Wood and Olens On Top In AG Race

New poll from Rosetta Stone.


A recent InsiderAdvantage/RosettaStone survey of 360 likely Republican primary voters, conducted on June 17, 2010, shows little change in the race for Attorney General. Max Wood still maintains a slight lead over Sam Olens in this three way race.

Preston Smith shows little traction statewide indicating that a run-off between Wood and Olens is likely. This is the first poll conducted in this race since April 22, 2010.


Max Wood – 18%
Sam Olens – 15%
Preston W. Smith – 7%
Undecided – 60%

Rosetta Stone Communications was founded in 1997 by Steve Schultz and John Garst. Rosetta Stone specializes in state-wide, legislative and judicial campaigns. Media Contact – John Garst 404-819-3041


  1. Tiberius says:

    O is before S and W on the ballot…

    I’m sure many voters will wish the voting machines allow you to have the candidates’ resume pop up when you move the mouse over their name as they do in MLB voting or other web pages.

    Of course, who writes the resume…

    • Junius says:

      I thought the exact same thing when I read this post. Georgia really needs to go to a blind ballot order assignment (or perhaps have it randomly vary from voter to voter as I am sure the computer would allow). I have heard that the 1st place on the ballot can can mean as much as 20% where no one has name ID. Does anyone else have any stats on that? If so, I would love to know them. That is the most plausible explanation for what happened in SC senate race.

      • Chris says:

        I’m sure if the Libertarians had their way, adding NOTA would come right after allowing them to graduate from the kids table.

      • Ambernappe says:

        Yes, many more voters should have attended at least one of the many candidate forums within very few miles of most any home within the Atlanta metropolitan area. Then you read the websites……

        Max Woods is an outstanding candidate for Attorney General.

    • JDW says:

      I see why Icarus wants to discreetly discredit this poll… it is more reliable than the straw polls he posts and Sam Olens is losing to Max Wood. Every straw poll Icarus posts has Sammy winning, I don’t believe I have seen him post a straw poll with Max winning.

  2. JDW says:

    We have said over and over on here that straw polls are not reliable, in part, because candidates will have their supporters drive to the location of the straw poll in order to vote even though they don’t live in that area. However, this poll is reliable. This poll carries weight and I don’t say that because Max Wood is in the lead, it’s just the truth because of the process of how results are collected.

    I am glad to see Max continues to lead. I have no doubt that if anyone takes a serious look at all three candidates for Attorney General, they will view Max Wood as the most qualified candidate for the Office. The other candidates don’t compare to Max’s experience. Olens and Smith are solid candidates, but for other offices, such as Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, or State Senator.

    Also, let it be noted that Max Wood handly won a poll on Facebook conducted June 21-24 that consisted of 226 voters. The results:
    WOOD – 62%
    OLENS – 29%
    SMITH – 8%
    Other 2 %

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      Straw polls are not reliable (I agree), but in the same breath you’re promoting a Facebook poll?

        • JDW says:

          The Facebook poll didn’t require people to travel to a certain county, one could vote while sitting at their personal computer. Also, there were more voters than some of the straw polls that have been reported on here. We both agree the only poll that matters is the one that occurs July 20.

  3. Dem in the Burbs says:

    I have not seen any polls recently in the Dem AG primary. Do how that race is polling?

    • Jack Smith says:

      Don’t know. Given the risk of having a complete sociopath winning the Democratic primary, I would suspect that race should have garnered more attention.

  4. MouthoftheSouth says:

    What a crap write-up. InsiderAdvantage/RosettaStone, weak in any language.

    I am assuming they did this as part of a larger poll, but aren’t going to release the other questions. Did they ask the Max Wood voters if they knew any of the other candidates, or really, if they knew they were selecting the Attorney General of Georgia and not just voting their latent homosexuality.

    A better poll would be, who would you prefer among the following candidates
    – Max Wood
    – Sam “The Big” O-lens
    – Pressed on Stiff
    – Buck Naked

    I imagine it would at least cut down on your undecideds.

