Wood – 203
Preston Smith – 128

Secretary of State
Brian Kemp – 345
Doug MacGinnitie – 331

Jeff May – 235
John Douglas – 154
Tim Echols – 122

State School Superintendent
Richard Wood – 278
John Barge – 221

Labor Commissioner
Melvin Everson – 425
Mark Butler – 152

Agriculture Commissioner
Gary Black – 546
Darwin Carter – 115

Insurance Commissioner
Gerry Purcell – 235
Maria Shefield – 103
Seth Harp – 98
Ralph Hudgens – 47
Stephen Northington – 39
Tom Knox – 13
John Mamalakis – 5
Rick Column – 3


  1. There’s nothing here that’s really shocking to me. I already called that it would be a Handel/EJ runoff. The negative press is clearly taking it’s toll on Doug MacGinnitie because he should have won this. I’m happy to see that Richard Woods won comfortably. He’s a great guy. When he spoke to the Lee County Teen Republicans earlier this year I knew he was the right guy for the job. Also, Maria Sheffield has climbed her way up into second place. I figured it would be a Purcell/Sheffield runoff.

    • MDokes says:

      EJ and scandal Handel are going to get a bigger beating than you got running for treasurer of the teen GOP. Neither will be there come August 10th?

      • Wow, that’s a pretty harsh prediction (though my race in the GATRS wasn’t that big of a deal, in retrospect). I’ll definitely be looking to see who makes the first punch.

      • bowersville says:

        What’s interesting to me, if the Strategic Vision poll can be taken seriously, is if any of the other top three are geared up to take on Oxendine more directly since Ox’s numbers are falling.

        I read an article at Politico where Handel’s spokesperson had some disparaging words for Oxendine, Deal’s discribed Ox as Georgia’s version of Blogojevich. Other than that, it appears to me Johnson, Deal and Handel are sparring each other.

        If the Ox’s numbers are truly falling, there seems to me some low hanging fruit available for Deal, Handel or Johnson to push his number’s even lower.

        Fascinating. I love these wild west shootouts. This one is as intriguing as any special election.

        • In The Arena says:

          I would like to see Oxendine subject his tax “plan” to the National Tax Foundation for analysis. Deal did this and they said it would jump Georgia from 29th to 16th. Once Oxendine is forced to have an actual plan to submit for analysis, my guess would be that it would drop us from 29th to probably about 35th. I will say it is hard to speculate the effects of a plan where zero specifics have been disclosed.

          • In The Arena says:

            “Georgia’s tax code has not had a top-to-bottom review in over two decades. Karen will lead a comprehensive overhaul of Georgia’s antiquated tax code, and she’ll do it collaboratively with our local governments.” Karen Handel

            Does Karen have any kind of plan that could be submitted to the National Tax Foundation for analysis?

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I think the race has definitely become who will face Handel in the runoff (as predicted, sorry Ox fans).

    Olens did not have such a great showing in his home county. People there did know he was the former Commission Chairman, I hope. If he can only barely get the slimmest of majorities there with his huge money advantage, good luck around the rest of the state. Congrats to Preston and Max for a strong showing.

  3. Mayonnaise says:

    One thing is obvious from these large attendance events and straw polls. Whenever you stuff all the candidates, from all the races, with all their staff and volunteers, into one place, Handel and Johnson seem to come out on top. The two of them in the run-off would be appropriate. I never thought OX could fall outside of the top two spots but that was before I saw his ads. If that’s how he’s going to spend his money, then third place is awaiting him. Deal is broke and done.

  4. Handel is somewhat conservative fiscally & on immigration.

    On almost every other issue she is un-conservative. It would be remarkable in a state as conservative as Georgia to end up with folks like Sen. Isakson, Handel, and Lt. Gov. Cagel in charge.

    If I wanted Republicans like this I could’ve moved to Maine.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Where did you get Isakson is conservative on anything fiscal? The problem is Georgia elects too many “conservatives” who love to spend spend spend but are given a pass because of abortion.

      If you think we have ever elected fiscal conservatives in this state, you apparently are living in a bizarre world narrated by Rod Serling.

      • Pine Knot says:

        I think his point was that we have too many RINOS in Georgia already. Atleast thats what I think when I hear Isakson or even Saxby.

        • Mayonnaise says:

          RINO = supporting Dukakis after 8 yrs of Reagan

          RINO = voting NO for Gingrich and YES for Gephardt for Speaker

          RINO = Nathan Deal

    • GOPwits says:

      On what issue is Karen unconservative? She’s pro life. She’s pro second amendment. You folks want to talk about gossip and innuendo and old emails from 10 years ago that some Democrat created, but the fact of the matter, Karen is a life long conservative Republican.


      • What issues?

        1. Abortion. She believes in more exceptions to allow abortion under more circumstances than most pro-life voters. And that’s not the only social issue she’s wobbly on…

        2. Taxes. She is a Perdue creation. Every time the budget got tight, Perdue added a tax (cigarettes, hospitals) or eliminated a tax cut (the homestead tax relief grant). Handel won’t admit it yet, but she’d follow suit because Perdue is her patron.

        3. Electronic voting. She ran somewhere to the left of Cathy Cox and Gail Buckner opposing electronic voting like the moonbat Left (and then immediately broke her campaign promise to implement a paper trail).

        4. Trade. She is for trading with anybody, and will grovel at China’s feet to bring business to Atlanta & totally ignore China’s persecution of religious and political minorities. Yes, there are other Republicans who believe in this, but it’s not my cup of tea to bend over backwards for Communist regimes.

        If you want to go on believing she’s a conservative, go ahead. But she’s Maryland Republican like Michael Steel.

        • Ambernappe says:

          Karen Handel accepts the concept of abortion only in the case of rape or incest, especially in the case of a child victim.

  5. JDW says:

    I do not know who will be in the runoff for Governor but I’m glad to see Max Wood doing so well in the home county of an opposing candidate. When will there be a Bibb County straw poll?

  6. Janet Reno says:

    I can’t believe you’re all discounting the voting power of the McBerry Wives. Just because they thought GOP stood for Girls On Parade and attended the Marietta parade instead of the Barbecue, and just because the Cobb GOP discriminated against Ray by flying that despicable American Flag at the event, and just because so many of his supporters marked their calendars for the Confederate Independence Day, you all assume that Sugar Ray has no chance to be Georgia’s first NAMGLA member Governor.

    Remember…”Georgia First 2010, lust for teens is not a sin”

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