For My Birthday, Arizona’s Governor Endorses Karen Handel

…and I didn’t even know she cared. From a press release:

ALPHARETTA, GA – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today announced her endorsement of former Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel to be Georgia’s next Governor. Governor Brewer recently pushed through a tough new immigration law in her state and is now preparing to battle an Obama Justice Department legal challenge to that law.

In her endorsement, Governor Brewer said:

“As a former Secretary of State, I know how that office prepares you to be Governor. I’ve had to make tough choices. When Congress failed to act on illegal immigration, I took action to solve the problem. Now I’m taking on the Obama Administration as they try to stop us. I know Karen Handel. She has the experience, courage and tenacity that make her the best candidate to be Governor. Karen will fight to pass similar illegal immigration laws in Georgia. If President Obama tries to stop her, she will tell him to ‘Bring it On.”

“I am humbled and excited by Governor Brewer’s support,” Karen said today. “She has become an inspiration to conservatives and represents the new kind of leadership that we need across the country. She stood firm and pushed forward with the nation’s toughest law to fight illegal immigration and she’ll stand firm against the Obama Administration too. She also made the hard decisions and cut Arizona’s budget to align with today’s economic realities. She is a conservative hero and I thank her for her strong support and friendship.”

Handel noted that she is the only candidate for Governor who has actually implemented programs to fight illegal immigration in Georgia. As Secretary of State, she launched the use of the federal SAVE database to verify the immigration status of applicants for professional licenses. She also initiated Georgia’s voter verification system that includes citizenship verification for newly registered voters and has fought her own battle with the Obama Justice Department.

“There is a difference between executive experience and legislative experience: career legislators – whether in Georgia or in Congress — seem to think that casting a vote, sponsoring legislation or sending out a press release is all that counts,” Karen said. “Well, what really counts is delivering results. That’s leadership, and the people of Georgia know the difference.”


  1. I wonder if any other female governors that have yet to complete a full term in office will endorse the female running for governor here who has yet to complete a full term in any office she’s been elected to?

    • one n done says:

      Haha just thinking the same thing. What is the over-under on how long it takes Sara Palin to endorse Karen Handel? I’ll start the bidding off at 2 weeks from now

    • Tiberius says:

      Should Brewer have refused her constitutionally required promotion to Governor when Napolitano left so she wouldn’t be accused of never finishing anything?

    • analogkid says:

      Besides being female, Ms. Brewer and Ms. Handel have another thing in common: Neither has a Bachelor’s degree. Ms. Brewer does have an associate’s degree however.

      • Ambernappe says:

        You would not, however, be questioning the education of either, would you ? One can be highly educated without having obtained formal credentials. Both Secretary Handel and Governor Brewer are are excellent examples of intelligent, educated women.

        • analogkid says:

          In part, I’m throwing a bone to the Handel supporters. Brewer is a current governor without a bachelor’s degree. Though she wasn’t elected governor (she ascended when Obama selected Napolitano for Sec. of Homeland Security) and hasn’t served for very long, she’s at least someone y’all can point to that is similarly educated as Ms. Handel.

          As to whether a person can be educated without formal credentials, the answer is yes. However, I’ve seen no evidence that that has occurred in Handel’s case. If, in her self-directed studies, she wrote a treatise on microeconomics or astrophysics, I’m sure someone will point me to it.

          One could make the argument that Handel possesses “common sense” (I would disagree with that also, of course), but common sense is not the same thing as being educated.

            • analogkid says:

              We can discuss the merits of various fields of study vis-a-vis governance as soon as someone establishes what it is that Handel is educated in.

              • You do realize of course that there is a such thing as self-education and self-study? Education does not necessarily require enrolling in a secondary institution, nor does it mean that someone has a degree in a particular field. I’m not a Handel supporter but I wouldn’t go so far as to call her uneducated. Sans degree? Sure. Uneducated? I doubt it.

                • analogkid says:

                  I specifically stated above that she may have engaged in some “self-directed studies” that I was unaware of.

                  • analogkid says:

                    Of course I also asked for evidence of those studies, which likely does not exist.

                    Alternatively, why not release her community college transcripts? At least then she could show how well she did in the classes she did take.

                    • What evidence should someone provide that is self-educated? Do they need to print out the history of their web browser? What about a satellite / cable bill showing that they receive the History Channel, Discovery, etc? Surely there’s something that she can do to prove she’s educated.

                    • analogkid says:

                      Does she have any work product whatsoever that one can review?

                      When she worked for KPMG, did she ever perform an audit? If so, she could produce an audit report with her name on it.

                      Has she published papers/ theses/ articles/ research/ anything at all?

                      Those are just a few examples. The list of things she could provide as evidence is infinite.

                    • Well, you might not have heard, but she was the Secretary of State for Georgia for a while. I’m sure there’s probably something there that you could review. I would think the Open Records Act should have something to allow you to review her work anyways.

                    • analogkid says:

                      That’s silly. Somehow the burden of proving she is educated is on me? She is the one who chose not to finish college, so the burden is firmly on her.

                    • I don’t think it’s silly in the least. She has a public record of accomplishments and you’re questioning whether or not she’s educated. There’s plenty of things that you can examine to determine whether or not she’s competent. If she should have to prove that she’s self-educated, should she also have to prove that her house isn’t a mess? Should she prove that she does laundry once or twice a week? What about this… let’s make her prove that she can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Then… and only then… can she be proven to be competent enough to be governor…

                    • analogkid says:

                      If you think a clean house and a college degree are equal indicators of the ability to govern, then I suppose we are done here.

