Peach Pundit Straw Polls: US Senate, Lt. Governor, 2nd, 4th Congressional Districts.

The PP Straw Poll for Governor closes tonight and it’s now time to start some more. Here are Straw Polls for the US Senate and Lt. Governor Democratic Primaries, and Primaries in the 2nd and 4th Congressional Districts.

Sock Puppets Rejoice!

Democratic Primary, US Senate

Democratic Primary Lt. Governor

GOP Primary 2nd Congressional District

GOP Primary 4th Congressional District

Democratic Primary 4th Congressional District


  1. BuckheadConservative says:

    In the Dem primary for US Senate, which one is the GOP plant? I want to vote for that one.

  2. Biased says:

    Just saying what most people already know, but if you want to win, clear your browsing history and vote again. Then rinse and repeat.

  3. @Biased Well that’s no fun! @Buckhead lol!! No GOP plants here I assure you. Why would they even bother? The incumbent is all set to maintain the status quo for another 6 years right? Maybe that old saying was wrong. Maybe we can keep voting for the same folks and fully expect different results. Stay tuned. – RJ4US

  4. Wow! Keown just jumped over 150 votes in less than 10 minutes. I didn’t see one Facebook, Twitter, or email notification about it from him. Vote gauging much? Geez, someone is desperate to win this thing. I voted once and only once (for Rick Allen, I might add) because I want to see this process through honestly…

  5. Look man, nobody know who Rick Allan is thats why he is loosing dramatically. Also its a very well known fact that the two seats that the GA GOP are trying to get are the 2nd and 8th because they have amazing candidates like Keown and Scott!!!!

    Lets Take some Seats Back Georgia!!!!!

    • Speaking of Austin Scott, the same guy who designed his website is currently in the process of re-designing Rick Allen’s site, which should hopefully be done by the end of the week. Rick Allen went from 10% to 29% in a day on that poll, which is quite impressive for someone who was told by prominent GOPers that his campaign wouldn’t get anywhere. He’s made more progress than anyone could predict and he’s going to pull off a will in July and November!

    • Glen Ross says:

      Keown has turned a lot of heads with his fundraising ability. He’s the best bet against Bishop in the fall.

      • Very true. But remember, he was the only legitimate candidate in the race during the last two fundraising quarters of ’09 and the first quarter of ’10. Even I donated to him when I believed he was the only viable candidate!

        Then Rick Allen got into the race in April ’10. He’s done a relatively good job of fundraising, considering the political machine (that’s what Keown has become, for the record) he’s up against. But people are starting to see that Keown isn’t the candidate that SWGA needs. He voted to raise taxes and create new fees in the state legislature, and to make things worse, his campaign manager, Don Cole, received $375,000 in stimulus money (and at the time he was also the 2nd Congressional District GOP Chairman, arguing vehemently against the stimulus)!

        Keown is not the man we want in office. He’s just more of the same Washington politics. People are starting to see that and that’s why people are putting aside their “Boot Bishop” signs and putting up “Take Back America, Starting Here!” signs. Solutions trump rhetoric. Rick Allen has solutions; Keown and Ferrell have nothing to show but empty words.

          • I went up to shake his hand the other night at an event and he walked away from me as I walked up. I’ve seen him do it to other people that don’t support him as well. All I know is this, when I see a people walk into an event with Keown stickers on and walk out with Rick Allen signs in their hands, it makes me smile. We are having Keown converts join the campaign by the dozens at each event. The momentum in his campaign has stopped. The question is: does he have enough speed left to coast to the finish line on July 20th without a runoff?

  6. yeah im sure he has gone from 10 to 29 because your twitter and facebook have been working overtime. Keown didnt need to send out any crap like that He did it on name recognition alone.

  7. grassroots29 says:

    Have you seen some of the things you’ve written about Keown? I’m not sure I’d go on shaking your hand either after you’d slandered my name…just saying! If you’d show some respect to people then they’d respect you. My dad always taught me you want respect you have to show it! I think that’s a lesson you need to learn.

      • jeff says:

        Just because Lee Ferrell states it doesn’t make it the TRUTH. Mike Keown has never voted to raise taxes. The taxes Ferrell refers to are property taxes which the House of Representatives have no control over. Property taxes are the responsibility of each county. Now the state did for several years have enough money to provide a homestead exemption grant to the counties to provide a little relief to homeowners. In the midst of the worst recession in decades, the state no longer had money to provide the grant to the counties. No ones taxes went up. They stayed the same. The state could no longer help property owners pay a portion of their taxes. The state had to cut employees, furlough teachers, cut pay, etc. in this economic crisis. State revenues are down by more 15% from just a few years ago. For a state that works on a balanced budget, the homestead exemption grant was not affordable in the current economic situation. As soon as revenues go back up I am sure that the grant will return to property owners.

