1. B Balz says:

    ‘…not being man enough to put their name on fliers…”

    Repeal the law that allows for this practice.

    • HowardRoark says:

      He doesn’t want to DO things, Bbalz. He wants you to vote for him. Period. Just vote for him. Don’t listen to his words, or look at what he’s accomplished. Just vote for him.

    • GOPwits says:

      The incumbents did it so they could get away with more… I agree – you should have to have a disclosure on EVERYTHING.

      • B Balz says:

        Sen. John Wiles has a strong contender against him. I would hate to see this Bill come up in that fight….

  2. HowardRoark says:

    A man accuses someone of lying, and in the process lies himself. Very interesting. Looks like the audience REALLY into what he’s saying as well. Joker.

      • HowardRoark says:

        It’s already been established that MacGinnitie was voting in GOP primaries for Bob Dole when Brian Kemp was voting in Democrat primaries for Michael Dukakis. That’s researchable. And if memory serves…didn’t Kemp go negative first waaaay back in January at some Christian values thing in Sandy Springs?

        Kemp doesn’t have much in the way of real world or legislative accomplishments, but he’s got a lot of one thing: Gall.

        • I Am Jacks Post says:

          Sigh . . . . your post is rife with errors.

          Doug didn’t vote in the GOP Primary in 94, 96, 98, ’00, 02, 04, 06. Also failed to vote in 04 Presidential Preference. Dude didn’t even vote to create his hometown. Did he hit a Presidential Preference here and there? Yeah. Awesome. Congrats, Doug. You want to be Secretary of State and you could barely drag your own @ss to the polls.

          Secondly, as to who went “negative” at Sadie Field’s event (the talented Sadie Fields, who’s now employed by Doug), I think it was Doug’s lemmings who were sporting some really clever stickers long before Kemp shared Doug’s voting record with the guests.

            • I Am Jacks Post says:

              Wow, awesome. I think you’ve got him. Clearly Doug did the wise thing in 1996 and decided not to vote whatsoever.


          • EllisArnall says:

            Doug’s puppets also had on t-shirts at that event that saying something along the lines of:

            “Doug doesn’t run…for every office in the state”

        • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

          This race, like the governor’s race, is a joke. I don’t know which clown I’ll vote for.

          Why should I care who voted for whom 10, 20 years ago? A person can change their views as they grow older. Is the party more important than the person?

          I’m so glad I can think on my own and vote for the candidate I think will be the better leader. I’m not always right of course, but at least I can form an independent thought.

  3. BuckheadConservative says:

    Brian Kemp needs to man up and go to a debate where people can evaluate both candidates side by side.

  4. KempforAg says:

    Can someone get this man a better quality camera and tell his staff to back away from the microphone

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Hahahahaha, I just noticed Kemp’s cute little note at the beginning about Doug having a law degree. Does he REALLY want to compare business track records with Doug? I’m sure he does not. Man, this is good stuff.

  5. RuralDem says:

    Kemp seems to forget that he ran for Agriculture Commissioner in 2006.

    His little “Johnny come lately” remark is quite hilarious considering he just suddenly realized after losing the Agriculture Commissioner’s race that he wanted to be Secretary of State.

  6. RuralDem says:

    Oh, and Buzz, since you consider these to be “hard hitting comments” and a sign of “Kemp fighting back”, I have to ask, are you supporting Kemp?

    • PoliticalOutsider says:

      MacGinnitie is also a very accomplished businessman. You should look him up. As for Mr. Kemp he can talk, and talk, and talk but that still won’t make him a good choice for Secretary of State. He’s not good at anything but running for office and apparently reading attacks off a postcard written by his staff. I’ve always believed that the truth is the easiest thing in the world to remember. Looks like he’ll say anything his advisors tell him.

      • ECSnob says:

        the +1 is for the original comment not the sock-puppet troll, Dougie D had a good start from Daddy D

        • PoliticalOutsider says:

          I heard Brian ran his business into the ground. Is that true? I can’t find his business anywhere? What is it?

