1. GOPwits says:

    Yet his handpicked candidate for Governor believes that there is no oil spill and that we should move full steam ahead with no regard to the safety and environmental regulations that were weakened by Bush and Cheney…

    I’m glad that Jack is expressing concern, especially given the possibility that the spill will make it’s way around FL and impact GA, but he may want to have a talk with Eric Johnson about the economic impact on GA’s coast while he’s at it.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      Those “environmental regulations” are the reason why this spill is out of hand. Imagine if there were no restrictions on how far from the mainland a company could drill for oil. Instead of having to handle this crisis from 5,000 ft. into the sea, BP could have had a dive team dispatched to handle the issue and have it resolved in days had they been in shallower waters.

      But no….it’s Bush and Cheney’s fault as always with you people. Kudos to Rep. Kingston for keeping us informed.

      • benevolus says:

        There are literally thousands of wells closer in than this one was. They drilled out there because that is where the oil is.

        • mocamarc says:

          Agree with benevolus. The party line about exploration being forced out into deep water by regulation or otherwise is not sound at all. The largest new discoveries happen to be in deep water.

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