Wendy Saltzman has a crush on Senator Balfour

This just in…

Reports are surfacing that CBS 46 investigative reporter Wendy Saltzman is having improper and possibly adulterous thoughts about a married man, State Senator Don Balfour. This comes just two months after Saltzman was spotted roaming the halls of the State Capitol Building, trying to corner the Senator to allegedly ask him some “tough questions”. For his own personal safety, Senator Balfour remained in the Anteroom, hoping his stalker would give up for night. He eventually left the building through a rear entrance.

Two months later, Saltzman continued her pursuit of the Senator, desperately trying to get him to acknowledge her during a campaign event. In what is believed to be a history of jealous behavior, she interrogated her would-be lover over his association with other women and even went as far as to harass other women about their relationships with the Senator. No word yet on whether or not Saltzman looked through the Senator’s text messages.

So far there is no evidence that Wendy Saltzman actually did any of the aforementioned stuff, but as a serious “investigative journalist” it’s my job to spread baseless, damaging innuendo to the public because they have a right to know.

See how easy that was, Wendy? Anyone can piece together loose facts and innuendo to suit whatever preconceived notions they desire. That doesn’t make us “investigative journalists”. Nor does it make us justified in our accusations. It makes us rumor-mongers. Before you accuse me of being the pot that called the kettle “black,” let me caveat this by saying that I am well-aware of the preponderance of rumor-mongering that happens here at Peach Pundit almost every day. But our misdeeds do not justify yours. If anything, you should hold yourself to a higher standard since you, you know, get paid to do what you do.

So, if you have something finite on Senator Balfour, put it out there. But don’t go around spreading slanderous tripe about “alleged” affairs and “alleged” impropriety—especially when you freely admit that “no evidence exists” to back up your allegations. Like him or hate him, Senator Balfour has a wife and children. I served with his son in Afghanistan. Senator Balfour was at every family event our unit held, both pre-deployment and post-deployment. And unlike some other State Legislators, he did not show up sporting his nifty “State Senator” name tag. He wasn’t campaigning. He wasn’t kissing babies. He was there to support his son, as an anonymous parent, just like all of the other anonymous parents. He does have a family that he cares about. So, once again, whether you like him or not, he is not an entity unto himself in this matter. Your allegations, even if they are bogus, do serious harm to this family. And they bring you down to our level.

We expect better from “real” media.


    • Booray says:

      Or maybe it’s like that Haley witchhunt in SC.

      Be careful with shoddy analogies that are designed to smear people without proof.

      The bottom line is that Saltzman did not produce one shred of proof that Balfour is having an affair. Maybe he is, but there wasn’t a bit of proof of that in the story, and Balfour flatly denied it in a written statement.

      Just because your boy Bill Clinton has a Monica Lewinsky and lied about it doesn’t mean every other politician is equally as guilty. Proof is the standard, not rumors/innuendo/campaign season gimmicks from TV stations stuck in dead last in ratings.

  1. Romegaguy says:

    Has Salzman ever taken Balfour on a trip out of the country and listed him as a Reporter on a press release?

    • Romegaguy says:

      Maybe to Belgium. They make great waffles there and with his experience with Waffle House…

  2. Muselaw says:

    It’s not even “alleged” impropriety. It’s “allegedly thinking about impropriety.”

    We should expect better, but unfortunately there is no such thing as “real” media anymore.


  3. Atticus says:

    I can’t believe anyone would stand up for Don Balfour. The man is a sleaze and this has been going on for a long time. Clay Cox has the goods on him and used it to squeeze Balfour out of the congressional race. Balfour rents an apartment in the same building as one rented by Marcia Rubensohn. (Why does he need to rent one when Snellville is only 20 miles from the Capitol?) He rents the apartment from a Jewish Professor at Emory who is good friends with Rubensohn.

    She also is a former lobbyist for GA Power and look at what they got from Balfour! But that’s ok because Balfour will continue to deny the rumors and exploit his son’s military experience in order to win votes for another round at the buffet.

    Sheesh. Yall are a punch of wussies on this site.

    • Booray says:

      I spent some time looking at Rubensohn’s disclosure on the Internet this morning (funny thing I was able to “unearth” it without Saltzman’s help), and Rubensohn has never been registered to lobby for Georgia Power.

