More Gold Dome Drama

Last night the AJC broke a story about Fred Cooper’s position on the State Board of Regents – Cooper has been serving on the Board of Regents since August of last year when he was appointed. But therein lies the problem and the story. Fred Cooper was never confirmed.

The question should be simple. He was appointed to the board by Gov. Sonny Perdue in 2009. His photo and bio appear on the Board of Regents’ Web site.

But, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned, Cooper’s nomination was never voted on by the state Senate, as the law requires, after his name mysteriously fell off a list of gubernatorial appointments.

Cooper, who has served on the board since he was appointed in August, is suddenly in a kind of limbo.

Bob Ewing, the secretary of the Senate, told Cooper in a June 22 letter that because he was not confirmed by the Senate, his seat on the 18-member Board of Regents is now vacant and he cannot be considered for reappointment for 12 months.

Sounds like trouble in paradise. Governor Perdue is alleging that his floor leader delivered a letter with Cooper’s name on the letter to the Lt. Governor. Somewhere along the line, Cooper’s name disappeared from the list. How did his name get off this list? Why are people being so tight-lipped about what could be a simple gaff? You’ll hear more about this story in the days to come, rest assured.


  1. GOPwits says:

    Cooper deserves to be on the Board of Regents. Sounds like someone in the Lt. Gov office is playing politics…

    The kind of games that come out of the Lt. Gov office are just among the many reasons why so many wanted a primary challenger to the Lt. Gov and why so many will be quietly voting for Carol Porter in the fall.

  2. macho says:

    I saw Reed received two $5,000 checks from the Loose Group (one for the Primary and one for the General) in June of 2006; so who knows maybe the LG is playing politics.

    • B Balz says:

      Just happened to see that, did you? That hi-powered, quiet group is not on many folks radar; they eschew publicity. Only way to ‘see’ what you ‘saw’ is to dig back 4 years deep into a disclosure forms. Not a criticism, the facts speak for themselves.

      This matter has two possible causes, political hubris or administration sloppiness. The list ought to have been transmitted to the Rules Committee, verbatim. The list did not have to be re-typed, formatted, or altered in any way. If it was, checking it against the original is a routine matter.

      Thus, an administrative error creates ‘plausible deniability ‘ for the potentiality of discovery. True, this is not a big story in itself, but I can virtually guarantee it’s purpose is to add to an imminent ‘pattern of conduct’ media campaign.

      Get your umbrella, I forecast shoes falling.

      The cracks against Gevernor Perdue are weak
      intellectually, but then … whatever.

  3. AlanR says:

    This is a very sad commentary on Cagle and his office. It may seem like a small thing, but it was either a malicious act to embarrass a political adversary, or an act of gross incompetence.

    If this was a malicious act, it would be pathetic. And everyone involved or who knew should be fired.

    If this was an accident, Cagle should fire his staff. This is just inexcusable. And the explanation in the AJC article from the chief of staff is laughable “the list [of nominees] that was approved was the list that was approved.” Good to know.

    Cagle needs to be held directly responsable. Its his office, his staff and he’s the one that should be embarassed.

    An apology from Cagle to Cooper and the Governor should be offered tomorrow.

  4. Soulja Boy says:

    Poor little Sonny Perdue. Can’t get his poor little nominees confirmed. Cry me a river, cry baby.

    This is what you get for pushing Go-Fish and giving the finger to zero-based budgeting. Go f*ck yourself you goofy, worthless piece of crap.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I think he has been banned, but I am not sure. Either way, he’s not worth talking to. I did it because I wanted to show he was wrong on some of his facts.

      • Soulja Boy says:

        Oh Doug, you just wish I had been banned, because without you, no one would call you out for being the self-important partisan douchebag that you are! 🙂

        Aren’t you the same guy who “almost joined the military” and “tried to get into every branch” but “kept getting rejected”? Right. Sure you did, buddy. The extent of you ever “trying to join the military” ended when you changed the channel after a recruiting commercial came on. Good try buddy.

        I thank God everyday knowing that real men are out there defending Doug Grammer’s right to make wildly inaccurate claims like “I tried to join the military.”

