Hines endorses Chapman

This isn’t about Ketchup and Chapstich. We are getting word that former State School Superintendent Candidate Roger Hines has endorsed Senator Jeff Chapman for Governor. Normally I refrain from posting items from the tipline that I can not personally substantiate, but a press release sent via email is more substantive than a one sentence tip.

The email in question can be found below the fold. Hines dropped out of the Superintendent race prior to Kathy Cox stepping down, and was the choice of many who were fed up with Cox. This endorsement can only help Jeff Chapman’s campaign by exposing him to more potential voters.

Here’s the press release-esque email:

This is a very important time for Georgia and the Republican Party as we select
our candidate for governor.  After thoroughly investigating all of the
candidates, I have decided that I’m voting for Jeff Chapman mainly because I
want a candidate who has unquestionable character and who takes a practical
approach to solving our state’s problems. Jeff has practical business
experience. From serving in the state Senate, he understands the legislative

What I like most about him, though, is that there is no taint or question mark
on this man’s character. He is an absolutely refreshing candidate. I respect
Jeff mightily, I like his ideas, and I am very excited about having him as our

I ask you to go to his web site at www.JeffChapmanForGovernor.com and read his
bio and his stand on the important issues of today.  After doing this, I think
you will agree with me that this is definitely the person we need to get behind
and support for governor.  I encourage you to forward this to your friends and
associates and encourage them to support Jeff.

I also encourage you to make a donation of $10 or $20 to his campaign to help
purchase the needed campaign materials and TV time to reach a broad audience.
Of course, if you can give more, that too would be greatly appreciated. I have
set up a link to his donation page to make it easy for you, so all you have to
do to donate on Jeff’s secure web site is click here …DONATE.  Or if you want
to mail a check, make it payable to “Jeff Chapman for Governor” and send it to
P.O. Box 1436, Brunswick, GA  31521.

Remember, with close to 40% of the likely primary voters saying they are still
undecided, Jeff Chapman has as good of a chance of winning this race as any of
the so-called “front runners”.  We just all need to get behind him and support
him in every way we can.

I thank you for supporting me in my endeavors, and now I ask you to help me
elect for our next governor a man who believes the same way as I do on all the
issues, especially education.

Your friend,

Roger Hines


    • In The Arena says:

      It was…

      Deal campaign response:

      “It appears that once again someone has commandeered Karen Handel’s email account and is sending out crazy messages under her name. She might need to consider putting password protection on her account.

      “I would like to thank whatever mystery emailer sent this unhinged blather for reminding Georgia voters that Nathan Deal is the reasonable, conservative alternative to John Oxendine.

      “As governor, Nathan Deal will appoint many female Georgians to positions of great authority, just as he voted for many great congresswomen for leadership positions in Congress.

      “Nathan’s women grassroots supporters are highly offended by the language in this nutty email. We found out earlier this week that Handel lacks the character to be governor. It now appears she lacks the temperament to be governor. It’s sad to watch.”

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Nathan Deal has now been on a month long negative attack against Karen Handel. You have to wonder what his motivation is.

        When it was reported that John Oxendine had taken $120,000 in illegal campaign contributions, Nathan Deal was silent on the subject.

        When it was reported that Eric Johnson and his firm had profited almost $1 million from doing business with the state, while he was a state senator, there was not a peep from Nathan Deal.

        When the Speaker of the State House was embroiled in a scandal and Karen said he should step down, nothing from Nathan Deal.

        When the Georgia Right to Life president referred to women who can’t conceive as “barren and infertile”, Nathan Deal was silent.

        When it was widely reported that gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry had an inappropriate relationship with a 16 year old student while he was a teacher and her youth minister, Nathan Deal’s silence was again deafening.

        But when he found out that 8 years ago Karen Handel spoke to the Log Cabin Republicans, just as other conservative Republicans have done, it sent him into a month long, delusional attack against her.

        Now, Mr. Deal does have a history of bigoted remarks. Last year he referred to one group of citizens as Ghetto Grandmothers. He claimed it was taken out of context. When asked what context you could use that in, Nathan Deal said nothing.

