Representative Price Under Investigation

From the Washington Post:   

The Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating eight lawmakers who held fundraisers within 48 hours of a major House vote on a Wall Street reform bill or received substantial donations from business people with a financial stake in the bill, according to congressional sources and letters. […] 

[…]Seven of the eight members held fundraisers for their reelection campaigns on Dec. 9 or Dec. 10 — just before the House voted Dec. 11 in favor of a bill to make broad changes in how Wall Street and financial firms are regulated, according to a Washington Post analysis. Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) held a “Finance Services luncheon” at the Capitol Hill Club on Dec. 10. On the same day, a lobby firm with financial clients, Davis & Harman, hosted a fundraising breakfast for Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.) at its Pennsylvania Avenue offices[…]

[…]Price could not be reached for comment. Spokesmen for Campbell, Crowley and Pomeroy said the lawmakers complied with ethics rules and looked forward to a resolution of the OCE review. Lee’s office declined to comment. The financial reform legislation is being worked out this week in a House-Senate conference.

Price recently interjected himself into the Republican Gubernatorial primary by endorsing Karen Handel.


    • In The Arena says:

      Is that all you’ve got? I smell desperation. A month ago Karen touted Price’s endorsement as a big break. Now shes sitting there with her pants on fire (lying according to the AJC Truth-o-meter)and and an endorsement from a congressman under OCE investigation. Karen should reject Price’s endorsement based on all the statements she has made about OCE in the past.

      • Henry Waxman says:

        If Scandal Handel has any desire to be consistent, then she must distance herself from Price because the OCE’s accusations against Tom Price are FAR WORSE than their accusations against Deal.

        As another commenter noted yesterday, the accusation that Price sought monetary contributions in exchange for his vote on a major piece of legislation is far worse than the accusation that one of Deal’s staffers used his work email account to set up a meeting with a state bureaucrat, especially since Deal had no power over that bureaucrat.

        • ReaganRepublican says:

          There is no hypocrisy or lies in a true Reagan conservative society . If Georgia is to become the leader of the new conservative revolution, like Reagan was in 1980, than such villains like Karen Handel must be indicted, impeached, and removed by the established Christian conservative primary system that daily strives for truth and justice, demanding the highest moral and ethical integrity in all conservative public servants. The liar, the perjurer, all those contemptible conservative enemies who disguise themselves as conservatives, cannot be tolerated in the new true conservative order. Karen Handel, do yourself and Georgia a favor, GO AWAY. If not, we will embarrass you in July….

          • B Balz says:

            Switch a few words and this post is reminiscent of rhetoric that Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, or Castro would use. “Goosestepping toward righteous victory while crushing those that disagree.” Nice.

            The tone of your screen persona disgusts me as an American, as a free thinking gentleman, and as a conservative.

            Regardless of any truth in your point of view, your tone implies the brutish mob mentality that stifles freedom.

            Frankly, you sully the ideals of President Reagan.

            Shameful post.

            • Lady Thinker says:


              SF and RR preach the dogma of totalitarian regimes. They don’t appear to believe in the civil rights of anyone other than cultists pushing their version of the Bible.

              They aren’t interested in the political issues facing this state or even who has the best plan. They have not given any opinions on why they think Deal has a better plan than the others because they don’t know Deal’s plan.

              They are poor, pathetic creatures along with their new recruit mdokes, who won’t be able to ‘Handel’ it when Deal loses.

              I realize you are not a Karen person but at least you can see through the hype they constantly post.

                • Lady Thinker says:

                  Karen has not bared false witness or lied about Deal but you people delight in lying about her. Any democratic article about Karen is not trustworthy but that is all you offer. That is opinion and not fact, so you spead other’s opinions and not fact, therefore, you spread the lies of others knowingly.

                  • Lady Thinker says:

                    Also, in the “For” area, it does not say “Membership” so it is not a membership check, ergo, it is not a ‘blue dress.’ Karen’s camp said it was for a dinner and although the ‘dinner’ is not in the ‘For’ area, nothing can be proven by this check except that Karen gave them a check for something. It is not proof that it is a check for membership.

                    • Henry Waxman says:

                      The check does prove that she was giving money to the Log Cabin Republicans.

                      Even if the check was for a meal as Team Handel claims, there is no way that meal actually cost the LCR $75, so I am sure there was a donation in there as well.

                    • rugby says:

                      Really? This is what Republicans are fighting each other about? Whether or not someone gave a check to a group of REPUBLICANS who have been successfully demonized and vilified by Republicans because of who they chose to have romantic, consenting, adult relationships with? Really?

                      Do you need any more proof of why the GA GOP is not a group of serious thinkers?

                    • Henry Waxman says:

                      Rugby, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to remind us of your moral and intellectual superiority.

