• Ambernappe says:

      Don’t vote for the candidate who had no idea what “stacking” means. Maria Sheffield was the calmest and most articulate and she has a lot of practical insurance knowledge. Personal lines insurance (automobile, homeowners, fire, pleasure boat)are the concern of most voters. The esoteric questions and problems can be handled by individuals who specialize in those areas. I have not done the research yet, but if the participants were referring to Georgia being one of only five states which have not implemented an assigned risk pool for sub-standard drivers, voters should insist on a change to such a pool.

      • GALisa says:

        He asked for the bill number, not a definition of “stacking.” It was smart to make sure that they were talking about the same bill and that they both understood what “stacking” meant. Otherwise, he could’ve been accused of giving a bad answer to the question because of the way the question was asked. It’s like the old saying, “I know you understand what you think I said; but I’m not sure you realize that what you understood is not what I meant.”

  1. Jane says:

    We need a way to connected to a national dbase that links drivers, cars, and auto insurance polcies in order to catch people without auto insurance regardless of where thier car is currently licenced. Some states have this, Georgia does not have a good system yet. If we had a good system it would all but eliminate uninsured motorists.

  2. foray says:

    gerry purcell sounded great- he has a new TV ad up on his website thats going to start running soon

  3. MargaretMiller says:

    Vote for anyone EXCEPT Maria Sheffield. She is running as a favor to her long-time friend, J. Oxendine. She lacks the first bit of enthusiasm for anything as far as I can tell (check out her sleepy videos on her website). I wonder if she actually saw them before they were posted?

    Here’s a scary thought – Sheffield as Insurance Commissioner, her friend Tim Echols in the PSC role and their leader J. Oxendine as governor….. OX and crew would control the governorship, insurance and all public utilities in the state. Not a shred of ethics anywhere among those three. Imagine the plundering they can do…..

    • Provocateur says:

      If it’s Sunday, someone’s always lying on Peach Pundit. Amazing that on the birthday of our country, “Margaret” has seen fit to lie under an assumed name in the exercise of her “right to free speech” about Sheffield.

      Happy Birthday, Margaret Miller.

      • MargaretMiller says:

        {Comment partially deleted by Icarus. I’m also trashing all the follow up exchange between two commenters. One person’s “hearsay” is another person’s slander or liable. Do that here again and you will be banned.}

        The rest is well documented fact.

        • Provocateur says:

          Well, thank you for letting us know the most damaging statement you made was merely “heresay.” Had I not been here to post, you would never have revealed that fact, would you have?

          • MargaretMiller says:

            Um, genius, didn’t I say in my original post that “I wasn’t there” and that “I heard”?

            If you have not heard those same rumors (YES RUMORS), you haven’t been around very long.

            People like you shouldn’t leave the house.

            • Provocateur says:

              Everywhere I go, someone always thinks that when two members of the opposite sex work together well that they must obviously be having an affair. Usually, those are small-minded fools who wrap their lives around reading The National Enquirer and watching General Hospital for their entertainment.

              Such tripe tends to unnecessarily harm the reputation of those who are innocent.

              Clearly, your opinion, because you decided to bring-up such tripe, isn’t worth the electrons used-up to produce these pixels that present it.

              • MargaretMiller says:

                Can you say absolutely, positively that it did not happen?

                You seem to be okay with everything else. Can’t we do better than those three?

        • Provocateur says:

          Pardon me, Mr. Icarus, but you stated that “The rest is well documented fact.”

          Are you stating that Margaret’s statement of “Not a shred of ethics anywhere among those three.” is a fact, Sir? That Ms. Sheffield has no “ethics?”

  4. Bill Knowles says:

    Just because Maria worked in the commissioner’s office does not mean she’s affiliated with him. Same goes for Tim Echols.

    Apparently, you do not know any of these people. I do. And all are very good and decent people.

    As for ethics, why didn’t you mention the ethics problems of Ralph Hudgens? Over $100K gets moved from his State Senate campaign to his campaign for Insurance Commissioner all because he got bad advice?

    Just because a candidate doesn’t come off with the exuburance of a used car salesman, like some of the candidates do for Commissioner, doesn’t mean they don’t have enthusiasm for the job.

    I am curious though…Who is you’re chosen candidate?

  5. MargaretMiller says:

    Bill, please, Maria ran OX’s first campaign the got a job in his office for six years. Nepotism at its finest!

    Though I was not there, I have heard from two 20+ year veterans of the IC’s office, and according to them, Maria and OX did more than just work together.

    Add to all that Ballou, Breedlove OX and Maria, oh, and I almost forgot, Echols running OX’s campaign and using his non-profit to knock on doors for himself and OX. The one thing the AJC article left out, that is a blaring and blatant violation of the IRS’ non profit rules, the kids identify themselves as being from Echols’ organization.

    To your question about who I support, I don’t have a candidate yet. I’m ruling them out one by one, so I know it won’t be Hudgens, Sheffield, Harp or Northington. The insurance guy from Savannah looks pretty good to me.

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