1. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Worst. Voice over. Ever.

    I look forward to this spot running statewide . . . on youtube.

  2. sspringsconservative says:

    I really hate that Mac. has turned this race into a fight between Republicans. What happened to being respectful within our own party– we all want the same thing right?

    I really hope Sec. Kemp does not stoop to his level and fight back. Kemp has gained my vote on account of moral high ground. You though Mac. would have learned his lesson with that Purple Heart mailer…

  3. EllisArnall says:

    Pretty low of MacGinnitie to use Brian Kemp out of context like that… Not surprising given recent news about MacGinnitie disrespecting the military.

    I would question the accuracy of the accusations. Also, at least Kemp voted. Doug did not. As the Georgia’s election official, you should at least vote.

    • PaulRevere says:

      From what it looks like (on these pages, since this has been covered before) he voted as much as the average Joe. I wish he’d voted more, but he seems like a very capable manager for that office based on his business resume.

      Snappy graphics on the video. A+

    • Brileigh says:

      Yet, it is thanks to Secretary Kemp and his winning the state senate race in Athens-Clarke county that the Republican party in Athens has grown and is no longer a majority Democratic district and people can vote and be involved in politics in Athens-Clarke county without having to vote in Democratic primaries. Having a voice is more important than staying silent, like Doug.

  4. SouthernGent says:

    I guess since everyone suspects that MacGinnitie will only be airing this via Youtube, Kemp will be one upping him by going on air. The average person doesn’t vote in every primary so I would be shocked if the average person gets upset about Doug missing a primary. At least he knows what team he is on. The same team as many of us

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      ” . . . about Doug missing a primary.”

      Umm, how about you take that one primary and add eight more. Grassroots Doug missed 9 GOP Primary Elections in row, up until voting in the 2008 GOP Primary.

      This is getting to be a bit remedial, but here we go again: Doug didn’t vote in the GOP Primary Election in 90, 92, 94, 96, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006.

      And for the amateurs in the room–I’m looking at you, “Buckhead”– a GOP Primary and the Presidential Preference contest are two entirely different elections.

    • macho says:

      In Doug’s world if you’ve actually voted in a Primary, then you’re a lifetime politician. I think this is the very first Primary for SOS that Doug has ever voted in.

    • kyleinatl says:

      Sometimes you pull ballots for the other side to vote against someone you’d rather not see in the general election….I’ll likely be doing it to vote against Ox.

  5. edmund says:

    Kemp will easily sail to victory so long as the MacGinnitie campaign continues wasting their money on the worst mail and TV of the cycle.

  6. Georgia Judge says:

    The old saying desperate times call for desperate measures,comes to mind when veiwing this ad.It’s like everything else that comes out of the Mcginnitie camp….. BS.

    I just heard that Doug helped Al Gore invent the internet,anyone get the mailer yet?

  7. HowardRoark says:

    Kemp is a blatant opportunist and a wannabe career politician. I’d bet dollar to a donut was getting ready to run as a Democrat in 2002. That guy is just in it for the title and paycheck.

    • HowardRoark says:

      I’ll agree. Less than perfect. I remember missing a runoff before, but never pulled an Democrat ballot. I don’t know if I could bring myself to do it.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        I migtht be able to vote Dem for the right reasons: Getting rid of C. McKinney, family member or close friend running, nothing going on in the GOP primary and I wanted to vote for the weakest Dem….however, I’ve not felt the need to do so yet.

      • macho says:

        I respect someone more who actually votes, then someone, like Doug, who completely blew off the process. Voting in the SOS primaries is for the little people and very beneath a man like Doug.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I just watched the debate video and am satisfied with why Sec. Kemp voted Dem. Mr. MacGinnitie still has some ‘splaining to do.

      • macho says:

        There is no way you can explain being too lazy to vote in every Georgia Primary (not talking about Presidential) for your entire life.

        • PoliticalOutsider says:

          college athletes, ivy league grads, and c-level executives tend to not be lazy. The Kemp attacks in Doug seem to be getting very personal and irrational.

