John Oxendine’s Binder


It was actually a birthday present of sorts. I received the information from out of state from a third party group interested in Georgia’s elections, particularly those candidates who will be good or bad for business in the state. It’s a binder containing a professionally compiled opposition research briefing on John Oxendine, Republican gubernatorial candidate in Georgia. If the information is not used in the primary, it will definitely be used in the general election.

I’ve said for some time that Oxendine is corrupt. I’ve had people in his own office tell me there are rumors of him ordering personnel to shred documents, but those employees instead smuggled the documents out of the office to be used against him.

This binder confirms that. Oxendine has serious, serious problems and the binder is a compilation of publicly available documents, interviews with individuals, pictures, etc. that source the allegations.

As you can see from the picture, the binder is in three sections of more than 250 total pages. The first is the proven and easily provable. If you want a taste, I’ve scanned the first five pages as a PDF.

From those pages, you can see the basis of the first attack will be competence. John Oxendine says he has been fighting for Georgia’s insured, but in fact he’s allowed our insurance rates to skyrocket. Also in the binder is a compilation showing campaign contributions to John Oxendine with subsequent rate increases for companies related to the source of funds.

The red tab is the “sin and salaciousness” section, which makes all sorts of allegations. The front page of this section notes that it was compiled based on “interviews” and “information sources” but without “original documentation” and “hard verification.” There is, however, this note:

“We feel strongly enough about these to present them for your consideration.” This section also notes some of the information is based on tape recordings of Oxendine and a transcript of a recording, but neither is included.

This section contains allegations of affairs, stuff on John Oxendine’s family connections, ties to Dr. Gallups, WellPoint, a pharmaceutical lobbyist, UPS packages routinely delivered (pictures available), statements from his staff about what they perceive as mistreatment by Oxendine, the details of the Westmoreland situation, why AFLAC moved its headquarters, etc. The people putting this together were so thorough in their investigation, there is even random information like his monthly tabs at Tower Package store in Atlanta (high) and his preferred bottle water choice ($8.00 per bottle).

One of my favorites, which is in the documented section, not the “sin and salaciousness” section, is how a charitable group tried to get Oxendine’s help because, in the group’s words, they were having serious trouble raising money and Oxendine had always supported them. Oxendine then proceeded order a highly expensive bottle of liquor on the charity’s tab at the hotel they were meeting at.

The third tab, however, is the most damning tab. It is a 76 page, single spaced memo documenting every fact and allegation about John Oxendine woven into a comprehensive narrative. You can get a flavor for it with this picture of the table of contents.

I’ve known professional political groups hire professional investigators, etc. to prepare stuff like this, but I’ve never, in all my years in politics, seen anything like this.

If Oxendine gets the nomination, the GOP gets screwed in Georgia.

Oh, and this is the first of two volumes.


    • In The Arena says:

      Erick, please figure out an effective way to get this information to people who have only seen his name on a gas pump. Please.

  1. Romegaguy says:

    was it the voters of NY23 that sent this to you or someone using an IP address at the Twin Towers

    • rugby says:

      The IP address was located in NY 23, where the twin towers were. Interestingly enough, the topic of the email was a Toby Keith song about whether this person was a girl or not.

      Couldn’t make this up if you tried.

  2. Go Dawgs! says:

    Well, after a presentation like that one, there’s only one thing that comes to mind: GO OX!!

  3. Game Fan says:

    Neal Horsley may be getting a free ride to the Governor’s mansion thanks to stories like this. I’ll have to check the Gallop polls. Get it? 🙂

  4. Mayonnaise says:

    Looks like a compilation of already existing documents, articles, and facts. Where’s the beef?

  5. Tiberius says:

    The baance on his liquor store purchases and what kind of bottle water he drinks??….
    Now I know why so few good people decide to run for office. This would be a perfect reason why someone would advise his friend NOT to run.
    Most people even if they didnt have any skeletons will not want to run if they know their every day purchases are available for public viewing.