        As for the raising of fees that was mentioned, Keown voted for a bill that called for the study of fees charged by the state for services. Some of these fees hadn’t been changed in 50 years. For example, the cost to have an airport runway was $10. In reality the cost is much more than that. So for know the taxpayers are footing the remainder of the bill. If the state decides to raise that fee, then the people who actually use the service will be paying instead of taxpayers paying. Seems ok to me to have the people who actually use these services pay the bill instead of taxpayers.

        The TRUTH is in 2009 Keown voted to expand the Homestead Exemption Grant and freeze property tax assessments. The TRUTH is in 2008 Keown also voted for property tax assessment cap and freeze. The TRUTH is that in 6 years of service in the State House, Keown has never once voted for any kind of raise in taxes. The TRUTH is that his district was so happy with his service that he ran unopposed in the last two elections. The TRUTH is Keown has won awards like Georgia Watch’s (the states leading consumer advocacy group) Friend of the Consumer Award. The TRUTH is Keown has received very high marks (100) on his voting record from organizations such as Georgia National Federation of Independent Businesses. The TRUTH is Keown has been endorsed by organizations like Georgia Right to Life. The TRUTH is Keown has been working extremely hard every day since August 09 and has huge support throughout the district. The TRUTH is his campaign has not lost any steam. He is gaining more and more supporters every day. The TRUTH is that a “relatively good job of fundraising” won’t beat Sanford Bishop. You have to do an amazing job of fundraising to beat an 18 year incumbent who has all the resources of the party in power.

        I would like to point out a potential conflict of interest in the Rick Allen campaign that no one has brought up yet. Rick Allen campaigns heavily on the fact that he has worked in the healthcare field for 32 years. In the very first speech he gave Allen commented that the new healthcare bill will cost him 50% of his business. Is Allen running to be a voice of the people in the 2nd district or is Allen running to save his business? We already have politicians in Washington with ties to banking, oil, etc. that have voted for bills that had huge effects on the amount of money they made in their private life. We don’t need another politician in Washington just looking out for his business and his money.

        • jeff says:

          He also voted NO for bills that would have created a regional transportation sales tax, that would have reorganized the department of transportation, that would have created regional commissions, that would have created a Georgia Charter Schools Commission, and that would have ended new enrollment in the Bonus Program for Teachers’ National Certification. All of these bills were heavily pushed by the Republican majority and passed. Do you know what happens to a representative who votes NO on bills that his party are heavily in favor of? Looks like to me Keown has the guts to stand up to the Republicans and vote for what his district needs. Most of these bills would have raised taxes and created bigger government. Keown looks to be one of the most conservative voters in the house over the last 6 years. Please research his voting record and correct me where I am wrong.

        • Rick Allen running for his own personal gain? That’s total B.S. Rick is one of the most selfless people that I’ve ever met! He didn’t even want to run for the office at first. It was his friends who went with him to the National Tea Party on the day that the Health Care Bill was passed that convinced him to get in the race. He now knows that it was the right decision. If all the Keown campaign has are ad hominem, personal, and hypothetical attacks, then he better watch out at the polling place on July 20th because the people of Southwest Georgia don’t like it when a campaign strays from the facts and gets personal. And by the way, someone HAS already brought up the issue, for the record.

        • And one last thing: Keown received an 83% rating from Americans for Prosperity. That doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement to me. As a student who gets all A’s in his classes, if I ever came home with that grade, my parents would let me have it!! If we’re looking for a superb candidate for public office, Keown is not the guy for the job. He wouldn’t even have made it onto the regular honor roll with that grade.

    • 83% is a very poor rating for someone running for Congress in GA. Let’s look at the scores of the GA House of Representatives members that are running for Congress as Republicans across the state:

      Clay Cox: 100%
      Tom Graves: 100%
      Bobby Reese: 100%
      Austin Scott: 100%

      Keown isn’t up to par with the people who are attempting to pursue a higher office. An 83% is far from adequate.

      • jeff says:

        Do you know what the difference between Keown’s 83 and the 100 of the other representatives you listed? One vote. One bill. Doesn’t seem like much of a difference to me. It seems to me that blasting someone for scoring an 83 is a really desperate attempt to tarnish someones image.

  8. jeff says:

    House Bill 307 passed the house with a vote of 141-23. Keown was one of 23 representatives (out of 180) to cast a no vote. Just another example of Mike Keown voting against the republican majority like I pointed out in a previous post.

    • Keown voted for the “Drivers License Tax”:

      Keown voted AGAINST the Homestead Exemption only to change his vote less than 24 hours later:

      So your statement that, “The TRUTH is that in 6 years of service in the State House, Keown has never once voted for any kind of raise in taxes,” is actually a lie. Stop trying to deceive voters and viewers of this blog.