                    • Hill Rat says:


                      My coworkers and I want to thank you for the laughs. It’s not every day that someone with a Florida State football avatar gives lectures on being a “serious thinker.”

                    • Lady Thinker says:

                      Why is the check or the gay community even an issue when Georgia needs jobs, improved transportation, a method to raise educational standards, immigration controls, affordable healthcare, a water rights workable plan, and a myriad of other problems facing this state?

                      The voters aren’t going to vote for or refuse to vote for a candidate based on the gay/check/abortion issue. Georgians want JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      I can’t recall a single post where you Deal or Johnson campers have discussed the issues facing this state and what your respective candidates can do FOR Georgia. You are too busy slamming Karen to care.

      • justpeachy says:

        Blah… her pant’s aren’t on fire. Karen never was a member of the Log Cabin Republicans. It’s the FORMER president Marc Yeager (who I’d like to add has since left the Republican party to join the Democrats). He says she was a member and gave him a check personally. She did give him a check for a dinner function she was speaking at but not for membership. The CURRENT president denies Karen was ever a member. Other Republicans have spoken to the group as well including Johnny Isakson. I don’t even think the story was spun by Nathan Deal… it was leaked to his campaign by Roy Barnes who has openly admitted he doesn’t want to face Karen in the generals.

    • ReaganRepublican says:

      “I do support domestic partner benefits, and confirm my position here”
      Karen Handel

      • benevolus says:

        So, what exactly is wrong with domestic partner benefits? If a hetero couple choose to live together, but are not religiously inclined, why should the government care? Isn’t a civil service good enough for legal purposes?
        If a young man who is engaged gets into a serious accident, shouldn’t his fiancee be able to see him in the hospital?

      • Lady Thinker says:

        RR and SF, why are you still pushing the non-issues? Gays pay taxes, vote, and are entitled to political representation. Regardless of what you think of them, this is still a Democracy and they have a voice. The Constitution doesn’t say everyone but gays.

          • Lady Thinker says:

            As I said above, that check is not proof of a membership payment as the “For” line is blank. Her group said it was a payment for a dinner and although that isn’t written in the “For” area, we cannot say with definitative concreteness that it is or isn’t for membership. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt here.

            Besides, the gay thing is a non-issue, who has the best plan for the state is the issue. Try to stay on topic here.

            • Go Dawgs! says:

              It’s not the “gay thing” per se that is the issue, but the lying about the “gay thing” that is the issue.

      • B Balz says:

        This is not ‘fact’ it is a copy of a ‘story’ broken by Mr. Bill Simon’s entertaining Political Vine blog. Months ago, I stated unequivocally the Rep. Deal is a pugilist, a man with many years of poli-win experience under his belt. Though this tactic disappoints me, it doesn’t surpirse me. And frankly, it could have been handled better.

        For those not familiar, Political Vine describes their work as follows:

        “Anything on this Blog should be treated as you would treat anything else you read off the Internet, in a newspaper…or off of the public bathroom wall: information that may or may not be true and/or may or may not be entirely accurate. The difference between Political Vine and your other everyday news sources is that we are upfront and honest about what we deliver.”

        Campaign aren’t won or lost on blogs, but don’t tell anyone…

      • Lady Thinker says:


        Karen is probably right about that, if she had sent cash, you couldn’t put a negative spin on the story and try to make it something it isn’t.

  1. NorthGAGOP says:

    According to The Hill:

    “The Office, which reviews potential ethics rules violations and recommends further investigation by the full House ethics committee, opened 25 inquiries in 2009. Of the new investigations this quarter, the OCE reported ending 18 probes after the preliminary review stage, a step that prevents disclosure of any information related to the members and the complaints against them.

    The members under investigation are only revealed if the OCE recommends further review by the ethics panel, which is made up of members of Congress and a staff of lawyers and investigators.

    Of the seven cases the OCE continued to investigate after further review, it only recommended further action by the ethics committee in one case so far, bringing its total to 13 cases the office has referred for more investigation since its inception. Six other cases are under a second phase OCE review.

    The one case forwarded to the ethics committee focused on allegations that former Rep. Nathan Deal (R-Ga.), a candidate for governor, far exceeded House limits on earned outside income and used his staff to help maintain a stream of income from a no-bid state business deal.”

    • In The Arena says:

      Handel sings the praises of the OCE when it goes after the frontrunner. But she doesn’t say a word when OCE investigates corruption by her endorsement. She continues to be silent on Tom Price’s investigation and by doing so continues to define hypocrisy.

      • polisavvy says:

        I must really be behind. What in the world is happening with Handel and her supporters? Can you explain (in a nutshell) so I can be caught up on the latest? Thanks!