    Sounds like the John Voight character in “Enemy of the State”—“I want to know what movies he rents, what porn he watches!!!…”

    • B Balz says:

      Ditto. How do you rig a fight? Make sure you control who gets in the ring. If not by forethought, then by default, our pol process has and continues to almost guarantees participants must be willing to stoop to the lowest common denominator to win.

      Pol is always tough, I love reading about the Chicago or NYC machines. Cook County Democratic Machine (

      Tammany Hall (

      Power is, was, and always shall be the province of the owners in an ‘ownership society’. The tricks get dirtier as the technology is more pervasive.

      “Good heavens, no.”

  6. Mama Bear says:

    Well…..Happy Birthday! I’m not an Ox fan by far, but if this was your present, I think it’s sort of a dud.

  7. Let me make sure I’ve got the complete inventory here:

    (1) A PDF with 5 stats on how Georgia insurance rates being above average.

    (2) Possibly a hundred or more pages possibly containing “all sorts of allegations”… albeit without any at all “original documentation” or “hard verification.” (quote marks in original post) No actual pages of course, just a peek at the table of contents.

    (3) Erick repeatedly using words like “corrupt”, “sinful”, and “damning”… hoping that yokels and sockpuppets will associate those words with Oxendine, while ignoring the flimsy foundation beneath them.

    (4) Yokels and sockpuppets actually doing so.

    Not that I’m a huge fan of the Ox, but this was a pretty chicken**** move. It’s one thing to say that a person is corrupt in your opinion. When you go that route, people can decide for themselves how much weight to give your opinion. It’s one thing to say that a person is corrupt based on a set of provided facts. People can then evaluate those facts and decide for themselves how credible the conclusion is. However, it’s another thing also together to state opinion as resting upon a set of facts… while not providing the actual facts. That is an unethical route to take because it’s impossible to defend against, and outside the public figure context it smells a lot like defamation.

    If you have any cards in your hand, either put up or shut up. It’s obvious now that the Tanalach Media Empire possesses the technical wherewithal to scan into PDF… so just scan the thing. If size and bandwidth are an issue, then there is no shortage of 3rd-party sites specifically designed for hosting PDF documents.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      But, the Robespierre of Macon is the barometer of the conservative movement!

      How dare you challenge the tried and true tactics of the Lee Atwater school of political propaganda! Shame on you Steve Perkins. You’re probably a lib’ral in disguise.

    • Biased says:

      Stop with the rationality! It hurts my sock head. Only reason I can think of for withholding the information is if this alleged punch was supposed to land during the runoff.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      “Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?”

      “Um, he’s sick. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.”

      All smoke and no facts look like desperation to me. 98% of this looks as if it has not been proven.

      Looking at the table on contents, most of the stuff that’s on there is over 10 years old. If something worth looking at really happened, should someone have done something about it by now? The whole Alabama PAC thing is worth looking at, but “fund raiser turning into meet and greet?” How unethical that someone running for office try to raise funds or meet voters. Give me a break.

      “Lies, damn lies, and statistics.” It’s easy to take things out of context and not present a full picture.

      In the five page document preview, the first page is from an editorial, I’m not going to looking health insurance and auto insurance info, so I’m skipping page two for now, and in regards to the last three pages, we don’t drive well in Georgia.

      Cost of auto insurance going up faster than the nation average?

      Would that have anything to do with more people moving to Georgia, more people being on the roads in Georgia, and more accidents in Georgia?

      My source: According to the national Highway Safety Administration, We are driving worse than the rest of the nation:

      Fatality Rates: Georgia , U.S. and Best State

      We are 5th in the nation for fatalities in crashes so being 8th in the nation in cost of auto insurance isn’t as bad as it seems.

  8. TPNoGa says:

    Dang, are we trying to outdo SC? Yikes.

    I was seriously considering Barnes until his ads. All he promises is to help the public sector. Horrible ads.

