The Plot Thickens and the Field Lessens

For those of you following the Soap Opera “As GA-9 Votes”, it seems as if Dr. Cates is no longer campaigning in the race. But he will serve if elected.

Dr. Chris Cates announced Monday that he will no longer actively campaign for the 9th district congressional seat this year but will serve if voters elect him.

“There has been a lot of money spent in this 9th District congressional race and I’m not going to try to outspend the other people in order to win,” the heart doctor said in a statement released to the AJC Monday.

“I hope I’ve clearly articulated my position on the issues of concern for the citizens of the 9th District and I’ll continue to fight for them in public and in private. At some point, I’ll find a way to help and serve the people of North Georgia in the future.”

Cates placed fourth in a special election for the 9th district seat earlier this year with 11.8 percent of the vote, behind Tom Graves, Lee Hawkins and Steve Tarvin. Graves defeated Hawkins in a June 8 special election runoff to replace U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal in the 9th congressional district. Deal resigned to focus on his gubernatorial campaign. Deal’s former district includes parts of Forsyth and Gordon counties, as well as all of Catoosa, Dade, Dawson, Fannin, Gilmer, Hall, Lumpkin, Murray, Pickens, Union, Walker, White and Whitfield counties.

Cates, Graves, Hawkins, Tarvin and Bobby Reese are now competing in the July 20 primary for the next term in office. Bert Loftman and Bill Stephens have withdrawn from the race, but their names will still appear on the GOP primary ballot. No Democrats have qualified to get on the ballot.

So he’s not campaigning actively. But he didn’t come out and say he wants to withdraw. Oh sock puppets, read the divine tea leaves and tell us how this shows Graves is really a bad businessman and how Hawkins is really Steve Martin in “Little Shop of Horrors.”


  1. gasurvivor says:

    With the smaller stories, you don’t have to post the full press releases on the front page.

  2. GeorgiaValues says:

    The dentist from Gainesville should follow Dr. Cates example, quit sending his recycled daily attack emails, and do something more productive with the rest of his summer.

    It is sad to watch a once semi-capable politician desperately trying to save face/his political career, which he has flushed down the toilet – poorly advised along the way with his 100% negative, inaccurate, and mismanaged campaign.

    Cates may have been ill-advised to get in this race, but at least he showed the common sense to hang it up when the voters have made their clear choice.

    Prepare for the Hawkins/cyber-stalker’s irrational/illogical response in 3…2…1…(to summarize – Tom is the devil and Lee is actually winning).

    • Soulja Boy says:


      Did Tom Graves sleep with your girlfriend? Or did Lee Hawkins offer you a job on his staff? I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so bitter about a primary race. You have deep seeded emotional issues, probably resulting from always being picked last in kickball. Regardless, you are a sore loser.

      Hawkins. Lost. Life. Must. Go. On.

      • GeorgiaConservative says:

        Even more hate from the winning team. I dire would hate to have to hear you if your guy lost.

        Win with done class. Geeze.

      • one n done says:

        Are you unable to see yours or georgiavalues comments? It seems your more bitter about him being bitter…both of ya’lls comments contained personal attacks for no reason…I can’t imagine how’d you would be handling yourself had your guy lost…even less class probably if one could imagine

        • lifehappens says:

          I am sorry one n done, but as a reader of these posts I have to say you really are the pot calling the kettle black. In almost every post lately that has anything to do with this race, you defend your man Hawkins and do nothing but attack Graves and his supporters. You are the one that seems bitter. I don’t have a dog in this race, I just think you are being pretty hypocritical.

        • Soulja Boy says:


          What makes either of you think that Graves is “my guy”. FWIW, I have voted Democratic for the past 4 election cycles. So I could care less which Republican candidate wins a primary.

          But I have been around Peach Pundit a long time. And as bad as it gets around here, I have never seen anyone as bitter after a primary loss as Joshua Morris. You would have to be crazy to think his dedication to Hawkins rest on principle alone. He’s bitter as hell, and I for one think it’s hilarious to see someone so bitter.

          If he wants to be bitter, than I’ll continue to poke and prod him until the end.

          • Gary Cooper says:

            Sorry I have to come to Josh’s defense. I have not seen any bitterness from the Hawkins team because they lost the runoff. If anything the topic has been pretty silent on PP since the days following the runoff.

            I disagree with the way Hawkins is running his campaign and certainly don’t support him; but his supporters here have been quiet since then and they know they have one more opportunity to cross that finish line. I am sure the debate and mud will start up again soon, but the bitterness from the earlier comments were unwarranted.

