Veritas. It means “truth” in English. I at least have it’s translation down after 4 years of Latin in high school. But why bring it up now? Probably because it’s something important. Something that politicians on both sides of the aisle forget time and again. Supposedly, this is the year that conservatives will take back the reins of government from the liberal Big Spenders in DC as well as those in state governments. But are we failing in that regard? If Republicans in Georgia want to remain in the power structure and remain in “control” of our state, they need to get one thing down before moving forward with any other issue; truth. Tell it like it is. I have not voted yet because there is no telling what is going to go down in the next few weeks prior to this Primary. I will vote in the Republican primary, but so far I’m already getting tired of the smear campaigns and mudslinging. Yeah, I know that it’s protocol to get into the General, but can we get some truth?

Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents should all follow the same criteria in regards to running: Tell us what problems exist in our government and system, tell us how you plan to fix it. Stop screaming about how bad the other guy/girl is and start explaining how you plan to fix it. I want efficient government. I await responses from our candidates as to how they plan to implement efficient government that will get the job done without us having to hammer them over the head time and again. In the next few weeks you’ll see essays submitted by candidates in many of the contested races, down ballot as well. READ them. We need an informed voter base and we need to know where they stand on issues.

Call me an idealist, but I need to hang onto that fabric of my humanity for as long as it lasts. Burgess out.


  1. chefdavid says:

    Why would they need to do that? It is much easier to say I am going to streamline government, reduce crime, make our schools better, lower taxes, cut waste, than to actually have a plan. How many forums have you been to where you could fall asleep mid-sentence of one candidate wake up for the opponent and not even realize they switched.
    Why does the media not hold them accountable? We can joke about how politicafact GA comes from the liberal St. Pete Times but at least it is holding their feet to the fire. I am with you we want to hear plans and solutions not generalities or at the min. the candidates should give us links where we can see the details.

  2. Game Fan says:

    The old axiom “Give ’em what they want” may apply here. And, sad to say, but “the masses” will throng to the feet of the slickest best talker nine times outta ten. Sadly, the ones who get taken to the cleaners the most often (used car salesmen, mortgage ripoffs, shady investments, ect…) never sit down to evaluate their own abilities to “choose the right person”. They’re too busy licking their wounds and looking for that night in shining armor on TV. The one on the paid political ad that appears somewhere between the soap opera, the talk show, and the 6:00 news.

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Is this cat for real?

    You’re lecturing us on Truth? On a political blog? Are you serious???????


    The whole point of politics is to misinform, lie, deflect, arm twist, etc. This is why I cannot identify with any party.

    The first casualty in any political campaign is truth.

    But thanks for the laugh 🙂

      • one n done says:

        Thats your response after that high and mighty of a post? So, I guess I can now just discredit the integrity of that entire post

        • Doug Grammer says:

          In memory of Dade County’s Bill Adams, “poli” meaning “many,” and “tics” meaning “blood suckers.”

          Would the gentleman from Hall County please elucidate on what he expected the author of the thread to say? Are you expecting him to say that his chosen candidate lies every time his mouth opens?

          I think if candidates took a week off of even mentioning that anyone else is seeking the same office and just talked about themselves and their ideas of how to make things better, it would be a nice change of pace. Eventually, I will want them to contrast themselves with their opponent and tell us why they are more prepared for the job than anyone else of if there is a real reason why someone else running isn’t qualified to do the job, that’s information we will need as well. I still have a few questions to ask in some races because I haven’t decided in all of them yet.

          • Joshua Morris says:

            Doug, I was merely alluding to the fact that since the day Lee joined the race, untrue and distorted allegations have been constantly hurled in from the Graves camp. I think Tyler should share this post with Tom Graves, Tim Baker, Justin Tomczak, et al., and ask them to tell the truth–all the time. They’ve not done much of that regarding their leading opponent.