    I am voting for Handel.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      TPNoGa, Nice change of logo. Good to see you representing the Bears instead of the Gators…
      But Handel? Seriously? First you drop the Florida helmet… Now you say you’re voting for Karen? Did you begin an affair with Icarus over the weekend? What gives?

      • TPNoGa says:

        I don’t know. My family have all decided on Karen, so perhaps I am being influenced by the family. I am still not excited about any of my choices, but I feel Karen is the least of an insider. I still could change my mind, I am not gonna campaign for her, but she is in the lead with me. I still could vote for EJ or Deal if they do something to change my mind. Consider my support of Karen soft.

        Someone needs to represent the Bears, because no one in any conferences seems to want them.

        On the Icarus thing……um….no. I still think it’s fun to annoy him and I am sure my Gator helmet will make a fine return in September when we destroy the puppies……AGAIN.

        • TPNoGa says:

          Yes, I know we don’t play the puppies in September. The month referenced was meant to coincide with the beginning of football season.

          • ZazaPachulia says:

            Look, if you’re shooting for an ‘outsider’ without the pretentious snobbery of the West Paces Ferry Home Owners Association crowd (or an ‘uppity’ college diploma, as my Congressman Lynn Westmoreland would say), I think you’ve picked the wrong candidate. There’s this guy named Jeff Chapman running for governor. And why “soft support” anyone when you can give the other six the finger by voting for Otis?

  9. ZazaPachulia says:

    Mr. Robespierre of Macon… just one question: how exactly is this supposed to make us like Karen more?

    Ok, so the Ox is crooked and self-deluded. Give us something we didn’t know. What I’d really like to see is an investigative binder showing that one of the other six is not crooked, ego-maniacal and delusional. Otis maybe? Jeff?

    Oh, and I’m guessing that the Ox is buying his pricey hooch from the Tower Liquor store in Buckhead. But, if he’s running up his tab at the Tower Liquor store off of Bankhead, I’d like to know. I might actually vote for the guy if he’s riding down Hollowell twice a week to pick up Grey Goose in the ‘hood. I’ll keep my eyes peeled next time I’m at the real Tower Package store, right across the street from the Blue Flame (you gotta pregame… the drinks are expensive at the gentleman’s club).

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      What? No one on here gets the Blue Flame reference? Peach Pundit is filled with a bunch of squares…

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I thought the Ox lived in Gwinnett. There’s a Tower on Buford Highway just north of I-285 with conveniently access to and from I-85.

  10. Biased says:

    Every candidate has their skeletons hanging out at this point, but charges of allowing donors to raise the rates they charge for insurance excessively? Funneling in 10 times the legal limit through PACs? Makes the other candidates look downright angelic.

    • bwjohnson83 says:

      It does seem like most of the candidates have some skeletons or a least questionable decision making in the past.

      Oxendine, Handel, Johnson, McBerry, and Deal all have issues that are hindering their campaigns.

      Jeff Chapman on the other hand has no such problems. I’ve not seen a single story about unethical or moral behavior. Actually quite the oppisitie. I’ve read and heard time and time again that Chapman is well respected amongest his Senate friends and most people around the state find him to be different than the other silver tounged poltiicians. Many of the leadership are opposed to him because he uncovered their unethical behavior and hidden agendas. That’s reason enough to vote for him in my opinion.

      Chapman has begun seeing signs of life! Hopefully, Georgia will recognize and elect someone who just might have a shot at not being corrupt on day 1 or better yet ever.

  11. Go Dawgs! says:

    “I’ve known professional political groups hire professional investigators, etc. to prepare stuff like this, but I’ve never, in all my years in politics, seen anything like this.”

    Then you’ve never worked at the RNC in “all your years.”

  12. Hill Rat says:

    I think the real scandal is that Ox wasn’t buying his liquor from Karen Handel’s liquor stores.

    • TPNoGa says:

      Why are liquor stores called “Package Stores”? I’ve never noticed liquor stores in other parts of the country named package stores.