          • ReaganRepublican says:

            It is official.. What honest people have always known. Karen Handel is a habitual liar.

            • B Balz says:

              You do know Ms. Handel is not my first choice in the gubernatorial election, right? I just find this sort of polemic silliness a huge waste, it keeps good people out of politics.

              • SFrazier says:

                No BB, it is because we have not properly vetted candidates that we have this mess to start with. Incessant lying is never acceptable.

                • B Balz says:

                  I agree about vetting, but the Ga GOP feels that the voters should vet the candidates (or the Fourth Estate should) and then decide. So, we get to explain to the World why a guy who successfully bootstrapped his way on up cannot get on the ticket and a ‘you-know-who’ can.

                  We’ll lose this majority if we don’t sharpen up. Grow up, people lie. 15 minutes before Cong Ethics Cmte he resigned?

                  Get real.

                  • SFrazier says:

                    If what you are saying is true than Deal had full control over Pelosi as well as the house of representitives schedule as to when to call the vote. Listen to yourself, that is preposterous. Try reading the report, nothing there. He is guilty of a staffer using his state email. What Price did was 1000 times worse,yet, knowing the OCE, probably not that serious as well.

                  • Go Dawgs! says:

                    When you speak of “the Ga GOP”, who are you speaking of? The official party organization, or the people who are Republicans but may not be a dues-paying member to the organization?

                  • Go Dawgs! says:

                    Bigger question is why does Karen, and everyone associated with her campaign, incessantly lie about the most trivial things?

      • Lady Thinker says:

        It hasn’t been proven yet that Price has done anything wrong. He is innocent until proven guilty, don’t you know that?

          • Lady Thinker says:

            I believe in the ethics problems that described Deal in the report released several months ago as well as his efforts to keep his monopoly in Georgia. His ethical violations are major, Karen meeting with the gay group are minor.

            • Go Dawgs! says:

              Again, Pot, the “violations” are all alleged only. Nothing proven yet. Karen lying about the meetings and the payments to the gay group are major because it shows her propensity to lie about “minor” things.

              • Lady Thinker says:

                So since these things are alleged only, why are you and the other Dealers trying to present them as facts?

                  • Lady Thinker says:

                    YOU said, “the “violations” are all alleged only. Nothing proven yet”.

                    I asked, “since these things are alleged only, why are you and the other Dealers trying to present them as facts?”

                    Is it clear now?

                    • ReaganRepublican says:

                      sorry “professional”..

                      Very sad to see someone completely lose it like this. Is Price not going to give you your job back?

                    • Doug Grammer says:


                      I am on record as not having much faith in the OCE, their report, or tactics. Congressman Deal was not been found guilty of anything and neither has Congressmen Price.

                      You are on record of buying into the OCE on Deal, but not on Price. Why is that?

                      As far as Sec. Handel goes, she wrote a check to the Log Cabin Republicans. (Not that there is anything wrong with that. H/T Seinfeld, the TV show) She stated she was not a dues paying member. That’s fine with me even if she were. Her PR problem is that she should have said that she wasn’t a dues paying member, but she attended one of their events and wrote them a check. It makes the statement that Matt Montgomery sent e-mails in her name seem a little less credible. Full disclosure would have worked best. Do you agree?

                    • Lady Thinker says:


                      I haven’t lost it but you have. I will pray for you, as I truly believe you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

                      Oh, and I have never even met Price, much less worked for him.

  2. Mayonnaise says:

    Karen should denounce Tom Price and his endorsement immediately. After, of course, she takes a poll to figure out what the “current political landscape” is.

    “Her willingness to permit abortions in certain rare circumstances is grounded in the reality of the current political landscape, and should in no way be interpreted as a belief on her part that children conceived by rape or incest are somehow less than fully human.” Stephen Dillard Georgia 8th Congressional District Chairman for Governor Mike Huckabee (2008)

    • John Konop says:


      You are same person who thinks IVI which creates life is murder. It is fools like you hurting our local economy. We should be embracing and promoting medical technology with the CDC, Georgia T, Emory… help grow jobs HERE. Instead you fools, are sending the jobs to places like North Carolina.

      • Mayonnaise says:

        Sorry Konop, unlike you and Hillary Handel, my convictions and beliefs are not based on jobs or politics.

        • B Balz says:

          Wow. What an inspiration to be lucky enough to be around the always, wonderfully right condiment that is Mayo. We are all so very lucky to be in the midst of a saintly persona.

          All Hail, ‘holier than thou’ Mayo.

          The tail end of the Bell Curve does not wag the dog.

        • John Konop says:


          YOU SAID:

          …my convictions and beliefs are not based on jobs….


          This is why church and state should be separate. An office holder’s job is to represent the best interest of the people, not cram down personal religious beliefs.