        • MouthoftheSouth says:

          Really, so you think the poll shows that Max Wood, a man who has never been on a ballot, has run no ads, and was US Attorney in Macon for a few years with a low profile, has a higher name ID then Sam Olens, who has been Chairman of the Cobb County Commission for 8 years, and was a district commissioner before that? By the way, Cobb County has more people in it than Alaska. What do you think explains his lead in that poll? You think maybe 10% of the Republican primary thinks his name is either amusing or somehow strangely attractive?

          Maybe you should stick to the Dr. Phil website, where they spend less time dealing with human psychology.

          • JDW says:

            What a surprise… Olens’ supporters go negative.


            Get your facts straight. Max was chosen by President Bush to be United States Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia which encompasses 70 counties with Athens, Valdosta, Columbus, Albany and Macon. Why is that might you ask, because he’s a solid Republican and a better attorney. He served for 8 years, not just a few. Almost two years of that Max served in Iraq as the Justice Department’s delegate to asist Iraqis in setting up their judicial system. If memory serves correct, Sam Olens was never been pick by Bush to do anything. Sam Olens, who prides himself on being a moderate, has nothing on Max Wood when it comes to qualifications and experience to be Attorney General. Sorry your bitter that your boy can’t lead even after having the race to himself for 6 months and raising beaucoups of bucks and still getting beat by a guy with, according to you, so little name recognition.

            • Ambernappe says:

              By the way, I feel that Mr. Olens is a viable candidate.
              I lived in Bonaire during the time that Max Woods investigated and finally sent to prison a cult leader who had created fear and abused children for too long.

              I have never had a need for help from Dr. Phil.

              • MouthoftheSouth says:

                Sorry, responded to the wrong post. Which facts did I get wrong? All of things you mentioned* are helpful to his cause but they don’t necessarily increase name ID. My comment was about name ID and what may have led to his “lead” in that poll. I am not suggesting Sam “The Big” Olens is a better candidate or that he will win, just that he should have a higher name ID than Max Wood so perhaps making his name more exciting might close the gap.

                *You point out that Bush selected him for his position. That’s exactly my point. Being appointed does not generate much name ID, but being on the ballot multiple times and being in an elected position does.

                Amber, your posts on his site indicate otherwise.

  5. MouthoftheSouth says:

    IS the USA office not in Macon? Was he not appointed rather than elected? Sam Olens is NOT my boy, and I am NOT supporting him, but my point has only to do with initial name ID and someone who is a County Commissioner of a relatively large county should have better name ID than an appointed prosecutor. Fighting in Iraq is good for his bio and his character, but it does not increase name recognition (if anything it decreases because he was not here – no fault of his own, obviously) I am not making an argument about who would be a better AG, just pointing out there may be another reason for those results.

  6. Atticus Grinch says:

    What a glorious day for Floyd County and Georgia. Not only is Preston Smith retiring from the Senate, it looks like he might be forced into retirement as a statewide political figure. He is an “empty suit”.

    I find it interesting that he has paid his rent on his Atlanta apartment and utilities from his campaign donations (tax free?)
    on a year round basis. That appears to me to be a sweet gig if you can get it: live in Atlanta, work in Atlanta and let your political friends pay your expenses. Why is he using hsi campaign funds to pay his living expenses in Atlanta 12-months out of the year?

    for 1/10 through 3/10: http://ethics.georgia.gov/Reports/Campaign/Campaign_ByExpenditures_RFR.aspx?NameID=521&FilerID=C2006000199&CDRID=25904&Name=Smith,%20Preston%20Williams&Year=2010&Report=March%2031st%20-%20Election%20Year

    for 7/09 through 12/09: http://ethics.georgia.gov/Reports/Campaign/Campaign_ByExpenditures_RFR.aspx?NameID=521&FilerID=C2006000199&CDRID=24380&Name=Smith,%20Preston%20Williams&Year=2009&Report=December%2031st%20-%20Non-Election%20Year

    for 1/09 through 6/09: http://ethics.georgia.gov/Reports/Campaign/Campaign_ByExpenditures_RFR.aspx?NameID=521&FilerID=C2006000199&CDRID=22954&Name=Smith,%20Preston%20Williams&Year=2009&Report=June%2030th%20-%20Non-Election%20Year

    • girlygrrll says:

      Since when do 527’s pay taxes?