      • analogkid says:

        From wikipedia: “In Connecticut, Georgia, and Massachusetts, liquor stores are also known as “package stores” because purchased liquor must be in a sealed container and/or removed from the premises in a bag or other package.[1]”

  13. John Konop says:

    Like it or not Karen Handel has the only chance against Barnes. He will have a giant war chest focusing on ethics, education and jobs. The polls mean nothing in a general until the ads from Barnes hit.

    OX and Deal will be dead in the water when the ads hit on ethics.

    Johnson will get killed on vouchers after all the cuts in education.

    The above 3 will have a hard time explaining their position on how couples getting IVI to help create life are committing murder.

    No one in a general will careless about the gay-bashing issues targeted at Karen in the primary. In fact it may help her with independents.

    The real issue is will the GOP kill the only candidate with a chance to win?

    • Mayonnaise says:

      “The above 3 will have a hard time explaining their position on how couples getting IVI to help create life are committing murder.”

      Hahahaha … 90% of Georgia voters don’t even know what IVI stands for. You’re so out of touch Mr. Konniption.

      Here’s what Georgia really cares about:

      • John Konop says:


        They will when Barnes gets done.

        I can see the ads now of a couple struggling to have kids and the above 3 wanting the couples put up on murder charges for getting the IVI treatments. And they flash to all the happy families from this procedure.


        • Go Dawgs! says:

          If you are indicative of the Handel campaign’s strategic talent, July 20th is going to be a very short, but sorrowful night for Karen.

          • Technocrat says:

            Now that’s something I can drink to [RED WINE only of course]
            Such ugly green campaign signs, placed all wrong for impact. But better than purple and gold with fringe and ruffles, I guess.

        • What’s IVI? I gather from the context that it’s some sort of fertility thing… but I put it into a Google search and clicked through three pages of results without finding anything that looked like a match. What’s the controversy?

          Either way, I pretty much agree with Mayo. A little-known quirky issue requires that a candidate spend resources on educating the public. However, an issue such as “Washington socialists are letting dirty Mexicans take your jobs!!!” requires no education at all. Actually, it kinda depends on the public being uneducated.

          • John Konop says:


            I did my own private poll this weekend at my kids soccer match in Alpharetta. The kids on the teams were mainly from the Cobb, Cherokee and North Fulton area ie GOP strong hold. I brought up the issue and every parent said they would even vote for Barnes if anyone was against the treatments. BTW women were visible upset about the issue.

            You guys can play lets pretend or listen to the echo chamber but trust me like the school voucher issue they will piss-off woman! And not only will they vote against the candidate, they will tell all their friends.

            I found this out about the math 123 issue in Cherokee. We got waiver on this because when I put out the issue upset mothers drove the bus. In fact they have no got kicked out of North Fulton and all the candidates are running against it.

            Nothing worse than having soccer moms with a mission against you

      • tonycatch22 says:

        It is always the front runner that gets the most grief and Karen takes quite a bit of it on the message boards here. It goes to show which way this thing is leaning. Her stand on ethics alone got my vote. If Deal or OX get the nom…their poor pasts will put Barnes in office like it or not.

        • Lady Thinker says:


          You are right. Karen is the front runner so some of the posters throw out non-issues to discredit her, but not one of them says anything negative about her plan for Georgia or how their candidates’ plans are any better. I don’t think they know where their candidates stand or if they even have a candidate.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      yeah, but should we sell our souls to win? Or use this election as step one toward to redeveloping and rebranding the GaGOP?

      • tonycatch22 says:

        If you want to wait and play catch-up with the Dems running the show…so be it. Do you want to have to un-do everything Barnes puts into place? We should be putting the person who can do tow things on the ticket, make Georgia a better place, and win. While Deal may have the first one…his ethics will have him lose this race. Ox is finished, and EJ (while winning stacked straw polls) has no name recognition. Karen’s platform is on ethics, a message that all elected officials in this state need to follow if they want to keep being re-elected.