          • Go Dawgs! says:

            Ummm…I’m lost here. According to John Kook here, unless you are motivated by “jobs” then that must mean you are motivated by the church or the state.

            In the words of someone who coined this phrase…WTF?

            • B Balz says:

              Mr. Konop’s point as sound as six points between the hedges. The power to stymie decades of research at UGA, Shepard, Emory, CDC, was wisely avoided last year.

              The matter is for grown ups to decide.

              Certain gubernatorial outliers may promise such legislation, but UGGA’s tail doesn’t wag him, he wags his tail.

              The absurdity of “my convictions and beliefs are not based on jobs or politics” is an clear indication of the mindset of a vocal, powerful group that can cause an irreparable rift in the GA’s GOP.

              That won’t happen.

                • B Balz says:

                  Unequivocally, if the GOP goes the direction ReaganRepublican illustrates, the Party will be relegated to the ‘what could have been’ bin.
                  The same bin Bin Laden shares.

                  I’d pull the lever for a Dem, before I would vote for a ReaganRepublican-type candidate. And I am NOT alone.

                  You are correct, it does remain to be seen>

                  My opinion is that the GOP’s acquiescence to TARP, years of fiscal obesity, and a distinct turn toward imposing extreme religious views on folks, will be the end of the GOP.

                  Moderates control, the tail does not wag the dog.

                  • SFrazier says:

                    B balz
                    In the Georgia primary process “the Christian vote” is the Dog. The tail is the 10% Fulton vote that does not have the values that the other 90% of Georgia GOP primary voters share.

                    • MDokes says:

                      Christians are starting to resent team Hande’s attacks on Georgia’s Christian
                      Moral majority.

                    • Jace Walden says:

                      The reason I ask, SFraizer, is because I believe myself to be a Christian and this was the first I had heard of us monolithically “starting to resent team Handel’s attacks on Georgia’s Christian Moral majority.”

                      Did I get left of the e-mail distribution list? Or could it be that MDokes, and possibly yourself, don’t speak for all Christians and perhaps not even a majority of Christians.

                      Are being a “Christian” and a “Handel supporter” mutually exclusive?

                    • SFrazier says:

                      Scripture speaks loud and clear both to the values we should espouse as Believers and how we should be salt and light in our ever-dark world. Our vote and political support is manifests our value system. Supporting liars who refuse to turn from there ways is not acceptable.

                    • Jace Walden says:

                      Supporting liars who refuse to turn from there ways is not acceptable.

                      Well, you basically just disqualified everyone running on either major party ticket. Can I interest you in John Monds?


                    • B Balz says:

                      @Jace Walden

                      Great sentiments, lost on those that will not listen. Awhile back, Mayonaisse called me a ‘heathen’ which amused me greatly.

                      Desperation is a cruel Master.

                    • B Balz says:

                      Fine SFrazier, you may get out a 90% vote in the primary, maybe Rep. Deal will be the run off candidate. Or maybe Ms. Handel will prevail.

                      It will still be Mr. Oxendine against Roy in the Fall.

                      I look forward to being wrong, BTW.

    • SFrazier says:

      Dillard has a disgraced himself. As a fellow Catholic I must inform him in love to go to confession for ever backing this liar.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Not an issue Mayo. The issue is who has the best plan for Georgia, not debating the legalities of abortion, which is not against the law.

  3. one n done says:

    Color me a little slow on the uptake but what exactly is the ethics violation? That these lawmakers tried to get in a last ditch fund-raiser before the rules changes?
    This is a real question, I saw this on drudge yesterday and wasn’t sure what the charges were

    • Jace Walden says:

      I don’t think there are any “charges” yet, per se. I believe what is being investigated is whether or not the Reps in question held the fundraisers in order to sell their votes on the financial reform bill.

  4. Doug Grammer says:

    Question: When was the vote scheduled? In the original article, one event was scheduled before the timing of the vote was known. This might be the case with Congressman Price. This also might be a case of trying to create the appearance that some congressmen are corrupt to try to stave off a take over of the house.

          • Henry Waxman says:

            The OCE’s Senior Counsel, Bill Cable, spent most of this decade as Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s (D-MD) chief of staff. He knows exactly what he is doing.

            • Henry Waxman says:

              You don’t get to serve as the Chief of Staff of the Office of the Democratic Whip and the Office of the Majority Leader without being skilled at the dark arts of politics.

              The OCE, under the direction of Bill Cable, went after Deal during the heart of the Health Reform debate because he was the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Health, and now the OCE is going after Price because he is the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, which is the caucus of House conservatives.

              If the OCE wasn’t intended to be an attack dog organization against Republicans, then why did Majority Leader Hoyer install his long-serving Chief of Staff as the Senior Counsel of the OCE?

