9.12 Project Makes Endorsements; Ga Tea Party and AFP Release Voter Guide And Scorecard

From a press release from yesterday:

ATLANTA – Three major grassroots organizations that comprise the Conservative Leadership Coalition held a press conference at the State Capitol today. Each released its guide to the July 2010 primary.

Americans for Prosperity Georgia released a first-ever “scorecard” of state congressional and legislative races. It examined key fiscal and regulatory issues and how lawmakers voted on policy such as the 1.5 percent tax on hospitals. The scorecard is designed to help voters determine who they would like to support in the July 20 primary.

“We believe this scorecard will help Georgia voters decide who has been friendly to their wallets and who has not during this recession,” said Virginia Galloway, AFP’s state director.

AFP’s scorecard can be found here.

The Georgia Tea Party, meanwhile, released its first voters guide. It examined statewide, federal and local races and candidates’ responses to issues such as illegal immigration, education, taxes and healthcare. The Georgia Tea Party scorecard can be found here.

Meanwhile, the 9.12 Project endorsed candidates in select number races where it believed it could mobilize grassroots support before the July primary, said Tricia Pridemore, chairman of the 9.12 Project.

In statewide races, the 9.12 Project endorsed Melvin Everson for state Labor Commissioner; Gerry Purcell for Insurance Commissioner; and Doug MacGinnitie for Secretary of State.

In Georgia legislative races, the organization endorsed Christian Coomer for Georgia House District 14; Charlice Byrd for Georgia House District 20; Calvin Rhodes for Georgia House District 41; Buzz Brockway for Georgia House District 101; and Brett Harrell for Georgia House District 106; Barry Loudermilk for state Senate District 52; Joe Anderson for state Senate District 9; David Belle Isle for state Senate District 56; and Judson Hill for state Senate District 32.

“We have confidence that these candidates, if elected – or re-elected, will not let down Georgia voters,” Pridemore said. “They are the type of politicians who want to get to work and start shrinking the size of state government and make it less of a burden on business and families.”


    • Glen Ross says:

      I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone with anything positive to say about Mullis besides Mullis himself.

      • Tiberius says:

        I can. And I don’t live anywhere near his district. Worked with him down at the Capitol. Good guy.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        I have and I do. Mr. Pope and Mr. Jones are nice enough guys, but I haven’t heard them say specifically what Sen. Mullis had voted on that they would have voted differently, had them been holding that seat if they had been a Senator at the time of the vote. 912 didn’t endorse his challengers either.

        It also looks like 912 skipped all the Gov. candidates.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          The Georgia Tea Party has a blank under supports free markets by Con. Graves. It lists E. Moon, who isn’t running in July or November and it left off Sen. Hawkins completely. Kelly Nguyen is not running in the Ninth, she is running in the Fifth. I am sure there are other errors. I’m not going to bring up if they are wrong about a candidates stance on issues. I applaud the effort. I know it’s not easy to put this together. It would be nice if it were more accurate.

          Score cards are surveys are nice for the voter. To be fair to the candidates, they should run a proof by the candidates to see if they are accurate. (speaking of which, them should have been a they in my previous post.)

          I have attended tea party meetings in Dade, Catoosa, Walker, and Whitfield, and a tea party event in Pickens, and know members of the Gordon, Gilmer, and Murray County Tea Parties. From my understanding, the local county tea parties do not report to nor are they under control of a state tea party organization. Can Debbie or anyone else please clarify?

          • TeaPartyMichael says:

            We are currently in the process of making several corrections to the voter’s guide and are reposting the document as it is updated. This is in part why we are rolling it out a month before the primaries, so that corrections can be made before the majority of Georgians vote. Many candidates who declined to respond to our inquiries are attempting to supply their answers now that the guide is available, in addition to human errors which do tend to take place in such a massive document.

            In the absence of the Georgia Christian Alliance’s voter guide, which is no longer available, there are few other documents that address such a wide range of races and issues.

            The Georgia Tea Party does not control or direct any other tea party organizations, nor do we attempt to bring other organizations under our umbrella. We cooperate with other tea party groups wherever possible and work to build a coalition with like-minded organizations, such as AFP and 9/12. We are called the Georgia Tea Party because the people that attend our events and receive our updates come from every corner and Congressional district in the state. Likewise, during the legislative session, we work with the CLC and other organizations at the state capitol on issues and legislation which impact the entire state.

            As far as the 9/12 Project, I can tell you that candidates in Cobb as well as statewide candidates are clamoring for their endorsement. Their volunteers knock on hundreds if not thousands of doors each weekend for their selected candidates. The reason they declined to endorse a candidate for Governor is that they recognize they cannot make a major impact in that race from where they are situated. That may change in the future, but for now, it is what it is.

            • It is not our wish to influence any election through falsified or incomplete information. Like a great many tea party organizations, we are composed of unpaid volunteers working around jobs and families to provide education and information for the citizens of Georgia and our nation. We are making changes and corrections and uploading corrected versions as we receive them.

            • You are correct, Nguyen’s name was overlaid over Hawkins, but not his information. The mistake has been fixed, and a corrected version is awaiting upload.

              Now that the guide is seeing some coverage, we are finding that some campaigns are coming out of the woodwork to respond to a questionnaire or survey they may have previously ignored. If anyone speaks with a candidate or campaign about this issue, or about mistakes they have found, please direct them to [email protected]. We will continue to update the guide in the future.

              • Doug Grammer says:

                I’m glad you are fixing the mistakes I and others have found. I don’t want to be too harsh, but I’d like this to be fair.

  1. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I’d have to quibble with the “major grassroots organizations” designation.

    AFP and the Tea Party are legit. The 9.12 thing is a joke.

