Survey USA Crosstabs: Early Voting

Buried in the crosstabs from the Survey USA poll are those who have already voted early, and their corresponding favorites. Thus, though less than scientific, here are the “polls” from early voting as conducted by Survey USA:

Oxendine: 30%
Handel: 22%
Deal: 19%
McBerry: 5%
Johnson: 4%
Chapman: 3%
Putnam: 1%

Other than the fact that the child toucher is ahead of the guy with the second largest amount of cash, not much to see here different from the main poll. But if anyone needs another Rorschach test this evening, then enjoy.


  1. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    You guys appear to be posting polls in the last few days at a rate to discredit your own poll. 🙂

    Anyone on this unbiased award winning news hound staff working on anything else?

  2. analogkid says:

    Posting the percentages is misleading. A total of 49 people out of a sample of 787 voted early, and 7 of those apparently didn’t vote for anyone.

    Vote counts: Oxendine 15, Handel 11, Deal 9, McBerry 3, Johnson 2, Chapman 2, Undecided 7.

    A more interesting bit of a trivia is that a majority of Chapman supporters, 15, identified themselves as pro-choice, compared to 9 that are pro-life. Color me confused.

  3. janna says:


    I’m a Chapman supporter who is pro-choice and I am very unhappy with his stance on abortion. In the big picture though, his views on how the government should be run align with mine. His lack of ethics problems are a huge factor for me as well. It would not make sense to dismiss him as a candidate because we differ on oen or two topic when we agree on myraid others.

    Please tell me you aren’t a one-topic voter.

    • analogkid says:

      Analogkid is not a one-topic voter. I like analyzing data though, and I thought it was an interesting anomaly that only Chapman’s supporters were majority pro-choice. Given some of the comments on PP, one might think that Handel’s supporters would be majority pro-choice, which is not the case.

      One might also think that Handel and Chapman would have a majority of supporters without college degrees (since neither of the candidates d0), but that is not the case either. However, Deal and (surprise!) McBerry do have a majority of non-degreed supporters.

      For what it’s worth, I am undecided in this election.

      • Fred Smulavich says:

        I think Chapman picked up a lot of those people with his character in the Jekyll fight and on ethical issues.

        It’s very impressive to me that the man can be so powerfully pro-life, and yet still have supporters bite their tongue on that issue to back him.

        Analog, join the good team. Maybe its a long shot, but God I’m just tired of being embarrassed about the person I have to pull for in November.

  4. macho says:

    When I see numbers like this, it’s really amazing that forums can deny McBerry and Chapman, based on polling data, but include Johnson.

    The fact is this race is going to come down to Ox, Deal or Handel, those three have left everyone else in the dust.

    Johnson, and all his money, better start taking some risks. Doing a generic TV ad, stating he doesn’t like illegal immigration, isn’t risky enough for someone who is polling below McBerry. Big whoop, all of the GOP candidates are against illegal immigration – and the Dem frontrunner, Barnes won’t take a stand. The blandness of the ad is a luxury afforded to front runners. I could have written his ad. He better make an impact soon, with specifics – “I’m going to pass an Arizona law “, “We speak English in Georgia” or “If Obama likes em so much, then we’ll drop off by the busload on the White House lawn.”

  5. Technocrat says:

    “The fact is this race is going to come down to Ox, Deal or Handel, those three have left everyone else in the dust”

    I suspect an internal fight within the OX ranks about who to support in 2nd PLACE. Would they rather face Karen or Nathan in Aug.

    Myself I trust Nathan more since he wasn’t a 100% Sonny Man like Karen.

    Ox 42% on July 20.

    • macho says:

      Of course personal preference for a candidate is irrelevant to who Ox would rather run against. My guess is he would rather run against Nathan. It would be all but impossible for Deal to hit Ox with the ethical issues and Karen presents more of a contrast as a woman.

  6. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    The rest of the intelligent thinking voters who so often are in the minority now adays would appreciate you Deal, Handel, Ox and Johnson supporters that live and die on Rasmussen and other polling feel so confident about that data that you stay home on election day.

    • ReaganRepublican says:

      How, every opposing camp hates her. Plus, this was just as all the lying stories were coming out. The effect comes a little later.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        No matter how hard you try with your lies RR, people see through you and pity you. Give it up and recognize Karen for the great person she is.

  7. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Second place in a phone poll where most callers were more than likely watching Oprah and MTV and had to be told who was in the race. 🙂

    • SFCWallace says:

      “…in a phone poll where most callers were more than likely watching Oprah and MTV …”
      Were they polling Democrats?

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