                    • SFrazier says:

                      She was there for three short years. Enough time for her to allow for a system that easily allows hackers to harm Georgia businesses by changing their records. Due to her lack of business experience and education Karen was clueless to know that all IT systems need to be secure. Handel is a liability to conservatives , our children, and Georgia.

                    • analog – if someone can’t keep their own house in order how exactly are they going to keep an entire state in order? You see, there’s an argument for everything.

                      SFrazier – I agree… she could have done a better job with that. But something tells me she wasn’t the person that designed the security system for the website. Sure, it shows that she should have had an outside audit done by a white hat hacker. But it doesn’t surprise me that a government computer system has security flaws. But if that’s your only example of what she’s done wrong while in that office, then what about what she’s done right?

                      Come on buys, Ox and Deal have plenty of examples of wrongdoings… I’m sure you can find more issues based arguments than “she doesn’t have a college degree” and “the SOS website had a security flaw”. I’ve heard the argument over the log cabin republicans plenty of times now. If she lied about her previous interactions with them, then yes… that’s a strike against her. But surely there’s got to be more than just that. Find some real ethics violations or something… let’s talk real issues…. not just petty little gripes about this, that or the other.

                    • ReaganRepublican says:

                      On September 27, 2005, Handel received a contribution from Hamid Alaee. Four months later, Mr. Alaee’s company, Unique Design and Construction, received approval for a zoning modification from Handel and the Commission. Hamid Alaee deal is very, very, shady. There is a lot more to this story. When the time is right I will unleash. Why was Karen negotiating with HAMID ALAEE?????

                    • Lady Thinker says:

                      RR & SF,

                      You keep spreading that lie and fail to provide a link THAT IS LEGITIMATE to confirm your statements. Too bad she can’t sue you for slander because she has put herself in the public light.

                    • one n done says:

                      The whole thing about Karen not recieving even an associates degree or attempting night classes to complete a degree irks me for reasons having nothing to do with her mental prowess or her brains ability to retain information. It bothers me simply because at no point during her adult life did she feel that furthering her knowledge, expanding her mental thought, or being open to new ways of thinking was a valuable use of her time. She never once felt that she should go back and get a degree because you should always be looking to further your knowledge, expand you mental scope etc. That wasn’t a priority of hers, expanding her worldly knowledge was not of interest to her…I am currently in college and my father only completed two years of college and I think he is the smartest man I know, and that is a lesson he has instilled in me…is his regret for not completing his degree

  2. Mayonnaise says:

    Karen Handel could get an endorsement from the Pope but it won’t change the fact that she is a LIAR.

    • Tiberius says:

      Hey, why hasn’t the Pope made an endorsement? As a good Catholic, I’m waiting for my marching orders…

    • GOPwits says:

      Mayo why so bitter? Just because your candidate is trapped in the single digits doesn’t mean you have to go hating…

      The fact of the matter, if we want to really move Georgia forward, lower state spending, get our priorities in order, and create jobs for Georgians, Georgia should elect Karen Handel.

      On the other hand, we could elect your candidate, a guy who used his position to get a million dollars in business for his company from the state and conveniently failed to disclose it.

      Someone who played the back scratch game of turning the blind eye on corruption in the General Assembly as Chairman of the Ethics Committee when the Richardson ordeal was going on.

      Someone who has been in office and been part of what’s wrong with Georgia just as long as John Oxendine…

      Oh well… Don’t want to be a hypocrite, better stop hating…

      • Lady Thinker says:


        I think he made a play for Karen once and she turned him down. I asked him if that is what happened and he ignored me. I have to wonder if he is upset that his crush on her is unrequited. And with Steve as a husband, I can understand why she has eyes for no one else!

        • B Balz says:

          What an inane post, you have entered the realm of zero credibility. On the positive side, there are many in that realm with you.

            • B Balz says:

              LT, unlike yourself, I am not stumping for a candidate. There is no “I” in “SCREEN NAME.” On the blog, “I” don’t exist, my ideas are all that matters.

              Many folks get so wound up on the ‘who’ of a web blog, they lose sight of the real objective:

              *****Putting an ideas out for consideration.*****
              ************Civil Discussion******************

              As evidenced above, we have watched your posts disintegrate into the realm of unproductive. If you are trying to help Ms. Handel win the
              primary, inane arguments with a screen persona is not going to help get her votes.

              IMHO, your posts offer diminishing returns, and can actually take votes away from Ms. Handel.

              “…I think he made a play for Karen once and she turned him down. …” is pure nonsense, even worse, if true, the implication is devastating.

              No gentleman would ‘…make a play…” for a married lady. That leaves men of lesser morals, who would only ‘open that door” based on getting strong signals from the married person. Implication being a person of lesser morals .

              I am pretty sure that is not what meant to imply.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Actually she isn’t liar Mayo. You have no proof her check was for membership, but hey, facts don’t stop you when innuendo works just as well, does it?

      • SFrazier says:

        Karen Handel first joined as a dues-paying member of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans, the Republican group with liberal views on GLBT issues. As her venue for votes changed, so did her views. Handel now disassociates herself with Georgia LCR and lies about ever having been a member, even though she signed the $75 check for dues.

        In the 2002 Georgia Equality candidate questionnaire, Handel stated, “I am also a member of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans and participated in this year’s Pride Weekend activities and attended the recent Georgia Equity/Human Rights Campaign forum regarding federal ENDA legislation.”

        Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) provisions are highly controversial and strongly opposed by conservatives. There is a concern among conservatives that ENDA could force Christian businesses-daycares, bookstores, and para-church ministries to employ individuals who openly and unrepentantly engage in sexual behavior they consider immoral.

              • SFrazier says:

                Please tell me when you have enough proof, I have lots more.

                Peach County/Washington County/Laurens county is ruled by Deal supporters. No T.V. time required.

