Full Disclosure

Here’s how I’m voting:

Governor: Karen Handel
Secretary of State: Brian Kemp
Attorney General: Max Wood
Insurance Commissioner: Gerry Purcell
Labor Commissioner: Melvin Everson
Agriculture Commissioner: Gary Black
School Superintendent: John Barge
PSC: John Douglas

I had wanted to vote for Doug for Secretary of State, but while I think he’s probably the most qualified person to ever run for the job, I have been less than impressed with his campaign and the mail piece on military voters.

I sincerely hope Melvin Everson wins Labor Commissioner.

I’ll be voting for the Libertarian for School Superintendent in the General Election unless someone really sells me on one of the Republicans.

I say again that every single person running for Governor on the Democratic ticket is more honorable than John Oxendine and should Oxendine win I will vote for the Democrat.


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    And of course, Handel’s one of the what? One or two candidates in the primary that have never been Democrats?

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      One with out an penis which is a reason a lot of men have in common with women now a days.

  2. Holly says:

    Okay, I’m interested on why you’re voting the way you are for AG. I haven’t had much time to research that race, so if you can shed some light on your choice, that would be fantastic.

    Those who support the other candidates are welcome to jump in here, too. I’m a blank slate on this one.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Holly, I recommend you go see Max and talk to him yourself and you will soon be a supporter. I was drawn to him because of the way he handled some McBerry supporters at an event in Houston county. They were asking him if he would “support his governor when he kicks the Federal government out of the state, blah blah blah”.

      His response was that his job as attorney general was to follow the laws and the constitution of the state AND federal government. That it was not his job to make the law, but to enforce it. Not only did he handle the crowd with class, he said what I am primarily looking for in an AG.

      Further, as a prosecutor, he wants the AG to fulfil its constituional role in prosecutions as well, a roll that Sam Olens discounts as insignificant. My wife is a prosecutor, and her and her boss say this is a very important thing. There are times when it is not politically possible for a local DA to prosecute and there are times they are unwilling. The AG has the authority (at the request of the governor) to handle any prosecution in the state. If you ever had the problem of living in or knowing someone in a county with a lot of corruption, you know why this is important.

      Further, Max was a US Attorney and has handled just about every kind of Federal case imaginable. The AG is responsible for representing the state in Federal court and it would be great to have someone who has been there.

      Here are the AG’s duties

      And finally, after I was attacked personally by Olens (he did not know I was in the audience) for making a video pointing out his fundraising had a large number of people who gave large donations to Obama, I have found a lot more reasons to dislike Olens. You should research the videos posted by his Atlanta Regional Commission who say in one video “Atlanta needs to be more like New York City” and that “We need to live more densely” and “need more land use restrictions so people aren’t living on 1/2 acre lots” (they go on to say we need to be living in highrise condos). They also seem to think the answer to the water problems is to turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth.

      This is the worst form of liberalism in that they think they know better about how you should live than you do. Plus, where does he think he has the background for attorney general, other than he wanted to be governor but didn’t think he could go straight from the Cobb County Commission.

      And for Preston Smith, I wish him well and home it’s him and Wood in the runoff. The last thing we need is a nanny statist like Olens.

    • The General says:

      Suuuuureee….”You don’t have a dog in the race.” And you’re a democrat. So you’re telling us bluedog, your gonna vote for Carter and not in the Dem primary? huh?

    • Game Fan says:

      I wish Gary Black would just go away. This is another area where I have no problem switching parties in order to avoid the guy with the big money and insider influence.

  3. BuckheadConservative says:

    Well, as for me, I’ll be voting for the most qualified candidate to ever run for Secretary of State. Doug is a smart business man, hard worker, and a very sincere man who is serious about helping our military vote. If you would like to support an outside candidate who is interested in getting things done, rather than just being someone around the capitol, I encourage you to vote for Doug MacGinnitie to Secretary of State as well.

    • Three Jack says:

      doug was viable right up to the announcement that sadie fields joined his campaign…thanks for playing.

      • BuckheadConservative says:

        Three Jack, you don’t like him because he appeals to a broad group of Republicans, both fiscal conservatives and social conservatives? He’s drawn a great deal of support from the business, legal, and military community as well. If Sadie can help get him elected by taking his message to Christain conservative voters, giving us some new leadership and a better candidate in November, I’m glad she’s helping him out.

        • Wiley says:

          Support from the military community or the imaginary military community? Mailer was the lowest of the low….

        • Three Jack says:

          bc, i don’t like or dislike him, never met him. but anybody who would hire fields to assist their campaign must be judged at best as ignorant, at worst a complete idiot. throw in the hypothetical mailer as proof of the latter.

          • BuckheadConservative says:

            You are a very angry, bitter man. Maybe you should go to a meeting and meet Doug before you start hurling invectives at someone you’ve never met.

            • Three Jack says:

              “angry, bitter man”…huh? he hired the “angry, bitter” woman who won’t even have contact with her daughter because she likes rachel maddow more than sean hannity.

              i know everything i need to know about him based on his selection of political consultants…the same consultants that came up with the despicable vet mailer. maybe you should open your eyes bc.

    • GOPwits says:

      Doug had my vote up until I found out that he made up a soldier to put on a mail piece in order to get votes… That’s about as shady as it gets…

      • one n done says:

        He did what!?

        Sorry, I missed this one. He did what with this mailer and has it been confirmed he made said soldier up?