          • Mozart says:

            “I heard…” What an idiotic statement.

            I heard PoliticalOutsider tortures cats by the full moon. I can’t find any proof that he doesn’t. There are lots of cats missing. He must really be a cat torturer.

              • Ambernappe says:

                +2 more cats !

                My name is from one of my cats. The other cat sometimes does my posting – if she notices me paying attention to the first cat.

                We do not eat in Ethiopian Restaurants either…….well maybe vegetables sometimes…..cannot pay serious attention to a cat killer……………………

            • PoliticalOutsider says:

              I was asking a question. Word is that he’s one FDIC consent notice away from being in the same position as Graves.

              • Mozart says:

                Based on the way you word that question, I’d say you’re trying to mislead and malign while thinking you are innocently asking a question.

                The FDIC is not in the business of notifying loan and mortgage holders directly of any problems with their loans, SO your question actually tells us the following about you:

                1) You have no idea what the role of the FDIC is

                2) You think it sounds serious and bad if you use it in a sentence to attempt to malign Brian Kemp…but you fail miserably due to your ignorance.

                3) You’re not asking a serious question…you’re trying to chum the waters with false information posed in the form of a question. Kinda reminds me of a push-poll.

                4) You fail in the believability of your input into this conversation.

                Bone-up on terminology before trying it out here.

                • PoliticalOutsider says:

                  You’re right, the FDIC does not interact directly with any mortagage holders. However, they do interact with banks and when they do that can hold consquences, sometimes negative, for mortgage holders.

                  You assume everyone is a cynical as you and is on a mission around here like you. They’re not

  7. Part-Time Atlanta says:

    So when does Brian go on TV with his positive message? It’s a little late to finally start showing up to GOP breakfasts.

  8. SouthernGent says:

    Kemp wants to set the record straight and debate the issues??? Hasn’t he been bailing on anything and everything as far as GOP events? I was under the impression that he skipped out on a debate that every other statewide candidate attended not long ago… his comments bring it back to this

    • EllisArnall says:

      The argument about Brian Kemp not being at every GOP event and debate is extremely ridiculous. This is a STATEWIDE campaign.

      If a candidate goes to every GOP gathering in the state, he/she will miss (I’m guessing) about 90% of the folks who vote in the Republican primary.

    • Word says:

      That’s one of the most naive messages I have heard on here. First off, I am a conservative and a Republican and one of the very last things I would want to do is spend time at a local GOP meeting. 50% of the people that attend county GOP meetings on a regular basis are whack jobs and 80% of them already know who they are voting for. If candidates would spend more time away from those people and go find the real conservatives and hard working people they might make more of a difference. I applaud any candidate that would rather meet in a “Meet & Greet” setting with people who have real problems with someone in their district or state that they didn’t know, over pandering to maybe o.5% of the actual voters who you can’t hold a conversation with because it envolves computer games, Glenn Beck and the worshiping of some elected official.

  9. Southern Politico says:

    Mr. Kemp’s comments appear incoherent at best and even slightly deranged. I think he appears to the reasonable observer as if he’s been in the campaign politics business a bit too long.

  10. Gold Dome Gossip Girl says:

    this is funny. just watched the doug video, which is kinda silly, and noticed that the average viewer according to youtube is a male aged 13-17.

    makes sense given these really juvenile responses from doug’s staffers on here. guys, get real and get serious. kemp just threw down some serious charges. better come up with some answers quick.

    • Mozart says:

      He’s nowhere near as foolish as the MacGinnitie campaign hiring a photographer to snap photos of people going to a fundraiser on private property, and taking pictures of little kids. Freaky, thta MacGinnitie is.

  11. EllisArnall says:

    Would any of doug’s staffers (or anyone for that matter) on here please answer the charges Kemp made. I’m reading all of these really juvenile comments but none refute Kemp’s pretty devastating claims.