                • polisavvy says:

                  I don’t have a dog in this fight any longer so I ask this in an unbiased manner — how do you find all this information? Just curious. I’d love to know how to find out this much information on a few people.

                  • SFrazier says:

                    In the end your lies will always find you out. Especially, when you are a serial liar like Handel. Team Huck has some people in Georgia with some serious skills to pursue truth. 2012 will be very interesting.
                    We will be loyal to all that backed Huck in 2008.

                    • polisavvy says:

                      Huh? I just wanted to know how you find out information like you are able to do. I’m confused about the whole loyalty to Huck thing and the people with “serious skills to pursue the truth.” I was just thinking that there is someone I’d like to be able to dig up dirt on and wonder if you could make any suggestions on how to go about getting the type of information you get.

                    • Lady Thinker says:


                      Why is SF calling you a liar? I know you and you don’t lie. She obviously doesn’t know you.

                    • polisavvy says:

                      Who the heck knows, LT? All I can say is that she does not know me at all. You, on the other hand, does. I’m concerned about her ranting posts.

              • MDokes says:

                The Handelistas have gone quiet. Come to Chappy, we always tell the truth. This stuff is very clear cut, Handel should pull out and endorse Jeff.

              • “Wow, that is something. Talk about proof, LT, Staples, what say you?”

                MDokes – I’m sorry you’ve gotten confused in the conversation… I don’t believe I ever asked for proof of anything. Nor am I a Handelista if you’re including me in your 8:14 pm. I’ve continually said on here that I’m not a Karen supporter. John Monds is my first pick. I’m not sure who I’m voting for in the primary yet though, as John is already going to be on the ballot for the LP.

                I’m certainly not voting for your guy Chapman though if he won’t even allow something as simple as Sunday alcohol sales to be voted on by the citizens of Georgia.

                • Lady Thinker says:


                  I think you got lumped in with me because even though you and I don’t support the same candidates, you and I can still have civil conversations with each other and are not bitter enemies. Is that because we are older than 21 and have learned how to communicate with one another without letting our differences get in the way?

                  By the way, I agree with you about Sunday sales. We don’t need the government telling us when we can or cannot buy alcohol.

            • ReaganRepublican says:

              Reminds me of the Harry Trueman quote:
              “They tell me give him hell Harry. I give them the truth, just sometimes the truth is hell”

              Handel made her bed, she needs to lie in it.

        • Lady Thinker says:


          You are still writing about non-issues. You don’t attack on the plan Karen has for Georgia because you and Deal know that what she is proposing is the best plan for Georgia.

          Are you, RR, and Dokes out of high school yet?

          • ReaganRepublican says:

            LT, you obviously are a habitual liar just like your boss Karen Handel. There is no denying this. Your party is over, the lie stops here. Shave your beard and go and beg Price for your job back. The only plan Handel has for Georgia is one of lies, fraud, and deception.

            When you hire someone for a job, honesty is the first thing you check and test for. She has lied to Georgians about her past and on her resume. The voters are the boss doing the hiring. Handel has failed her biggest test. We do not believe anything she is saying.

            • Lady Thinker says:

              I don’t work for Karen and I have told you I am not a man but you don’t “Deal” in the truth, just like your boss. I wouldn’t know Tom Price if he walked right by me. You attack me because I refuse to accept your propoganda and you attack Karen because she is the strong candidate your weak candidate has to beat.

              I am an avid grassroots supporter of Karen’s, as I have said many times, a fact you refuse to believe. I have researched Deal and he cannot compare to Karen or her ability to lead Georgia toward better days in the future.

              So attack away RR, and continue your non-Christian behavior so that all can see your insecurities when you don’t get your way.

      • B Balz says:

        According to our oily, tasteless condiment, there may be circumstantial “proof” of membership. The moral of this, to me, is that the matter was not “handelled” correctly.

        I could care less about a former FULCO Commish being involved with a significant portion of their constituency. I would expect that.

        To deny the involvement was wrong on two levels. First, it is disrespectful to those constituents that believed. Second, it reeks of political expediency.

        It is looking more like it will be a Deal/Ox runoff, with Ox and Roy in the Fall.

  3. BuckheadConservative says:

    “There is a difference between executive experience and legislative experience: career legislators – whether in Georgia or in Congress — seem to think that casting a vote, sponsoring legislation or sending out a press release is all that counts,” Karen said. “Well, what really counts is delivering results. That’s leadership, and the people of Georgia know the difference.”

    Wow, well said.

    • one n done says:

      What is with the new rage of candidate talking as if the voters are smart and will actually “know the difference”. The average voter really isn’t smart nor are they really paying attention to who they vote for.

      And I am so tired to the terms “career politician” and “career legislators” I am tempted to vote for anyone who keeps those terms out of their vocabulary. There is no career to be made as a politician. No one down at the state capitol is a career politician, the term is dumb and doesn’t make sense. When people use that term, it makes me wonder if they are aware of the position they are applying for. Anyone that makes being a state legislator their career is financially inept…they make 17,000 a year! Im not positive but isn’t that lower than the poverty level? And further, what would make one a career politician? Simply having the job already? If I worked my regular job 75% of the year and did philanthropic work the other 25% of the year would people call me a career philanthropist? That would be odd

      The whole concept is asinine and tells me nothing about their values, political ideals, or what they would do if elected to not be labeled a career politician come re-election

      • Glen Ross says:

        I think it’s more of an outsiders v insiders thing. Those who advance with the inside crowd tend to be the worst of worst. Also, those in the legislature tend to lack executive experience which I think is important.

  4. I Am Jacks Post says:

    One former SOS endorses another former SOS. Nothing to see here, folks.



