Eric Johnson On Fox & Friends

Eric Johnson was on Fox & Friends this morning talking about his plan to deal with illegal immigration.

Hat tip Mayonnaise in the comments.


    • B Balz says:

      Very good, earned media!

      And a very strong GRTL platform. I could accept that position as long as balance exists for biotechnology.

  1. Mayonnaise says:

    Buzz gave me a hat-tip! Surely that will drive a few folks nuts.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Might be more effective than the 300k he spent on the same channel. If only this bit had aired during the Masters . . . .

  3. Lone Star Georgian says:

    I wonder if Eric Johnson also plans to measure how much money illegal immigrants pay in taxes. Too many people like him think it’s nothing, but even if they do not pay income taxes, they are still paying sales tax and property tax.

    I also wonder if there are truly political points to be scored from going after children. I would think most Georgia parents would understand it’s no “sin” to bring your child to a country where, at least until Johnson is Governor of Georgia, we educate every child without regard for his/her class, social status, or ability to pay.

        • Mayonaise probably asked if you were serious because we have no choice but to educate those children. Johnson explicitly stated we would still educate them.

          As for taxes, illegals may be SS tax, sales tax and some property taxes (as a part of rent), but that’s it. Let’s see, if we could all just pay only 7.65% of our income . . .

    • B Balz says:

      Left unchecked, unmeasured, and unknown, the illegal immigration problem in Georgia will overtake resources within a few decades. Look at Cali, for heavens sake!

      I say document illegal workers, charge them a big tax penalty, payable over a short time, and get them on a guest worker plan. It is not amnesty, it is about knowing who the heck lives here, paying taxes and putting these hard working folks on the same playing field as other hard working folks.

      The children were put in harms way as soon as they became ‘anchor babies’.

  4. So he’s going to check citizenship at the schoolhouse (and hospital) door? Where have I heard that before?

    That politicians continue to contrive hundreds of difficult-to-enforce mechanisms that will not address the problem is a reason this continues to be a problem. Good laws must be easily enforceable, and difficult to prosecute selectively. And yet, here is this idea – designed to acheive publicity over policy goals.

    At least the Fox News commentator made him address the real problem: businesses hiring illegals. But Johnson leads with the emotional issue, which tells me how false his motives really are. Until we get someone on either side of the aisle who is ready to take this issue seriously, and run the risk of alienating political contributors who benefit from illegal labor, this issue will continue to be unsolvable.

    But since this is the same knucklehead who thinks that no major oil spills occurred in the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane season 2005, I’m not surprised that this is the direction his campaign has chosen.

  5. CMOB says:

    How can EJ enforce such measures? When a mother drives up in a Mercedes from her $600k dollar house and puts a free lunch request on the desk of the school the school is forbidden to ask for some type of proof of need by the federal government.
    Just last night at a 912 meeting, a lady told of how the federal stimulus bill is giving food to the needy. All one has to do is ask at the distribution center for it and 80 lbs is given to them. No questions or need of proof.
    EJ has the right idea however it is a farfetched political scheme to garner votes from angry voters.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      Yes. It’s no longer “cool” to where an American flag pin since Obama was elected.

  6. analogkid says:

    Did anyone read the crawl during the interview? Apparently the Earth is 120 million years younger than previously thought. So instead of being 4.5 billion years old, the Earth is actually only 4.38 billion years old.

    Now if only same those scientists could shave off an extra 4.379998 billion years, we’d damn near have proof of creationism.

  7. MSBassSinger says:

    This interview doesn’t entice me to vote for Eric Johnson. Sounds like pandering to get votes, with no post-election action.

    Any candidate serious about illegal immigration focuses first on punishing the businesses and individuals who hire them, while concurrently and secondarily doing the things Johnson suggests. If his plan was primarily focused on going those who hire illegals, his platform would be more believable.

    I do not disagree with checking for citizenship or legal residency in schools – if we can do it for shot records, we can do it for citizenship/legal residency. To the degree it can be done in emergency rooms, I am OK with it. But both are expensive to enforce, while enforcing it at the employer level is much less expensive and yields much better results. Dry up the jobs, and the illegals go home on their own. The illegals, for the most part, don’t want to be Americans, they are just greedy people who want money and take from Americans.