    • Doug Deal says:

      That’s pretty hilarious coming from some hiding behind a fake name. I have yet to see anyone support Kemp who uses their real name.

      • EllisArnall says:

        First, that is not a fake name. Know your Georgia history.
        Second, I would rather not post my real name…
        Third, what difference does it make whether you know someone’s real name or not. Kemp has my support and I am not afraid to say that.

        • Doug Deal says:

          It’s a fake name because it is not yours, regardless if some real person once had it. And its relevant because you are not willing to stand behind him, putting your reputation at risk. When Kemp runs out of money and has to lay you off, you can just use another fake identity.

          Everyone knows I am no one’s staffer, and just speak my mind freely. You anonymous kool-aid drinking sock puppets? Not so much.

          • EllisArnall says:

            Yes, I will post my name so that you can judge my reputation. No. I have nothing to prove to you. I stand behind Kemp and that is all.

            It is funny for you to assume I am being paid by Kemp. I am NOT a staffer of Kemp or anyone else for that matter. Great assumption – but it is false.

            I studied both candidates closely, attended many events, and have chosen to support Kemp. Sorry if that is such a crime.

            • Ambernappe says:

              Not a crime, Ellis. However, my approach is to attend as many events as possible to assist my candidate with bumper stickers, flyers, and such. And to interview other candidates who are soliciting my vote. So far, Mr. Kemp has noticed by his absences. Mr. MacG, is always either attending, or represented by an impressive group of friendly, attractive. and well-mannered supporters.

            • Mozart says:

              That’s the way of supporters of candidates like Doug Deal. They put smoke out there to distract you. It demonstrates that they are clueless boobs.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Ellis, everyone has refuted them many times:
      1.) Brian’s campaign is totally funded by legislators and lobbyist. No one outside the Gold Dome likes or trusts him. 2006 proved that.
      2.) Doug voted in several GOP primaries during that time. Voter vault has confirmed. Also confirmed that Brian was voting for Democrats during that same time.
      3.) Kemp was the one who went negative first. It’s on tape. If he doesn’t like Doug talking about the security breach in the SoS website, FIX IT!!

      This is a really foolish video. I’m sure those nice folks in the audience left with a stellar opinion of Brian “Gimme a Job” Kemp.

  12. ACCmoderate says:

    I’ll admit that I have no dog in this fight. I will be abstaining from voting in the Secretary of State. I can’t bring myself to vote for either of these juvenile individuals.

    Something about having trolls perpetually prowling Peach Pundit smacks of despiration. I’ll be even more disappointed if I find out that its MacGinnitie campaign staff that’s wasting their time trolling these comments.

    I am severely disappointed in Mr. MacGinnitie and how he has chosen to run his campaign: mudslinging and a creepy photographer taking voyeur shots of children while trying to catch Kemp campaigning “during office hours.” I’m ashamed that this takes place in Georgia. I thought our politicians were better than that.

    I’m also disappointed that Mr. Kemp felt the need to stoop to Mr. MacGinnitie’s level. A true gentleman and a real man would have kept his head held high instead of engaging in attacks.

    • Bridget says:

      The “voyeur” shots were blown out of proportion by blogger. Taking photos (at all) should stop, but let’s not make this a Crazy Ray issue. Besides, the blogger used skant logic to deem him a MacGinnitie person to begin with – no proof in the slightest. The blogger also issued an apology in a follow-up blog.

      “At the time that I was writing the [blog] that went out late Thursday evening, I was more pissed at Brandon Phillips than I had been pissed at anyone in politics in a very long time. The words just came out.

      Regarding the nature of my comments and inferences about Brandon Phillips, I do owe Brandon an apology for the venomous nature of those comments. They were completely off-base and I do apologize.

      The original source of those thoughts on Brandon was somebody last year who is one of those people I constantly encounter in politics who think it is their job to take me aside and whisper in my ear lies and innuendo about other people I don’t know and then tell me “You didn’t hear this from me.””