              • bowersville says:

                Dokes, why don’t you give it up? Handel is not going to leave the race and Chapmen is not going to be the GOP nominee.

                Dokes do you ever wonder why the sock puppets repeat openly that Chapman is a good man? It’s because they know he has no chance but they might call on him later for an endorsement.

                That is all!

                • B Balz says:

                  The allure of blog recognition drives some people nuts, bowersville. It’s like feeding the dog treats and then wondering why he continues to hover.

                  MDokes, we ALL see you, we ALL hear you. Tenacity is good, and bowersville is correct.

                  LT you won’t last until November at this rate. Step back and relax, just pixels on a screen….

                  • Lady Thinker says:

                    You may be right BB. I cannot change the attitude of those too immature to think for themselves.

  5. fishtail says:

    Great example of earned free media. Sort of takes the wind out of Eric’s sails on this issue, doesn’t it?

    • Henry Waxman says:

      Karen getting some positive spin on the Peach Pundit isn’t “earned media.” The operating expenses of this site should be reported as an in-kind contribution to her campaign.

      • Henry Waxman says:

        I just feel bad for Liz Carter and Preston Smith for having to pay for ad space on this site when Karen Handel gets so much more for free.

        I’m assuming that Erick’s endorsement of Handel was a calculated move to broaden his appeal to a wider audience so he could land that contract with CNN.

        • Progressive Dem says:

          I love it when these “brilliant” calculations are used against other GOPers. It’s so much easier to shrug off similar stupid conspiracy attacks when they are made against Democrats.

            • Progressive Dem says:

              Henry, when you step in a pile of dog crap, I’m just gonna call you on it. If you had just left it with your first paragraph above, I wouldn’t have commented, and actually I agree with it. I don’t even like Erick’s positions, but you added the second one, and that one was a pile.

              • Henry Waxman says:

                That’s why I put “assuming,” but I certainly don’t mind being called out when others think I am wrong.

    • fishtail says:

      It means that Handel is getting free press that will perhaps resonate with GOP voters. Simple concept, right? And it didn’t cost her a penny (that I know of).

      • I Am Jacks Post says:

        Karen hasn’t had a hard time securing earned media of late, and said earned media will certainly, how’d you put it, “resonate with GOP voters.”

    • GOPwits says:

      Not sure, but people who care about wanting a leader who will do something about illegal immigration will surely find their correct voting precincts in time to cast their vote for Georgia’s next Governor – Karen Handel.

    • In The Arena says:

      Just to lay out the numbers for the Republicans in plain view:

      Nathan Deal 17%
      Jeff Chapman 4%
      Karen Handel 4%
      John Oxendine 3%
      Eric Johnson 2%

      • ready2rumble says:

        Have things gotten that bad for the Deal camp that you have to use an unscientific web straw poll?

        Funny how quickly things change, this weekend at the Tea Party Deal was saying what a great job Gov. Brewer was doing on illegal immigration.

        • In The Arena says:

          Enforcing 287G is something that we should all agree upon. It’s not rocket science.

          (Quick Karen, google 287G so you know what we’re talking about.)

          • ready2rumble says:

            From PoliFact:

            “Deal did work closely with Norwood on the Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal Act, according to Greg Louer, who served as Norwood’s policy director, and James R. Edwards Jr., a fellow for the conservative Center for Immigration Studies who consulted Norwood on the bill while he was with the conservative think tank the Hudson Institute. They fought for it for years. It was introduced four times, starting in 2003.

            While the bill never passed, it became influential, Louer said. Portions of its language appeared in as many as 20 similar bills.

            Deal’s campaign argues CLEAR “became the origin” of the 287(g) program, and that it in turn opened the door for the March arrest of Kennesaw State student Jessica Colotl. Colotl entered the country illegally when she was 10 and was taken into custody and cited with immigration violations after she was unable to produce identification during a March traffic stop. Her case has since become a flash point for immigration policy debate.

            But CLEAR did not originate the 287(g) program. It was named after a section in the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 — seven years before the first CLEAR bill was even introduced. State and local law enforcement agencies began participation in 2002, one year before Norwood submitted the first CLEAR bill to Congress.

            Yet while CLEAR never made it into law, its popularity among conservative lawmakers did pressure ICE to beef up the 287(g) program, Louer and Edwards said. The program received additional funding. More law enforcement agencies signed up to take on immigration enforcement roles. Plus one of the legislation’s major goals — to improve information sharing on immigration violations between the federal government and local law enforcement — was adopted administratively by ICE during the later years of the Bush administration.”

            • In The Arena says:

              It is not that complicated. right now, 287G is only enforced in Hall, Whitfield, Cobb, and Gwinnett Counties. Any candidate with a clue should follow Deal’s lead and propose expanding 287G to all 159 counties.

              • ready2rumble says:

                287G wasn’t Deal’s bill, and he had nothing to do with those counties implementing it.

                • In The Arena says:

                  Nothing? You should really try reading what you cut and paste.

                  Yet while CLEAR never made it into law, its popularity among conservative lawmakers did pressure ICE to beef up the 287(g) program, Louer and Edwards said. The program received additional funding. More law enforcement agencies signed up to take on immigration enforcement roles. Plus one of the legislation’s major goals — to improve information sharing on immigration violations between the federal government and local law enforcement — was adopted administratively by ICE during the later years of the Bush administration.”

                  • ready2rumble says:

                    Thanks for making my point ICE and the local jurisdictions made it happen. Congress doesn’t implement anything. Deal had NOTHING to do with 287g,

                    • In The Arena says:

                      “its popularity among conservative lawmakers did pressure ICE to beef up the 287(g) program”

                      Who do you think was responsible for this increased popularity? Nathan Deal and Charlie Norwood. Sorry your candidate is not one of substance, with real accomplishments.

