Kingston Awarded “Minuteman” Commendation

The following was received via email:

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA/01) spoke at the National Guard Association of Georgia’s 62nd Annual Conference on Jekyll Island on Saturday, June 12. This year’s conference theme was “There is No Place Like Home” which focused on welcoming home the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) who ended a year long deployment to Afghanistan in April. Kingston spoke to the audience on the future of the military and its role in the war in Afghanistan and how they will transition this year from liberation to sustainability mode. Kingston also highlighted the status of current troop forces in Afghanistan and Iraq , possible future threat from China and Korea and how the National Guard fits in to both equations.

“The National Guard of yesterday is quite different than the guard of today,” Congressman Kingston said. “With budget cuts to our other military forces, guardsmen are no longer ‘weekend warriors.’ They play a vital role in highly specialized missions that have been crucial to developing Afghanistan into a nation that does not have to depend on illegal activity to be self-sustaining.”Kingston also highlighted recent activity in Congress designed to help guardsmen, such as implementation of Tricare standard healthcare coverage for grey area reservists.

Attendees also received updates on the State of the Guard from various members of the Georgia leadership; some of these include Major General Terry Nesbitt, Adjutant General of Georgia, and Brigadier General Maria Britt, Commander of the Georgia Army National Guard and Scott Hammond, Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard. During the event, Kingston was honored with the Minuteman Award, the NGAGA’s highest honor.

“We appreciate Congressman Kingston for his support the Georgia National Guard and to the country’s military as a whole,” said Marshall Kennemer, Executive Director of the National Guard Association of Georgia. “We are honored to award the Minuteman trophy to a true patriot that fights not only for our soldiers, but for what is right in general.”

The purpose of the National Guard Association of Georgia is to promote the mission of the National Guard of the State of Georgia and the United States and to cultivate and promote a better understanding of the purposes and ideals of the Guard by the people of Georgia; to cooperate with civic, philanthropic and patriotic organizations whose undertakings are not for profit, but are of vital interest to the State of Georgia and its local communities.


  1. foray says:

    Good job Jack, keep up the good work- definitely the hardest working member of Congress in our delegation

  2. hannah says:

    Seems a little presumptuous for a military that’s supposed to be subordinate to civilian leadership and carry out the directives of Congress to be passing out commendations to the boss.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    My first thought was that he was getting an award for switching from the earmark king to being a “fiscal conservative”, whatever that means, the minute after the GOP lost its House majority.

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