        He gives the other men in the race a pass on major transgressions, but attacks Karen Handel for speaking to a group of Republicans, a group who most of us — including Karen — have some differing views with.

        We hope it is not that he has a problem with women in leadership. After all, women can do more than just fetch your coffee, Mr. Deal. But maybe that is just part of it.

        Nathan Deal is part of the system that thinks it is ok to profit from your position of power. He too made almost $1 million off an exclusive no-bid arrangement with the state. When it was threatened, he used his position in Congress in an attempt to protect it.

        Karen is a threat to them all, and Nathan Deal knows it. She is the only candidate bold enough to speak out against the abuses in government. Her ethics reform proposal includes a strict conflict of interest policy that threatens the gravy train Mr. Deal has been on with the state. Karen is also advocating a strict gift ban limit for elected officials and to subject the legislature to the same open records laws as all others elected officials are under.

        Karen is a threat to shake up the status quo and the failed policies and politicians of the past. And Nathan Deal knows that….as we get closer to the Primary, and he grows more desperate, we expect his attacks to continue.

          • In The Arena says:

            This statement by Karen is just unbelievable. “After all, women can do more than just fetch your coffee Mr. Deal” I can’t believe someone running for office would make such a statement. There are many women volunteering for Deal and they were all offended.

            • Lady Thinker says:

              They chose to be offended by Karen’s official statement to Nathan Deal. Deal does not support women and appears to believe in a glass ceiling for women as proven by his attacks on Karen.

              • Hill Rat says:

                Several of Congressmen Deal’s senior legislative staffers were female. The last time I stopped by the office, I met with a female legislative staffer, and I noticed the majority of the people working in the office were female.

                I’m sure they would dispute your implications that Mr. Deal is biased against women. I’m also pretty sure that Mr. Deal’s three daughters would also disagree with your false implications.

              • Doug Grammer says:


                You say the silliest things. Criticism by Congressman Deal’s camp against Sec. Handel equates to sexism as criticism by Republicans of President Obama equates to bigotry. Neither are true, for the most part. Sexism or racism are code words for don’t attack my candidate or I will say you are attacking my candidate unfairly because of how they were born.

                If there is a charge against your candidate, either refute it with facts proving it isn’t so, or say “yep your right, but here’s why that doesn’t matter.”

                My educated guess is that the Deal camp thinks that they are close to making the run off with OX and Sec. Handel is the closest other candidate. It’s a primary. They are supposed to exchange a few barbs and quips. Occasionally, they will point out flaws in character, job performance, ideas, and general disagreements about policy.

                Congressman Deal stuck his foot in his mouth when he used the term Ghetto Grandmothers. However, did Sec. Handel speak to a member of the LCR or was she a dues paying member? The question that’s been pointed out is what is her stance on homosexual issues and how long has it been that way? I’ve seen Sec. Handel’s video stating that marriage is between a man and a woman. I believe that she believes that. I agree with the Chairman of the GOP that Sec. Handel is pro-life. Maybe Matt Montgomery filled out her application to the LCR and paid money for her. Stranger things have happened.

                The whole line of questioning how conservative Sec. Handel is does seem a bit silly. (Maybe it’s smart, but unless it’s on postcards in every mail box, it’s almost a non-factor.) However, trying to paint Deal as sexist is just as silly. Some could (and have) gone after Congressman Deal for missing votes in congress and then resigning to run for Governor. He stayed for the big vote on healthcare. Love him or hate him, that’s a fact. I tuned into C-span at 6:30 to watch Tom Graves get sworn in, but they were holding a vote on a resolution about the goals of dairy month. I kid you not.

          • bowersville says:

            John, I’m sorry but the Handel Team has just imploded.

            Team Handel didn’t clear up anything, just kicked the can down the road by letting everyone know that further attacks from Deal were to be expected.

            LT’s post is the official Handel response to Deal. Yes, it began as wedge issue oriented but it brings Handel’s integrity into question, and that question is unanswered. How and why the non issue of domestic partnerships became front and center and why it hasn’t been brought to a halt by Team Handel is beyond me.

            Perhaps that’s the way to go, I’m no expert on the matter. I’m just an uncommitted hack pecking away on a computer looking for which candidate to vote for.