          • ACCmoderate says:

            So we should give Doug a pass because he played soccer at Dartmouth and that prooves he’s not lazy?

            The dude didn’t vote… there’s proof. I’m sorry but if you can’t motivate yourself to vote in an election where your name isn’t on the ballot, I don’t think I can motivate myself to pull the lever for you.

            • PoliticalOutsider says:

              I was just dispelling your lame attack that the man was lazy. I don’t care why you vote for Kemp, but you shouldn’t lie about Doug just because you don’t have a positive reason to vote for Kemp.

              • Holly says:

                I don’t understand how it’s lying to say he didn’t vote in primaries before 2008. That’s his voting record. And there are folks who will wonder why someone who doesn’t bother with primaries often should be the state’s elections officer. True, the office has other responsibilities, but that’s the one everyone knows.

  8. Word says:

    Oh my goodness this is getting stupid. How about come up with some issues? I know it’s the Secretary of State’s race but fight over something that matters. This is Georgia not California and unfortunately, for me at least, there are still some places in the state that vote democrat locally and republican nationally. It’s just the way it is. I live in buckhead and if I want to vote in a primary city council, school board, mayor or a county commission race, if I want my vote to matter, I would need to pull a democratic ballot. You party people need to get a life. I am a life long republican but who cares if someone wanted to vote locally to make a difference. At least they voted. Now, lets get on with the issues PLEASE!!!

  9. UGADAWG83 says:

    Way to alienate the voters in most of rural and urban Georgia, Doug. In many counties such as Clarke where Kemp lives, the local elections were/are in the Democratic primary, so to have a voice in who your sheriff or county commissioner was/is, you have/had to vote Democrat. Check the records of many rural GOP chairs and you’d likely find some D primary votes. In fact, I’m sure there’s many good Republicans in the home county of your campaign manager, Mr. Phillips, who’ve voted Dem a few times. Weak, Doug, really weak.

    • ACCmoderate says:

      I was about to say, I don’t think the Republican ballot even exists in Athens-Clarke County.

      Not all of us moved to a predominately white area in order to avoid minorities Doug.

      • GARepublican2010 says:

        Come on, this is ridiculous. I’m not from Metro Atlanta, nor am I particularly inclined to move to OTP, but if you’re going to dismiss everyone from Sandy Springs or Lawrenceville, you’re going to be writing off a lot of politicians.

        • ACCmoderate says:

          GAR, I never said anything about Lawrenceville.

          I claimed that Doug moved to a predominately white area in order to avoid minorities. Lawrenceville isn’t majority white. Sandy Springs, however, is 77% white (according to the 2000 census figures for the area). You see, Sandy Springs owes its existence to this thing called “white flight.”

          I’m not saying that Doug is a racist, but I am saying that he’s bragged about taking part in the latest evolution of minority disenfranchisement.

          • GARepublican2010 says:

            If I recall correctly he was born in that area (His website says he grew up in Dunwoody and went to Marist). Yes, I’m aware of a lot of the dynamics that originally drove the growth of the metro areas, but it’s ridiculous to say that coming from OTP=racist.

            I mean, if you really have ESP powers, and you’ve divined MacGinnitie’s motives for living in Sandy Springs, that’s one thing, but to make judgements on someone just based on his living in Sandy Springs (which has demographics that aren’t too far from America’s as a whole) makes no sense to me.

  10. BuckheadConservative says:

    The issue here is Brian saying he’s been working for Republicans for a long time but voting for Democrats 3 times. It’s saying one thing and your actions not matching up.

    Yes, Jack, it appears Doug missed a some votes. That’s unfortunate. But it’s still inaccurate to say he “never voted in a Republican primary” like Brian says. But the guy is obviously a staunch conservative from his time on the Sandy Springs City Council. He ran as a Republican and he voted like one when he got there. Even against other Republicans who wanted to tax and spend like Democrats. THAT’S THE VOTING RECORD I CARE ABOUT.