    The Chamber of Commerce and Georgia agriculture, in general, oppose employer sanctions on behalf of their members who employ illegals. To me, that makes them both very un-American. A real conservative, as opposed to a Rockefeller Republican, stands against that.

    Had Eric Johnson said that he is going to enforce existing state law as it relates to hiring illegals, and seek to strengthen that, and add the laws he was talking about in the interview, I could find him more acceptable. That he had to address the employer issue only after being forced to by the interviewer, and supported a very weak punishment, tells me he is just pandering.

  8. B Balz says:


    I disagree with this part of your post:

    “they are just greedy people who want money and take from Americans.” They want work, which does not exist in Mexico. Resolve that problem.

    • MSBassSinger says:

      Work exists where people want it. Work is created from people finding needs and fulfilling them. Work is enabled when people put off the crooked politicians in their own country.

      Mexico has all the raw materials and sufficient population to grow their own economy.

      The US was not always a powerful, wealthy nation. We grew from a poor, agrarian nation to be powerful and wealthy after many years of people doing just what I stated above. Any nation can do the same.

      When the greedy people who came here illegally return home, they will change their own country out of necessity – as it should be.

      • analogkid says:

        I agree. There’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t return to Mexico and join the drug cartels like everyone else.

        • MSBassSinger says:

          Is it possible to require posters to pass a test before being allowed to post? This sounds like some high school kid’s post where the kid only knows what some warmed-over hippie tells him.

          • analogkid says:

            My point is that it’s more than just greed (if it is in fact greed at all) that motivates these people to come here. If it was just greed, they would join a drug cartel in Mexico rather than jump a fence in order to take menial, low-paying jobs in the US. Safety might also be a consideration as violence in Mexico is out of control (due to drug cartels).

            • B Balz says:


              Until Americans lose the “just hire a few Mexicans” mentality, we will have illegals that want to work. Industry says, we checked their ID, and there is no further culpability…that’s not right.

              And work they do!

              While there are bad apples, most Latinos/Latinas have a great work ethic, are relatively easy to deal with (No attitude) and take some pride in their job. Try getting that from day labor.

              The reason I picked on your statement :

              “they are just greedy people who want money and take from Americans.”

              beyond its’ puerile and racist tone is because America is on track to screw up a defense ally that we can ill afford to squander.

              Most Latinos do not like radically extreme, violent Muslims because they hate Christians and women. Our enemy’s enemy is our friend. And neighbor.

              I would say that if America were at all serious about the illegal alien issue, the drug war would be over. As soon as we stop buying meth and dope from Mexico, a lot of problems go away. We are working on the supply issue, but the demand is still there.

                  • B Balz says:

                    According to Law Enforcement both products are inferior to US supplies.

                    We should support making meth a Federally mandated reason to be stripped of citizenship and shipped out. Meth is the single most dangerous drug out there, it is a soul robbing scourge. That we make it better is no joke or benefit.

                    Dope, meh, what are we going to do? It is legal, sort of, in many States now. Make it legal, grow it here, and stop the insanity?

                    I am of a mixed mind on that.

                    • Go Dawgs! says:

                      True capitalism would provide a freely provided supply of labor to meet the quantity demanded of labor and an agreed-upon price will be struck.

                      Of course, all those folks who state they are for true capitalism are the same folks who sport bumper stickers saying “Illegals – GO HOME!”

            • MSBassSinger says:

              Trying working with and dealing with illegals. The vast majority of them simply want to make more money to support their families. A significant percentage of them commit other crimes after they get here. And there is no shortage of illegals who openly hate America and Americans.

              I have yet to meet the illegal who really wants to be an American – who is willing to put away the culture they came from and adopt the American culture as their own. I have met legal Latino immigrants who did, and they are always welcome. Until the latter 20th century, that is how immigrants assimilated. It is only since we adopted the silliness of multiculturalism that we no longer expect immigrants to assimilate.

              If the cultures they love are so great, why are their countries such a mess?

              • B Balz says:

                “I have yet to meet the illegal who really wants to be an American – who is willing to put away the culture they came from and adopt the American culture as their own.”