        • BuckheadConservative says:

          He used a hypothetical (and labeled it as such) in a mailer to demonstrate the trouble our military have while trying to vote while deployed. The hypothetical came from a presentation by the military themselves to the Department of Defense. Brian Kemp is upset, which he seems to have been throughout the race.

  4. gopgal says:

    Erick, I don’t get you. Karen Handel, high school graduate, Brian Kemp, political wannabe with an ag educ degree and Gerry Purcell, nice guy with a non-existent campaign. Maybe this just speaks to the weakness of all the GOP candidates.

  5. bluedogdem says:

    gopgal…..Gerry Purcell has not raised as much money as the rest of the candidates, but I guarantee Gerry has been campaigning harder than any other candidate and he will win the GOP primary.

  6. ricstewart says:

    I like Kira Willis, but I’d strongly suggest you take a look at Beth Farokhi. She’s an extremely experienced, thoughtful, intelligent candidate with a clear vision for Georgia’s schools.

  7. GG says:

    You might want to do some research on Gerry Purcell and Gary Black. Both leave a lot to be desired. Take a peak at the Secretary of State’s website for corporations on Purcell and then you might look at some tax records for an eye opener. Gerry, a/k/a Gerald A.

    • MariettaLegal says:

      GG, I saw you on here last week using the “snake oil” label on a Gov and IC candidate. Are you guys in the constant attack mode on everybody except Ox? Seems that way. First it was Hudgens, then Knox, then Harp, Hudgens again and now Purcell. It is pretty obvious who you are supporting, and most folks in the race know you are dispensing rumors and exaggerations in every part of the state. C’mon, run on some ideas of your own.

        • ECSnob says:

          @MariettaLegal… Did you look into what he is talking about? Whether you like it or not theres something to this.

    • godspeed says:

      I am glad that someone else has actually done some research on this guy. I brought up the same point last week and got jumped by the minions and paid staffers about how many straw polls they have won. Unfortunately, in real elections you cant buy votes and ballots like you can at GOP events….well, you can buy votes, but you need a lot of money, which your guy doesn’t have. I guess it will be back to selling snake oil for Gerald A. in July.

  8. KempforAg says:

    So you are saying Kemp’s campaign is impressing you? At least with Kemp we will be protected from Osama:

  9. Glen Ross says:

    The only race I’m undecided on thus far is AG. Wood and Olens are both very impressive candidates. Leaning Woods, though. For Ins Commish, if Purcell doesn’t make the cut (sadly likely) I’m going to struggle to cast a vote in that runoff.

    MacGinnitie is definitely the guy for SoS. Kinda disappointed with Erick here. Vastly more qualified and we needs some new folks in there. I learn best with illustrations, so I thought the hypothetical was good. I can see where some might disagree, but it’s definitely no reason to vote against MacGinnitie. He’s good people.

  10. Two things:

    Erick, you DO realize that you’re going to be banned from RedState if you keep saying you’ll vote for Democrats and Libertarians in the general election, right? Why don’t you go ahead and quit now? You’ll both be better off.

    And… you’re dumping MacGinnitie because he sent a mailer about a hypothetical soldier that he LABELED as hypothetical – even though you “think he’s probably the most qualified person to ever run for the job”? What are you smoking?

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      Is their a democrat on the ticket with out a penis he can vote for?

      Oxy would be the default no penis candidate on the republican ticket other than Handel.

      Johnston would wack his off for the right amount of money.

      McBang A Baby…. well I aint going there.

  11. acoalson says:

    John “I want to charge you hundreds of dollars for the privilege of owning a pet snake” Douglas? Really??

  12. Lady Thinker says:


    Where did you get my voter list? I am in agreement with all the above and am leaning more toward John Douglas the more I research him. My one difference is I am more inclined to vote for Kira Willis.

    • In The Arena says:

      Are there any Karen Handel supporters who do not lean towards Douglas? It seems his only “qualification” is his endorsement of Handel and his willingness to help with her dirty work.

      • NorthGAGOP says:

        Douglas doing Handel’s dirty work? He is running a full time statewide campaign, how can he be doing anything for Handel?

        • In The Arena says:

          Oh is that not in her talking points? Be a good sock puppet and give Karen a call. She will fill you in.

  13. JDW says:

    I am definitely on board with Max Wood, Gerry Purcell and Melvin Everson.

    I encourage everyone to compare Max Wood to the other candidates. I am completely confident you will find Max is the most qualified candidate for the Office of Attorney General of the three. The other candidates are good candidates, but for other offices, such as Lt. Governor, State Senator, or Governor.

  14. Painterman says:

    Considering that the next Governor will oversee the redistricting maps and how bad a job Barns did last time, it will be a cold day before I vote for any Democrat to be in that position to do the same again this time.

  15. Ken Stepp says:

    I’ll be voting for Karen Handel and Max. I like Jody Hice too. Buzz will do a great job too.

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      I don’t …in the case for Governor. 🙂

      I will vote for the candidate that pegs the AJC’s truth meter all the way to the right. He doesn’t use ethics as a campaign whipping post when others show the lack of. He lives it. He didn’t leave his elected post during a tough senate session. He fought against the rich boys contributors to Sonny Perdue that wanted to carve up Jekyll when members of his own party were on board with it including another candidate for governor who actually put one of them on his campaign staff. Have you heard anything from Karen on this? And she wants to preach about “ethics” ?

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