Podcast with John Monds, candidate for Governor

Last night, I spoke with John Monds, the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s nominee for Governor. As the Libertarian Party of Georgia has already nominated candidates for November, Monds is guaranteed a spot on the ballot.

In the podcast we discuss zero-based budgeting, education, property rights, transportation and Sunday alcohol sales, among many other issues.

You can download the podcast here (over 26 minutes/24.4MB, right click, “Save File As” to download). You can view the archive of previous podcasts here.

We’re in the final week or so of these podcasts. I have six more on the calendar and we’re done. Thanks for listening.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that I currently serve as Legislative Director of the Libertarian Party of Georgia and have done some paid work for the Monds campaign.