              • Jace Walden says:

                Maybe Bill Cable has pictures of Steny Hoyer doing something incriminating with horse…or worse! Maybe he has pictures of Hoyer at a GOP Fundraiser!

                I’m glad we all love consipiracy theory.

                Can we start on Obama’s birth certificate now? 😉

                  • Jace Walden says:

                    I’m not denying that Bill Cable is head of this committee or that he was Chief of Staff for Steny Hoyer. I concede that point to you, Henry.

                    But to say that this is all some sort of conspiracy to undermine Republican efforts on election day, when three of the eight accused are Democrats, is quite a stretch of the imagination.

                    • Henry Waxman says:

                      Trust me, enough stuff goes on in DC during any given week to keep the OCE, which only has six counsels, busy for an entire year. Since the OCE can only pursue a very small fraction of the reported violations, the bias comes in when the OCE decides which cases to pursue and which cases to ignore. As the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, Tom Price has been the media focus of this reported investigation. However, I don’t remember the OCE doing anything about Pelosi’s or Hoyer’s involvement in the Eric Massa (D-NY) cover-up scandal, and I don’t remember the OCE doing an investigation into how Dave Obey (D-WI) distributed billions of taxpayer dollars to Democrat-friendly organizations in the Stimulus bill, and I don’t remember the OCE doing an investigation into the hundreds of back-room deals and special favors that Pelosi’s staff orchestrated in order to pass the Health Reform bill. And all of these charges seem exponentially more serious than the subjects of the Price or Deal investigations.

                      Another important question is why is the OCE sending out “press advisories” about its investigations, and why does such a small, supposedly investigation-focused organization have a Communications Director? And why would a non-partisan organization hire its Communications Director from the liberal group Clean Air-Cool Planet?

                      Further, if the OCE actually cared about even the appearance of being non-partisan, then it NEVER would have hired two political hacks like Wise and Cable as its Director and Assistant Director/Senior Counsel.

            • benevolus says:

              So Bill Cable is the Sr. Counsel, but he’s not the Chairman, or the Vice Chairman, or on the Board, or the Chief Counsel, but he runs the OCE?

              • Henry Waxman says:

                His is the Senior Counsel and Assistant Director. The only guy ahead of him is Leo Wise, and according to OCE’s records, Leo Wise, was paid $20,541.66 and Cable, the Assistant Director and Senior Counsel, was paid $20,000 for the period between 11/01/08 and 12/31/08, so from a pay perspective, it appears that Wise and Cable were fairly equal in the organization.

                • Henry Waxman says:

                  The OCE is set up to be a staff-driven organization: the OCE’s staff counsels are the only people who interview the “witnesses” or subjects of the investigations; no transcripts of the interviews are taken or disclosed; the staff counsels provide the appointed members of the OCE’s Board of Directors with ONLY THE STAFF COUNSEL’S WRITTEN SUMMARIES of the interviews. Could you imagine if a real court of law was operated like this?

                  The OCE’s process is dramatically different than the process used by the REAL House Ethics Committee, which is formally called the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct.

                  Unlike the OCE, the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct is made up of current Members of Congress and actually has adjudicatory hearings in front of the Committee Members.

                  If you don’t believe me, just try to find a transcript from a witness interview conducted by the OCE or anything else that was released by the OCE that wasn’t a report written by their staff counsels.

                  For further evidence, here is the official rule package of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct:

                  • B Balz says:

                    Good post!

                    Although Georgia is pursuing an Ethics investigation, the House Ethics Committee never pursued the case after Deal left the House.

                    • Henry Waxman says:

                      The OCE report on Deal was transmitted to the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct in JANUARY, and Deal didn’t resign until MARCH 22nd.

                      IF the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct would have seen anything with any merit in that report, then they had more than enough time to initiate an investigation. Clearly, Committee on Standards of Official Conduct saw the report and decided not to take any action due to the lack of merit of the OCE’s claims.

                    • benevolus says:

                      You arguments would actually be stronger if you didn’t try to cheat.
                      The report was transmitted Jan. 28.
                      Deal announced his resignation March 1st. There is no way you can say with any authority that that was enough time to complete an investigation.

                      “Georgia Republican Rep. Nathan Deal… resigned March 21st, just minutes before the ethics committee faced a deadline to act in his case.”

                  • Henry Waxman says:

                    There are numerous conservative organizations and Members that are going after this taxpayer-funded attack-dog organization that was created by Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer.

                    The big problem for Karen Handel is that she has heaped so much credibility on this farce of an organization in an effort to discredit Nathan Deal that, now, she cannot defend her LEAD SUPPORTER after he has been attacked by this same group of hacks.