                    • ready2rumble says:

                      Deal’s “leadership” on the illegal immigration issue has lead to an increase of illegal immigrants in the state. In 1990 the estimate was about 35,000 today it is about 480,000.

          • Lady Thinker says:

            In the Arena,

            Karen is too busy running for governor to deal with your non-issues. You know, the important things, like jobs, immigration, education, water problems, jobs, healthcare, jobs, transportation, jobs, the things Georgians care about. Oh, did I mention jobs?

            • MDokes says:

              Karen could not even pass a simple CPA exam, how can any half inteligent person expect her to solve Georgia’s complex problems. She is unfit to hold any kind of public office. Go back to Maryland M

                  • Lady Thinker says:

                    Of course not, you are anti-Karen but you slam her on non-issues, not on her Georgia plan. If you think she shouldn’t be governor because of what you think is a bad plan for Georgia, attack that and not non-issues.

              • B Balz says:

                The CPA exam is a grueling four part ordeal that is tougher than the State Bar exam according to the few attorneys I know that went for it. Most do not pass all four parts in one sitting.

              • @MDokes – let’s review your posts shall we?

                “intelligent”… not “inteligent”

                “he built a very successful businesses”

                “She is proven liar many times over.”

                I’m not sure you should be the judge of someone’s intelligence or competence.

                  • Lady Thinker says:

                    You are the one making college an issue so why are you giving Chapman a pass? Because he is a man?

                    • reaganrev4 says:

                      Sexism is to women is like racism is to black people (If you hate healthcare reform it is because Obama is black). Sex had nothing to do with any part of this thread until you brought it up, LT. Therefore, your post was sexist. Why can’t it just be about the person, why did you have to bring gender into it? Gender is a “non-issue” on this one LT

                    • Lady Thinker says:

                      I disagree and I think gender is a very big part of some of the attitudes. We are in the Bible belt.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      I won’t say that ther are no sexist voters in Georgia, but do you really believe that only the reason that the majority of people who don’t vote for Sec. Handel is because they are sexist?

        • In The Arena says:

          Unscientific? Deal has 4 times as many teacher votes as any other republican candidate in the poll. I don’t care what the MOE is, this is a runaway victory for Deal. Did I mention a crushing blow to Roy Barnes? Although it won’t matter in the dem primary, come general election time there are going to be a lot of teachers crossing over to vote for Deal.

          • ready2rumble says:

            It was a web straw poll, it has as much meaning as Chapman winning the Peach Pundit straw poll.


            • In The Arena says:

              I’ll take Deal’s 17% over Handel’s 4% and Oxendine’s 3% any day. You can belittle the teachers all you want.

          • Lady Thinker says:

            In the Arena,

            I teach and I definitely am not voting for Deal. None of the other teachers I work for are voting for Deal, they have Karen signs in their yards. So does many public safety folks.

              • Lady Thinker says:

                I’ve told you before, I have no idea who you are talking about. I am not a guy so for you to keep attacking me like this shows you refuse to acknowledge the truth.

            • In The Arena says:

              @Bearded Lady

              For every “teacher” like you, there are four real teachers working hard to properly educate our children and supporting Nathan Deal.

              • Lady Thinker says:

                Hahahahahahah! That is what you think and your opinion isn’t proof. And I don’t teach children, I teach adults on the college level and the college level educators I know and work with have said they aren’t voting for Deal or Barnes.

                • reaganrev4 says:

                  Let me guess, they all told you they were voting for Handel didn’t they? And you heckle others about saying things without proof?

                  • Lady Thinker says:

                    They have no reason to lie to me and after working with them for the past two years, they are the type to give their opinions. Why do you find it hard to believe that Karen has a large following with teachers and professors?

        • Lady Thinker says:


          Apparently things are that bad for the Deal camp. Now that Deal has praised Governor Brewer in public, I wonder if he will take it back now?

          • Henry Waxman says:

            I’m sure Deal still supports Governor Brewer for signing the AZ immigration reform bill into law and for being a leader on a topic that he has cared about for a long time.

            By the way, do you think Karen Handel will take back all of the praise she heaped on Tom Price now that he is under an ethics investigation?

              • In The Arena says:

                Oh yeah, great plan. You are guaranteed a straight answer. How long til CREW gets a hold of Tom Price?

                Wait it makes sense now. Tom Price only endorsed Karen because he knew that she is CREW’s only field representative in Georgia and he knew that if he endorsed her she would keep him off their “illustrious” list for his questionable fundraising tactics.

      • Mayonnaise says:

        Yes we know Nathan Deal is in the pocket of the teacher’s union and firmly against school choice.

  6. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Hope the endorsement didn’t arrive via email, ’cause that is not a secure and reliable means of communication. You can never really know who is on the computer at the other end of the line.



    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      Just because something is signed “Fondly, Karen,” and includes personal details known only among close confidants, you can never be too sure of the author’s identity.

      It’s a joke, Steve.

  7. drjay says:

    i would like to take this opportunity to remind the arizona guv that MY birthday is next month and i would like the new lego harry potter game for the wii…

  8. Progressive Dem says:

    This is what Handel’s campaign comes up with? An endorsement from Arizona? Wow, that will really move the needle! Ya might want to swing for the fences boys and girls. It’s getting late in the game for this kind of novelty act. It would be better to announce endorsements from a half-dozen Georgia sherriffs than a governor; any governor.

    I question how important the anti-illegal-immigrant vote is considering the magnitude of the budget shortfall, unemployment, student performance, teacher layoffs, business failures, foreclosures, water wars and traffic congestion. But even if it is of some value, what’s the chance that Governor Brewer is going to matter? This “news” release is grasping at straws.