            I think we’ve been pretty clear on this site and in other places delineating the reasons that Lee Hawkins is best prepared for the job of congressman in the 9th District. It’s apparently hard for some to hear above all the other shouting. Hawkins’ 30+ yrs of experience as a small businessman and health care provider give him unrivaled insight into some of the toughest issues facing our Nation today–healthcare, corporate taxation, job creation. His honesty and above board record of clean business experience shows that he is a man of strong moral character. His past service as treasurer and president of the GDA indicates that he is a leader among his professional peers. His work in the State Senate on health, water, immigration, budget, etc., shows that he fights for conservative principles and doesn’t sit for years before going to work for the people he represents.

            I hope this helps.

            • Justin Tomczak says:

              I see Mr. Morris has yet to overcome his obsession with me. I’ve never met someone who spent more time talking/blogging/Facebooking about me.

              I’m not really sure how this helps his 0-2 candidate, but hey, what do I know about political campaigns?

              I’ll proudly stand with Tyler, Doug, Tim, and Tom despite the continued name calling and endless rants about how evil we all are. Lighten up bro. 🙂

              • Doug Grammer says:


                We (you, me, Tyler and Tom…I don’t know Tim that well.) are friends, but I’m also friends with Tommy Sandoval, and Joshua, and I’ve even grown to appreciate Lee Hawkins, and others, such as Steve Tarvin. I’m not standing in anyone’s camp. I try to be fair and call things as I see them. Club for Growth was wrong to say that Sen. Hawkins would not vote to repeal Obama care. Joshua has a point that the truth, in at least that case, was not championed. However, asking Tyler to stand of for the truth and associate him with the Graves campaign was a bit of a stretch IMO. Tyler may have voted for him, and maybe even sent out a few e-mails for Congressman Graves, but as far as I know, he’s not paid staff.

                Joshua’s last paragraph was closer to what I would like to see. It was a list of good reasons on why his candidate is qualified and ready to do the job. It’s good the Sen. Hawkins has not been sued.

                I would think that his with his choice of profession would have part to play in that. Dentists, teachers, firemen, and DJ’s (for my friend Jeremy Jones) are not as likely to get involved in law suits as land developers, policemen, and professional athletes. I say this as someone who has been sued, sued others and is suing a group of people now. Dealing with money and land makes people forget what they should do more than getting a cap placed on a tooth. I don’t mean to disrespect any dentists or other profession, but some professions are more likely to land you in court than others.

              • Joshua Morris says:

                You’re a joke, Tomczak. For you to ask me to lighten up after the duck fit you had over one pic of you and democrat Shirley Franklin is ludicrous, Mr. Public-Relations-but-not-lobbying guy.

                I’m glad your’e so impressed with yourself.

                • one n done says:

                  Doug, I agree, lots of people get sued and in some professions more than others. I’m sure what you are saying about land developers is accurate, I wouldn’t know I am not one…and neither is Tom. It is what Tom is being sued for that bothers me. Yes, I agree, in these tough times it is not uncommon, or unethical in the least to default on a loan…that is not my issue. My issues is that he FRAUDULENTLY transferred the property into a trust so as to not have to pay for the loan. He guaranteed this loan of 2.25 M (a huge chunk o’ change) with this land as collateral. He wouldn’t take personal responsibility of the loan to the bank, other people who have money at stake in the bank, and the good faith in which the loan was issued. Many people all over the nation who work at banks are losing jobs due to practices such as this when their bank they work for is shut down. People are losing their life’s savings because crooks do these sorts of things. Tom wouldn’t have defaulted on the loan had the property he was using as collateral not been sneakily transferred into a trust. Complete lack of personal responsibility…that is what irks me

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    I don’t know that the land was used as collateral. Have you seen any documents supporting that? The loan was stated for use of purchase and renovation of the hotel, but so far, it looks like a signature loan. The bank is taking the hard line position that he can’t get rid of major assets while the dispute is pending. If he had a brother go out a create TICH properties II, and quit claimed them over for no money, that is definitely a fraudulent transfer. Creating a trust for his family so that if something happened to him, the property would stay in his family isn’t as cut and dry as a fraudulent transfer that I described earlier.