    • macho says:

      Doug doesn’t have a voting record. Other than some Presidential Preference Primaries, Doug has completely blown off the process. It’s only until he thought it would be cool to be SOS that he even gave two flips about the stupid peons who vote in State Primaries.

      • Romegaguy says:

        kinda like when Kemp thought it would be cool to be an elected Republican legislator and quit voting in DEMOCRATIC primaries? or when Kemp thought it would be cool to be the Agriculture Commissioner and he introduced his first piece of legislation related to agriculture?

        • Holly says:

          I know I’m snarking a bit more than I normally do, but I’m still really annoyed about that ad.

          Now, y’all correct me if I’m wrong, but this is what I take from it:

          “While you were voting for Republicans, Brian Kemp was voting for Democrats.”

          Meanwhile, Doug McGinnitie wasn’t voting at all.

          Instead of voting to help build a Republican majority in ’96, ’98, and 2000, Brian Kemp was voting in Democrat primaries.”

          And Doug McGinnitie wasn’t even bothering to vote. How exactly that helped “build Republican majorities,” I’m unsure.

          Why is one a bigger offense than the other? Further, why does Mr. McGinnitie even want to open himself up to that line of questioning?

  11. ricstewart says:

    I already voted for Doug MacGinnitie, but the mudslinging from both sides has persuaded me to vote for David Chastain in November… 75% because I believe in equal ballot access and 25% because I’m tired of the fighting between the two Republicans.

    And what’s so bad about voting in another party’s primary? God forbid we put principle over party. Arguably, several of the Democrats in the gubernatorial primary are more conservative than many of the candidates in the GOP primary.
    And citing an image of Johnny Isakson doesn’t exactly reinforce the idea of conservativism.
    And that Republican majority you all built in 2000? How’d that work out for you?

  12. Spence says:

    Doug is acting like a little brat! Grow up and focus on the issues in this race. You would think before you hit your opponent on his voting record you would make sure your own voting record was ok. But dang, what gets me is Doug hasn’t even bothered to vote.

    BTW, just watched the SOS debate from another thread and MacGinnitie looked like a deer in headlights, he did terrible!

  13. macho says:

    The reality is the only people that will ever see the ad are the folks that watch it on YouTube.

    • macho says:

      Brian hasn’t really done any negative adverstising. If you look at actual advertising dollars spent, not blogging or earned media, the Kemp people are too smart to waste any of their budget on McGinnity. It’s the kids that are running McGinnity’s campaign that are wasting valuable campaign dollars on a negative campaign against their opponent. All of the Kemp adversiting I’ve seen has been positive on Brian and all of the McGinnity advertising has negatively focused on Brian.

      Attention McGinnity campaign doofuses: in a down ballot race, where name ID is low for all candidates and campaign budgets are tight; you don’t waste valuable resources on your opponent. Negative campaigns only work when you have greater resources.

      • ACCmoderate says:

        Did you hear the voice-over guy. They didn’t expend that many valuable resources to make this ad.

      • BuckheadConservative says:

        The Kemp slime machine has been in full force. Brian started the attack in Sandy Springs with the voting flyer. It may still be in my car somewhere. Then he lied about Doug’s business. Brian’s been one of the slimiest guys in the business for a while. Anybody who would slime Gary Black is dirt.

        • Word says:

          Whoa hold up. I am not here defending Kemp but you are openly campaigning for a guy (Doug) where his campaign showed up at a private Kemp fundraiser with a camera and placed flyers on his supporters cars with negative literature. That’s as bush league as it gets! Ralph Reed wouldn’t even pull that crap so don’t sit here on your high horse calling anyone out. My hope is that this went on without Doug’s knowledge but it his campaign an extension of him. That’s as bad as it gets.

          • BuckheadConservative says:

            Yes, I am openly campaigning for Doug. I was just saying that it’s been both ways. MacGinnitie has yet tell and out and out lie, which is what Brian Kemp and his surrogates have been up to for a while now. He did the same in 2006.