    • GOPwits says:

      Dumb Dumb – Illegal Immigration is a real problem in Georgia and it’s costing us hundreds of millions of dollars in tax money in services and the jobs that Georgians are losing out on…

      You might want to wake up and realize how badly your party has failed on this fundamental government function before you go and try and play down the issue…

      • Progressive Dem says:

        Sonny hasn’t done jack about illegal immigration or anything else for that matter. He’s from the George Bush, kick-the-can-down the road school of do nothing leadership. The GOP has been running the show for the past eight years in Georgia, and we are a hell of a lot worse for the experience then when Democrats ran the state.

        If Georgians wanted minimum wage jobs eviserating chickens and cutting them into pieces, they would have taken them. If Georgians wanted to sheet rock, roof, or pick watermellons for the wages being offered, then immigrant labor would not have stepped up and filled the void in the labor market. Immigrant labor has done the back-breaking, nasty work that American citizens wouldn’t do. They usually work their butts off and do a good job, too. While many Americans won’t even look them in the face and say hello, or thank you.

        Just what services are immigrants using that cost hundreds of millions in Georgia tax money?

        • MSBassSinger says:

          Hospital emergency rooms, law enforcement resources, driving up insurance costs through theft, educational resources, welfare, stealing jobs Americans most certainly will do – is that enough for you?

          For the record, I worked the fields as a kid. The only reason farmers stopped using teens was because of lawyers. Migrant workers were rare in the South, and we still brought the crops in.

          • Progressive Dem says:

            “Stealing jobs most Americans will do”? Yeah , white folks are breaking down the doors to gut chickens in Gainesville.

            Hospital emergency rooms are filled with the 46 million Americans who don’t have health insurance. A number that grows daily. Where do Georgia tax dollars pay for indigent health care? Fulton and DeKalb have been asking for State aid for years to pay for the indigent at Grady.

            To be elegible for Medicaid, Peach Care, food stamps or TANF; an illegal immigrant has to complete a lot of paperwork and deal with government agencies. They need Social Security numbers that must be verified. Illegal immigrants do their best to avoid coming into contact with government officials to minimize their risk. It is difficult and very risky for illegal immigrants to obtain “welfare”.

            Georgia prisons are filled with blacks 62% and whites 36%. What law enforcement resources are you talking about? Compared to home grown Georgians, immigrants aren’t having much of an impact on prisons, courts and police.

            Immigrants who don’t own their homes pay rent which includes the local school property tax. What educational resources are you talking about?

            “The only reason farmers stopped using teens was because of lawyers.” Brilliant.

            Migrant workers have been around since the 50’s. They’d start picking oranges and strawberries in Florida and move north to the next crop that was ready for picking. They would travel up the east coast in old school buses and living in some of the worst squalor I’ve ever seen. Children under the age of 12 worked the fields, too. The migrants would move further north picking berries, tomatos, beans, squash, everything until they’d end up in New York picking fall apples.

            • Doug Grammer says:


              You have just proven that you are as smart as a rock. Want to try that again with some real research instead of what you gut tells you?

              • Progressive Dem says:

                Let me spell it out for you professor.

                A. Wits and MSB have made simple, unsubstantiated claims.
                B. I actually used facts in my post, but feel free to show me where I am factually wrong about Georgia paying for indigent health care, Georgia Department of Corrections statistics, DFACs forms and documentation procedures, and local property taxes as the principal revenue source for public schools.
                C. Be sure to source your rebuttal with something beyond Glenn Beck.

                  • Progressive Dem says:

                    Not so fast, Dougie.

                    First all “FAIR” is hardly a reputable source of information, but secondly, you mis-quoted their website! The $1.2 billion figure which has virtually no support to justify it, is a “projection” of what it would cost Georgia if amenesty was granted. You should read your own propaganda.

                    • Doug Grammer says:


                      If you recall, I started out by asking you for sources to support your stance. Show us a link from a reputable source that show illegals cost the tax payers of Georgia nothing or add to the economy.

                      Current projections are current projections. The number that would change are the future projections…

                • Doug Grammer says:


                  Feel free to post a link to news story that shows illegals working any job, including at a chicken ranch, and an out of work Georgian refusing to do that job.

                  • Progressive Dem says:

                    See B. from above. There are plenty of facts.

                    Here’s the CATO Institute on immigration reform:

                    “For each scenario, the USAGE model weighs the impact on such factors as public revenues and expenditures, the occupational mix and total employment of U.S. workers, the amount of capital owned by U.S. households, and price levels for imports and exports. This study finds that increased enforcement and reduced low-skilled immigration have a significant negative impact on the income of U.S. households. Modest savings in public expenditures would be more than offset by losses in economic output and job opportunities for more skilled American workers. A policy that reduces the number of low-skilled immigrant workers by 28.6 percent compared to projected levels would reduce U.S. household welfare by about 0.5 percent, or $80 billion.”

                    “In contrast, legalization of low-skilled immigrant workers would yield significant income gains for American workers and households. Legalization would eliminate smugglers’ fees and other costs faced by illegal immigrants. It would also allow immigrants to have higher productivity and create more openings for Americans in higherskilled occupations. The positive impact for U.S. households of legalization under an optimal visa tax would be 1.27 percent of GDP or $180 billion.”


                    Cato too rad for you? How about studies with simlar conclusions from UCLA:

                    “Legalizing undocumented workers through comprehensive immigration reform would yield $1.5 trillion to the U.S. GDP over a ten year period, generate billions in additional tax revenue and consumer spending and support hundreds of thousands of jobs. The report, which runs several different economic scenarios, finds that enacting a comprehensive immigration reform plan which creates a legalization process for undocumented workers and sets a flexible visa program dependent on U.S. labor demands not only raises the floor for all American workers, but is an economic necessity.