            And this is coming from someone who supports Graves.

            • Soulja Boy says:

              What is with you people? I thought you were suppose to be “conservative”, you know? Pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps?

              Joshua, if he really is the conservative he claims to be, doesn’t need all of you fair-weather friends coming to his defense.

            • lifehappens says:

              Just to clarify, my post was directed at one n done. I think Mr. Morris is just really passionate about Hawkins, does he cross the line sometimes, probably, but so do some of the passionate Graves people. And you have to give him credit for using his real name.
              It is one n done, who the last few weeks in every post on PP regarding this race, has bashed Graves (with Hawkins talking points), and personally attacked Graves supporters with in my opinion over the top sexist comments. I was just pointing out her hypocrisy in calling others bitter.

              • one n done says:

                I never have once defended Hawkins, only pointed out what you people can’t seem to comprehend about Graves…fraudulent transfer of property is no joke, and does say A LOT about his character, business acumen, and inability to take personal responsibility of his mistakes and put it behind him by being open to his new constituents. This IS a big deal and his constituents deserve to know the truth FROM GRAVES MOUTH before he starts his court hearings…

                • lifehappens says:

                  One n done/LCU,
                  I am not Debbie, she can fend for herself. I was just pointing out your hypocrisy to call others bitter, when your post is a perfect example of how you use the Hawkins talking points you have fallen for to bash Graves and your post contain a lot of anger and bitter. Anyone can go to the post on PP regarding this race in the past few months and read your post for themselves and see that.

                  • one n done says:

                    I dont even know what LCU means and I got my talking points from the AJC. There is no bitterness in saying that Tom owes it to his constituents to clear the air on this “fraudulent transfer of property” (AJC, Choose any of the 7 or 8 articles) before he goes to Superior Court to answer the charges. That is just honest, ethical, and more than anything, the right thing to do. If there has been no wrong-doing whatsoever, fine, but prove it to your constituents that hired you on “your small business experience” and then move past it.

                    Sorry I had to cite the AJC, it may not have followed MLA format, but I had to find a way to prove to Debbie that THESE ARE NOT HAWKINS TALKING POINTS and they have in fact been brought up by the AJC and WSB-TV Channel 2 SEVERAL TIMES. Believe it or not there are still a few free thinking Americans that can do their own research on these con-artists we call politicians (that comment was not directed at anyone in specific, just all of them in general)
                    I’m sorry that it doesn’t shine the valiant light on Tom that you so blindly see but, it is what it is…I had nothing to do with what Tom did or didn’t do with this motel, but am sick and tired of all the stonewalling by every politician until after there next election so they can use there office to sweep sketchy deals under the rug

                    • lifehappens says:

                      I will say it again, I am not Debbie. Have you taken some of those “crazy pills” you talk about in your posts? And, if your often citing of Hawkins website and uses of words (i.e. Stonewalling, that appeared in a Hawkins press release yesterday) didn’t occur so frequently, one might buy your claim that you are not just reciting the talking points the Hawkins camp is feeding you.

  3. PaulRevere says:

    Just withdraw. So he still wants to be a Congressman, but he doesn’t want to campaign for it anymore?

  4. Doug Grammer says:

    I have no plans to campaign but if the voters in the Ninth District decide that they want to write my name in, I will serve. (Just kidding, please don’t vote for me.)

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Glad you threw in that last part. Lee Hawkins was already writing an attack piece.

  5. Gary Cooper says:

    I think Cates sees the writing on the wall. I mean, all of the four way stops and intersections have taken up their signs in support of him. How many supporters does the guy have left? (This was all said in jest btw 🙂 )

  6. Soulja Boy says:

    I have no personal qualms with Lee Hawkins, but as a State Senator, he didn’t make one significant contribution to your so-called “conservative” cause.

    Tom Graves, on the other hand, served as leader of the 216 Group, who vetted every significant piece of legislation to pass through the house, to ensure that it was “conservative” enough. If I remember correctly, Graves lost his position in the House for standing up to “liberal” Glen Richardson. That is principle. Whether I agree with his principles or not, at least he has them. He’s also a leader among his conservative peers.

    What is Hawkins? An ally of Georgia Power? A man who’s enamored with stimulus dollars? A man who, prior to this race, was an anonymous Senator with no legislative accomplishments?

  7. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Yawn…this stuff is getting so old…I guess I should go look for some Ox attacks on the other thread.

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