Bannister DUI arrest: Chairman couldn’t recite alphabet  |

It may very well be that he wasn’t drunk, but instead is just that senile. Read the via whole article.

“I asked him to start with the letter D and end with the letter R,” deputy M.G. Cummings wrote in the report. “I asked him if he understood and he replied yes. He began with the letter D. When he got to the G he began to omit letters and tried singing the rest of the alphabet real fast.”


  1. Progressive Dem says:

    His breath test produced a .000, which the deputy considered a mistake. So he asked Bannister to submit to a blood test.

    “Once I received the blood kit I explained to the defendant that due to the results of the breath test being inconsistent with someone who had drunk a beer, as he admitted to at the scene of the pullover and at the jail, and his current manifestations, I requested he submit to the state test of his blood. He stated he would.”

    “Bannister was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center for the test in a waist chain and handcuffs, then returned to the jail.”

    Even if that is SOP, that’s unecessary humiliation.

    “The incident began about 7 p.m., when Cummings received a call from a sergeant indicating that a “possible Gwinnett County government employee” was drinking at Cafe Hot Wing.

    “It does not appear that Bannister got preferential treatment at the jail. ” That’s for sure.

    So someone at the restaurant calls the Gwinnett Sheriff, not the police, and says a “county employee” is drinking. Like the caller didn’t know who Banister was. Why didn’t the deputy come into the cafe and say something to Banister, or give him a stern look? Instead there was no curtesy what-so-ever for a fellow public servant working for the same people. Yeah, it is special treatment and Banister should not be drinking and driving a county vehicle, but it seems like the deputy and the sheriff were more than happy to see this escalate into a worse situation than it needed to be.

    Bannister was targeted by the phone call. The Sheriff was more than happy to go after him. Banister passed the breathalizer. Willingly submitted to a blood test, and gets transported in chains. Wow. Somebody has a grudge. The Sheriff better hope that blood text comes back positive.

    • Doug Deal says:

      I agree 100% of the uneccessary humilliation. It is no wonder that so many people are starting to become weary of police as suspicion of committing a misdemeanor becomes grounds for treating the average citizen as a convicted felon.

      Pre-trial arrest was never meant as a subsitute of conviction and punishment.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      I have to agree with you. But that’s how they roll in Gwinnett County, just look at the hit job they just did on Balfour.

    • polisavvy says:

      I watched the local news and actually found myself feeling sorry for him. Seems like a witch hunt to me.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    Progressive Dem, would the average citizen received your preferred treatment? “Why didn’t the deputy come into the cafe and say something to Banister, or give him a stern look? Instead there was no curtesy what-so-ever for a fellow public servant working for the same people”.

    Have you thought the reason the citizen may have called the Sheriff ‘s Department is because they figured if they called the Gwinnett PD, preferential treatment would have been given because the GPD Chief serves at the pleasure of the BOC?

    Chairman Bannister was booked in a released within two hours. It is doubtful the average citizen would get that and he also signed a signature bond. The average citizen would not have gotten that…

    Obviously , you have never been in an accident with a drunk driver… I have been and I can tell you that when I see a drunk driver on the road, I call and report them…

    I am waiting for all the facts to come out before I start criticizing. If the blood test come back with an alcohol content then Chairman Bannister got what he deserved for driving a county vehicle while drinking . If the test does not come back with alcohol, then the Sheriff’s department owes Bannister and the tax payers a huge apology..

    • B Balz says:

      Good post. As long as there were no photo ops for the SOP of being restrained, that is not an issue to me. Two hours and OR’ed out is fair, given who he is.

      Sadly, this is just too common.

  3. TPNoGa says:

    It’s funny how he got a .000 on the breath test, but “failed” the sobriety test, so he must be guilty. The breath test isn’t accurate. But, if he passed the field test with flying colors, yet registered .08 on the breath test, he would be guilty because the breath test results would be undeniable. Interesting how these things always result in favor of the state.

  4. I’m not the biggest Bannister fan in Gwinnett… so when the story first broke I was amused. After the rest of the picture started rolling in, however, it started to smell more like a political hit-job (“ProgressiveDem”‘s comments above seem spot-on).

    Anyone know anything about “David Nesmith and Michael Hill”… political connections they might have? I can’t imagine calling the police just because I spotted a local politician drinking “3 or 4 beers”. Even if I did, I would call the Lilburn police since that’s where the business was located… calling the county sheriff is just odd. There has to be more beneath the surface of this story.

  5. Bill30097 says:

    As I drive by the white elephant minor league baseball stadium built over the taxpayers’ objections, I don’t feel much sympathy for this RINO.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    I have a question for you guys that I cannot understand. Maybe someone that has had experience with the breath test can answer it. If you had two beers, would it register or does it only register if you have a certain amount of alcohol? Bannister said the results show 0 but he admitted to having two beers. What is the point that causes the breath test to register? If it was working properly and resgistered 0, does that mean Bannister was not over the legal limit and should not have been arrested?

  7. Lady Thinker says:

    I have a problem with the bar employee calling an off-duty deputy friend to report Bannister drinking, however, any police or sheriff official can be put in a no win situation when politicans are involved.

    When the deputy watched Bannister drive off and saw him weave three times, he should have stopped Bannister right then if he felt Bannister was an unsafe driver. To allow Bannister to make the left turn and almost cause a crash is inexcusible. If an accident had occurred and the victim found out the sheriff had not stopped the driver for being less safe, the sheriff’s department could have faced a civil suit.

    When a politican puts himself/herself in the public eye, he/she has to realize that every public action is subject to being reported or recorded, and used in the media or at some point in the future. Bannister admitted to drinking and he knew or should have known that the action was against county written policy, which he violated when he took that first sip of alcohol. Whether the bloodwork comes back positive or negative, he broke the rules by drinking and driving a taxpayer paid vehicle and he needs to face that internal punishment, just like any other county employee would face, sworn or unsworn.

  8. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    If this were about public safety, shouldn’t the deputies have stopped him as soon as he walked out of the bar and said: Hey man, we heard you’ve been drinking in there, maybe you should call yourself a cab instead of trying to drive home.”

    A LEO letting someone get into a car to drive home whom they know has been drinking is pretty irresponsible. What if he had T-boned a car as soon as he pulled out of the parking lot?

    • polisavvy says:

      That’s a very good point you raised. I wondered the same thing. Why did they allow him to even get on the streets in the first place? Seems a tad fishy to me.

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