          • PaulRevere says:

            I got the mailer with the pictures from the 930AM weekday fundraiser. Had a copy of the invite, too. He’s been so busy raising money to keep himself in office, he still has not fixed the security problem at the Corporations division. That’s terrible. I don’t blame McGinnitie for double underlining and highlighting that fact.

              • BuckheadConservative says:

                And just like that, we have a Kemp lie. Thank you, so very very much for proving my point.

                • Word says:

                  I don’t think a supporter that Kemp may or may not actually know, commenting on a silly blog constitutes Secretary of Kemp’s campaign lying. You give people on PP way too much credit.

                • Doug Grammer says:


                  I think it’s fairly established that someone supporting Mr. MacGinnitie was taking pictures at least 1 Sec. Kemp event. Are you saying that did not happen? If not, how is that a lie?

                  • BuckheadConservative says:

                    Yes, Doug I know that. The lie is the “children” line. That is a sick, nasty rumor started by Kemp’s consultant with a honestly disturbed mind.

                    • BuckheadConservative says:

                      She’s signing her name to a quote written by him and it’s sick. Why would she exploit her son in such a twisted way to attack a man seeking office?

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      Why should I belive it didn’t happen? She gave her name and her story to the paper (ok to the campaign that gave it to the paper, but she didn’t ask for a retraction.)….Is she a liar as well?

                    • BuckheadConservative says:

                      Mr. Grammer. You’ve been involved in GOP politics for a while and I respect what you’ve done for our party. I’m sure you have seen a great deal over the years in campaign politics. Given that, if you don’t approach this with the least bit of skepticism, that raises some serious questions. I don’t know what the point is in arguing a “he said/she said” situation here if you’ve already decided on one side. I’ll be going back to work now.

                    • Word says:

                      BC – Doug’s own campaign was caught in a lie in the news story. The goal was to catch Kemp out fundraising while he should be working. So please answer me this since you won’t answer anymore of my questions. Why take pictures of anyone other than Kemp? Why go to an event that wasn’t during working hours? Why put negative flyers on Kemp’s supporters cars?

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      I have already voted, but I won’t disclosing who that was for. There’s a 50% it was for Mr. MacGinnitie.

                      This dialog started because you stated that an allusion to a post about pictures being taken of children was a “Kemp lie.'” I would take that as Sec. Kemp lied. Then it became a lie of his consultant. Then it became a lie of someone hosting a fund raiser for Sec. Kemp. Which is it? All of them? Feel free to answer after work.

                      I am just asking you to prove that it was a lie. The evidence seems to suggest that you can’t. My questions don’t reflect an opinion who would make a better SOS, just that if people like yourself will make statements calling others a liar, you may get asked to prove it.

                      I think “Word” asked some good questions.

                    • BuckheadConservative says:

                      When I said Kemp lie, I meant Kemp campaign lie. Effectively, it’s his by means of his spokesperson. Technically it would be Ellen’s since she put her name on it. I can’t prove it’s a lie, but I am 100% percent sure it isn’t. I know the photog named. Good man and extremely professional. I believe him.
                      I can’t speak to Word’s questions b/c Im not on the campaign. Just a passionate supporter. Could be something as innocent as the cameraman was unclear on his objective, or he could have been sent. Honestly, I don’t care. Doug MacGinnitie is the best candidate for that office. THIS is a distraction.

                      Thanks for telling me there is a 50% chance you voted for Doug, but I don’t like smoke up my ass.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      I am being honest with you that I have very serious consideration to voting for him. I’m just not telling the results of that consideration.

        • ACCmoderate says:

          Why is it a bad thing to slime Gary Black? He’s a sleazy shill for big-ag companies that is running for agriculture commissioner. If he’s elected, he’s going to keep family farms subservient to what is effectively a big-ag monopoly and drive more and more of our small farms out of business.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      LT, It is unfortunate this race has taken this turn. However, the SoS office needs a capable executive and Doug has a proven track record of being just that. If you want someone from outside the good ole boy system, (which as a KH supporter, I’m thinking you do) I would encourage you to take a look when you cast your vote in the primary.

