Gwinnett GOP And Republican Women To Host Candidate Forum

A two night event featuring a Candidate Forum and a Meet The Candidate Event will take place on June 22nd and 24th at Collins Hill High School in Lawrenceville.

Candidate Forum:

The Gwinnett GOP Executive Committee and the Greater Gwinnett Republican Women have joined forces and will co-sponsor a candidate forum for some of the contested Republican races that affect Gwinnett County Voters.

According to Peg Murray, GGRW President, “We wanted to provide the voters with an opportunity to see and hear from prospective candidates, to help them make an informed decision at the polls.” And GOP Executive Committee member, Chet Hale said, “We are scheduling the event close to the primaries, so the information they receive will be current.”

The forum will take place on June 22 in the Theater of Collins Hill High School at 7:30 pm

The candidates will be questioned by a panel of local media personalities including Martha Zoller, Radio and TV talk show host; Pat Fox, AJC Gwinnett Reporter; Seth Weathers, President of Gwinnett Broadcasting Company; and BJ Van Gundy, Second Vice Chair of the State Republican Party.

The offices and candidates who will be featured include:

District Two County Commissioner: Candidates Lynette Howard, Jose Perez, and Keith Shewbert
District Four County Commissioner: Candidates John Heard, Tommy Hunter, Ron Silver, Tim Sullivan and Gerald Cagle
House seat 101: Candidates Buzz Brockway and Jesse Jones
House Seat 102: Candidates Linda Carsten, Steve Allen, Keith Royal and B.J. Pak
House Seat 106: Candidates Brett Harrell and Warren Auld

Scheduling conflicts prevented candidates in other contested races from appearing.

For further inquiries call Peg Murray at 770-962-9540.

Meet The Candidate Event:

The Gwinnett GOP and Gwinnett Republican Women (GGRW) have added a “Meet the Candidates” event to introduce Republican Candidates in contested Primaries to the voting public on June 24 at 7:30 at Collins Hill High School. This venture is in addition to the candidate forum being presented on June 22 at the same time and place.

“We believe that every candidate who puts his or her hat in the ring, needs the support of their party,” said GOP Chairman Bruce Le Vell. “These two events allow the greatest exposure to the voters and we invite all to attend”

The Meet the Candidates event will present those who are running for House seats 98, 103 and 104 plus Senate seat 9.


  1. GOPwits says:

    GA needs a law that companies doing business with the state cannot make state political contributions. Illinois even has a law that prohibits those with state contracts from making contributions.

    GA should follow suit. Then again, some people wouldn’t even run for office if it wouldn’t help them do business with the state (Example 1: Eric Johnson).

    That would be a big step in the ethically right direction.

  2. amor patriae says:

    There is a forum at Brightwater subdivsion in Snellville on June 16th at 7:00 that will have 12 candidates:

    5 Congressional Candidates from the 7th District
    2 State Senate Candidates from the 9th District
    1 State House Candidate from the 103rd District
    4 State Commissioners , AG, Labor, School Super, and PSC

    The candidates will speak for 5 minutes and then answer audience questions for 5-7 minutes. Bring your lawn chair and please pay attention to parking signs.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    Should be good and informative events. Peg should really consider being in a candidate forum one day. She has a tremendous amount of passion. (IE: run for elective office, Peg..)

  4. Populus says:

    Is Clay Cox really bragging about his Georgia Right Life endorsement? Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they support the abolition of abortions even in cases rape, incest, or when the pregnancy could be detrimental to the life of the mother. And because the other candidates didn’t sign this pledge Clay is questioning their pro life stances. I’ve heard of pandering before but this is a whole new level. I applaud candidates with true convictions, not just convictions that get votes.

    • c_murrayiii says:

      That’s a county issue, not really part of these candidates jobs. Why would they pick a fight with commissioners they might have to work with in the future over an issue they have no control over?

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