  14. GAPoliticsisfun says:

    Interesting that any thread related to the Governor’s race becomes a bash Handel thread. I guess we know who the Deal and Johnson teams think is the one they have to beat.

    If there is documentation to back up the table of contents, this will hurt Oxendine. The question is it enough to knock him out of the run-off.

  15. bwjohnson83 says:

    I bet there’s not a binder on Chapman. If there is it’ s probably got the following info in it.

    No ethical charges.
    No moral issues.
    Stopped big government Jekyll Island deal.
    100% prolife
    A+ NRA
    Jacobus Award for standing up for the taxpayer.
    100% voting record according to tea party.
    Sold business he started to Fortune 500 company.
    3 patents.

    Vote Chapman!!!!!!!

    • Muselaw says:

      I challenge anybody to argue with those points.

      If the voters would vote on principle the way Senator Chapman has in the past, then I think you’d see his poll numbers soar.

      • Bucky Plyler says:

        Chapman is the man! It’s amazing to me that he is everything that fellow conservatives say they want in a candidate, but yet they are willing to support candiates with ethical problems.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        It’s Chapman by default! Because the others are so horrendous and we already ran the best candidate out of the race!

        (note: the pp bump Chapman is experiencing would have, could have and should have been Austin Scott’s bump. And Austin actually had a pretty good web of support around the state to take advantage of all this. Jeff Chapman does not)

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      I really like Chapman. I just wish that he would change his stance on Sunday sales.

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        LOL, this is a press release from Chapman’s website:

        June 21, 2010

        State Senator Jeff Chapman, Republican candidate for Governor, won the Peach Pundit straw poll yesterday evening. With over 4,700 voting in the week long poll, Senator Chapman took 1,713 votes, placing him at 36.2% overall. Chapman’s closest opponent took 1,551 votes. On Saturday, Chapman had a very strong standing in another straw poll, this one being a Republican poll in Union County. In that poll Chapman took 26% of the vote.

          • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

            You fail reading comprehension? I think on the poll page you asked for an explanation as why Eric won the poll he lost.

            No money from developers , like Eric.
            No money from the Reynolds Family , like Eric( and Perdue) .
            No money from lobbyist, like Eric .

            None of that stuff and your boy is in the cheap seats. Can you explain that?

        • Jace Walden says:

          I will be voting for Chapman in the GOP Primary. I realize that I made an issue out of gay rights with Karen Handel, and I know that Jeff Chapman isn’t any stronger on gay rights than she is. But at least he’s honest about what he believes and he doesn’t run around engaging in any of the gay bashing. He seems like a legitimately honest person, and that is kind of refreshing for a GOPer.

          Besides, I’ll be voting for John Monds in the General anyway.

        • Biased says:

          Look, I really hate to burst your bubble, but that was some insane vote rigging. Chapman had 700 votes friday evening, and 1,700 by midday saturday? More likely that a few of his workers realized that all you had to do was clear your history and you could vote as many times as you wanted. Would explain why Chapman was getting, oh, 10 votes a minute for an hour or two. After all, his volunteers had no signs to put up or people to call…

      • Fred Smulavich says:

        You’re off here. From my understanding, he didn’t defend McBerry, he just said that it wasn’t Karen’s place to play the roll of judge, which seems pretty reasonable.

        Sorry, but Karen grandstanding ain’t justice as far as most people are concerned. If anything, its a serious bastardization of justice. You’ve let your crusade against McBerry cloud your thoughts sir.

        • Jeff says:


          I spoke with Chapman shortly after Karen took her stand and urged him to take a similar stand. My comment stands.

          • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

            Did you urge the others not to go to a debate with a known liar ?

            How many urgings to you hand out in a typical election year?

            Look guy, you are a kook by anyone’s standards. You said he defended him then you changed it to you asking him to take a stand. Karen shot herself in the foot. Move along.

            • Fred Smulavich says:

              Eh, I disagree with what Jeff is saying here, but no reason to name call.