  14. Three Jack says:

    is it just me or does kemp remind anyone else of otter from animal house…with a slightly more prominent accent.

    can’t blame the dm campaign for producing an attack ad with no appearance from the candidate himself…after macginnitie’s debate performance, i would keep him off the air as much as possible.

  15. HowardRoark says:

    I don’t give a rip who voted where. MacGinnitie never said he was running for Secretary of State because he’s voted more everyone else. He’s said he is running to bring some new leadership to the state. He’s a considerable business talent and wants to use those skills to help our troops vote and streamline the licensing process. MacGinnitie represents a fresh new alternative and that’s what I’m looking for. So what he’s missed some votes. I’m sure he regrets that. He’s still the best candidate out of the two. Hands down.

    Kemp’s a go-along-to-get-along good ole boy. If he had an impressive Senate record and didnt try to shape himself to fit whatever office was open on a given day I might would have considered him. As it is, I think our state is better served with him going home to look after his “several small businesses”

  16. foray says:

    Doug has run one of the slimiest campaigns I can remember- Brian has served us well since he was appointed, in fact he has done more as SOS in 6 months than Karen did in her 3 years.

    Also- we all know Brian ran for Ag Commissioner- him and Gary went at it but that is the past- Gary and Brian are now good friends are supporting one another

    Doug should explain why all of his colleagues on council in Sandy Springs chose to endorse Brian- they are all smart, sensible conservative people

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      “they are all smart, sensible conservative people” who are extremely petty and like to spend like drunk sailors.

      • ACCmoderate says:

        What does that say about Doug then? I don’t think I want a Secretary of State that rolls around in pettiness (as evidenced by this ad) and likes to spend like a drunk sailor.

        • BuckheadConservative says:

          Nice deflection. My point was Doug stood up to their RINO habits and now they’re endorsing his opponent out of spite. But you knew that….

          • ACCmoderate says:

            My point is that Doug seems to live up to the rosy portrait you painted of Sandy Springs city council members.

            Is he petty? I would say so. When given a chance to ask Brian Kemp a direct question about the issues that actually pertain to the office of Secretary of State and affect real Georgians, he grills him on voting in Democratic primaries… I’d say that defines petty.

            Photographing fundraisers, plastering cars with negative fliers, running ads on his opponent’s voting history rather than the issues… I’d say that defines petty.

            Now, I can’t prove that he spends like a drunk sailor. But, given the negative mailers, fliers, and ads he’s forked campaign dollars over for, I’d argue that he spends like a middle-school cheerleader.

            • BuckheadConservative says:

              Looks like one’s definition of petty depends on who they are supporting in this race. I think it matters when a person says on thing and does another. Like when they say they’re qualified for Ag Commish, but run for SoS. Like when one claims grassroots support, but has not grassroots endorsements and is funded mainly by sitting legislators and lobbyist. Like when when talks about leadership but has no record of leading anything. Like when one claims to be GOP stalwart “for a long time” but votes in Democrat primaries.

              • Holly says:

                I’ve never understood this line from the McGinnitie supporters, but I’m hoping you can explain it. Why can’t the same person be qualified to be SOS and Ag Commissioner?

                • BuckheadConservative says:

                  Do you know what the two offices do? But honestly, he’s not qualified for either. He just runs for a title and paycheck. Represents the worst kind of politician.

                  • Brileigh says:

                    Again, Doug’s and his campaign avoiding the direct questions. Anyone else notice in the debate that Doug doesn’t have actual solutions to the problems…. I would like to know what legislation Doug would have wanted instead of what Secretary Kemp recently pushed?

                • Doug Grammer says:

                  Sec. Handel feels that she is qualified to hold the offices of SOS and of Gov. I don’t disagree with her, but why are some Sec. Handel supporters stating almost the opposite (being qualified for more than 1 job) about Sec. Kemp?

                  • gopgal says:

                    Georgia’s Agriculture Commissioner is required to be a farmer (I’ve heard Gary Black say that at least twice), so is Kemp a farmer? I haven’t heard him make mention of it since he decided to pursue this elective office. Additionally, when he was running to be Agriculture Commissioner “he said the No. 1 concern should be protection of food from terrorist attacks.” He also wanted to work to reduce childhood obesity. Too bad he didn’t win that post, he could have worked with Michelle Obama on that.