                    • Ambernappe says:

                      I believe that the problem with Representative Deal has to do more with the fact that he has been enriched through a monopoly arrangement with the State. The vote schedule could have been changed very easily, after the current representatives had scheduled their events. I am not surprised that Representative Price is a target. The President is known for “clearing the field” one way or another, and Tom Price is definitely a stumbling block in his path to re-election.

                  • benevolus says:

                    You’re trying to make the point that Cable is steering the ship there, but I don’t see the evidence of that. Wise may be the only guy above him in the operational end, but Wise IS there. Does he have no control? Cable manipulates him? And what are Wise’s politics?
                    Also, I have more complete numbers than yours; Wise 2009 = $151,000, Cable 2009 = $75,000.


                    • Henry Waxman says:

                      I’m not saying that Cable was the sole person who was implementing the Hoyer-Pelosi agenda for the OCE. Leo Wise is a liberal Democrat who co-authored amicus curiae briefs in support of Affirmative Action policies in higher education. He also led the Justice Department’s investigations into Enron and the tobacco companies.

                      With that being said, you still have to ask yourself, why would Bill Cable, one of the two or three most powerful staffers in all of Congress, just voluntarily leave his post as the Majority Leader’s Chief of Staff after working for most of the past decade to get Steny Hoyer elected to that office in order to take a powerless position in a powerless Congressional support organization? Clearly he wouldn’t.

                      And more importantly, why would Majority Leader Hoyer move his long-standing Chief of Staff to a powerless position on a Congressional support organization unless he had other plans for him? Hoyer didn’t become Majority Leader through serendipity and coincidence.

                      And even if you ignore the evidence and assume Wise wasn’t hired by the Democrats because of his partisan, liberal beliefs, then you still have to assume that Wise knew that the existence of his entire organization could go away when Hoyer and Pelosi drafted a new Rules Package, and thus, it wouldn’t be wise of Wise to overrule the directions of one of Hoyer’s closest and most trusted advisers. However, I am pretty sure that Wise knew the game and Cable was sent in to help implement the plan.

    • Jace Walden says:


      The conspiracy angle still doesn’t make a lot of sense. Price is in an incumbent, with no primary opposition, in a solidly Republican seat.

      I could see your point if it were some upstart congressman trying to knock off an incumbent democrat who’s polling badly. But not with this case.

      Besides, everyone already knows that congressmen are corrupt.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Oh I freely admit it’s a conspiracy angle, but it’s not about Congressman Price individually. It’s about showing how all GOP congressmen are bad so that others doesn’t get elected Governor or that other congressmen in more competitive Districts don’t win because of guilt by association. The current majority wants to keep the house and I expect a lot more interesting things to happen between now and November. There will be a lot of finger pointing going on to avoid looking at incumbents current records. I expect charges to be thrown at Zach Wamp in TN any day now, but maybe not. I think he’s polling second in the GOP primary.

        I wouldn’t past someone to state that Congressmen Mark Foley and Nathan Deal were in the same room…lol.

        • Jace Walden says:

          That sounds like the beginning of a joke:

          Mark Foley and Nathan Deal walk into a bar…Tom Price ducks.


        • rugby says:

          “Oh I freely admit it’s a conspiracy angle”

          What? Doug Grammer is going to half-halfheartedly promote a conspiracy theory so he can say he doesn’t really believe it?

          Now I just don’t know what to believe about anything.

          • Doug Grammer says:

            It’s a question of understanding the true motivation behind actions. Do you accept that the only reason this is being done is the stated reason? Is it possible a group of congressmen in DC would do something not for the reason stated? I allow for that possibility, but I’m honest enough to admit that I can’t prove it. I didn’t say I didn’t believe it.

            Where is the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct on this subject?

            • Jace Walden says:


              I think what Rugby is trying to point out, is that you appear to have a track track record of repeating wild conspiracy theories, asking loaded questions about the theories, but then backing off and saying “I’m not saying that I believe it.”

              Exhibit A: Obama’s Birth Certificate
              Your position: Why won’t he just release the long-form COLB.
              But then you say: I believe he is an American Citizen

              Exhibit B: Price Investigation
              Your position: It’s possible that democrats are trying to make Republicans out to be corrup to stave off an electoral landslide
              But then you say: I didn’t say I didn’t believe it.

              Well…do you believe it?

              • Henry Waxman says:

                I strongly disagree with the premise that it is a “wild conspiracy theory” to say that an organization staffed by partisan Democrats and that was created by the Democratic Leadership using an organizational design and set of rules that Republicans strongly opposed has unfairly targeted a Republican Member of Congress.

                If the Republicans are in control of the House next Congress and Republican Leader Boehner puts his Chief of Staff and an attorney from a conservative think tank like Heritage in charge of the OCE, what do you think the Democrats and the liberal talking heads would have to say about that?