            • John Konop says:


              As you know I respect your opinion, with that said who would you support if Karen is not the candidate? I would have a hard time voting for any of the rest of them on the GOP side.

              • bowersville says:

                John that is an EXETREMELY HARD question for me to answer at this time because I really don’t know.

                My GOP Governor’s primary vote would be cast as a blank if I had to vote today.

                I honestly do not know who to vote for, based on what I know today.

          • Mozart says:

            It would be a much better post if it wasn’t copied word-for-word from the Handel e-mail press release…but, it’s good for LT to finally disclose her official position on this blog as Handel Sock Puppet #5.

        • Mayonnaise says:

          “But when he found out that 8 years ago Karen Handel spoke to the Log Cabin Republicans, just as other conservative Republicans have done, it sent him into a month long, delusional attack against her.”

          Glad to see Karen is still lying. Talking to, and being a member of, are two different things. #Fail

          ““I am also a member of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans and participated in this year’s [Gay] Pride Weekend activities…” Karen Handel 2003

      • hannah says:

        Talking about other people instead of oneself is not a sign of humility. Nor does it serve as an indication of social conscience. There’s a tradition of women being accused of gossip, but, one suspects, it’s a matter of envy.

  1. Mayonnaise says:

    Does that mean he’ll be helping him drive that one big sign they have around Georgia?

    • MDokes says:

      Keep talking your smack Mayo. We are going to whip Johnson ,not only in South Georgia but everywhere. The first governor from coastal Georgia should be from Georgia not New Orleans. How does one forget to report 280k? Only a first class cajun crook would try that.

    • Fred Smulavich says:

      I find it very funny that the person ridiculing Chapman is an extremely unoriginal Johnson sock puppet.

      I’d rather back a candidate with one big sign and some integrity than “captain establishment” in bed with the Reynolds

      jobsjobsjobsjobsjobsjobsjobs vouchers

  2. Mayonnaise says:

    OMG! “Jeff has been endorsed by Georgia Right to Life in all his state Senate races.” He’s part of that group!!! Run for the hills!!!

  3. ZazaPachulia says:

    Karen has a new email out as well. She’s going on the attack. I’m certainly shocked that it has yet to become front page PP material.

    From Camp Handel:

    “Now, Mr. Deal does have a history of bigoted remarks. Last year he referred to one group of citizens as Ghetto Grandmothers. He claimed it was taken out of context. When asked what context you could use that in, Nathan Deal said nothing. He gives the other men in the race a pass on major transgressions, but attacks Karen Handel for speaking to a group of Republicans, a group who most of us — including Karen — have some differing views with. We hope it is not that he has a problem with women in leadership. After all, women can do more than just fetch your coffee, Mr. Deal. But maybe that is just part of it.”

    Handel’s Handlers: I’m not impressed.

    But hey, I like Roger’s endorsement. Chapman is awfully close to wrenching me (and the all-powerful Former Scott Supporters for Putnam PAC) away from Team Otis.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      The governor’s race has become a war of attrition. It’s not who’s gaining support fastest, but who is losing support slowest. A field of 5 (serious) contenders, and folks are still running out of options.

      • In The Arena says:

        Handel is the only one in this race who is losing support. She is quite effectively burning her bridges at both ends.

        Deal has been surging in the polls and gaining a significant amount of grassroots support since the beginning of April.

        Johnson doesn’t have much support to lose outside of Savannah. He better hope he doesn’t get passed by…

        Jeff Chapman has been running a respectable campaign, attracting the support of some who are very tuned in to the process. Unfortunately for him, you have to be very tuned in to the process to have even heard of him. Speaking of…

        Otis has been getting his name out there.

      • sahughes says:

        I agree. Well said. These candidates have a lot in front of them if ANY of them want to have a chance against Barnes. I think a lot of people are going to just stay home for this election unless someone steps up and actually presents themselves as a formidable candidate.

        • hannah says:

          Getting people to stay home is a significant component of the conservative strategy. If universal suffrage can’t be eliminated, the next best thing is to depress the electorate. Low voter participation is not a happenstance; it’s the result of relentless efforts to denigrate the process, the candidates and the whole concept of governance by the people.
          “Rampant populism,” as Judd Greggs refers to popular government, is the enemy of the forces of heritage and tradition.