                    • Holly says:

                      I looked it up, and that’s true. I don’t exactly what constitutes a “practical farmer,” but that’s the wording in O.C.G.A. 2-2-2. I’m guessing, though, since he was qualified by the Secretary of State to run in the 2006 election, Brian must have fulfilled the requirement.

    • PaulRevere says:

      This hasn’t even been the toughest campaign THIS year. I suspect you have a selective memory.

    • PoliticalOutsider says:

      This race lost the capacity to be positive when Sonny made his stupid appointment.

  17. jackson says:

    I dont care that Doug McGinnitte didnt vote in Republican primaries. I dont think its a prerequisite for running for SOS. But to say you are a “grassroots republican” when you didnt vote in Republican primaries for almost 20 years is also a little ludicrous. And, more to the point, he didn’t vote in the effort to create sandy springs — a conservative “grassroots” effort if I ever saw one.

    I dont think you can bust Brian Kemp for voting in Democrat primaries since he ran — and was elected — as a Republican. Even more so, what votes did he make as a Republican Senator that would make one believe he is truly a democrat. Again, it strains credibility.

    IF voting in a few Dem primaries means you care about being a democrat, does not voting in a Republican primary in 20 years mean you just don’t care?

    • PoliticalOutsider says:

      What actions did Brian takes that makes you believe he was a Republican? He didn’t do anything I can see. Just hang an (R) by his name and run for office. I trust MacGinnitie. He’s gotten things done.

      • ACCmoderate says:

        What has Doug gotten done? Seriously?

        I’m not trolling, I’d just really like for someone to list Doug’s political achievements.

        • PoliticalOutsider says:

          The man has one hell of a list of private sector achievements. If he can achieve like he has in the business world, he’ll be very effective in government. Especially if he’s willing to take principle stances like he did in Sandy Springs.

          I’ve voted for people with “political achievments” long enough and always get burned. Time for some new folks to step in.

          • ACCmoderate says:

            Again, what are his achievements? Private or political. What are the “principle stances” he took in Sandy Springs?

            You haven’t offered one shred of evidence to convince me that he’s accomplished. The only thing I’ve seen him accomplish is looking like a lost puppy on the PBS debate.

            I’m sick of this vitriol for “lifetime politicians” or “career politicians.” You realize Doug would be a career politician if he could right? That’s why he’s running for office.

            • PoliticalOutsider says:

              I’m not doing your political research for you. Figures you’re voting for Kemp w/o know a thing about Doug. Uninformed voters truly are dangerous.

              • ACCmoderate says:

                I am informed. I just couldn’t find a whole lot of info to inform myself about Doug. Maybe if he and his supporters would actually outline what his “accomplishments” are.

                • Brileigh says:

                  I agree. Even with Doug’s two page biography, I am still confused as to what his accomplishments are… besides co-founding an organization that was established while he was a teenager.

                  • HowardRoark says:

                    Everytime a Kemp supporter says that, I honestly laugh out loud. Really represents the business knowledge of the average Kemp supporter. A bunch of little psycophant politicos. Know nothing about business. Kemp should be disqualified from office if he can’t understand basic corporate structure.

                    • Holly says:

                      You know, when you belittle the supporters of the rival candidate, it hints that you can’t argue the issues. It’s so much easier to attack than debate, isn’t it?

                      If the statement is wrong, argue it rather than resorting to namecalling.

                    • Provocateur says:


                      I guess this company who injected $30 million dollars into Beecher-Carlson in 2007 also doesn’t know anything about “business” since they state that Beecher-Carlson was founded in 1981.


                      Third paragraph has that statement regarding the “founding” of Beecher Carlson to be in “1981”.

                      Whom should we believe? The $30 million dollar investor’s view of when the company was founded, or the $10 million dollar winner of being at the right place at the right time’s view?