                • Jace Walden says:

                  They targeted 5 Republicans and 3 Democrats.

                  It’s a wild conspiracy theory. In the grand pecking order of conspiracy theory wildness, it ranks somewhere between truthers and birthers.

                    • Henry Waxman says:

                      For the record, I do not think the Bush Administration had advanced knowledge or participation in the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01, and I do not think President Obama was born outside of the United States.

                      However, if you honestly think it is that crazy to assume that someone who was praised by the Democratic Leader of the U.S. House for his “40 years of service and dedication to the Democratic Party” would be or could be partisan in his actions, then I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

                    • Jace Walden says:

                      I’m not saying being a conspiracy theorist is inherently bad. Hell, I’ll talk aliens, bigfoot, lochness monster, Kennedy assasination, Gulf of Tonken with you all day.

                      But there are some things in this world that don’t really have a deeper, hidden meaning.

                      3 Democrats
                      5 Republicans

                      All this tells me is what I already know:


                    • Henry Waxman says:

                      Jace, if you ever want to make a wager on a game of chess please let me know because I would gladly trade three of my Pawns for any five of your pieces, especially if that five includes a Bishop and a couple of Knights.

              • Doug Grammer says:

                OK Jace, I will play.

                On the President’s birth certificate, I think there is something there and I think he is probably an American citizen. Exactly what is there is probably something I could never guess. It’s obvious he has gone to greater than normal lengths not to release it. If you want a wild stab in the dark, he could have claimed to be a foreign born national to qualify for financial aid in college.

                On the OCE, I’ll say it’s probable that they are out to make Congressmen Deal and Price (and others) look bad, just because they can. I will definitely say I think CREW is corrupt.

                However, on this blog, I like to stick to what I can prove. I can’t prove anything on the COLB and probably never will, because it won’t be provided until he is out of office, if then. It might surface after his death. On the OCE, time will tell and I think Congressmen Deal and Price will be fine, but that’s just speculation.

                • rugby says:

                  “However, on this blog, I like to stick to what I can prove.”

                  Yet you bring up your own conspiracy theories in this thread.

                  Got it.

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    When I am voicing opinion or theory I try to disclose it as such. If I go off on a tangent, I’m honest about it. I don’t try to pass it off as fact. I used the word “might” twice in my original post in this thread.

  5. c_murrayiii says:

    This is all silly, its not like Price was gonna vote in favor of the financial reform legislation before he suddenly got “more attention” from some lobbyists. He was always against it. Again, I’m not taking sides in this Handel v. Deal thing, just pointing out what should be obvious. No Republican backed the bill.

  6. Chris says:

    The rules say _appearance_ of impropriety. Price should have known better than to take funds right before a vote. And while the exact timing of the vote might have been in question, the fact that the Dems were pushing the bill was known.

    We all know Price wasn’t gonna vote for the bill (did any Republicans?), so it was probably more a case of the industry supporting one of their own than buying a vote.

    Either way, Price effed up.

  7. Price also mouthed off yesterday defending BP and railing against the president pushing them to set up a $20b fund to cover the costs of cleanup and damages. Way to go, Tom, stick up for the people who hand you cash against something everyone in America thinks is fair and just. Idiot. You are SOOOOO lucky you didn’t draw any opponents this year.

  8. Go Dawgs! says:

    Did Tom Price ever have a conversation with Mark Foley, or appear within 500 feet of him? That could be John Konop’s winning strategy.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I am willing to get that both Congressman Price and Congressman Foley both held fundraisers in DC. Now let’s see if anyone starts an article in roll call that you can’t read about unless you are a member and refer to a blog about it 50 to 60 times.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      Konop does claim that Foley was involved in Physicians to Retain Our Majority, and Tom Price, MD, is a physician who was helping the Republicans retain their majority. Further, the roll call votes in the House of Representatives in 2005 and 2006 can place Price and Foley in the same together hundreds of times.

      • Henry Waxman says:

        Konop does claim that Foley was involved in Physicians to Retain Our Majority, and Tom Price, MD, is a physician who was helping the Republicans retain their majority. Further, the roll call votes in the House of Representatives in 2005 and 2006 can place Price and Foley in the same ROOM together hundreds of times.

        • Go Dawgs! says:

          Well, doggone it! John Koop should be ALL over Tom Price on this one! Mark Foley is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil! And, anyone caught with him must be just as eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!

        • John Konop says:

          No one denies Foley was one of the creators Physicians to Retain Our Majority and no one denies Nathan Deal sent out fund raising letter for Foley’s organization, right after his good friend, Mark Foley got caught sexually soliciting male minors

          • Henry Waxman says:

            I appreciate the attempted diversion from the topic at hand, but the numerous, documented reasons why that statement is completely false has already been hash, re-hashed, beaten to death, and then beaten some more.