    Does the Georgia 9.12 project have a website, letterhead? Anything? Or is it really just that woman running the Cobb County 9.12 Project out of her basement?

    Being able to distribute an email doesn’t make you a credible–or “major”–organization.

    • Tricia Pridemore says:

      Interesting that you seek to discredit the 9.12 Project members actively seeking to elect conservatives to office by criticizing me.

      Just this last weekend, 9.12 members were active in three counties canvassing neighborhoods for candidates. In one county alone we knocked on over 500 doors. We have three members seeking elected office for the first time in an effort to bring Constitutionally-driven, fresh ideas to governments currently stealing from our grandchildren. And groups meet (at least) monthly to educate themselves on history and the issues and candidates of the day.

      The candidates and races we endorsed were thoroughly researched and we are proud to support them.

      You Keyboard Commandos can take shots at me all you like, but it would be nice if you got off your butts and did something beneficial to help your state and nation like the members of the 9.12 Project do.

        • ECSnob says:

          @Jason- You mean given the fact you were not endorsed? 🙂

          @ Tricia- I am off my butt everday working to ensure candidates I support get into office, some of which are listed by you. If I were to try and discredit you or your group I would simply do so by voter vault searching you buncha ‘johnny come latelies’ and see which of ya’ll actually voted in the last couple of Primaries in which “the people who got us into this mess” were voted in. The numbers aren’t too shocking…

          I do not listen to endorsements or campaign rhetoric, I learn about the office, the record of the candidate(NOT from their website) and make an educated decision. This is not my first pony show…

  2. Glen Ross says:

    According to this voter guide there is a libertarian who supports ObamaCare and Sam Olens has no opinion on tort reform.

    • Jason says:

      The Libertarian Party of Georgia and Shane Bruce have contacted the Georgia Tea Party about that. As you have probably guessed, it’s not true.

      • TeaPartyMichael says:

        We are making corrections as they are requested, but frequently, a blank space denotes a candidate that declined to respond to inquiries. Sometimes we are able to use public records to provide historical information, but we would not presume to make an assumption about a candidate’s opinion. Some elected officials simply do not check their email.

  3. Tiberius says:

    David Belle Isle. In his direct mail, he draws a literal line in the sand and says we must elect Conservatives, not Republicans.

    After I remember I am not in New York state, I get nervous when a couple term city councilman gets to define the level of conservsatism one needs to have before they can call themselves a proper Republican. Better have the same level of conservatism as Belle Isle on every issue or you are not a GOPer.

    Rather the definiton of arrogant to me…

  4. BuckheadConservative says:

    Congrats Gerry, Melvin, and Doug! 9.12 is a great group of folks. Informed, engaged, active. Need more people like them.

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      “9.12 is a great group of folks.”

      Explain, please. Best as I can tell, it’s one woman in Cobb County.

      • BuckheadConservative says:

        Get out from behind your computer and go to a meeting. I’ve met some at several events and they’re awesome. Just a good, honest group of conservative folks who want to get good candidates elected in the primary. Leave it to you to sit here and run them down b/c they didn’t endorse who you like.

      • TeaPartyMichael says:

        That’s probably the best that you can tell because it appears you haven’t attended a meeting. The Cobb County 9/12 Project has outgrown several previous meeting spaces, and now meets in the banquet hall at U.S. Play on Barrett Parkway in Cobb. Their next meeting is this coming Sunday at 3 P.M. They are having a second meeting this month because so many candidates have been attending their meetings to speak to the crowd, they haven’t been able to fit them all in yet.

        • I Am Jacks Post says:

          Good to know. You never can be too careful these days. Figured there was a chance the group was as fictitious as a character in a MacGinnitie mail piece.

      • Ambernappe says:

        I have been invited to meetings by several members but just do not have time to participate.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    Georgia Tea party used to be Cobb Tea Party. Cut them slack on their voter guide. I thought it was very good and they are correcting entries…

    Georgia Tea Party Patriots is the group in Georgia that represents Tea Party Patriots. Tea Patriots has many tea party groups in Georgia that are associated with us and we also work with many 9-12 groups. ..9-12 groups are great to work with. They have many dedicated, informed members.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Local tea parties do not report to anyone and are autonomous. They make their own decisions. When they associate with Tea Party Patriots, they are not told what to do. They still control their groups and decide which activites to participate in.

    The real strength in the tea party movement is that there is no one leader. There are tens of thousands of leaders nationwide. Tea parties are even popping up in Europe- Great Britain, France, Italy, etc..We use Google translator for non English tea parties when they seek advice…You shoud see the photos from Italy’s first tea party.


  7. debbie0040 says:


    Atlanta, GA – The Atlanta Tea Party is proud to endorse Brett Harrell for State House District 106 and David Casas for State House District 103.

    Atlanta Tea Party organizer’s Julianne Thompson and Debbie Dooley issued the following statement:
    “We are proud to endorse Brett Harell, who has been a longtime voice for lower taxes and a reduction in government spending. Brett proved himself to be a committed conservative as Mayor of Snellville, and his commitment to ethics in both government and in his personal life make him a man we can all be proud of as a State Legislator.

    David Casas has served the people of District well as State Representative. He has voted to reduce taxes, and cut government spending, and was one of the few legislators to vote against the hospital bed tax. He is clearly a constitutional conservative and we are proud to endorse him.”

    The group issued an endorsement for longtime Tea Party activist and businessman Steve Ramey on April 15th when Casas was running for State Senate before Don Balfour decided to run for re-election. Casas has since decided to run as an incumbent for House District 103. Said Thompson, “The Atlanta Tea Party is extremely proud to certify both candidates for House District 103 as being strong voices for fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets.”

    The Atlanta Tea Party is the largest and oldest Tea Party in Georgia, and it’s leaders are among the original organizers of the Tea Party movement.

    ###See More

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