Perdue to pick new School Superintendent

Over at the AJC, Maureen Downey is reporting that Gov. Sonny Perdue may have picked a successor to Kathy Cox:

Word is that Brad Bryant, state board of education member from DeKalb, will be named interim state school chief in the wake of Kathy Cox’s resignation to take a job heading a think tank. Brad is a smart guy and has worked very hard on education.

If he is the choice, Georgia schools are in good hands. Gov. Perdue made a great choice if this turns out to be true.

Now, will Brad run for the seat as an independent?

I’m not sure if he would be required to obtain the needed signatures, 1% of registered voters (based on 2006 numbers). If so, he has less than a month to do it since they are due by July 13th.

Perdue made it clear that he wanted to go after “Race to the Top” funding, and it became evident in the last couple of weeks that he was going to put someone in the office that would accomplish that.


  1. John Konop says:

    From what I read at the AJC numerous people turned this job done via disagreeing with the latest failed twist on No Child Left Behind ie “Race to the Top” . This policy is another failed strategy which flows most the money to administration and not the classroom.

    The positive side the candidates on all sides want more vocational education, less teaching to the test and an end to the math 123 fiasco. Why is Sonny so out of touch with this issue?

    • Harry says:

      Sonny is out of touch with the GOP base in several ways….but maybe in his thinking it’s more about grabbing available federal money, which seems a major component of the state budget. Not that we agree with that. It’s like living off dirty laundered RICO money.

      • John Konop says:


        The stupid part is most the money for this federal mandate goes to administrators not the classroom. And when the money runs out the state is left with the unneeded overhead.

  2. I know I’m no Einstein, but this move just seems plain stupid. There is a primary in July, this is June. Why doesn’t the man wait until the primary to fill the position and appoint the Republican nominee? Georgia schools are already in the tank. There’s not much this individual could do to help or hinder in a few months time. Might as well save a few cents.

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