Attention Statewide Candidates: Get One Free Post

We’ve spent a couple of years here covering the race for Governor, sometimes at the expense of down ballot races. In an effort to allow the candidates in races that may not have received as much attention to have some earned media, we’re going to allow any interested statewide candidate to submit up to 750 words to speak directly to the Peach Pundit community. Candidates in the races listed below should submit their statements in a word document by July 1st.

These statements will be published with a standardized headline (Name: Candidate for XXXX) on the following dates:

July 5th: Insurance Commissioner

July 6th, Ag Commissioner and State School Superintendent

July 7th, PSC and Labor Commissioner

July 8th, Secretary of State

July 9th, Attorney General


  1. Icarus,
    Do you want the Libertarian candidates in this? We could wait until after the D and R primary if that would help limit the confusion, since our candidates aren’t allowed to participate in primary elections and have already been nominated.

    • Icarus says:

      It’s your call. Ideally it’s to help folks decide who to vote for in the primaries. But I don’t want to exclude anyone, and it is an opportunity for some free exposure. So, your call.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      “our candidates aren’t allowed to participate in primary elections” should be
      “our party doesn’t have enough members to participate in primary elections.” Fixed that for you.

  2. BuckheadConservative says:

    Might want to rent a extra server for that week. The sheer amount of sock puppetry that week is sure to give PP slashdot syndrome.

    • gopgal says:

      I enjoy a cogent comment as much as the next person, but perhaps the comments should be closed for these candidate posts. Okay, I know, what fun would that be?

      • Icarus says:

        Nope. If you want the opportunity to speak directly to the Peach Pundit community, then the Peach Pundit community will get the opportunity to speak back.

        • bowersville says:

          I might have a question or two to ask. I might even be inclined to comment.

          I freely admit, I have a limited amount of information to make a decision on some of the statewide office seekers.

          All statewide candidates should submit the 750 word essay. If the statewide candidate can’t stand the heat of an open comment thread on PP, there’s no way that candidate should be given any serious consideration for your vote.

          Hint to all candidates: the definition for essay is a composition on a single subject, presenting the personal view of the author. To me, the usual expected conservative rhetoric is useless. In other words, I don’t care what your view is on the Gulf oil spill or the illegal immigration law in Arizona. Unless it directly applies to the office you are seeking in Georgia it’s worthless information and probably “borrowed.”

  3. RuralDem says:

    How many different front page posters will be posting for Handel?

    I bet Kemp is glad qualifying is over. That would be a lot of writing 🙂

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