          • Soulja Boy says:

            I took your advice and looked it up. In 2005, you could have enlisted into the Army Reseves at the age of 40, which is how old you were. In 2006, you could have enlisted into the Active Duty Army at the age of 42…you were only 41.

            So what changed Dougie? I’d wager the army needed people more in 2006 than 2001, because the USA was in two wars by then. Either you lost all interest in helping out sometime between 2001 and 2005, or you never had the interest to begin with.


            • Doug Grammer says:

              I looked it up in 2001 and wasn’t eligible. I wasn’t unaware that they raised the age when they did and by the time I found out, I was too old to join again.

              I served as the Chapter Leader of the Chattanooga Guardian Angels for a few years. I walked around high crime neighborhoods and enacted few citizens arrests, rendered first aid, called the police to active crime scenes, been shot at and firebombed. I have gone into two different buildings that were on fire to search for victims of smoke inhalation. Yes, I have a small head wound scar from my times with the Angels. I’ve also taught women’s self-defense classes and talked to kids about not using drugs and not being involved in gangs. I was active for quite a while and traveled the country: Chicago, New York, West Palm Beach, Nashville, Birmingham, and New Orleans to name a few. I’ve spent New Years eve in bankhead courts of Atlanta and I’ve even worked with the Savannah Guardian Angels. We recently re-established the Atlanta Guardian Angels. I am retired from that group because I am more focused on my job and politics now.

              I did what I thought I could. What have you done other than complain? You call yourself souljaboy but have you really served?

  5. Georgia Judge says:

    You know its a slow news day when something of this caliber makes the news,seems like much to do about nothing to me…….

    Two things I dont see happening one Cagle apologizing to Cooper and secondly Carol Porter coming anywhere close to making it a ligitimate race with Cagle.

    • GOPwits says:

      Sounds like he may have violated the law by purposely leaving Cooper off the list to have been voted on. It was dually sent by the Governor for the consideration of the Senate. He doesn’t have jurisdiction to just leave the name off for consideration.

      I think this combined with all the other BS about Cagle out there will be enough… and yet, there are so many other shoes that haven’t been tied yet to fall…

    • Dear Judge,

      Respectfully I submit that if we have someone serving on the Board of Regents who has not been duly approved then there is a potential problem with any decisions said person would have been involved in making.

      I believe it is a legitimate news story.

  6. Romegaguy says:

    and how do we know that the mistake wasnt from the Governor’s end in giving a list for confirmation to the Lt Gov’s staff that didnt include Mr. Cooper?

    • B Balz says:

      Via AJC: Says Governor Purdue:

      “…”Subsequent conversations with senators and Senate staff made clear that Mr. Cooper’s name was deleted from the list at some point between the time I submitted it to the lieutenant governor’s office and the time the lieutenant governor’s office sent it to the Senate Rules Committee,” Perdue wrote, adding that he spoke with members of the Rules Committee, who said they were not aware Cooper’s name was left off. …”

      Unless I misread this, the Governor insists that name was on the list.

      • B Balz says:

        Might be a good idea for the next Governor, backups are important. If a thing is supposed to legally be done in a certain way, one ought to expect legal compliance, without exception.

        Regardless, it is not the Governors fault that the law was not upheld. In other words, if you do not like the Governor, fine. I find it both incredible and disingenuous finding fault with him when he has no reason to expect legal noncompliance.

      • B Balz says:

        I guess I do, why lie? Over this? Not too hard to produce that list under open records? If the name was left off from the Gov’s office, then that would answer the point.

        I don’t get why so many folks here dislike the Governor, while those I speak to in business and other areas seem to feel he is a good Governor.

        He vetoed a Bill I had worked on – But the reason was understandable. Believe me I could dislike him, but just don’t see this as being his fault. I may be wrong. . .

    • polisavvy says:

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. I miss him, too. I know he said he was starting up another business. Maybe it’s taking a lot of his time.

    • ByteMe says:

      Hiding. Head down with work and moving. Going to be missing for a while until I get the load back under control.

      As for this… if the lists were transmitted around electronically, then it was definitely an intentional act to remove a name, since cut-and-paste is hard to screw up.

      If it was sent by paper from the Gov’s office to the LG’s office and then re-typed for some reason, then it’s very possible that a secretary missed one when retyping the list.

      Need more info on the method of transmittal to come to a conclusion.

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