                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      So you can’t find an unemployed Georgian that wouldn’t take a job held by an illegal….

                      If you find one, post his name and number or e-mail so we can verify. It’s a logic fail to say that any Georgian would want to be out of work and let an ileegal do a job that he could do.

                      I thought we were discussing Georgia, but if you are taking it to a national level, does a cost of $90,000,000,000 (90 billion) seem like a place to start?



                    • Progressive Dem says:

                      Your argument is so thin as to be worthless.

                      I quote Ga. Dept of Corrections statistics for the prison population, describe rules and regulations for establishing eligibility for various welfare programs You take a number from an unreliable organization that is a projection of costs (never balanced by revenues or economic spending) that is conditioned upon passage of immigration reform (a national issue, which you advanced first) and you misrepresent that figure as if it is an actual cost we are spending today. You offer an anecdotal local news story about Chateau Elon. Anecdotal television reporting is hardly substantial or empirical documentation, or valid proof. It exists to attain ratings and sell advertising, and yet you want me to produce the same worthless kind of sourcing to prove your point. That’s a weak face-saving tactic at best, very weak.

                      I offer you two professionally researched studies of the net benefits of immigration reform, one from the left and one from the right that indicate a positive benefit and you come back with more television. This time from Fox News, which is arguably the most controversial and biased cable news company. In the 20 second Fox News clip (deep reporting there) a Heritage spokesman mentions an un-sourced figure. The news reader even says other experts say the figure is lower and he says check out CBO scoring. Oddly, Fox News made no statement about the scoring. That’s because it wildly conflicted with the Heritage spokesman. The scoring is shown below, and it again shows nothing even close to the un-sourced claims of Heritage or FAIR. The “FAIR” document mostly cites statistics about costs of Georgia’s growth in hopes that the reader will confuse the cost of growth with the cost of immigration reform. That’s a bogus premise and a phony argument.

                      You argue “It’s a logic fail to say that any Georgian would want to be out of work and let an ileegal do a job that he could do.” I thought you GOPers were all for free markets? How did that immigrant obtain that job in the first place? The food processing industry across this country relies on immigrant labor. Why? Is it some vast conspiracy to import Spanish speaking people into the country? Does it improve their operations to have to communicate in Spanish? Are they intentionally discriminating against American citizens? Of course not. This is the free market at work. These employers have a wage they are willing to pay, and it’s probably close to the federal minimum wage. Immigrants are willing to accept that wage, work hard and show up regularly. If you deport these employees, the cost of your fried chicken and pork chops is going up.

                      “CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimate that the legislation would exert a relatively small net effect on the federal budget balance over the next two decades, since additional expenditures would be mostly offset by additional revenue. In addition, CBO estimates that enacting this legislation would increase the population in the United States by about 1.8 million residents by 2017. By 2027, the net change in the population would be negligible.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      blah blah blah

                      So you can’t find an unemployed Georgian that wouldn’t take a job held by an illegal…. just one …..out of the entire state…can you do that?

                    • Progressive Dem says:

                      “blah blah blah”

                      Boy that sure sounds a lot like: you got nothing.

                      You started out by asking me to “try that again with some real research instead of what you gut tells you.” You haven’t lived up to your own standard.

                      And as far as your unemployed Georgian…I’m barely making any money in this economy and it’s less than a minimum wage worker would earn. I would not take a job cleaning chickens. I know lots of people in development, construction, real estate and finance that aren’t working and aren’t collecting unemployment. None of us are going to start plucking chickens or picking vegetables.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      Name(s), phone number(s), or e-mail(s) to verify please. 10% of Georgia is out of work and I am asking for proof that one wouldn’t take a job currently held by an illegal.

                      A news story would work as well: “Man with no money says you couldn’t pay me to do that.”

            • MSBassSinger says:

              Ask your local cops how much time and resources they spend on illegals.

              Ask your local ER nurse or doctor how much time and expense are spent on illegals clogging up the ER for routine care (and BTW, there are not 46 million uninsured who want to be insured).

              Many illegals use fake SSNs and anchor babies to gt government money.

              The proper solution is to arrest and convict those who hire them, and when illegals are found by federal, state, or local law enforcement – arrest them and hold them for deportation.

              My wife and I know several legal immigrants who feel the same way. They paid their dues, obeyed the law, and do not appreciate the cheating criminals that come here illegally.

              Progressive Dem, if you spent more time in the real world, you’d see,

              • Holly says:

                Actually, not to be too abrasive, but the problem with ERs has little to do with illegals. Overall, ERs see illegals proportionally to their representation in the general population. The real culprit? Medicaid recipients, and increasingly, Medicare recipients. It’s easier for them to access care through the ER as more and more providers opt out of the programs (or don’t take new patients).

            • “Immigrants who don’t own their homes pay rent which includes the local school property tax. What educational resources are you talking about?”

              I’ve heard of plenty of cases in Cumming where 5 to 10 (or more) illegal immigrants will live in a singlewide trailer. Something tells me that the property taxes paid on their $500 a month (more or less) rental property doesn’t quite cover their childrens’ educational expenses.

                • Slumlord? I believe in a free market. If there’s a demand for the type of living arrangements that the owner is providing then they will continue to offer them. When everyone moves out of the trailer park then the owner will probably revisit their business plan / clean up the place.

                  • Progressive Dem says:

                    The slumlord is probably breaking the law. How far you gonna take this free market solution? There’s a demand for methamphetamines, too. You gonna let the demand for that run its course? You gonna let the free market put a trailer of 20 Mexicans right next door to your home.

