Congressman-elect Graves to be Sworn-In Monday Evening

After winning the Ninth District Special Election Run-off last Tuesday, Congressman-elect Tom Graves is set to be sworn in this evening. Press release below.

(RANGER GA) – Congressman-elect Tom Graves will officially be sworn-in on Monday evening in a ceremony on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.  The oath of office will be administered to Congressman-elect Graves by the Speaker of the House after the first series of votes Monday evening.  Votes are expected to begin at approximately 6:30 p.m.

Media interested in attending the swearing-in ceremony should contact Tim Baker at (770) 519-6375 or [email protected].

WHO: Congressman-elect Tom Graves

WHAT: Official Swearing-In Ceremony

WHEN: Monday, June 14, 2010, approximately 6:30 pm

WHERE: U.S. House of Representatives, The Capitol Building in Washington, DCGraves was elected to the U.S. Congress in a special election on June 8th, 2010, to fill the 9th District’s unexpired term.  Graves previously served four terms in the Georgia House of Representatives and is recognized statewide as a conservative leader.  He received a 2009 “National Legislator of the Year” from the American Legislative Exchange Council, a 2009 “Guardian of Small Business” Award from the National Federation of Independent Business, the 2009 “Legislator of the Year” Award from the Georgia Retail Association, the 2009 “Legislator of the Year” from the 9th Congressional District of Georgia and was nationally recognized as the “Legislative Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by the Freedom Works Foundation for his tireless effort to stem the tide of expansive government and reduce the tax burden on Georgians.   Georgia Trend named Graves to its 2009 “40 under 40, Georgia’s Best and the Brightest.”

Graves grew up in White, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia, where he earned a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance.  Graves is a small businessman, past member of the Gordon County Board of Elections and an active member of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce.  He is married to Julie, a native of Marietta, and the couple has three children, JoAnn, John and Janey. They attend the Belmont Baptist Church in Calhoun.


  1. one n done says:

    The first link is the one I found from Jim Galloway’s article about Tom problems and to some of the documents in the case. Tom is still keeping the supposed “contract” between him and the anklet wearer about the transferring of ownership of the company pretty close to the chest. I’m no judge but I have always been taught that if something helps proves your innocence, as Tom claims he is, why would you not be as open from possible from the outset? Usually it is because you may not be as innocent as you want people to think

  2. Hill Rat says:

    I would like to congratulate Team Perdue for completely wasting the Georgia taxpayers’ dollars in order to have a special election before July 20th. GA-9 will now have a Congressman for 36 days, with votes being held on less than 20 of those days, and Graves will probably miss most of those days because he will have to be in Georgia campaigning.

    • Jace Walden says:

      Hill Rat,

      I am probably wrong about this, but isn’t he constitutionally required to call for the special election?

      Like I said, I’m not sure if he is or not.

      • Chris says:

        Bart Graham is at fault. Had he not attempted to get rid of Deal’s sweetheart deal with the state, none of this would have ever come to light.

  3. AlanR says:

    Are you blaming Deal, Icarus? Why is it Deal’s fault? Should he have stayed in congress and missed votes to campaign in Georgia, or give up running for Governor so he wouldn’t miss votes?

    It would have been much smarter for Deal to have selfishly stayed in office and finished his term, and just missed the votes. The Ethics Office would not dare release anything if he were still in office and finishing his term.

    Deal did the right thing, The special election is the cost of democracy. For scheduling complaints see the applicable law and the governor.

    Congratulations to Tom Graves, and especially his family. Families put up with a lot during campaigns, and deserve a lot of credit.

    • Icarus says:

      Um, yeah. I’m blaming the guy who quit early for the cost of the “special” election. Because had he not quit, the taxpayers could have kept more of their own personal “special” money.

      • AlanR says:

        And had he not quit, he would have missed some votes, and you would have condemned him for that. And if he had left office earlier and health care had come down to one vote, you would have condemned him for that. And if he . . . no, its no use.

        You owe him a little more respect for not screwing his district by missing votes to campaign. If he was as interested in his own personal gain as you think he is, he would have just stayed in office and missed the votes. It would have been smarter politically.

        Deal didn’t write the law and he didn’t set the date.

            • AlanR says:

              Deal resigned March 22. The report was released by the Office of Congressional Ethics on March 29. If Deal had not left office the report would have remained sealed and been referred to the lazy dog House Ethics Committee where it would have lingered until after the primary and probably until after the general election — in 2012. Like the Rangel report and the PMA report.

              If Deal had only his selfish ambition to consider he would have stayed a member of congress and just abandoned the office to campaign. Instead, he did the honorable thing and resigned — and look where it got him.

              We’ll see if Tom Graves has any integrity at all and releases the details of his loan agreement with Bartow Bank and the details of the sale of his LLC so that voters can see how he managed to legally and morally avoid over $1 million in debt. One thing is certain, as long as Tom Graves is a member of congress no details will be coming from the Office of Congressional Ethics.

              Cute dog.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Rep. Graves gave a very good speech on the House Floor. He is going to be a great CONSERVATIVE Congressman…

      • AlanR says:

        I agree. I think he really grew during the heat of the campaign, and you can see it in this speech.

    • McDawg81 says:

      Tom will be an awesome advocate for the people of the 9th. He didn’t waste any time laying out that this country’s main issue is spending.

      Now we watch – as Herman Cain said, “Tom, I have faith in you – but I’ll be watching you and holding you accountable!”

    • one n done says:

      Ya, why wouldn’t he be CONSERVATIVE with our money when he can’t even be CONSERVATIVE with his own? I don’t expect an honest response from you Debbie, so don’t worry about disappointing…
      Oh ya, and his stump speech was verbatim what he said on the floor, real creative.
      Oh, and this must be just another one of those things that everyone, except for the enlightened on, has to adhere to:

      • McDawg81 says:

        Oh, that green eyed monster is an ugly beast, huh? YouTube of the swearing in ceremony and 1 min “speech” is political? Really??

    • Doug Grammer says:


      Was the press release about the Speaker? No. Do you need the press release to tell you who the Speaker is? No. Do you think Congressman Graves will be voting for the lady from California for Speaker? No.

  5. birdfan says:

    One n Done – I challenge you to name ONE piece of Conservative legislation that Lee Hawkins authored and it was passed into law during his service in the Georgia Senate.

    The 9th District needs someone who has the experience to get something done…not simply fill a seat.

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