    • Mayonnaise says:

      That’s her response to the multiple lies she’s been caught in? Like it or not, Deal caught her in a lie. Now she responds with “he doesn’t like me because I’m a woman” ….. Hahahahahaha …… total amateur.

      • TheSituation says:

        What was Mr. Johnson’s response when he was caught lying about the million dollars he didn’t disclose? What was your response when I asked you on multiple occasions if you knew that the Reynolds family OWNS Eric? All you do all day is post on this board with hit jobs on the candidates. A better approach would be to explain why your candidate is better. But since you work for the Eric Johnson campaign, I guess that is a pretty BIG challenge. In fact, many, including myself, would argue that Eric is really a 2nd tier candidate who has no shot at winning the primary. He is ethically challenged and he has no name recognition. As you would say, TOAST. Hopefully he is paying you a lot of the Reynold’s money to be a hitman on blogs like these.

        • Mayonnaise says:

          Wasn’t a million dollars dopey. That’s why you don’t get answers, because your questions are based on falsities.

          • TheSituation says:

            $280K…and a million dollars of contract with the state while he did business for the state as a Senator. EVEN BETTER. Any other falsities you care to point out? They seem to help me remember other reason why Johnson is a jackass, and will never win. Johnson = TOAST.

            • analogkid says:

              No. I think TheSituation meant to say “untruthitudes.” I understandified him/her perfectly either way.

              /snl reference

        • Mozart says:


          As I argued with ByteMe on another thread, the fact that EJ omitted $280K of a $1000K revenue stream DOES NOT MEAN he intentionally failed to disclose it.

          In a company the size of HGBD, with multiple partners, and multiple duties required by the partners and all of their underlings, it is quite possible that the revenues in question were not made immediately apparent to EJ when they occurred.

          So, unless you can PROVE he actually was cognizant of the $280K existing and he deliberately chose (after already disclosing $720K) to disregard the $280K disclosure, then YOU do not have a case for declaring EJ “lied.” Because a “lie” is telling one story when you actually know the truth.

          Karen Handel is a proven liar…OR, Marc Yeager, former chair of the Log Cabin Republicans is a liar. And, since we haven’t heard the Handel campaign accuse him of lying…then we know Handel is a liar because the REAL story is that she did publicly state in 2002-2003 time period that she was in favor of gay adoptions and gay marriage…and she has since denied/lied about every having those positions.

          Vast difference between an accounting error and deliberately lying.

          • Lady Thinker says:

            What does this have to do with moving Georgia out of this recession and improve education, jobs, immigration reform, water rights, transportation, and other issues facing Georgia? So what if Karen met with the gay group, she voted against the things they wanted,

            You people have to realize that there is a significant homosexual population is most large cities, they pay taxes, and you cannot discriminate against them. This is a non-issue, let it go!

          • hannah says:

            Corporations, both public and private, are organized to dilute and disguise individual responsibility which, especially when failure is the issue, tends to intimidate and inhibit future enterprise. In other words, individuals get to shift credit and blame in exchange for trying again.
            Which is why calling for an honest accounting from the participants in a corporation is a sham, unless the real agenda is for corporations to be redesigned to be both truthful and effective.
            Also, there’s a reason why courts insist on “the whole truth.” Things left out are often deceptive. Proving intentional deception is something else and best left to the courts.

    • SFrazier says:

      Here she goes again, playing the ” he is picking on me because I am a girl” card. Karen, conservative ladies do not subscribe to that nonsense.
      Handel=Pathetic loser

        • ZazaPachulia says:

          Ok, I think every non-sock puppet on this web site should just go ahead and send Jeff Chapman a couple hundred bucks. If we can’t do that, let’s just vote for him… please…

          The “big four” are varying degrees of awful. No one wants to waste a vote on McCreepy and the Otis protest vote loses its punch the moment the Chapman campaign starts gaining support.

          Do it for Georgia. Please, I beg of you.

          • Lady Thinker says:

            I think that makes the third person you have supported for governor. Scott, Putnam, Chapman.

