1. The General says:

    Love his e-nun-ci-a-tion. The bit at the end sounds like he had to make 10 different takes.

  2. B Balz says:

    Good positive ad. The messaging will change by November. Right now, keeping it positive won’t tune out any voters. Any bets the responses to Roy in the Fall will includes a flag message?

    People, you need to take the stigma out of pandering. No vote is to insignificant to pander.

  3. MSBassSinger says:

    It seems like all, or almost all, of the posts avoid discussing the particulars of the “Contract with Georgia”. I can’t speak for anyone else, but parade of snide comments and name calling really gets boring after a while.

    I went to his website and read through the Contract. While I agree with some of the broader points, were I a conservative Gubernatorial candidate, I could take the Contract apart on conservative grounds and use it to illustrate how Oxendine doesn’t seem to be up to the job.

    If John Oxendine doesn’t have it in himself to be a real conservative, perhaps he should hire someone with brains and heart who is a solid, consistent, conservative to educate him and help him to appear deeper than he does now.

    • B Balz says:

      I’ll bite, plus it is too hot to mow the property.

      Says, the “Contract”: Point One of Twelve

      Implement Zero-Base Budgeting:

      I support using zero-base budgeting because it will force department managers to come up with alternative ways to deliver public services more efficiently – rather than allowing them to assume that their budget will automatically increase every year.

      I disagree with the current Governor’s recent decision to veto SB 1, the Zero-Base Budgeting Act. Not implementing an efficiency tool like zero-base budgeting represents a lost opportunity.

      As your Governor, I will ensure that we use zero-base budgeting to create a more efficient state government. SB 1 provided a model to build from, and I look forward to working with the legislature to make zero-base budgeting a reality.

      Last week, I wrote about SB1 (the Zero Budget Amendment – ZBA) to show Governor Perdue’s logic seemed conservative to me. According to the textbook Principles of Accounting, ZBA is costly and offers limited benefits, unless implemented on a rolling, departmental basis. Hence my ‘pander’ comment, the ZBA is not a panacea, but most folks don’t do their homework.

      Mr. Oxendine supports the conservative approach to limiting government and not raising taxes. Mr. Essig, (http://www.gbpi.org/about_staff.aspx) and the GBPI (left leaning) suggests we have efficient government as judged by ‘best practices’ benchmarks to other States. I happen to believe benchmarking is a valuable tool, regardless of politics.

      Which is it? I say review services and programs looking for more cuts and be selective and careful about raising taxes or fees as a ‘last resort’. Perhaps implement a zero based budgeting, based on successes elsewhere, if any.

      • MSBassSinger says:

        IMHO, best comment yet.

        Obviously typical traits of politicians: selective, careful, raising taxes as a last resort. 🙂

        I agree on benchmarking as a useful tool in the toolbox.

  4. TigerLily says:

    Yawn. Wonder how much he has paid for voice lessons. That is not the voice of Ox that I have heard on the stump.

  5. Junius says:

    Two takeaways for this viewer:

    First, which bottle do I buy to get hair that color?

    Second, His enunciation reminds me of a cross between a 13yr old running for 7th grade class president and a condescending panderer speaking VERY CLERLY to a bunch of old dolts. Actually, it reminds me more of the later.

    Third, his contract folder looks a little skimpy compared to that tome of oppo ethics research.

    • The General says:


      “His enunciation reminds me of a cross between a 13yr old running for 7th grade class president and a condescending panderer speaking VERY CLERLY to a bunch of old dolts.”

      Clutch. Maybe Johnson might add that to his quotation book.

  6. bwjohnson83 says:

    It’s an overall solid ad. Campaign ads tend to be a little blah in my opinion. I think a good campaign ad has to be different and catch the viewer of guard. Most don’t.

    I admit I’m a biased toward Jeff Chapman.

    Check out Senator Chapmans ad on youtube…..renew georgia
    It’s different!!

    Unfortuantly, Mr. Chapman hasn’t been able to raise the money needed to get his campaign ad up and running on the main stage. Mr. Chapman decided to finish is senate term and it’s cost him. I believe the other candidates hit the trail early and sucked up most of the money.

    Mr. Chapman’s base is fired up and working extremely hard to get the word out with grassroots efforts. Still a large percentage of voters are undecided!
    Anything can happen……..Huckabee won Georgia and we now have Obama, who would’ve thought!

  7. Doug Deal says:

    Ox has his “Contract with Georgia” and Deal has his no bid “Contract with Georgia”. Or is that the no bid “No Contract with Georgia (that you can prove)”?

  8. Mayonnaise says:

    Anyone notice when he reaches out his hand to the child, the child looks at him, scratches her head, and walks away?

  9. AnyoneElse2010 says:

    While I am NO Oxendine fan this commericial is going to play over well with the Georgia voters who aren’t “pundits”. I say kudos to Commissioner Oxendine. Good ad. First real good thing that his campaign has done.

    And again I wouldn’t vote for this man if I was made to at gunpoint.

  10. ACCmoderate says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the “Contract with Georgia” looks like a coloring book?

  11. polisavvy says:

    That’s the first thing I saw this morning at 5:30! Not a great way to start off a day. I wish he could pronounce the word “there” correctly. I didn’t know it could rhyme with tar — apparently the Ox thinks it does.

    In response to ACCmoderate — I, too, thought it looked like a coloring book. An overall tacky ad, in my opinion.

  12. ECSnob says:

    ‘THURRR re-elections”

    This is the most ridiculous bs I have ever seen. This guy doesn’t even sound slow, he is just sounds nuts….. One flew East, One flew West

    Mmm Juicy Fruit 🙂

  13. Miss T says:

    In the way of being extremely nit-picky, his hands look like plastic when he is holding his “Contract with Georgia” and his lips remain somewhat puckered the ENTIRE time he is talking…why is that?

  14. apacheangel says:

    Wow. He’s so purty…look at his perfectly white teeth, his even tan, his perfectly shaped eyebrows…did he hire John Edwards’ personal groomer?

  15. kolt473 says:

    I’M laughing over the ox-bow’s ad take off of newt the fruit loop, the colorful past of the ox-bow incident and the fact he thinks voters are ”retarded” like Rahm Emanuel called his voters ”F-RETARDED” can’t take him seriously. Ditto KING ROY with him in that out of state church, repenting, I trust him not. These clowns have ”alleged” lied and ignored ”we the people” KING ROY & THE OX-BOW INCIDENT ad pure entertainment only. Broken promises, but getting hearty laugh from all..

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