                    If I saw ALL of the loan docs, I could give you a better opinion. Right now, it looks to be decided by the courts. I still have lots of questions in this matter.

                    • one n done says:

                      Thats how I had understood it…I only wonder why he has not cleared it up with the voters if there isn’t anything shady behind it? If it were me and there were no foul play I would be the first to clear my name…instead it seems he has hired a very high-powered attorney from what I have heard of this Bloom guy and he has done everything he could to avoid the issue…something seems fishy is all I’m getting at…

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      One and done,

                      Sometimes you have to let the process play out and it might take years to get done. If I were in the spotlight like that, I might think about arbitration, but if my chances were better in court …..that’s a lot to have riding to a verdict that you can’t appeal.

                • Justin Tomczak says:

                  There you go again Josh, calling me names like a spoiled 2 year old. I’ve got nothing against you, and don’t understand why you have such animosity towards me.

        • Soulja Boy says:


          Glad to see you pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps and decided to rejoing the land of the living. That’s more than your old buddy Lee Hawkins was able to do! Haven’t heard a peep out of him since, you know, 58-42. Maybe you should have ran for Congress instead of Lee. Doubt you’d have fared much better aganst Graves though. People in the 9th District tend to elect Conservatives rather than Establishment GOP Mouthpieces.


          Good luck getting Morris to answer that question. He would know a sidestep when he sees one, as he has become the master of side steps, clever (but unsubstantive) one-liners and cheap BS throughout the campaign.

          • Joshua Morris says:

            Capt. Anonymous, wouldn’t you think that 8 yrs in the GA Legislature with no real record prior to year 7, tons of support from Washington special interests, and insider endorsements through lobbying firm and direct mail company ties would qualify one as the “Establishment GOP Mouthpiece”?

            I would.

          • one n done says:

            And soulja boy…you must have blacked out during morris’ finals paragraph where he basically spelled out the differences…how in any way was that a side-step? In fact it couldn’t have been a more direct respons to Mr. German’s questions…im confused by your logic…

            • Soulja Boy says:

              im confused by your logic…

              Maybe that’s because you didn’t bother reading the timestamp attached to our comments. My comment was from early this morning. Joshua’s reply was directed at Doug’s comment, which is why it appears before mine. Mine was directed at his “sidestep again” comment. That’s why they appear to be out of order.

              I will say this, his answer to Doug Grammer was a good answer and acceptable. I’m glad he’s back in the game.

  4. strident_hack says:

    I took Latin in high school long enough to learn one saying, which has guided me through 3/4’s of my life: IN VINO VERITAS.

    Ain’t no politics in VINO!

    • hannah says:

      It’s not possible to lie about the future. That’s why it’s a safe topic, especially for people who have neither the ability nor inclination to actually do anything but talk. Politics as public relations is disingenuous. It disguises that the intent of voter manipulation is to enhance social status — like the cock crowing at the morning sun.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      Are you really concerned that Deal missed the Monday afternoon Suspension Calendar votes, such as H.RES.1184, “Congratulating the 2009-2010 University of Maryland Men’s Basketball Team, Greivis Vasquez, and Coach Gary Williams on an outstanding season”???

      Yes, Deal did miss this important Monday vote in order to be with the people of Georgia:

    • Doug Grammer says:

      It looks as if he “showed up” with at least two other candidates who qualified to run for office and will have their name on the ballot, and he is getting a message out (along with the other candidates who “showed up.”) He trusts that the voters can hear his message and other candidates and he will win their vote.

      Some of the same people who criticize him for resigning also criticize him for staying in office. Pick one and complain about it. It makes you look silly to complain about both.

    • B Balz says:

      Yes, rely on an objective 4th Estate, a wide range of objective journals, articles, and other research data to form an interpretation of the truth. Then call me, let me know how that goes.

      In the meantime, speak your mind, vote, and contribute to those whose ideas and principles seem to meet your expectations. If and even perhaps, when those elected fail us, rejoice that we can vote again.

      America. Still a great neighborhood.

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