          • Fred Smulavich says:

            I’m with you Zaza… Haha I’m glad you ditched the Otis protest vote. Who knows, maybe the miracle (/the implosion of all other candidates) can happen with Jeff

  4. Senator Chapman addressed the Dodge County GOP meeting last night. He seems to be a very thoughtful and serious candidate. He did turn some heads.

    As for the “war of attrition” it is a sad fact of life. It’s too bad that the image put forth by some candidates isn’t closer to the reality. Long campaigns tend to vet candidates in a brutal, but necessary, manner.

    • B Balz says:

      Hey Ken! Thanks for the info, I look forward to hearing more from Sen. Chapman. Okey-MDokey, not so much.

  5. Mayonnaise says:

    When will Karen start attacking Chapman for being a bigot also?

    “The United Methodist Church, however, has remained firm in upholding its traditional stance that homosexual practice is incompatible with Christian teaching.”


    “Jeff and Angela are members of Lakeside United Methodist Church in Brunswick.”


    Hurry up Konop, tell us how Chapman is in the closet, as well as his whole church, as well as the whole UMC. And while you’re at it, straighten out the UMC on its Bible doctrine.

    • In The Arena says:

      Response about Mark Foley coming in 3..2..1…..

      Anybody catch the thread yesterday on AJC where Will Jones – Atlanta – Jeffersonian Exegesis takes Konop’s lunch money?

      • John Konop says:


        Do you guys at the Deal campaign think Will Jones is right?

        FROM AJC

        John Konop
        June 10th, 2010
        11:31 pm

        You know Jesus advocated the violation of existing Jewish Law by banning remarriage after divorce. Do the GRTL think we should have laws against people that divorce and remarry? Jesus was much clearer about this than homosexuality.

        Will Jones – Atlanta Jeffersonian Exegesis

        June 11th, 2010
        12:12 am

        John Konop – As you seem to believe you can speak for “Jesus,” you obviously aren’t a legitimate Jew: No wonder you call yourself a member of the Gay Old Pervert party whose members financed Hitler and the Holocaust, killed Kennedy and King to send us to Vietnam, and committed 9/11 to send us to Afghanistan and Iraq. Why keep faking it? G-d is not mocked.

        • MDokes says:

          You are not from Ga, right? Go back to where you came from. I have already received 3 calls from Handel people that have left her camp and are considering Chapman. Her complete melt down today has turned a lot of people off. JK, when Handel drops out please join the Johnson camp, you are more of an annoying liability than an asset.

          • John Konop says:


            If guys like me go you would not have a job! Think about it? Because guys like me can take our money and create jobs anywhere!

            Other than shooting your mouth off how many jobs have you created? How much in state taxes do you pay a year? Trust me, many states will take my money and jobs I create!

            Do not forget guys like you working on campaigns only create spin!

    • TheSituation says:

      Bigotry is bigotry…whether it is within a church or not. I’m Methodist, and I like Chapman. Mayo keeps bringing up church…but I could have sworn I saw a story about him on MSNBC as an online predator. They said he taught snake handling for a hillbilly church somewhere in middle Georgia. EJ = TOAST

    • B Balz says:

      Ketchup has some nutritional value and is beloved. Mustard is a humorous condiment, also well liked, “Have you any Grey Poupon?”

      Mayonnaise: Oily, and tasteless, unpopular option for many.

          • Mayonnaise says:

            Not as funny as the last one by Situation. Try again. This an incredible defense Handel’s supporters are putting on.

            • B Balz says:

              Not nearly as funny as the pathetic job Mr. Johnson did in hiring your sorry butt. As stated, I am firmly undecided in my GA Governor vote. But then why start a new trend by listening?

              Well, I have ruled out two candidates:

              The candidate whose-name-I-shall-never-type again.
              A certain architect (only because he hired a doofus for his campaign blogger) whose 5% poll return won’t be enough support for a credible endorsement to a winner.

              Have a (:>) Day, greaseball.

          • Go Dawgs! says:

            Personally, I’d rather have an accomplished architect as a governor than a political job-hopping governor.