      • Mozart says:

        I read from the same blogger…and as I recall, it was State Representative Joe Wilkinson who verified that the photographer was with the Macginnitie campaign by simply asking him. The photographer admitted that he was there on behalf of the Macginnitie Campaign.

        • New Blood Please says:

          Have no knowledge about photographers, but three weeks ago i happened to drive by a Kemp fundraiser on a pricey Buckhead street. AT 10 AM ON A THURSDAY MORNING. Seems to me that Sonny’s appointed man had a few other things he should have been attending to in the middle of the workday (website security might be a good place to start, whether it was his “fault” or not). It helps if public servants actually serve the public they were elected–oops, make that “appointed”–to serve.

  13. dang90210 says:

    amen to that kemp need to sit down somewhere this is the first time i heard from him in months hes a little to late

  14. Glen Ross says:

    This just sounds like whining. I think Kemp’s more of a perennial candidate than a career politician, but neither is a good thing. I think Kemp would have a better claim to the office had he 1.) worked on issues pertaining to the SoS office while in the General Assembly. Instead he just sat on the sidelines, and 2.) had run for SoS back in 2006. Now he just looks like someone trolling for a title

  15. ZazaPachulia says:

    They both stink. I’m a ‘Horlacher Backer.’

    Of course, I can’t vote for my friend and neighbor in the primary… So which one of theses clowns (MacGinnitie or Kemp) should get my primary vote? And while we’re at it, What’s the difference between Darwin Carter and Gary Black? And who are you folks supporting for AG?
    And what name should I write in instead of Casey Cagle?
    It’s getting close…

    • analogkid says:

      “And what name should I write in instead of Casey Cagle?”

      How about General Larry Platt?:

  16. GOPwits says:

    Well, at least Brian Kemp has finally decided to start campaigning again… Who knows what happened. Maybe he was getting bad advice there for a while, but he’s an effective campaigner. Just not showing up and going underground, whatever the reason, was a big mistake for a while.

    This race really is a toss up now. Either person could win. The good news is that both seem smart enough to do a good job.

    I too am surprised though that more people didn’t run. I mean, you’ve got half the state running for Insurance Commissioner and only two for SoS? What’s up with that?

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      Insurance commissioner gives better kick-backs. Just ask Ox. Who’s winning the GOP race for gov.? The last SoS or the last Insurance Commish?

      • Ambernappe says:

        If you are referring to Karen Handel as the last Secretary of State, then we would hope that it is Karen in the lead.

  17. drjay says:

    “kemp strikes back”

    doe he have the plans for the new death star yet, when is he going to tell luke the truth about who his father, will he freeze macginnittie in carbonite?

  18. Sandy Brothers says:

    I saw MacGinnitie for the first time last weekend at the Houston County GOP meeting and heard his stump speech for the first time. It was filled with misrepresentations about SofS Kemp, who is a fine conservative gentleman and a known commodity. MacGinnitie seemed to reflect a typical short-man syndrome. He seemed angry and he had a young man in toe who was over dressed for middle Georgia, shorter than he was, wearing dress shoes and no socks! I guess that’s fine for Atlanta country clubs, but it didn’t play well in middle-Georgia. Kemp wins.

    • Bugs Dooley says:

      Fine conservative? More like just as much a RINO as the man who appointed him. Kemp lost my vote when he handed the Democrats House District 82 on a silver platter following the resignation of Rep. Levitas. Guess neither he nor Perdue REALLY switched parties

    • Ambernappe says:


      We see the same people in a very different light – the MacG supporters appear collegiate – from any campus. Is there a new height requirement for office?