      If you’re going to post something, post facts. I suspect the rest of your post is as worthless as the Georgia Power claim.

      • Atticus says:

        LOL you really think that lobbying doesn’t go on without someone being registered?

        GA Power knew/knows of the “pull” Rubensohn has with Balfour, they used her influence and she was rewarded for such.

        Now I don’t have any hard evidence I can PDF for you, but this happens all the time down at the Capitol. Companies find who’s in with who and they use that to get things done.

        Take the blinders off.

        • Booray says:

          You just accused someone of a CRIME (unregistered lobbying while receiving a “reward”) while admitting you have no proof of it. That’s serious business, and could get you sued if you did it without the cloak of Internet anonymity (probably still could – I bet a lawsuit could still be filed against you and your IP address made to be produced).

          It’s this kind of scurrilous blood-in-the-Internet water that sends the Saltzman’s of the world into a feeding frenzy. She’s guilty of running it on TV, but you’re just a guilty regardless of your anonymity.

  4. strident_hack says:

    If a tree falls across the road, if a contractor cuts into a gas main, if it is reported (legally) on an ethics report, it is prime for attention on the 6 oclock news. Someone must be at fault, and held to account.

  5. griftdrift says:

    Liberal media! Liberal media!

    Oh wait.

    That wasn’t the case two weeks ago when Channel 46 was “asking the tough questions” and giving Liz Carter oodles of free media.

    • Jace Walden says:

      When did I say liberal media? I didn’t even insinuate “liberal media.”

      So much for reading comprehension.

    • strident_hack says:

      This isn’t a liberal/mainstream issue: its a “pay attention to us so se can raise our ad rates” issue where local news has no better ethics or reporting skilss than the National Enquirer.

    • griftdrift says:

      Sorry. Forgot you are all “independent contractors”.

      Therefore your silence on Channel 46’s equally sloppy pushing of Republican Liz Carter’s political stunt has no bearing on your indictment of their sloppy work accusing Republican Dan Balfour.

      • Jace Walden says:

        Dude, what are you talking about? What do you mean by “you all”. If by, front page contributors, I can tell you, we don’t monolithically think one way about anything. I don’t even watch the news that often. I have no idea who Liz Carter is or what Channel 46 did to her. But I can sense the righteous indignation in your comments. So I have to ask what the hell we did to piss you off?

        Maybe you can b*tch about it on your website, like you do everything else. Who knows, maybe it will become one of the critically acclaimed “Best of the Drifts”. But if that’s not exciting enough, there are probably some cheerleaders who want to put Bible Verses on paper banners out there that you need to protect the world from.

  6. TigerLily says:

    “McCarthyism is the political action of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence.”

    Sounds like Wendy took a dose of it and ran with it. And people wonder why Ch. 46 is at the bottom of the ratings and story food chain.

  7. c_murrayiii says:

    I don’t think this is about defending Balfour so much it is about criticizing some poor reporting.

    • Jace Walden says:

      That’s exactly my point. I’m not trying to defend Balfour, nor am I trying to attack Saltzman. I’m using Saltzman’s poor reporting to attack the practice of baseless rumor-mongering.

  8. Dave Bearse says:

    I’ve gotten tired of the 46 clips of out of state apartment fires and other catastrophes when there wasn’t a fire in metro Atlanta to film. Theese tough questions are a welcome replacement.

  9. Lollipop says:

    Wendy – in her catcha moments attends the Fulton County Board of Education meetings and doesn’t even say the Pledge of Alligiance. She either sits there with her arms crossed or stands up and reads her blackberry. I witnessed this on several occassions. If she can’t respect the United States of America Pledge of Alligiance why do you think she could respect the facts. What a poor sport (brat) she is……maybe one day she will learn how to respect others and then maybe she might get a breaking story.

    • B Balz says:

      OMG I heard that Wrndy doesn’t shave her pits and worships small icons of unknown origins . . .

  10. Nixonstheone says:

    Good for you, Jace. If this little biotch had bothered to learn anything, she’d know that Balfour and this lobbyist’s husband are friend, as are Balfour’s wife and the lobbyist. Thanks for calling her out. No wonder this station is on the bottom and falling.

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