      Georgia Dept. of Revenue 01/11/2010
      Expenditure State tax payment $96.18
      IRS 01/13/2010
      Expenditure Federal Tax Payment $148.70

  7. JDW says:

    This is such an embarassment for Sam Olens… some in his campaign have been boasting on Facebook that 9/12 endorsed Olens when they never made any such endorsement, so if you see, “The 9.12 Project Action Network of Georgia is pleased to announce their endorsement of Sam Olens to be Georgia’s next Attorney General. “With a proven track record of Constitutional conservative credibility and fiscal sanity Sam Olens is our choice in the Republican primary in July,” said Tricia Pridemore, Chair of the …9.12 Project Action Network in Georgia,” it’s NOT TRUE. Tricia may have endorsed Sam, but 9/12 certainly never made any such endorsement.

    I hope voters research each candidate and check what their campaigns are saying to see if what is being said is true.

    • Doug Grammer says:


      This was posted on FB by Pridemore: Tricia Pridemore Yes, the 9.12 Project Action Network has endorsed Sam Olens in the 2010 Republican primary to be Georgia’s next Attorney General. Thank you for the emails and calls.

      • JDW says:

        Thank you for clearing that up for me… I was hearing about it over the weekend, and could not find anything on it in the press until yesterday in the MDJ. 9.12 lost credibility with me when the article said the endorsement was due to Sam Olens’ “proven track record of Constitutional conservative credibility” when he has no experience whatsoever in dealing with the U.S. Constitution or Georgia’s Constitution.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          +2 points for admitting you were wrong on a fact. -1 for still complaining because you disagree with it.

          • JDW says:

            I wasn’t wrong because she didn’t post it until yesterday and there was talk over the weekend about it yet no published news on it. Also, she has around 1,100 friends on FB so they are the only ones out of the whole state who would have known as of yesterday on FB.

            I still say it was a rediculous endorsement because Sam Olens has no experience with either the U.S. Constitution or the Georgia Constitution. This endorsement is about as credible and erroneous as Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize due to his potential and promises. I’m sure other 9/12’s are upset with Ms. Pridemore.

  8. GeorgiaDawg says:


    That is crazy that Olens’ supporters would say that stuff like that when it is so easily verifiable. One reason I’m for Max is that he is honest and tells it like it is. I hope Max’s campaign doesn’t do something embarrassing like that. Keep up the good work, Max.

  9. Kate Myers says:

    I know 9.12 did not endorse anyone in the Attorney General race, but that is shocking that Olens’ people are spreading a lie that he was endorsed by 9.12. Max Wod, out of anyone, should have been endorsed by 9.12 and the Tea Party.

    I also saw in 2002, Sam Olens had his salary tripled when he became Chairman of Cobb County Board of Commissioners, which is contrary to his talk about being a fiscal conservative. Cobb County taxpayers paid more in taxes so Sam could have his tripled salary, secretary, travel and other expenses paid for by taxpayers. Sam had a public servant’s salary turned into an attorney’s salary at the expense of Cobb County taxpayers. http://www.legis.state.ga.us/legis/2003_04/fulltext/sb245.htm

  10. JDW says:

    Sam is a lot of talk when he says he’s a conservative… but I see why Icarus doesn’t want people to view the results of this poll, because it is a reliable poll that Sam Olens lost. Notice how he only posts straw polls that Olens wins. I don’t believe I have seen one straw poll posted by Icarus that Max has won and he is winning straw polls, for instance Hart County.

    Icarus wants to downplay this poll even though it is more reliable than a straw poll, because his pick Sammy Olensky is losing even after being in the race alone for 6 months and raising much more money than the other candidates.

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