  19. James Fannin says:

    Not sure why the Kempsters posted this video. It is such a cynical, fake outrage, “business as usual” video response that proves the charge and screams “career politician.” It is certainly true that Brian Kemp is not a career politician but it is also true that it is not for lack of trying to be one. Brian Kemp would have been in office for 8 years by now but the voters didn’t agree with his career choice and said “no” to his career choice. Four years ago, he made some convincing arguments why he really, really needed to be the Agriculture Commissioner and all the good things he wanted to do in office. So much so that he convinced me and I wrote him a check. He’s a nice guy but we shouldn’t elect a nice guy just because the construction industry is on the rocks and he really needs a day job.

    Doug has clearly made some minor mistakes here and there because he isn’t a career politician. I have followed his short career with some interest and frankly amusement because of his principled naivete. As a Sandy Springs taxpayer, I admired the way he made himself a pain in the butt to his fellow Sandy Springs politicos because he wouldn’t just go along and voted his principles like the time he voted to give a surplus back to the taxpayers. On zoning issues, he would naively ask “hey, why don’t we follow the land use plan since we spent so much time developing it?” What a freaking political novice. Being a principled, conservative supply sider didn’t make him all that popular with his fellow council members especially the council member who says in his bio that he was once actually mentored by Jack Kemp but apparently doesn’t believe in supply-side economics. Doug would quote Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan and it would make their heads explode. There are thousands of McGinnittie signs all over Sandy Springs so clearly his message resonated though probably not with the Council or the Mayor. They are all nice people trying to make up for years of Fulton County neglect but they aren’t Reagan Republicans by any stretch.

    So now we we this video of Brian Kemp getting a good laugh over the notion that McGinnittie would have turned down the Secretary of State job if it was offered. Watching the video, I’m sure Kemp doesn’t get it but that is why Doug really is so different from most of Brian’s Gold Dome political role models. I know it is hard for a cynical politician to fathom but Doug really is too principled to let Sonny decide instead of the voters.

    What Brian really said at the Cobb County Republican breakfast is that anyone who is a politician and says their principles would guide their decisions can’t possibly be telling the truth. Sadly, that is probably true in Brian Kemp’s political experience and it was apparently true to the Cobb County Republicans who laughed. But folks don’t show up for breakfast at 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday morning because they want to hear from a “business as usual” politician. They show up to make a difference and I don’t think Brian gauged his audience well. The Tea Party movement, the 9.12 movement and last Tuesday’s voters want to take their government back because they are tired of “business as usual” politicians.

      • James Fannin says:

        Yes, he has demonstrated time and again that he is a principled guy. Maybe I’m being hopelessly naive but principle is something professional politicians can’t possibly understand which is why there is a Tea Party movement trying to throw them all out.

    • Part-Time Atlanta says:

      Nice post James. Normally I just assume everyone on here is a sock for their candidate but it sounds like you really mean what you say. I wouldn’t write a post that long even if I supported the candidate. Lol. I get so used to reading the same old back and forth jabs it’s almost wierd to see someone actually putting thought into thier comments. Good to have you around.

  20. Apparently all the campaigning going on in the metro area. I’ve received mailers from MacGinnitie and seen signage on private property, but no presence of Kemp, except a couple of yard signs on the right of way.

    I know I’m a nobody, but would think I’m enough in the loop to at least get a some sort of propaganda via email or regular mail…. I get everyone else’s mail, heck even Hawkins and Graves and some dude from Minnesota!!!

    So, if this is the Secretary of State’s “coming out” to the rest of Georgia, I’m sorry but I ain’t biting on that bate. Whining about a photographer, just seems weird. I’ve met MacGinnitie several times over the past year. I’m really skeptical that a campaign could care less of who is at someone’s fundraiser. I ain’t buying that either.

    I stopped by the Board of Elections this morning to pick up some voter registration forms. They asked if I was there to vote, but I passed. I’m waiting to see what other skeletons fall out of the closets over the next few weeks. However, after watching this, I’m feeling real comfortable with MacGinnitie.

  21. Go Dawgs! says:

    Reading this stuff reminds makes me feel like I’m in a 1970s era Pong Game…boink!….boink!….boink…

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