      • jeff says:

        You have it backwards. The links you posted were for SB83 which was an EXPANSION of the Homestead Exemption Grant. In the first link Keown voted for the EXPANSION. In the second link Keown voted against reconcilliation of the bill with the senate version. The second vote was a reconcilliation vote not a vote to pass or fail the bill. You also left out the last and final vote on SB83 in which Keown again voted to pass the bill for EXPANSION of the Homestead Exemption Grant. The final vote was 3 weeks after the two votes you referred to.

        As for the “Drivers License Tax”, it was a minimal fee added to certain temporary licenses issued by the state. Like I said before, some of these fees hadn’t been changed in decades. In a time of economic crisis the state had to take a look at all fees and decide which ones needed to be increased so that tax payers weren’t paying the bill. Let the people who use the services pay the bill instead of taxpayers. Don’t see a problem with that at all.
        Here is a summary of SB83:

        So Keown voted for the EXPANSION then 24 hours later voted against reconcilliation and finally 3 weeks later voted for final passage of the EXPANSION.

        As for the “Drivers License Tax” you mentioned, it was an increase of a FEE on certain temporary licenses issued by the state. Like I stated before the state hadn’t changed fees in decades and in a time of economic crisis had to take a hard look at these fees and decide which ones needed to be increased so that taxpayers weren’t footing the bill. Don’t see a problem with letting the people using the service pay the fee instead of taxpayers.

        I will stand by my statement that Keown has never voted to raise any taxes because I know it is the truth. I can back that truth up with facts. Like I said before, just because Lee Ferrell states it doesn’t make it the truth. I believe if Keown were really a representative that had raised taxes he would have had opposition in his own district. If he was a representative that has raised taxes the huge support he has throughout the district wouldn’t be there.

        • You’re right, just because Ferrell says it doesn’t make it true. But when I can provide you direct links to proof and you still deny it, then you are either blind or you are mentally incapable of seeing the facts.

          They are NOT backwards. Look at the vote number. I put the votes in the right order. He voted against it and then changed his mind and voted for it. We don’t need that mind changing in Congress! He could vote for the repeal of the Health Care bill one day and against it the next. WE DON’T NEED FLIP FLOPPERS!

          It is a Drivers License TAX. Go to the AFP guide. It’s called the Drivers License TAX. And an increase is an increase. It’s costing me more money and I don’t want to pay more money! The government gets enough from my family already.

          One of my favorite quotes from campaign trail with Rick Allen was this. We were in Thomasville, and a local with her friends walked up to us. She said, “Are you running against Keown?” And we said we were. And said, “Good! It’s about time we see that guy go. He’s done no good for this district.” Her friends nodded in agreement.

          • jeff says:

            Look at the link I posted. The final passage of the bill 3 weeks later. Keown voted for it. Obviously he saw something he didn’t agree with the first time but once it was reconciled he voted for it.

            Bottom line most people aren’t against a minimal raise in fees. For example the minimal raise in the tag fee for special tags in Georgia. No one really minds raising that fee because if you don’t want to pay the fee just buy a regular tag. If you don’t want to pay the increased fees on your drivers license, don’t get your license suspended. Very simple.

            You said he voted for the hospital tax. I showed you the vote that proved he didn’t. You said he voted against the homestead exemption grant. I showed you vote that proved he didn’t.

            He has the support whether you want to believe it or not. Just look at his campaign contributions. He has more contributions from within the district than Rick Allen, Lee Ferrell, and Sanford Bishop combined. Obviously the majority of the district disagree with you. The majority believe that Keown is the man to beat Sanford Bishop. The majority of the district believe that Keown would be a great representative for their communities.

            • I have a problem with my taxes being raised. PERIOD. Yes, I was wrong about the hospital tax. My bad. But he still flip flopped on the Homestead Exemption. Can we trust him? I don’t know. And he DID raise taxes on Drivers Licenses. Whatever your justification for it may be, a tax increase is a tax increase. Period.

              Where have you been looking? Bishop has twice as much money as Keown and Rick Allen hasn’t reported any money yet. How do you know Rick Allen’s finances if he hasn’t even reported yet?


              • jeff says:

                Well then we will just have to agree to disagree on the fees. I have no problem with that. Every one has their right to an opinion.

                Flip flop is not an accurate term to use though because the bill had changed. He voted against it but then changes were made that he obviously agreed with and voted for it. In the end he still voted for it. I am sure you know how many votes and changes each bill goes through before they are finally passed. Many representatives vote against bills in their original form and then vote for them when necessary changes have been made.