                    • HowardRoark says:

                      Holly, when you repeat a proveably false talking point from a campaign email, it demonstrates you lack the ability for independent thought.

                    • Holly says:

                      Yet you still haven’t addressed the attack in a meaningful manner. I’m curious as to how that’s “independent thought?”

  18. Holly says:

    If I had lived in Athens-Clarke County in 1996-2004, I probably would have pulled a Democratic primary ballot, too. Charlie had little to no opposition in his primaries. The fight was (in 1994 and 1996) in the general. Sure, there was a big primary for governor on the Republican side in 1996, but there were also contested races at the local level that were probably worth pulling that Democratic ballot.

    I’m a Republican, my mom and dad are Republicans, my grandparents were Republicans, and so were my great-grandparents. However, I still would pick up the Democratic ballot if I were in an area that had most of its contested races in Democratic primaries. I’m lucky enough to vote in Columbia County, where most of our contested elections are in Republican primaries, but I know more than a few Democrats in my area who pick up the Republican ballot to get the opportunity to make their voices heard. At least our elections officer was engaged enough to vote in the primaries, which like it or not, is going to resonate more with the average voter than someone who didn’t vote at all.

    When this race started, I had no problem with Doug McGinnitie, but I was always going to vote for Brian. I worked with Brian when I was a caseworker for Max Burns. Whatever help I needed at the state level, Brian was one of the first legislators I would call. He’d always call back with the answer I was looking for or a direction for where to get the answer. I never had to worry about passing constituents with state problems over to him. Twice that I remember, constituents called our office to thank me for directing them to him because he was so helpful. I know Brian got into state politics for the right reasons because he proved it every time I called. I wish I could say that about every state legislator that I’ve dealt with.

    When Brian was directed to the problem with the SOS web site, I think he handled it about as well as anyone could. He didn’t get mad or blame everyone else. He thanked the reporter who brought it to his attention and fixed the problem. He could have blamed it on Cathy Cox or Karen Handel, as the reporter who wrote the story pointed out the problem existed during their tenures, but he didn’t. Now, Mr. McGinnittie can say that the situation shows a lack of leadership, but I’d be amazed if anyone but his more fervent supporters believes it.

    I don’t want to get into the soldier issue. It’s unfortunate, but the chips are falling where they may on this one. I do want to say that seeing Charlie in this ad really irked me into writing out this long pro-Brian post. Everyone on this blog knows I’m rather protective of Charlie and Mrs. Gloria. I hope the McGinnitie campaign thought to run it by her before they used his picture because, as memory serves, Charlie and Brian got along well.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Nice post, but as I recall, the big GOP primary for Gov. was Guy Millner and 5 or so others who also ran.

      • Holly says:

        Ah, I was in high school and not eligible to vote… What I remember from that race was the “Rock the Boat, Johnny” commercials from that primary. Is it stuck in your head, too, now? 🙂

  19. Glen Ross says:

    Just got an email from Brian Kemp’s campaign. Just talks about Doug MacGinnitie the whole time. What is it with this guy?

    • ACCmoderate says:

      Just saw another post on PP from Glen Ross. Just talks about Brian Kemp the whole time. What is it with this guy?

  20. ZazaPachulia says:

    “That’s hypocrisy!”

    Hmm… is that the ‘attack your opponent’s voting record when you didn’t vote at all’ type of hypocrisy? Or are we talking about another strain of the ‘disease’ so common among politicians?

    It looks like we’re staring at another race where the Republican candidates are doing their best to force GOP primary voters (like me) to punch a name with a ‘D’ next to it come November.

  21. I’ve seen a lot of ads in my day, and this one is great… if it’s for a Libertarian candidate for town council, on the local access channel.

    But for a statewide primary? Seriously?

  22. In The Arena says:

    My vote is Brian Kemp. This will not be a vote that Kemp earned. It will be a vote that MacGinnitie lost for acting like an idiot. He seemed allright to start out with but he has proven that he has some nasty personality flaws that will not allow him to function effectively as SoS. You can’t buy a victory with yards signs alone.

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