            According to the U.S. Federal Elections Commission, Rep. Cliff Stearns founded P.R.O.M. (not Foley); the official FEC filings for P.R.O.M. show that NO MONEY was EVER given to Foley; Hammond & Associates, a private fundraising organization, set up the event and sent out the invitations (not Deal); Foley’s name is nowhere to be found on the invitation; and the invitation was sent out and the event occurred BEFORE the allegations against Foley were made known.

            And on that note, it is back to the real topic of discussion: The man whose endorsement Karen Handel touts above all others is under investigation by the same organization that Team Handel has been trying to heap credibility on for months.

  9. TalmadgeGhost says:

    All of ya’ll have this totally wrong. There was no wrongdoing whatsoever. All that was occurring was the good Dr. was securing all that funding necessary to implement his “healthcare overhaul that will insure everyone and cost nothing” plan. See, all of you out there thought that was just some political posturing – it wasn’t. Tom Price was working hard to get the folks with all the money (Wall Street) to pony up for universal, no cost, no change healthcare.

    The man should be revered, not investigated.

    I wonder if he still tastes the back of Barack Obama’s hand from that verbal pimp-slapping he took? But I’m sure the President had no idea that Rep. Price was fully intending to “secure financing” for the Price plan.

  10. TPNoGa says:

    Yeah, I’m still gonna vote for him. I honestly do not care that he had a fundraiser near the vote. If he had nefarious intentions, I don’t think he would have held a fundraiser that close to the vote. I mean if you’re gonna get some bribe action, I would hope it would be a little more subtle.

    • AlanR says:

      Karen Handel has some problems, Tom Price shouldn’t be one of them.

      Once again, we’re seeing the Office of Congressional Ethics engage in politics. This “investigation” is about letting members of congress know they better get with the program on finance reform or suffer the consequences.

      This is major news? When they still have not released the Rangel and PMA materials?

      Sorry. If Tom Price is guilty of anything its endorseing Karen Handel.

  11. bluedogdem says:

    Maybe all of the GOPers should practice what they preach!!
    They are making this election so easy

  12. Game Fan says:

    Here’s the results of the Ethics Committee from all the investigations:

    “Awe heck, everybody does it. It really isn’t that bad, relatively speaking. Er’ we mean, relative to the real nasty stuff, you know, the stuff we didn’t have the BALLS to investigate.”

    -meanwhile, Dr. Ron Paul eats alone. 🙁

    • Glen Ross says:

      I wish Ron Paul would use his super powers to cure cancer or something instead of…oh, I dunno…trying to destroy our banking system.

      Off topic, but I needed to get that off my chest.

      • Game Fan says:

        So I take it you’re opposed to the “Audit the Fed” legislation? Beyond this, possibly you’re ascribing too much power to one guy, which is indicative of the “follower” mentality.

        • Game Fan says:

          As far as curing cancer that’s not the job of politicians. I mean some of them are real magical apparently, according to some, but, I guess I’m just a little skeptical. Although He is a Doctor, in the political arena he functions as a Representative. Anyhoo, there’s more here to reduce cancer than anything any other Democrat or Republican has proposed in the last 40 years. (It’s called health freedom and free markets with less government intervention.)

  13. Sarah Scott says:

    Deal is investigated and that is bad.
    Price is investigated and that is not fair and a conspiracy.

    Handel touts the ethics investigation as a slam-dunk guilty verdict against Deal. Yet the same organization comes after her golden boy Price and there is only the sound of crickets.

    Today Handel announces that Marilyn Quayle is endorsing her. Wow. Relevant. Oh yeah, and Mike Bowers. Again, timely and relevant. There are many non-political people and newcomers to GA that have no clue who Bowers is, and additionally don’t care what a former Second Lady says about the GA governor’s race.

  14. It does kind of make you scratch your head and ask questions….

    However, I’m still amazed that the congressman assaulting the college student was a one day story. Back in 2006, while visiting the capitol, a friend and myself visited Cynthia McKinney for kicks. She was friendly and accommodating, which really surprised me. Sitting in her office she was complaining to my friend about the double standard and racial intolerance at the Capitol. A few days before Patrick Kennedy had crashed his SUV into the sidewalk barrier. It too was a one day story and the spin was poor Patrick, his illness (alcoholism), how beloved he was and the high hopes for getting a grip on his addiction.

    Little mention was given that the man could have killed someone. She lamented about how her taking a small swipe at a Capitol officer made massive headlines for months. Makes me kind of wonder where the outrage is? I don’t even remember the congressman’s name.

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