              Look, “taking a stand” against an opponent for something of this gravity turns a heinous crime into political theater, which is something disgusting. My comment also stands… I’m not trying to convert you here Jeff, I’m just saying for you to think about this. McBerry isn’t going to win, and does Karen blocking him from debates (kinda…) do any justice to the victim? Really?

  16. B Balz says:

    Thanks, I needed a good chuckle to take my mind off of things.

    Move along, people, nothing to see here…..

  17. AlanR says:

    Erick is hyperventilating. The table of contents is a sensationalized and fictionalized recounting of headlines from the ConJour. I’d like to see what they use to back those headings up.

    It really doesn’t matter anyway. Oxendine has a ton of money and this is his shot. After he gets done on tv, most people are going to think he cured cancer.

    Brace yourselves everyone.

  18. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    Ok so my posts are a little edgy, but they are accurate. You Republicans have fielded a miserable slate of crooks. I guess the good news is, these dirty crooks won’t be serving.
    Say what you will about Barnes, at least he’s honest.

    Is that PC enough for your peach pundit eyes?

    • Rick Day says:

      FWIW I do not ‘do’ sockypuppets and this person is not me.

      But I like his point.

      There is an awful lot of smoke in that binder. Is is mere hot air or the smolder of a fire?

      I think people should be asking themselves: who is best suited to push to the head of the line to beg the fed for disaster relief when the oil and dispersant hits the GA coast, and the hurricanes bring the acidic rains, wiping out crops by the hectare?

      Judging by his tastes in fine liquors, he would fit in well with the Beltway crowd, taking his fair share of the icing from the fed pie, no doubt.

      But Barnes would be in his element, albeit on a fast track, being a critical (D) gov in the ‘Deep South’. Barns would do well in a Obama administration.

      Ox would do poorly in either an Obama or a Petraeus/Cheney administration because all the disaster money would go to ze ongoing war effots With Barns, we have a 50/50 chance of keeping farmers and those they feed from starving (literally)

      I always wanted to used the word ‘hectare’ in a post.

  19. GOPwits says:

    Eric you should sell copies of the Ox file to raise money for charity…

    John Konop, It’s IVF not IVI.

    There are some people who would say that it’s better to have a bad Republican than a Democrat, but I disagree, especially if you are a true patriot.

    The talk I’m hearing lately has been, “Barnes wasn’t that bad” especially when compared to the possibilities of Ox, Deal, and Johnson. Unfortunately, they lump Karen Handel in that too generally.

    I will admit it, I’m likely to vote for the Democrat or Independent if the Republican nominee is corrupt and has significant, possibly, legal, ethical problems.

  20. MSBassSinger says:

    Part of being a conservative is having a sense of honor, and being able to deal with facts instead of innuendo.

    Our rates are slightly higher than some other states. That’s your evidence of corruption? If those 5 pages were your best shot, then there’s no “there” there. Show how Oxendine has broken the law, and you would have something. Oxendine impresses me as a shallow politician who is a political chameleon, but I readily admit I could be wrong. It shouldn’t be hard to find real issues and actions by Oxendine that would be a more honorable and intelligently done expression of opposition.

    This is the kind of action that belies a latent liberalism on the part of the author and those who proffer the document. I am not inclined to vote to Oxendine, but now I have to deal with “guilt by association” when considering Handel, since Erick is a Handel frontman.

  21. Magaroni says:

    So do a damm real story on the thing, not innuendo. Prove that blogs are journalism and you might get some legislative press creds.

  22. Hill Rat says:

    Just put the whole thing online. Otherwise, it looks like you are talking out your backside…

  23. Jace Walden says:

    Not to get this thread going again…but based on the first page of this binder, I have to ask:

    Is this really the work of a professional investigative team? It looks like some of the crap I’ve passed as “research papers” back in the day.

    I mean, c’mon, a three ring binder with a cut-and-paste picture and a boring-as-hell font.

    Maybe it’s time for me to look into becoming a professional opposition researcher. Because if this is the crap they pass off as quality product and still be in business, then standards must be really low.

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