            2002: Fulton County commission candidate
            2003: Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Perdue
            2004-2006: Fulton County Commission Chair
            2006-2009: Secretary of State

            If Karen Handel was a job applicant in the private sector, the first question out of any human resource manager’s mouth would be “Why haven’t you stayed in any one position for longer than 3 years?”

      • Mozart says:

        And yet, Southern women everywhere love to include it in their ‘tater salad and coleslaw.

        Bet you eat it a lot more than you’ll ever admit, B Balz.

  6. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    You will know when a true leader comes along…..the irrelevant table condiments are in a confederacy against him.

  7. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Has Chapman even campaigned in the Atlanta metro area? I’ve voting for him based on knowing him as a State Senator, but he really needs to show his face more.

  8. macho says:

    The endorsement from a guy who cowered at the thought of running against Kathy Cox is newsworthy?

      • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

        LOL he just didnt endorse Macho’s guy..or girl. Then it would have been news worthy and Hines would have been an outstanding guy.

      • macho says:

        Nothing over the line. I like Roger, and wished he would have run. He would have been a lot better than Kathy. But let’s be honest, he was very flaky when it came to running. One minute he’s in, the next minute he’s out, then he’s in – it came down to being scared of running against Cox.

        Is it really newsworthy that a former State Senator, who came really, really close to running for School Superintendent endorsed somebody for Gov. And no Chapman’s not my guy, but I like Chapman, just don’t think he has a chance of winning. He doesn’t incite the problems I have with say an Oxendine or McBerry.

      • hannah says:

        “classy” in a classless society. Does that mean he’s out of step?

        Yes, the question is disingenuous. It’s clear that the classless society is opposed by conservative proponents of tradition. They’d rather have just two strata (the very rich and the poor) than none. Aspiring to being exceptional (somehow) is better than being equal. For evidence, one just has to look at “special ed.”

        • Ambernappe says:

          If you are referring to Special Education aas representing the neediest among us, it is doubtful that any one of them would have chosen deficient mental capability as a way of achieving

          A classless society does not serve anyone. Exceptional individuals – high achievers – are necessary to determine and maintain high standards in all areas of human pursuit. Some of those areas would be trades, humanities, vocations, and professions.

  9. GOPwits says:

    If, by some act of God, Nathan Deal secures the Republican nomination for Governor, I will not support him nor will I vote for him. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that any Republicans who tie their wagon to his record of corruption and bigotry will also not get my vote. Yes, it’s one vote, but last time I checked, that’s how we make a difference in America – one vote at a time.

    The way that he is running his campaign is disrespectful to intelligent people who can see through his no-bid deal with the state, his bigoted comments, and his slanderous throw the kitchen sink efforts toward Karen Handel.

    God forbid this gets to be a runoff between Deal and Oxendine. In that case, the GOP can kiss the majority and most offices in GA goodbye.

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      Yes, it is scary. And the prof of that is reading here. A decent guy hasn’t got a chance anymore, but fight the good fight. The process has become like American Idol.

    • Jimbo says:

      This will be the first election that I get to vote in, and it looks as if I may not be able to vote for a Republican governor OR lieutenant governor. It’s very tragic, really.

      • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

        Why is that? Because you are not paying attention here? Well it’s not that tragic in that case. There is only one real conservative individual rights oriented candidate in this race and it’s Chapman. Then you have the democrats which are a bigger train wreck. It aint that hard. This isnt a popularity contest based on polls and talking heads here that want to act like they are betting on a Kentucky Derby horse, this is the future of Georgia

        • hannah says:

          Conservatives are opposed to the rights of the person, having sold their birth-right for a mess of porridge, so to speak. The right to own property — i.e. acquire and hold material assets — has always trumped basic human rights. Indeed, that was the basis for the justification of slavery. The right to own things, including other people, took precedence over the right to be secure in one’s own person. Still does in the case of women whose bodily integrity is challenged by the planting of a seed.
          How is the traditional marriage vow (“to have and to hold”) not a proprietary claim — i.e. a claim to a person as property?
          Property rights are a sop to disguise that the person is to be subordinate. Ownership aims to disguise that the self is unfree, as all those people who fell for the lure of home ownership now understand.

