Podcast with Rupert Parchment, candidate in GA-13

On Tuesday evening, I spoke with Rupert Parchment, candidate in the July 20th Republican primary in the 13th Congressional District.

Among issues we discussed are electoral prospects in jobs, foreign policy and defense spending, ObamaCare and what sets him apart from the other five Republicans running in the primary.

You can download the podcast here (just under 21 minutes/19.1MB, right click, “Save File As” to download).

I’d like to thank all of the candidates that participated in this podcast. It was fun to have you guys on. We’re ending with 28 podcasts and just under 11 hours of audio. You can view the archive of previous podcasts here.


  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    Rupert, a 55-percent victory over Scott in the general? I know you said your family is from the islands, but you shouldn’t be smoking Jah’s sweet sticky-icky while you’re running for elected office.

    Nice work Jason on pressing the defense spending issue. When Mr. Parchment says “25-40 percent cut in federal departmental budgets across the board” my ears perk up. When he says “except for the pentagon” I smell a neo-con and tune out.

    Also, Rupert, it’s not good practice to call a major chunk of our district (including my hometown, Jonesboro) ‘Hostile territory.’

    • Jason says:

      Yeah, it has been that way with most of the candidates I’ve talked to. I’m all for national defense, but not international offense.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        yup… I spent the first seven years of this millennium in the Navy and that branch (especially the surface and submarine fleets) need some major cuts, de-coms overhauls and adjustments.

        Not that anyone’s asking my opinion, but we should decommission the vast majority of the Cru-Des and Amphib fleets. Other assets, like anti-piracy, mine-hunting and aid missions should be rolled into an expanded coast guard, with the Navy being centered on the carriers (with a smaller, more efficient battle groups) and submarines. Also, cut the hell out of the Air Force and make ROTC scholarships need-based. There, I just saved a couple dozen billions right there.

  2. ZazaPachulia says:

    Oh yeah, and end the wars and close Guantanamo. The only thing I really liked about Obama was his foreign policy rhetoric. On that front his failures have been epic.

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