                This statement is so huge it deserves some commentary. First, you are absolutely correct, unlike the melting pot we saw in the 1850’s through the War Years and up til the early 60’s, many, not all, immigrants are not interested in becoming American citizens. That we are even having a discussion on English as the National language evidences this shift. Why?

                We have changed. Although America has the same ideals, dreams, safety, and ability to grow rich as we always have, the barriers are higher and the benefits are less. Other Nations look at us much like an overindulged Nation-child.

                We have matured as a society, and not entirely in a good way. The answer is to ship back the criminals, after full fingerprints and DNA have been taken. If they return, ship back again.

                The answer is to document, tax, and know who is in our Country, working illegally. And stop future illegal entries.

                Of course, get ready for $5/lb. poultry, higher construction costs, etc.

                As to your last point, once again, US consumption of illegal Mexican drugs helps create the ‘mess’ you speak of.

                • MSBassSinger says:

                  Really good points I agree with:
                  “…unlike the melting pot we saw in the 1850’s through the War Years and up til the early 60’s, many, not all, immigrants are not interested in becoming American citizens.”

                  “…ship back the criminals, after full fingerprints and DNA have been taken. If they return, ship back again.”

                  “…document, tax, and know who is in our Country, working illegally. And stop future illegal entries.”

                  However, this one is not altogether true:
                  “America has the same ideals, dreams, safety, and ability to grow rich as we always have, the barriers are higher and the benefits are less.”

                  The ability to generate wealth for anyone regardless of class in the US, and to retain individual freedom, is dependent on having and sustaining a mainstream, traditional American culture. Other cultures are the cause of their homelands’ problems. The only reason barriers to generating wealth are higher today is because, in the Eurosocialist culture that has grown in power in the US since the 1960s, government is in the way and individual freedoms are more and more restricted.

                  The mess these other countries have long predates the US laws against drugs. Thier national messes are their own doing, just as our natianl messes are ours. In the Americas, we all started out as rural, agrarian colonies of the European powers. Almost all of the colonies in the Americas had the labor, the raw resources, and the technology to grow their economies and not remain stagnant. Why is it only the US that did so? I believe the primary reason is our traditional American culture.

                  • MouthoftheSouth says:

                    To your point about economic mobility, I am not sure data backs up your assertions about socialism of european nations and their concomitant barriers to movement. There was an interactive graphic that showed just how little movement there was in the United States between the rich and the poor, or even from middle class to either rich or poor. I know you probably don’t like the New York Times, but this was a graph like your beloved USA Today, so I figured I’d link to it.

                    Additionally, studies have shown that the US either has less economic mobility or similar to the larger european states; I have yet to see one where there was more.

      • Your analogy regarding work sounds good and would be excellent for a political snippet. But, also shows how a person can be great at running for office and horrible at governing. Work existing where people want it? Ehhhhhh….Adam Smith and many of the nations that sacrificed for the eventual rise of our country would disagree with your syllogism. Your analogy works for bartering and trade…not for the more complex economic systems in place that both drive or are produced by globalization.

        I agree with the need for countries to engage in self-development…and that absent corruption many of them could make significant progress. But, do you actually believe a guy picking watermelons outside of Cordele, Ga is going to go back to Mexico and economically liberate the country? Yeah, ok! Laughing…still laughing… 🙂

  9. sahughes says:

    I like Johnson a lot, but it seems like he is attempting to deal with an issue without actually dealing with it. Come out strong on illegal immigration or education with legitimate policy changes. Immigration issues would help get his named recognized in North GA, where he seems to be virtually unknown and getting dominated by Deal.

    This article makes good points to this issue:

    • B Balz says:

      Excellent point and great link. Thanks, keep ’em coming.

      Illegal aliens contribute to Social Security, but never collect:

      “…that the Social Security administration stashes in the “earnings suspense file” — added up to 10 percent of the Social Security surplus. The file is growing, on average, by more than $50 billion a year….”

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong. But they don’t contribute to SS if they’re paid 1099 or under the table. I would say that’s the vast majority of them. The one’s that do pay payroll taxes use fake papers for their job and yes, will never collect SS benefits.

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