                    • The land right next to my current home isn’t zoned MHP. Part of the land I’m in the process of purchasing is zoned MHP, but none of the surrounding land is. (And I have no intention of putting mobile homes on it… I’ll be seeking to have it turned back to Ag use.)

                      There is a demand for marijuana. I don’t demand it. (I’d like to be able to use hemp bedding for our horses like the Queen of England does, but of course the US can’t grow industrial hemp like Canada, England, France and a variety of other industrialized nations.) I’m certainly willing to let it run it’s course. I know nothing of the market for methamphetamines or anything about the effects of them so I can’t really comment on that. I do think a trailer full of 20 Mexicans on highway 9 in Cumming is probably a little different situation than placing a similar trailer full of Mexicans in a neighborhood that isn’t zoned for that type of structure.

            • Progressive Dem says:

              That fig leaf doesn’t begin to cover you.

              I just told you, I’m unemployed. I’m not taking those jobs. You lost that issue, too.

              • Doug Grammer says:

                I think you might be fibbing on this issue, but even you should admit you aren’t a verifiable source.

                • B Balz says:

                  Hey Doug,

                  I saw something that impressed me at a retail store last night. They displayed a small sign in the front window, “We use E-Verify”.

                  E-Verify is a program that any employer SHOULD use to verify a social security number of a prospective employee. This program is operational, and I believe every person who has an opinion on illegal immigration ought to insist the folks that they buy from use E-Verify.

                  It is called ‘push-through’ and consumers can vote daily and often with their wallets.

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    I am aware of the e-verify program. It will allow someone to use a SS number of someone else for about 6 months before they have to quit and find another job. If INS were involved in the process and they took people to jail or deported them after they have had their day in court. I might like it more. However, many who are arrested and are released never show back up for court. Can you imagine?

  9. Hill Rat says:

    This should really impress the Arizona residents who intend to vote in the Georgia Republican primary…

    • GOPwits says:

      It’s okay Deal supporter – there will be a self help group to help you with your loss…

  10. Hill Rat says:

    By the way, this site has more pro-Handel propaganda than Karen Handel’s fan page on Facebook.

      • Ambernappe says:

        I am proud to be able to support the candidacy of an honest, ethical, and intelligent person – Karen Handel. Send your pity to someone who needs it.

    • Hill Rat says:

      Dr. Douglas Holtz-Eakin gave a glowing endorsement of Nathan Deal’s tax plan, but I’m sure we won’t see anything about that on this site until the hacks have determined how to best attack Holtz-Eakin’s credibility.

      Here are my guesses of the lines of attack:

      1. Princeton’s Ph.D. program in economics is weak. Handel learned more in the three night school classes she almost completed at that community college.

      2. Karen was briefly an “executive” at an accounting firm. Where is Holtz-Eakin’s “real world” experience?

      3. Sure, Dr. Holtz-Eakin was the Senior Staff Economist on President George H.W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers, but Karen Handel did the real work in that administration by managing the schedule of the VP’s wife.

  11. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    What else has Icky gotten for his Birthday? Lipstick ? Perfume? Scented Candles ?

    The same stuff Oxy got…. 🙂

  12. Doug Grammer says:

    Congrats to Sec. Handel. I was going to say more, but others have said what I would have brought up.

  13. MSBassSinger says:

    Why is a woman endorsing a woman over a man because she is a woman acceptable, but a man endorsing a man over a woman because he is a man sexist?

    I am not yet convinced that the location of reproductive organs relative to the epidermis is any indicator, positive or negative, of how good a candidate the person will be.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      We don’t know that the only reason the Arizona governor is endorsing Karen because she is a woman. Unless you know something I haven’t seen or read….

  14. MDokes says:

    Chapman women are united against Karen”the liar” Handel. I would vote for Democrat before voting for her.

  15. Lady Thinker says:


    Which day was actually your birthday? My birthday is in July and Karen is going to win the primary for my birthday, aren’t you Karen?

  16. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Like Eric, Icky is feminized and balless . So it’s a give they would support a candidate with no balls. Just like the Arizona Governor is doing .
    So they are in harmony with you Lady Thinker.
    One big balless orgy.

    • B Balz says:

      LOL, there you have it folks, it all comes down to me.

      Stay tuned, unlike another, I shall never betray your trust.

      BTW, Luddy, where DO you go out at night? Had to be one heck of a time!

      • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

        It was. 🙂 People that cant laugh at politics should be on suicide watch. I mean really, testicle puns is the most unclassy thing said here?

      • polisavvy says:

        I’m not sure which is funnier — LVB’s post or your response. I fell out laughing! It’s for darn sure that this election is not for the faint of heart.

  17. Progressive Dem says:

    Arizona Governor Brewer’s solution to her state’s budget crisis was to raise taxes.

    The state has sold its state capitol, privatized prisons and closed some state parks. I wonder what the Gold Dome is worth? I expect that as soon Oxendine hears of this possibility that he will include it in his Contract. Anyway, selling and closing assets didn’t solve the deficit, so Gov. Brewer proposed to raise the sales tax from 5.6% to 6.6%. She worked shoulder to shoulder with the teachers union to obtain voter approval. The measure passed with over 60% of the votes.

    Is this what we can expect from Gov. Handel?

    Brewer became governor when Janet Napolitano was confirmed as Director or Homeland Security. She is up for election this year. A friend in Arizona told me that she angered the GOP base so much with the tax increase that she had to take this tough stance on immigration, or her campaign was dead in the water.

    She seems to have taken the Karl Rove playbok to heart: when you are up for a tough election battle, grab a wedge issue – any wedge that works and change the topic.

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