                You are correct. Bishop does have more money than Keown but I was referring to donations that have been made from within the 2nd district. I think everyone will agree that about 75% of Bishop’s money comes from PACs and interest groups outside of the state and district. 98% of Keown’s donations have come from within the district and he is about to mee his $100,000 fundraising goal for the 3rd straight reporting period. That would put him at about $350,000 which is way more than Bishop has from within the district. I don’t know Rick Allen’s finances but I doubt his numbers are that high. Therefore I feel like Keown’s donations from within the district would be more than Bishop, Allen, and Ferrell combined.

                I was just trying to make the point that Keown had never voted for any tax raises. I think most people would agree with that. But if you see the fees as taxes then I guess you have the right to feel that way. Either way to try to put down Keown’s record in the legislature would not be accurate. Keown has been a representative that does not play politics. He has had honorable service in the state legislature for the last 6 years and he was not well liked by the majority because he voted in the best interest of his district not just on party lines.

      • jeff says:

        Just a little more information on the “Drivers License Tax”.

        “Those most affected by the increased fees include those who earn a driver’s license suspension upon conviction for serious traffic violations, underage drinking, failure to respond to a citation, driving without insurance, and driving with a suspended driver’s license or a revoked license.”

        See the following website:

        I really don’t see any problem with raising these fees. By the way Keown’s vote on this one bill was the difference between an 83 and a 100 as mentioned above.

        Also don’t think it is being very truthful saying that these fees are “taxes”. Taxes affect everyone. Fees only affect the people who use the service.

        • Then Americans for Prosperity is a bunch of liars and deceivers if we can’t call it a tax. I suggest that you take your anger out on them for spreading lies and hatred.

          “I really don’t see any problem with raising these fees.” That is NOT the mentality of a conservative. If you call yourself a conservative, I’m sorry to say it, but you’re not. Calling for the raising of taxes, or to suit you, fees, is NOT a conservative stance.

        • And it was a “no vote” and a missed vote! That’s even worse! According to percentages, Keown will spend 1/7th of the time voting against his constituents and another 1/7th of the time not voting at! That’s not a good thing.

          • Doug Grammer says:

            So are saying that out of every vote he could have made in the state legislature, he has missed 1/7 of them? If not, you are playing a game of lies, dad gum lies, and statistics.

            • Let me just say this, the only lies in this campaign are coming from the Keown camp. Maybe not from him directly, but his supporters do a great job of spreading them.

              First was the rumor that Rick Allen lived outside the district. It was proven false and the people on Keown’s side continued to tell people.

              Second, his supporters started saying that Rick Allen was in favor of amnesty when he was not quoted in a newspaper article after a forum about his stance on immigration when Keown and Ferrell were. We proved it false and they continued to tell people.

              Now they’re going around telling people that Rick Allen is in this to save his business and not for the people. It has yet again been proven false, because originally he didn’t even want to run for this office, but the Keown supporters are still spreading it.

              The lies in this race are coming from the Keown camp. Keown goes to every event saying that he was called by God on his trip to St. Augustine, FL to run for this office. Would God really want all of these lies to be spread by this “ordained” campaign?

              • Doug Grammer says:

                “Yes, I was wrong about the hospital tax.” Kyle Constable June 25, 2010 at 2:07 pm

                “The lies in this race are coming from the Keown camp.” Kyle Constable June 25, 2010 at 2:44 pm

                So when you are wrong, you are just wrong and when someone else is wrong, it’s a lie?

                You said: “the rumor,” “his supporters,” and “going around telling people.” Do you have any facts to back any of that up? An e-mail, a press release, something posted on PP or FB? If not, you are just as guilty as of what you accused your Rep Keown’s supporters of.

                • First off, I admit when I’m wrong. None of the accusing Keown supporters have admitted that yet. When I make a mistake, I said it. I’m not perfect.

                  The heart and soul of the internet lies are based out of this County GOP page which is controlled by their former county chairman who resigned to work for Keown’s campaign.


                  Most of these things are said at actual events and not online. For example, at the Crisp County GOP meeting last month, they were going to turn away Rick Allen (after he was invited to speak) because he didn’t live in the district, or at least that’s what the Chairman (who openly supports Keown) told everyone.

              • jeff says:

                The question about Allen’s residency has not been proven false. It is still a very valid question.

                The question about Allen’s intentions is also a very valid question. He didn’t enter the race until very late just after the final healthcare bill passed. A bill that by his own words in his very first campaign speech he said would take 40-50% of his business.

                These questions are not meant to be rumors. These are valid questions about a candidate that is trying to represent the district.

                If you know anything about Keown you know that he has lived a true life called by God. That can’t be questioned. He said the same thing about his first run for state representative and people made remarks like yours above. They thought he was crazy. He was running against a true “establishment” candidate in the republican primary and no one gave him a chance. He won that primary with 60% of the vote, won the general election by a larger percentage, and hasn’t been challenged since.

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