          • Doug Grammer says:


            What do you like to drink? It must be great! “porridge?” Do you have the nick-name of goldielocks?

            • Ambernappe says:

              I had begun to wonder if age-related dementia had finally taken over my cognitive functions.

              There is a “touch” of Dagney Taggart (ATLAS SHRUGGED) to Hannah’s posts, but why the vitriol, as opposed to rational discourse, against Republicans?

              • Doug Grammer says:

                Well, occasionally I think I do provide rational discourse among Republicans. There are many topics I don’t chime in on because I don’t want to be seen as pro one candidate or against another.

                If I see some I perceive as a liberal continuously bashing the GOP (or conservatives in this case) for things I don’t think they should be legitimately criticized on, expect me to speak up.

                Things coming from far LEFT field with no rhyme or reason behind it, such as: “The right to own things, including other people, took precedence over the right to be secure in one’s own person.” need to be called out. I can do it in a playful way such as: “what are you drinking?” or I could do it in an in your face way: such as “Which President, a member of the Republican Party, issued the emancipation proclamation?”

                When someone is posting things that are as ludicrous such as this, don’t you think they should be called out in some form or fashion?

                If we were to eliminate “to have and to hold” in marriage vows, not only does it strike tradition, but it eliminates commitment. If there is no commitment, why bother to marry at all?

                • Ambernappe says:

                  Indeed, you do contribute to rational discourse, very rationally. You must have misunderstood my comments. It is I who is relieved that you seem to reflect my own views regarding the posts Hannah. Not that I know everything, by any means, but reasonable opinions are not difficult to recognize, regardless of one’s position on any subject. Hannah’s expositions are not the first ones that I have encountered couched in such socially esoteric terms, and I am concerned that they reflect current academe.

  10. Mozart says:

    “Normally I refrain from posting items from the tipline that I can not personally substantiate”

    Ronald…how did you slip by your intern interview with the PP powers-that-be without them knowing this about you? I mean, that you actually have character far and above what they themselves have when it comes to what they print off their “Tip Line.”

    I applaud you, Sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Have a nice brandy and a cigar tonight.

  11. Clone Of B. Plyler says:

    Jeff Chapman has my vote. He is a refreshing politican with integrity. That makes him very rare. He’s deserving of your vote.

  12. NonPartisanGA says:

    Gee Whiz…there sure is a lot of energy about an unelectable candidate…..

    If you guys are serious about splintering the vote, you might as well plan your evening festivities during King Roy’s coronation…

      • NonPartisanGA says:


        I am not running as a candidate so I don’t have to sign a loyalty oath the the Republican Party.

        Do you agree with my comment on its merits instead of my handle?

        How many folks really think Chapman will survive the primary and then prevail in the general election?

        • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

          I remember a young , broke and shoeless Continental Army in the dead of winter doing at the time what could be considered an impossible struggle against a far better equipped British Army. That struggle gave birth to a nation. If only the over 60% of colonist would have joined the fight no telling how many lives would have been saved and the struggle ended sooner. The ones that died spent themselves in a worthy cause. I don’t know what the cause of the 60 plus percent that criticized were. We could call them Non Partisan.

  13. LSUTigerInGA says:

    Loving how the conversation immediately jumped from the endorsement of one fine man from another, to the continued kindergarten pettiness of campaigns arguing over something said 7 years ago. Although many would say social issues are not as important this election as they’ve been in the past, an issue of Former SOS Handel speaking with the Log Cabin Republicans and her views on domestic partnership do effect taxing issues in the future. But, NOT so important as to excite the comments from the Deal campaign as they’ve been stated.

    As for Mr. Chapman, he is an honest and ethical man in every way and would be a fresh voice in the Governor’s Office. I have heard him speak, and he’s a very pleasant man. The issue I found was how many questions he was asked that he couldn’t directly answer; questions that all other candidates could answer. As for his campaign staff and the endorsement, Mr. Dendy is one of the few remaining men in politics who is solid gold. He wants the best man for the state, not just a pay check and power. Mr. Hines could and would have (in my opinion) beaten Kathy Cox, but was gun shy with fundraising. Because of his statewide appeal from that race, this could help Sen. Chapman in the next week or so. We can only hope now….

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